Werewolf 2

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  1. BigBlue Magic Jones

    Takinig Roll -

    EricBess votes Melkor.
    Orgg votes (Well, I'm not sure he's actually 'voted' for DarthFerret, but he did make a drunk accusation of sorts....)
    Mooseman votes Oversoul
    Spiderman votes Melkor
    Melkor votes Spiderman
    DarthFerret votes Melkor
    Limited votes Oversoul
    Oversoul votes Limited
    BigBlue is Dead.... Jim...
    TomB votes Melkor

    Melkor has 4 Votes
    Oversoul has 2 Votes
    Spiderman, Limited, and DarthFerret(?) each have 1 vote.

    Having taken roll, barring an amazing display of lobbying, Melkor is going to be hung Tonight (Thursday AM).
  2. TomB Administrative Assistant

    And the "mad teeth" comment? What was that about, Melkor?
  3. Melkor Well-Known Member

    As a learned Dentist, and as most people should know, a horrible toothache can sometimes drive a man to madness. The incessant pain and pressure building up on the skull can crack even a stable man, which we all know BigBlue was not. Before finding BigBlue dead, I was merely speculating on the possible maladies that might afflict him.
    As for preventing the investigation, I was doing nothing of the sort, I was in fact trying to jumpstart the investigation by putting to rest crazy notions that this was not the act of Werewolves, when it is beyond obvious to everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that the werewolves are indeed among us. If the sheriff doesn't think there are any werewolves, than either he is a wolf himself, or is unfit to be sheriff. At the very least his accusation of me as a werewolf shows that he is taking the problem seriously.
    Anyway, the voting history is there, clear as day, showing that I am not a werewolf.
  4. BigBlue Magic Jones

    It is now 4:45, the gallows have been completed. The votes have been cast...

    Melkor, you have been convicted of the charge of lycanthropy by a vote of your peers. The only way to completely be sure, unfortunately for you, is to hang you and in death reveal your true nature.

    At first the dentist puts up a fight, and reveals a needle full of "painkiller" he hopes to use on Spiderman, who he still insists is a wolf. Once that threat is removed and he is wrestled to the ground and tied up, he is escorted to the gallows.

    Melkor, a noose is placed around your neck, your hands are bound in front of you. The executioner wears a hood, his hands are on the lever which will open the trapdoor beneath your feet.

    If you have any final requests, or final statements to make... there is no time like the present...

    ** If, after Melkor says his piece votes are intended to be changed, they must be done quickly....

    Also, I am in training all morning tomorrow, and it is unlikely I will get to this until about noon or so... sorry if anyone is "dying" to know the results right away.**
  5. Melkor Well-Known Member

    Well, I seem to be coming on a bit of ancestral memory, seems that when the first round of werewolf attacks occurred, my ancestor was also first to be hanged. Then, as now, I am a villager, and then, as now, I made the first formal vote. I guess I will pay for the crime of too zealousy guarding my fellow villagers from the threat of werewolves. To speak out, I currently suspect Spiderman of being a wolf, given that there was no support for my wild accusation, when I would think that with a villager accusing a villager would be a good target for at least one of the wolves. If Spiderman is not a wolf, then it is almost assuredly the case that either Ericbess or TomB are, given their drive to slay me. One would also think that either Limited or Oversoul is a wolf too. I would even lean toward Limited being the wolf, as he has less votes. Still, since I know that I am a villager, and I cannot be sure of either of their claims, I'm tempted to change my vote to Oversoul. I will maintain my current vote though, till the last moment, hoping against hope that the people realize the truth of my words. In a funny bit of irony, it is actually less likely that I would be able to gather the votes necessary to hang Spiderman if he is a wolf, as I could not expect the other wolf to vote for him.
    Anyway, it is foolish to ask people where they were, or ask for that kind of proof, a guilty man will only lie, and time is too short to ferret out the truth. The only evidence that matters right now is the voting and accusation patterns. But soon, you'll have more evidence, someone will be hanged, and we will know their identity, and someone will be killed tonight, and that will tell us, or you something as well. Unfortunately, if you hang me a villager, and then, another is killed by the werewolves tonight, well, time will grow short for everyone else in the village.
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Wha? All we know is that BB is in several pieces. No evidence that it was done by any animal, let alone werewolf, which was what I was waiting on our doctor and undertaker to determine. Only a werewolf would know what a werewolf can do, and you have clearly shown that you know this was done "by werewolves". And by immediately accusing me of being a werewolf is indeed hindering the investigation, by trying to stop the investigator! Don't worry though, we'll get your accomplice next...
  7. Melkor Well-Known Member

