Werewolf 13: Insanity

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  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    The night has come and gone, and the home of EricBess has been decimated. Much like before, not much remains that can be considered a corpse. The closest thing you find is a cleanly ripped off arm.

    You have until Friday to select another man to hang

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Well, I was wrong again.

    This just keeps getting more and more annoying. Aside from the threat of werewolves, we apparently have the possibility of these false wolves that will generally only get in the way because the poor saps are deluded into thinking they're guilty. Hopefully Melkor was the only one.

    The real wolf or wolves are obviously clever. And now I'm stuck. I went after Train because he seemed to be the best bet. Then yesterday, I was more sure. If the wolves had left EricBess alive, I'd have thought they were probably smart. They'd have been in a position where the two of us were still going after each other and probably drawing everyone's attention. But since they killed EricBess, I'm beginning to suspect that they're not just smart, but actually smarter than I am--something I would have once considered impossible.

    Now no one, save myself, knows whether I am telling the truth or guilty and trying to use some sort of reverse-psychological high-risk gambit. Plus we've precious little information on who else might be suspect. I'll try to review the proceedings and see if our wolves have tripped up, but I'm afraid that my finding will only be inconclusive. I'm at a loss. Uh, I guess I fold--for now.
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I still think you're a novice player and can't hide your obvious excitement at good hands, but the rest are fairly good players. I'm in for the round but some seem to be pretty good at bluffing...
  4. BigBlue Magic Jones


    I still think it's Oversoul - even more now that EricBess is dead. Train accused him and was hanged. EricBess accused him and he was eaten. Who's next? Me. I am certain of it.

    This isn't some game, people are dying. There are no novices, acolytes, or beginners... Only wolves and prey.
  5. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    The EricBess killing was a perfect continuation bet to point the finger at Oversoul. When you don't have the hand, the only way to win is to bluff.
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I disagree. Why would the wolves point a finger to themselves by killing the ones that accuse them?

    However, my "choice" was hanged yesterday, so I've having trouble reading anyone else right now...
  7. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    I guess it's more likely than not that one of the three that voted train is a wolf. Ericbess is dead and I know I am not a wolf. I can't prove that any more than anyone can prove what they are, but we each know what part we play in this. Now Oversoul has almost been hanged twice and I don't think I could stomach it if he were the wolf and escaped the noose a third time. The whole thing with Melkor still has me confused, but we know he was a nutter who thought himself a wolf , and I suspect acting on behalf of a wolf or in a wolfs best interest just not one himself. I realize this puts a big red bullseye on me, but if Oversoul hangs and the seer checks me out if he hasn't allready this plan should bring the seer pretty close to knowing just who the wolf or wolves are.
  8. BigBlue Magic Jones

    I do not hold the high hand here, and I've never been good at bluffing. Fold.

    Forgive me for sticking to my convictions, but I really think Oversoul is the Wolf, and if I don't hang him, I'll be eaten tonight. I'm willing to listen to alternatives. I don't want to die anymore than the rest of you. I just see a trend with Oversoul's accusers.

    Perhaps I should look elsewhere, as at least Oversoul is speaking out, as Spiderman pointed out. Perhaps he is innocent and simply trying to find the wolf.

    As of now, I will back off of Oversoul.

    If two of you are wolves, we'll all be dead unless we hang one of you. Either Wolf care to confess?

    Mooseman - BigBlue
    Spidey -
    Oversoul -
    BigBlue -
    Sagerider - Oversoul
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, I'm thinking our "cheater" (seer) has quit the game permanently because by now he should have some good info on who and who is not the wolf.

    So lacking any real info or conviction, I'll vote Mooseman, simply because if Oversoul is innocent as I believe, the best way to continue the game is to point the finger at one who has been accusing him all along.

