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  1. orgg Administrator

    Ayaeesus! One of those Ah-sequined Jezabell-ahs from the lands of sin-ah!
  2. hrothmar Custom User Title

    After watching that horrible display on the tavern floor, I found I had need to sooth my nerves. I immediately sat down in the common room and retrieved the taverns dictionary and checked it for spelling errors, my favorite passtime. It was not untill I reached the q that I had calmed down enough to return to my room. I at once placed the dictionary back in the bookcase with a satisfying thud, when something fell from between other books. I retrieved my glasses and inspected it; it appeared to be a goldrimmed monocle, which I suspect was lodged there during the struggle between mr Bess and his assaillant, since it was also covered with spots of blood.
  3. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Oh, Mr. Sageridder, whatever could you be implying? I assure you, I am not in the entertainment business and rarely wear a sequinned outfit. That's for the Elvis impersonators. I provide companionship and certainly don't need to dress all flashy in order to look good. I believe you and the fine Reverend Orgg are in desperate need of a good time. But being such a well-traveled man, I assume you already know the ins and outs of my profession. In fact, you seem a bit familiar to me. Have you ever swung by Vegas?

    As for solving this mystery, you gentlemen need to look closely at the victim. He's covered in bite wounds. Now, I've been bitten more than a few times by men taken by the heat of the moment and those bites on Mr. Bess are most certainly not the doings of a man. He's been mauled by some wild animal. Oooo... and those bites reak of alcohol. I'd suspect that whatever did this had been drinking quite heavily, but I've never known an animal to partake in the pleasures of alcohol. Perhaps this is indeed the work of a werewolf.
  4. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    While looking for some more evidence as to the nature of the attacker, I found these notes stuffed under a wooden box in the closet. The author seems quite mad. He claims to be a werewolf and boasts that he will kill so very many people...
  5. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    "Well Miss Turgy, you are correct about the alcohol, but it's no regular brew", as the old cook kneels next to the body, "Seems the deceased was drinking a weak ale, but the stench from the bites is some fancy schamncy liquor."
    "Take a look at the white stuff near each of the bites, it seems to some kind of white powder..... like flour, but thicker."
  6. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Thers..h nuttins to shows me shat shere weres any strug...strugglin up until sha times righ afore he wash kiltts...

    I'ma nots so suren bouts se restsss of yousss...buts if I's a wit a wimmenfolkss...mesa nots a sstrugglinn too muchh...

    **Colapses back into his stupor, head lolling a bit while trying (and failing almost to the point of success) to stare at Miss Turgy.
  7. Melkor Well-Known Member

    It doesn't take a Harvard education, or a New York eye when the killer damns himself. The evidence is clearly there for all to see, from the man's own mouth. Riddle me this, who comes to collect an inheritance from a man who's still alive? Answer: A man who intends to kill him.
  8. EricBess Active Member

    I'll try to keep score:

    sageridder has implicated Miss Turgy
    hrothmar has implicated Melkor
    turgy has implicated DarthFerret
    Oversoul has implicated train
    Mooseman has implicated...I'm not sure...

    Remember, this is all just made-up at this point. The point is to get some good possibilities going and to give points of discussion. Look back over people's intro's, figure out who you want to implicate, and work out what evidence you find or where you find it based on what they said in their intro.

    You can also implicate by where your evidence is found, so the couple of people that are missing intros can be implicated as well.

    Day ends end of the day next Tuesday.
  9. turgy22 Nothing Special

    I believe Mooseman was trying to say that the assailant was not so much a hard drinker as a producer of malt beverages. *cough*BigBlue*cough*
  10. Melkor Well-Known Member

    hrothmar could be implicating either me or Limited.
    Also, to be more clear, I'm going to implicate a different person.

    I do say, I've discovered a Bible slashed with what appear to be claws in Mr. Bess's chambers, but I don't think it is his. You see the handwriting where these passages have been marked, don't match up with the handwriting on the letters that Mr. Bess previously sent us. Now, I know the Gideons don't make it out to Werewolf Gulch, so it must have been brought here by one of us. Now who is the most likely among us to just leave Bibles strewed about willy nilly?
  11. hrothmar Custom User Title

    ***OOC: Well then, allow me to elucidate: the fact that the monocle was goldrimmed implied that the owner of it must already be wealthy. Since limited has come here to collect a fortune it could not be that he is the owner (in other words: I assumed he was animpoverished aristocrat from England). Melkor mentioned he was already exceedingly wealthy. Well there you have it..***
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, I was throwing away my meal when I happened to see what appears to be a camera in the trash. Taking it out, it looks like it had been crushed and shredded by claws of some sort.
  13. orgg Administrator

    A-yesah! I gave that biebal to the Decease-ahd Gental may-an! I do-ah hope it save-ah'd him from-ah more-ah bodily harm-ah than he would-ah had-ah if he had not-ah had-ah it! I send-ah a-ah Bible to all-ah those who-ah have-ah written me a letter-ah!