    First you say that there is no evidence that the killing was done by werewolves, and in the same breath you the accuse me of being a werewolf. I'm about to be hanged for being a werewolf and killing BigBlue, a charge being leveled by you. You seem to be of two minds, certainly evidence of two forms, one human, one wolf.
  8. BigBlue Magic Jones

    After a final battle of words between adversaries... The executioner puts a halt to it and the pastor is brought up.

    He gives you last rights, and states that if you have been afflicted by the curse of the moon, death shall bring you salvation.

    The executioner then pulls the lever.

    The door opens, and after a two foot drop, you come to a sudden stop as the noose stops you and a Crack is heard. Death is quick, but not quick enough.

    Anxiously, everyone waits to see what happens. 1 minute goes by... 2 minutes go by... after 15 minutes with nothing happening, everyone realizes an innocent villager was hung tonight.

    Without further discussion, everyone heads home to the safety of their homes, or what they hope is their safety.

    Each of you has a restless night of sleep, haunted by the memories of Melkor. One other visitor visits your dreams. BigBlue appears to each of you and says that one of you has been chosen to protect you, as he did when the scourge hit Deadwood Gulch the last time. That person shall remain anonymous to protect their identity, but you should all know you have a seer who is able to determine the truth of 1 person each night. Then, as if on cue, you awake in a cold sweat to hear the call of the wolves. One of you is awakened by the quick exit of your heart from your chest, still beating you see the wolves above you.

    Hopefully, the chosen one was not slain...

    The next morning, town is quiet. No children play in the streets. No horses drag wagons to make purchases or deliveries. For now, Deadwood Gulch is as a ghost town for all but those of you, and your number has decreased by two. One hung, One Eaten. Some of you wish to flee yourselves, but then you realize your duty is to find and slay these beasts, so that the townsfolk may return...
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Originally I said there was no evidence that it was done by a werewolf (OOC: And I think that the role-playing aspect of that was dropped somewhere along the way). However, you seemed desperate enough to accuse the investigator right away. So whether or not you're a werewolf, you seem to have something to hide. It's unfortunate you have to hang for that uncertainty, but if you are a werewolf, it turns out well. If you aren't, "justice" is probably still done anyway because of your seemingly haste to cover up "something".

    EDIT: Apparently I was posting at the same time of BB, so I guess I was speaking right before the floor dropped.

    And.... it turns out to be an unfortunate decision.

    So we still a murderer among us and I guess the fears of werewolves coming back is true. Who died this time?
  10. Melkor Well-Known Member

    Good night cruel world, I was taken from you to soon, and now I will have my final rewards in life everlasting.
    (OOC: And I was roleplaying the hysterical, witch hunt minded villager)
  11. BigBlue Magic Jones

    After preparing yourselves to meet the day, each of you heads towards the village square. You can see TomB preparing a better coffin than the pine box he'd prepared the day before. For Melkor deserves better.

    There are still enough palmbearers to carry him to his final resting place. words are spoken. dirt is disturbed. and everyone wonders where everyone else is... Who was taken...

    After it is down to two remaining villagers missing, you hear the sound of a horse and rider. DarthFerret comes riding into town. With him is Aaron, one of Orggs farmhands.

