Werewolf IV

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  1. EricBess Active Member

    One last thing...dusk falling will depend on the amount of activity we get. If it looks like people aren't going to change votes, then Thursday end of day. If there is significant activity, that may push to Friday mid-day.
  2. Zigathon Registered Nerd

    My vote remains the same (Spiderman) for now, unless I'm persuaded to change it.

    And to Bigblue... thanks for changing your vote. I'm quite sure you're not a wolf. Neither am I, and we must stick together or all is lost.
  3. orgg Administrator

    *wakes up from the tranq dart, and begins crying when he hears the news.

    I can't send a child to his death! *sob!* I... just... can't! Spiderman, your years have been longer, and less painful recently than this... simple child. This victim of things beyond his control. We've watched this child grow up. I watched from behind bars, mostly, or heard through a foot of dirt and $#*+. We watched in horror as his father merclessly punished him. I won't inflict final punishment on him.

    Hang the child if you will, you soulless villans! I will not take part.

    *mopes off, crying, to the Jail where he has effectivly lived several years. Most realize, watching this, that nobody knows anywhere else Orgg has dwelled.
  4. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Man orgg, here I am defending you against the others when you turn around and vote for me. Well, I'm not switching from the little fiend right now but if I survive, you've got my next vote. Geez... talk about biting the hand...
  5. turgy22 Nothing Special

    The Orgg realizes that accusing innocent people won't solve anything. That's exactly what Mr. Spiderman has been doing the whole time. He voted to have my daddy killed and now that I'm the new sheriff, he's trying to kill me, too!

    Mr. Melkor and Mr. Oversoul are nice men. I think they'll make the right decision and kill this werewolf before he causes any more harm. Even Mr. Mooseman and Mr. BigBlue have time to change their votes and expose Mr. Spiderman before we all die.

    I'm still scared though. Because even if we rightfully kill Mr. Spiderman, his fellow werewolf, Mr. Limited, will probably kill me tonight for knowing too much.
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    If accusing innocent people won't solve anything, then he should stop looking at me...

    You have a gilded tongue there, little one... no wonder you're able to get away with the murders...
  7. EricBess Active Member

    BigBlue - turgy22
    Limited - turgy22
    Melkor - orgg
    Mooseman - turgy22
    orgg - Spiderman
    Oversoul - orgg
    spiderman - turgy22
    turgy22 - Spiderman
    Zigathon - Spiderman

    Seems historically that we get to a point where votes just simply aren't going to change much. I may start shortening the rounds slightly (won't be drastic and I'll always give warning). Mostly on the back-end...The "final votes" once we remove the one-ofs

    With 4 votes for turgy22 and only 3 for Spiderman, your community has decided that wolf blood is probably hereditary. Of course, his father didn't turn out to be a wolf after all, but let's not confuse reason with logic.

    As adament as orgg was about Darth Ferret hanging, apparently he's recently realized that his family is effectively going to be gone, so he can't bear to bring himself to the hanging.

    Spiderman prepared the noose, while Limited chases turgy22 across the courtyard and through the trees (where do they get this energy?). For a while, it looks like there may not be a hanging tonight, but eventually, Limited emerges back into the courtyard with turgy22 flung over his shoulder "sack-of-flour" style.

    Eventually, resolve sets in and turgy22 goes stiff with his arms over his head, making it hard to get the noose on. Several people need to pitch in to make that happen and then, finally, the deed is done. The occassionally mutterings of "but he's just a kid" largely fall upon deaf ears and no one is really sure who it is making the comments anyway.

    Time passes...a final twitch and all is still. Too still.

    Well, like father, like son. Perhaps at least this way, the grieving will be less painful.

    Depressed and concerned, everyone heads back to their homes, fearful of what the night will bring.
  8. EricBess Active Member

    The night seems long to everyone. Eventually, most manage to fall asleep just from sheer exhaustion of the day's activities, but sleep only seems to bring nightmares.

    In the morning, you each arise and head to the courtyard. The streets are littered with papers, filled with what, to most, seems mystic and criptic. Pages torn from books. Books of studies and wonders once owned by the town sage. As you get nearer the courtyard, the pages become red, streaked with blood. There, at the foot of the gallows, lies what remains of the previous owner of the books - BigBlue.
  9. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Hehe. I died on Good Friday. Why do I find that funny?
  10. EricBess Active Member

    hehe...Just wait 'til Sunday ;)
  11. turgy22 Nothing Special

  12. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Darthferret's last wish was for us to protect his son. I'd blame everyone that voted for him, but really half of you were just manipulated. It's the other half that poses a real threat. Surely at least one of the people voting for Turgy22 last round (and I think two of them) are werewolves. Now if only we can figure out which one(s).
  13. orgg Administrator

    *cries a tear.

    (only one in a million shed, but each one significant).
  14. Limited Yes, but we won't care


    I kint believe I hanged a lill' boy jus coz I woz afraid!
    I figure now that 'e woz tellin' the truth about Spiderman and I should've changed me vote..
  15. Zigathon Registered Nerd

    Am I the only non-wolf here? Is this all a joke? You've killed our sheriff and his young child. Damn you!
    As long as we're just hanging folks for fun, let's hang Orgg next. Maybe we'll actually get lucky and kill a werewolf. Orgg is pretty hairy, you know...
  16. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Let's not just hang people for fun though. We can't afford to. I was all for hanging The Orgg last round, when I didn't have a clue who the wolves were and had been voting for him from the first round anyway. But it's become increasingly important that we get it right. And The Orgg has at least been consistent the entire time. So there's nothing new to give him away. I still suspect him, but I'm sure at least one of the wolves voted for Turgy22 last round. And I suspect that if only one of the wolves was among those who hanged Turgy22, it would be one of the first two to vote for him. They wouldn't both jump on Turgy22 right away. It would be one voting for Turgy22 early on and another one switching to him later or not voting for him at all. Spiderman was the first to go after Turgy22 and the others took his lead. It could have been an honest mistake (albeit a serious one). But it's the most I have to go on right now...
  17. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Much as I'd like to vote for orgg, I think our sage was on to something "yesterday". He was forced to change his vote because of the ties, but I think he knew something about Zigathon that he felt he couldn't express openly. I guess it didn't matter as it turned out he was a victim anyway, but I'll go with it.

    I did lead the "charge" for poor turgy, but on the first day, I had nothing to go on and was just throwing it out and on the second day, pretty much the same - nothing to go on, so I just reverted back to my first choice. Being wrong twice is sure discouraging though, so I understand if no one trusts me now :(

    I try to read some of the papers and books to see if I can make sense of any of it.
  18. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Even though our "sage" was wrong about the child, I have been wrong at every turn, so I will fall back to my original suspect.
  19. Melkor Well-Known Member

    Well, at the moment I'll stay with my current vote, orgg's erratic voting behavior is just the thing for someone trying to hide a pattern. Really, this ghastly business needs to be settled soon, no one is coming to my inn, and do you have any idea what these werewolf attacks have done to my property values?
  20. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    All this business about finding mutilated bodies isn't doing much for people's appetites (and my business) either.

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