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  1. BigBlue Magic Jones

    It is now 10 AM.

    Work is beginning on a set of gallows. Townsfolk are getting restless and nervous, but they are hopeful that a werewolf will be discovered and hung today.

    **I started earlier than Thursday which was when I'd initially said I'd begin... Dusk is Next Thursday... for those who may have thought today was a hanging I apologize, you'll have to wait a week you bloodthirsty wolves...**
  2. Melkor Well-Known Member


    Enough of this equivocating and handwringing, there is one, and only one, logical conclusion that we can draw from BigBlue's grisly death, that each and everyone of his crazy and outlandish tales is true. First and foremost among them, that we have werewolves among us, and that every moon they change into grisly abominations and kill honest decent folk. To claim otherwise is to either be a fool, or to be a werewolf yourself. And who my good villagers is leading the cry that this is not a werewolf attack, why our very own sheriff Spiderman, it's obvious that either he is the werewolf himself, or that due to his incompetence, the werewolves will never be found. How many more must die while Spiderman continues his "investigations?" We must act now, or the werewolves will destroy us all. I'll not let my village become a den of iniquity and heathen trepidations!
  3. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    My, My, such shoutin and accusing going on and I ain't even open my doors yet. Lets all go into my place a hear from everyone, not just those with a reason to be accusing others. BigBlue was mostly right that something like werewolves is a going on, but hanging the wrong ones won't solve a thing.
    And hows come the others are so quiet, as the good book says: Silence is the last resort of the guilty..... or some then like that.
  4. EricBess Active Member

    I'm not sure what you mean, Mooseman. Are you saying you accuse those who have remained silent? Or are you saying that the guilty only use silence as a last resort?
  5. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    I'm just saying that it's mighty suspicious to be closed-mouthed when there is gonna be a hanging today.
  6. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I wish I had something more compelling with which to extrapolate, but EricBess makes a good argument. For now I most suspect Mooseman. Truth be told, it's Darthferret who's behavior has been most suspicious out of anyone, but again, I don't believe it's malicious, just misguided.
  7. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Interesting at how you are quick to point the finger at people...... almost as if you want to make sure no one looks at you very closely......... I am starting to lean towards Oversoul by his own actions........
    Doesn't seem that he wants anyone asking questions........ very suspicious......
  8. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    So, Oversoul, by pointing out the obvious I am 'being' suspicious? Actually, if you notice, I have really only agreed with some of the points (although tenuously agreed at best) that have been made. Spidey explained his actions, therefore I revised my opinion somewhat, and the fact that all Melkor did was try to shift blame, after himself being accused (not by me if you notice), and avoided answering where he was, only lends a little bit of credibility to the accusations made against him. Come to think of it, you also, have refused to reveal your whereabouts on the night in question..could it be that you have something to hide, and have no alibi? This does not mean I am accusing you now it is just idle speculation at this juncture. Not sure I could accuse anyone unless they keep avoiding the question....
  9. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Sorry I haven't been able to chime in on to provide our beloved society of more information, but I've spend all my waking hours searching my books of science to find more information about about Lycanthrophy..

    Because in inflicted persons the animal instincts are awakened, I think it would be logical for them to hide during the daytime, and only lash out at people when attacked. Yes, Mooseman, I think you are on to something.

    I don't know who you are pointing you finger at (for after all, I've been silent as well) but I find Oversouls response harsh, not unlike to the reaction of cornered animal!

    Of course, this is just my conjecture.. my books hold little information on Werewolves. I fear most men who encounter them, do not live long enough to study their behaviour.
  10. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    DathFerret: I stated where I was long ago...... another victim of my own merchandise.
    Eric: I was questioning those who had failed to speak-up, not accusing.

    I'm looking at this as a search for murderer umongst us and the backstabber would be a mite quick to cast another in a bad light, so as to give em time to come up with another plan to save his skin.........
  11. BigBlue Magic Jones

    It is now High Noon.

    The arguing is causing a few folks to become restless. In fact a few people are beginning to pack up their belongings and preparing to head out of town. If these werewolves aren't dealt with soon, Deadwood Gulch will only be home to dead wood.