    That Jizabell-ah is a slimy-ah trollup-ah! Even if-ah she is not-ah Werewolf, she is-ah deserving-ah of a death-ah!
  14. EricBess Active Member

    Thanks for the clarification, turgy. .I wouldn't have caught that. And I did think of Limited for hrothmar's post as well, Melkor, but based on how things were said, it just seemed like you would be more likely to wear a gold-rimmed monocle than he. Regardless, thanks hrothmar for verifying.

    sageridder has implicated Miss Turgy
    hrothmar has implicated Melkor
    turgy has implicated DarthFerret
    Oversoul has implicated train
    Mooseman has implicated BigBlue
    Melkor has implicated orgg
    Spiderman has implicated TheUglyKnight

    orgg posted to explain himself, but did not that I can see offer any additional evidence. Perhaps he glossed over my previous post ;)
  15. Homestar Who invited this guy?

    *Runs in the door, almost tripping, obviously knowing he's late*

    Whew, sorry fellas, did I miss anything?

    *Looks around*

    Well, allow me to introuce myself I guess. The names Bond, James Bond.

    *Looks around with a goofy smile*

    Anybody, anybody? Ahh forget it, my real name's Homestar, friends call me Homey for short. I've come all the way from New York to be here today. Why I would be inheriting anything at all? Not a clue, but I'm not one to back away from an opportunity. Werewolves? I don't count anything out. It wouldnt surprise me.

    *Spots Mr. Bess on the floor dead*

    Sweet Jesus!!! Did you people kill this man??

    *Reads the note on Mr. Besses person*

    Oh god

    *Terrified look*

    Well, I guess we have to get to the bottom of this huh? let's not waste any time.....

    *Sit's down and begins to think........*
  16. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I must say, if Mr. Bess was truly a religious man, he may have thought the bible would protect him during the attack... Unfortunately, it didn't... I must say though, it seems odd for there to be sequins scattered around near Mr. Bess's body... At first I thought they were just some of the sand and dirt pieces glittering in the light... but... It's possible they got there during the struggle... Not that I see them on Miss Turgy now, but I don't know of any man to be wearing sequins from around these parts...
  17. EricBess Active Member

    Hmm...It's getting a bit late. All this evidence gathering has taken quite a while. Guess time flies and all of that....

    Anyway, no rush. Everyone retire for the evening and you can continue the investigations tomorrow...

    If anyone has any last minute evidence, go ahead and post it. Otherwise, we'll see how things go in the morning...
  18. EricBess Active Member

    Despite the events of the day, you are all able to get a decent night's sleep. After all, werewolf or not, EricBess was certainly attacked because of his link to this whole inheritance stuff. No reason to suspect that even a werewolf would be randomly killing.

    For the most part, the night is peaceful. Not much going on in a dead town such as this. A few strange noises, but certainly nothing to worry about...

    But in the morning...you each leave your respective rooms to find strange markings and blood stains that weren't there the day before...you congregate and do a quick head-count, only to realize that one member of the group is missing. You run to his room, only to realize that maybe the werewolf threat was more serious than you first realized....

    hrothmar is no more. Did he stumble onto something? Or was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

    One thing's for sure...you need to start taking action. Tonight, there must be a hanging. Someone will pay for this crime. The werewolves must be rooted out and hanged since clearly, they won't prey on each other.

    What additional evidence will be found and who will it implicate?

    Here's how it will work. For the next few days, you may nominate someone you think must be a werewolf. You may only nominate one person, but you may second or third other nominations. Anyone who gets a nomination, second, and third will be added to the list of possible werewolves. Voting will then take place from among those individuals. As we get fewer villagers, we will re-evaluate whether it takes 3 nominations to be placed on the "ballet".

    hrothmar becomes the first member of the Ghost Counsil. They may communicate with each other freely via PM. In the event of a tie vote, they cast the deciding vote. The most recent villager to be killed by werewolves will always be the spokesman for the group and will be the person responsible for letting me know who the ghost counsil is voting for. If that person wishes to go against the suggestions of the rest of the counsil, that's up to them.
  19. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "What the... another person slain? And what are these markings?"
  20. orgg Administrator

    These-ah Mar-kings are-ah strange-ah to my male-ah demenor-ah!

    Does anybody-ah smell-ah somewhat-ah familia-h fragarance in the-ah air-ah? It smell-ahs like-ah Painted-ah Jizabell-a!

    Miss Turgy's death-ah will determine-ah who-ah one of th-ah wolfs-ah are-ah!

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