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Discussion in 'Battle Arena' started by Ransac, Feb 9, 2002.

  1. ElGato New Member

    ElGato begins to flail around, trying to escape. His clentched fist nails Zero square in the scrotum

    The Master of Tricks picks him up and Irish Whips him into RXI , who is still pinning CAMDEX. Gato then raises another crate, smashing it into the other fighters.
  2. Zero T Katama Silver Shadow Guardian

    *goes sailing into RXI, then picks himself up, dusting off*
    You'll pay.

    *rushes up, twirlign and elbowing ElGato in the back of the head, then slamming his fist into his back, finishing it off with a knee to the abdomen*
  3. ElGato New Member

    As ElGato began to fall, he grabbed RXI's knee then, still as he fell, tucked into a ball and flipped, throwing RXI into a large piles of crates.

    He limps over and picks up Zero, then ties him to a convieniantly place convyer belt, going into a convieniantly placed buzz saw.

    The Master of Tricks threw the lever, and the oddly slow mechanisms kicked in, inching Zero towards the spinning saw blade.

    He then dropped into a defensive position, waiting for the next attack...
  4. Zero T Katama Silver Shadow Guardian

    *Rnn slices Zero free*

    Really quite handy to have something animated...

    *leaps free, Backhandign ElGato
  5. ElGato New Member

    The Master of Tricks grabs Zeros hand and begins to crush in.

    Rnn flies to slash Gato's hand off, but is intercepted by Tha Hamma

    Gato- NOW I'm finally glad I paid the extra $5.35 from the remote function

    The two weapons began to fight, then just got tired

    Rnn- Hey, you wanna go grab a sandwich or gyro or something?

    Hamma-Why not
  6. Zero T Katama Silver Shadow Guardian

    Hey! Come back here!

    Ah well... I'll fight you without it!

    *jabs at a pressure point of ElGato, locking him up. Body slamming him, Zero goes for the pin


  7. ElGato New Member

    ElGato kicks out

    The Master of Tricks leans against a crate, panting heavily

    Zero leans against a big ol' shed, panting heavily

    The two fighters looked at each other, not sure as to what exactly to do.

    ElGato looks at his Giant Bag O'Tricks, not sure what would help him in this situation. Unable to decide, he clocks Zero over the head with the extreme heavy bag, then collapses on him, almost unconsious.

  8. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    *Ransac smiles.*

    Good, nice friendly fighting.

    HEY! Rnn and Tha Hamma! WAIT UP! I WANT A BURGER!!

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  9. Zero T Katama Silver Shadow Guardian


    *fights to stay concious, rolling with all his might so that he is now the pinner*


  10. Prince RXI CPA Moon-Boy

    *RXI gets up from the crates slowly, looks over to see Rnn and Tha Hamma starting away. Then sees El Gato Smack Zero over the head with his wierd bag. RXI starts to run over as he sees El Gato faint ontop of Zero*

    Damn this groggyness, Damn!!!

    *RXI shambles over and rips El Gato off of Zero just as the Ref's hand is about to start doing down on the 3*

    No... Yo...u... Do...n...'t!!!

    *RXI amazingly gets anough strength to pull off his finisher... The Rising Anger Bolt!!! As RXI starts the do the Uppercut, he starts to be fueled my hatred for the plight his best friend is in, and with that anger comes a sudden burst of energy and the move speeds up. Punch to the jaw...... Spin around to El Gato's back..... Pull El Gato's arms behind his neck.... Pull down to the floor... Wrap legs around the waist.. Arch back to form an almost bow shape out of El Gato's back. And it is on.*

    Prince RXI, Falls uncousious from the effort but his body suddenly gains more of a grip somehow
  11. Prince RXI CPA Moon-Boy

    ***DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I WAS TYPING THAT FOR 12 FRICK'N MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***
  12. ElGato New Member

    A drop of water from a leaky pipe hits ElGato on the face, waking him up. He moves him arm, brushing the water from his face, and in doing so shifting Zero off of him.

    He struggles to his feet, and begins limping away. He reaches the crates, and notices RXI getting up from the mess. In a flash of detrimination, the Master of Tricks puts RXI's head between him legs, and Lifts him up, preparing to execute the Semi-Spontaneous Combuster

    But just as the starts to flip RXI over, he loses his strength, and they both fall backward. It was all ElGato could do to keep from being crushed between RXI and another crate. He twisted his body, and RXI crashed thourgh the wooden box, leaving ElGato on top of him...


  13. Zero T Katama Silver Shadow Guardian

    *struggles to feet, rushing over and tackling ElGato*

    You're mine.... Don't get distracted!

    *Tackle rolling him, he pins*

  14. ElGato New Member

    ElGato, now tired and extremely cranky, knees Zero in the nuts. Upset over the interferance, the Master of Tricks lifts Zero (a bit less heavy then RXI) and nails a giant face buster, the Semi-Spontaneous Combuster, on the fighter, right into the last crate. ElGato threw several pieces of broken wood on him, then made the pin


  15. Prince RXI CPA Moon-Boy

    ***You guys are morons! El Gato, you are in my submisition move! You are not pinning anyone. The last few posts are opsolete because, Zero was not on El Gato when you posted 2 times ago, I pulled El Gato off Zero about 5 posts ago and got you in my submission. PLUS, you were not up when when I shambled over, you were trying to pin zero. Oh, just so you know. Zero's post that was right before my last one (Aside from the one where I was saying damn) never happened. He never did role over (or if he did, he roled over on the floor and not onto anyone).***

    Prince RXI, After all, I did type it before zero even came on, but my parents kept calling me so it was delayed.
  16. CAMDEX Cabal Dementist

    *Sparky stops, and dissolves in a flash of purple light. Camdex rasies his hand and releases a rabid pack of zombie wombats*

    Go get them, Zombie Wombats!
  17. ElGato New Member

    Whichever post goes first is the one that counts, RXI. I'd ask Ransac to make an official ruling on that, but I think we might have botherd him a bit too much your this brawl. But, to reiterate, it was your move that did not count. And, zero, youare lucky that the ref had a seisure before he could get to 3, else you'd be gone, sukka:D . Maybe he'll get better soon.
  18. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Ruling on the play: Prince RXI, due to the fact that you were typing that post(the one you get ElGato in a submission hold) kind of was inaccurate due to the fact that Zero T. Katama posted right before you did. Because of that, you then posted something that couldn't have happened. Therefore, you might want to delete that post.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  19. ElGato New Member

    The ref overcomes his seizure, and just as his hand begins to fall for the third count, a rip in the fabric of time appears, and a horribel monster pokes its head out

    Monster- Salutations. My name is Trevor

    Trevor slappes the ref upside the head, and he is placed in an extreme slow-time bubble. He resumes trying to count to three, but now super slow

    Gato- ....gah...
  20. Prince RXI CPA Moon-Boy

    ***I have the perfect way to end this problem. Ok, what I did never happened. I will now post a small post and edit it to the post I was going to do. So, if you post and my post does not work because of something AFTER my post, then you have God Moded and are disqualified. Ha.***

    *RXI jumps up after another small resting period and runs to Elgato while the ref's hand is frozen. He then Grabs El Gato by the shirt, swings him up over his shoulder, and delivers a powerslam*


    *RXI the helps Zero to his feet*

    Prince RXI, too bad... my posts from now on happen no matter what you type while I type:D

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