    "I found him frantic on my way into town. He kept muttering about pieces, parts, and blood. I went to check on Orgg. He was attacked last night. There isn't much left of his drunken soul." At this, Aaron leans off his horse an throws up, remembering the horror he found. Aaron then says "goodbye and good luck, I'm not hanging around to be taken next." Then he rides off, as though chased by Satan himself.

    It is now 10 AM.

    **fyi, I don't want anyone to take any of my 'poetic license' with using characters as any implication one way or another. I choose at random, and try to distribute equally.**
  12. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    So he didn't have anything to do with Melkor's death, but he most certainly had a hand in killing poor Orgg. A smart move, I suppose. Orgg wasn't a very conspicuous target.

    I won't let you kill anyone else, Limited.
  13. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I am filled with sorrow, and remorse, over Melkor's unnecessary death...I still say he acted suspiciously, but then, now we have seen how "suspicious" behavior can be misinterpreted...:(

    And Orgg...Why did HE need to die? :(
  14. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    So are we in agreement that werewolves have returned to Deadman's Gulch?

    I don't know why he died, but we gotta take action before anymore of us do!
  15. EricBess Active Member

    Orgg was certainly unexpected. The werewolf might have gone after either Oversoul or Limited to cast suspicion on the other, but that might have been too obvious. The possibility exists, of course, that one or both of them are werewolves.
  16. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    What a sneaky monster. Could this be the demon's plan: Pick off the unexpected and thin out the crowd? 1st innocent Melkor and now the harmless drunk Orgg (my best customer)....... Who is to blame? Someone must pay.
    Who singled out poor Melkor, that must be the fiend!
  17. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I am not a werewolf. Limited is. I really wasn't quite sure when he first accused me, but I'd bet my life on it now. So go ahead, hang me if I'm wrong. Limited is a wolf. He may have opted to go for a quieter victim last time, one that wouldn't shed any light on anything. But that just means I need to be more of a bother to him. Hang Limited. His partner will likely kill me in retaliation, but the rest of you will only have one more wolf to destroy.
  18. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    I am gonna have to say that I believe Limited is a werewolf as well. It is obvious by the fact that Oversoul is Alive. If anyone else is a werewolf, they would have killed Oversoul, thus casting suspicion on Limited and away from themselves. Thus, since Oversoul is still alive, the werewolf (Limited) wanted to kill someone totally random so that the suspicion would be off of him.

    Now I know this is kinda reverse psycology type thinking, however, I can only find one flaw. That flaw would be in the case of Oversoul being a werewolf, then the above would apply to him as well. However, I think that Limited is the one we are searching for, and I guess if my death is next, we will know I was right?
  19. BigBlue Magic Jones

    It is now 1 PM. Votes will be cast again at 3 PM like the "day" before... (On Wed Feb 15th).

    **It is very bizarre running a day/night as a week.... at least to me anyways.... While I've never watched the show, it's very '24'ish seeming...**
  20. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Sorry for taking my time in replying to the accusations made (but frankly, I've grown accustomed to Oversouls pointing his finger at me.. it saddens me that Darth Ferret has joined him though), but I am still a bit confused by 'yesterday'.

    Oversoul and I started pointing fingers at each other and I realized now that nobody really seemed to come forward. Some funny posts about us both being werewolves (what was that all about EricBess?) but no one taking clear sides.. (except for DarthFerret, eventually). This isn't really all that strange, because there wasn't any evidence to go on at the time. Either of us could have been a wolf.

    But then there was this last minute gang-up on (the innocent) Melkor, followed by killing the Orgg. It occured to me that maybe Oversoul and me pointing fingers at each other is something the wolves don't mind!

    I am not saying that I trust Oversoul, but I can't help the feeling that the wolves are enjoying themselves watching two villagers fight and trying to kill each other. So, with this in mind.. I am not voting for Oversoul. Unfortunately, now I have no idea who to vote for... perhaps someone who has not taking sides with the fight between Oversoul and myself?

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