    ** I do not have Internet access at home. So, I will not be back to check on things until Monday. Just an fyi. Monday it will be 1pm, Wednesday is when the votes will be taken (you can certainly record them earlier as some of you are doing)... Then if there's a tie or a close vote you will have your time for discussion... One thing I realized which is kind of crazy about this game, it is not based on Facts... you simply have to argue without even circumstantial evidence.... Carry on... :) **
  12. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Mooseman: I was not the first to point a finger, nor did I say I was certain. I maintain that EricBess has been convincing. You can review what he said and rebut it at your own leisure. I never claimed anything to the effect that no one should look at me closely (although they won't find a werewolf if they look here) or ask questions. Ask all the questions you want. I'll even try to answer the ones that I can. One question I cannot answer is, "Who among us are werewolves?" Which is why I "most suspect" you at the moment rather than trying to pin the blame on someone. I'm still apt to change my mind, although that you have either intentionally slandered me or jumped to hasty and incorrect conclusions (claiming that I do not want questions to be asked) makes me dubious about this.

    Darthferret: By suggesting that it was a fantasy to believe werewolves slaughtered BigBlue, you did something that was suspicious. You said, "This does not look like an accident, however, if we allow Limited to examine the body in detail, maybe he can come up with who/what killed Big Blue. Some of you are so hasty to jump to this fantasy tale of werewolves. Also, don't y'all think that after Limited's examination, we should bury the body? Did he have any kin in these parts?" Now this might be construed as an attempt by a werewolf to buy time. The more time we waste on other things, the less chance there is for light to be shed on the identities of the monsters among us. I believed then, as I do now, that your words were those of an honest villager making a mistake, rather than a werewolf trying to manipulate us.

    As to my "refusal" to provide my whereabouts, there was no such thing. Up until now, no one has put the question to me. After leaving Mooseman's saloon, I went to the office and tried to get some editing done on an article that I was not satisfied with (and it won't be appearing in the paper anyway, now that this incident has interrupted things). I didn't sleep all night.

    Unlike some of you, I was not too tipsy to remember who I saw at Mooseman's saloon. I don't know who was last to leave, since when I left, many of you were still there. BigBlue, however, was not. I think he left shortly before I did. In all liklihood, the werewolves were NOT the last ones to leave the saloon. So figuring that bit out may not help us at all.
  13. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Limited, you have an interesting hypothesis that I'd like to examine. So you think I'm a werewolf because, when not cornered at all and not under any voiced suspicion at the time, I butted into the conversation between EricBess and Mooseman to offer my opinion on the matter? You seem to be an intelligent fellow. Why offer such a twisted argument? I think Mooseman has merely been trying to defend himself (as I have been doing now). And Darthferret seems reasonable enough and probably just misunderstood what I said.

    But you raised an argument that superficially seemed quite sound. It took me several seconds to realize that it didn't work, because I had not jumped to defend myself at all (I have done so now, but your comparison of my actions to those of a cornered animal predate my actual responses). And I was the one being put under scrutiny. I would imagine that it would have been very persuasive to those who weren't specifically viewing any claims against Oversoul with a critical eye (everyone beside myself, or so I would imagine).

    I think it was intentional misinformation on your part. And I think your "research" on lycanthropy might also be fabricated. I don't have any books to prove it, but I suspect that these werewolves are as calm and rational as any among us, that they can appear to be as human as any real man when they are so inclined, and that YOU are one of them.

    And so, Mr. Wolf, I'd like you to think about what your last words will be. When the others see through your clever disguise and hang you for the monstrosity that you are, it would be nice to have a good pull quote in the next paper...
  14. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    I see that in my last post I might have been a bit unclear at to what my exact reasoning is for choosing you Oversoul, but your last post tells I will have no luck changing your mind, but can only hope the other villagers can see through your tricks..

    It started with some random accusations by EricBess, which I at that time interpreted as such, to get the ball rolling sort of speak. Making accusations towards two people is odd, to say the least.
    Than there was a subtle hint made by Mooseman which was then immediately questioned by EricBess again. Though suspicious, this could still be a cry for information by a scared villager..
    And suddenly there is Oversoul's vote. Voting for Mooseman admitting that he has no reason for it. This seemed to me like the act of someone (or something) trying to protect a fellow inflictee. Lets see how you interpreted my action:

    I must applaude you though, for finally taking a bold stance in your opinion. I hope my fellow villagers will see what is going on here.

    Rest assured, I will thoroughly examine your remains, praying I find a cure for Lychantrophy and save many innocent lives.
  15. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    A clever attempt to cover your tracks, but I expected as much.

    You said, and I quote...

    It's too late to take it back, Dr. Teeth.

    You claimed to believe that you thought werewolves (being more animalistic than ordinary humans) lash out at people when attacked. That was your rationale for accusing me. I had a harsh response and behaved like a cornered animal.

    But let's remember the facts, everyone...

    I could not lash out in response to having been attacked, since no one had attacked me until after I gave my opinion on the dialogue between EricBess and Mooseman. And I didn't respond until AFTER you had claimed I lashed out (like a cornered animal).

    Now that I point out your lie, you backtrack and explain that you actually meant I was lashing out on behalf of my fellow werewolf, EricBess. Apparently you forgot until now to mention that werewolves also lash out to protect their comrades and that you suspected EricBess of being a werewolf in addition to myself.

    That seems like something rather important to just neglect mentioning.

    Each lie breeds another. Perhaps if I give you enough rope, you'll hang yourself...

    You are telling the truth about one thing. I'm sure you really do intend to examine my body. But you want to do it while I'm still alive and you want to do it with your claws.
  16. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    You're a persistant one, I'll give you that. I might have to agree with you that the wolves are not mere beasts, but cunning devils. I must admit you even had me doubting whether you are a wolf just now.

    But reading back, it only makes sense if you are a wolf. I assumed that everyone would judge your accusation of Mooseman like I did.. a threat to your fellow wolf. At the very least, you seemed very willing to vote for Mooseman without much consideration. Harsh indeed.

    When I accused you, you snapped your teeth at me. It must be difficult restraining yourself with all that adrenaline pumping through your veines...

    Your days are numbered.
  17. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Since you're a wolf yourself, I'm sure you have more than just "doubt" as to my nature. You KNOW that I'm not a wolf, although you'll be happy to see my fellow villagers hang me so that you have more time to pick them off.

    I had as much evidence to vote for Mooseman as anyone else had evidence to vote for anyone at that point. I was not the first person to accuse another of being a werewolf and I was not even the first person to accuse Mooseman of being a werewolf, although I now realize that what I thought was evidence against him was really just the product of him trying to defend himself. It isn't particularly harsher than anything else that's happened so far, but I'm sure you'd like everyone to remember it that way.

    As for snapping my teeth at you, that's a funny euphemism for showing that you have more evidence pointing to malicious intentions on your part than there is for anyone else. I merely sided with what I saw as the best arguments being made at the time. You keep calling it harsh because you'd like everyone to remember it that way. But as long as I'm here I'll point out where you've twisted the facts in order to demonize me.

    Perhaps my days are numbered. After we get rid of you, your friend will probably target me next. Or maybe, despite my best efforts, the people of this village will fall for your lies and hang me. If that happens, it will be a pity. I'll die thanks to your sinister tricks and you'll have time to murder another villager. But by then everyone will have caught on, and nothing you can say will save you.

    So it appears we have something in common. Your days are numbered as well, wolf.
  18. EricBess Active Member

    Thanks Mooseman, I just wasn't clear exactly what you were saying since it could be interpreted a couple different ways...

    You know, it would be an awfully interesting ploy if the two werewolves were to start pointing fingers at each other, wouldn't it? Limited? Oversoul? Still it would probably be too risky with the Seer out there an everything. I haven't seen a convincing enough argument to change my vote yet.
  19. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    I was actually thinking the same thing, although obviously not with the current situation, since I happen to be one of the people doing the accusing (so at least Limited and I know that we are not BOTH werewolves and maybe the seer knows that I am not one if he has watched me...) But it is an interesting possible strategy, although I agree that it seems too risky.
  20. orgg Administrator

    *a form wanders slowly out of the scrub sorrounding the ranch on the edge of town, a form reeking of soured wheat mash and alcohol you could take paint off a barn with.*

    Whaash *HICK!* thish in the shenter of toun? Isshat a galloze? Whasshat for?

    *a carpenter tells Orgg exactly what happened the past day*

    Oh. Shi*HICK!*, nottagahn.

    I nee shomore to drin*HICK*! I'm allaouta...*passes out in the shade of the gallows.

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