    I'm not real convinced of it though, so anyone with something else is welcome to share...
  10. BigBlue Magic Jones

    (* Either that, or he's a really bad or unlucky Seer... :) The first time I was seer, I guessed and investigated everyone NOT a wolf, but was able to discern who were the wolves from that information by simply staying alive long enough... *)

    I was certain Oversoul was a wolf. The fact that he's still around in addition to my suspicions and the people who seemed to be his enemies (and were human) ended up dying one way or another.

    If you take out the circumstantial evidence his enemies died and my suspicions, we're simply left with he's still around, but so are the rest of us... If there are two wolves as the amount of carnage suggests, we HAVE to hang one tonight or we're all dead. But, the video was if I recall inconclusive on that. So we may still have one more day if we lose another villager.
  11. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Well, I've reviewed the series of events and I have a vote...

    My whole "vote for the person who voted for me" thing hasn't been working out. It was never my actual, wolf-catching strategy or anything, but I'm wary of doing it again. After Train's death, I thought that either EricBess or Sageridder was a wolf. I chose EricBess and was wrong, but that doesn't mean Sageridder is innocent. I do still suspect Sageridder.

    Spiderman was someone who didn't get my attention before, but now I'm almost positive that he is innocent. Yesterday, he actually forgot that Train was already dead and proven innocent. It would be a pretty devilish lupine trick to feign absentmindedness there, but no one seemed to notice and I highly doubt even a brilliant wolf would have thought of doing it in that manner. Therefore, I can be at least 90% sure that Spiderman is not a wolf.

    BigBlue hasn't really behaved in a way that gives anything away. Either he's a wolf playing a perfect game or he's a sane, healthy individual trying to find our culprits.

    If there are two wolves, I think they are Mooseman and Sageridder. But I'm slightly more inclined to vote for Mooseman at this time and the fact that Spiderman is voting for him seals it for me. Mooseman it is.
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    OOC: Not that I'm grateful :), but wasn't that last Werewolf game?
  13. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Well, that was some convoluted logic and it seems I have no choice but to vote for Oversoul and give BigBlue (who I voted for) the chance to be the hero or the goat....

    Spidey: I have been pointing at him and he has been wrong in all his picks and those picks always seem to get killed, one way or another.... Even if Oversoul is not a wolf, he is dangerous and helping the wolves by his ineptitude.
  14. BigBlue Magic Jones

    I think we're coming to this strange conclusion that we're all innocent... perhaps this is called insanity for a reason? Maybe none of us is a wolf... or the wolf is unaware of his sickness?

    Right now, I'm not certain who is guilty. I was so sure it was Oversoul, but now he seems to be as rational as anyone. For a while I suspected EricBess, but he died. I also was thinking Sagerider, but it was just a hunch and he hasn't done anything to make me suspect him anymore. If Spiderman is a Wolf Spider (hehe), then he's done an excellent job hiding that fact. Mooseman... He's sort of like spidey, hasn't done anything to make me suspect him.

    The only facts I have to go on are that I'm not a wolf and at least one of you is.

    Seeing as it's getting late in the day, I'd better make a vote. My heart tells me to vote for Ransac, that he's somehow faked his death and is making us paranoid by killing everyone, but there's no body to hang if he is... at least not one we've found. So, I'm voting for Sagerider. He's the only other person I've ever suspected besides Oversoul.
  15. Ransac CPA Trash Man


    Ransac, cpa trash man
  16. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    How convenient, seeing that you're the one who's been killing my picks. Of course I'm dangerous, now that I'm finally onto you, Wolfman.
  17. BigBlue Magic Jones

    (* OK, it took so long for me to type that with work interrupting, that I didn't see Mooseman's post prior to posting... *)

    So, right now, there's 2 votes for Mooseman and 2 votes for Oversoul... I was voting for Sagerider... But if I have to break a tie vote, then I'd better do that.

    Mooseman and Oversoul are voting for eachother...
    Sagerider and spidey split their votes...
    If it's between Mooseman and Oversoul. I can't deny my gut which has felt Oversoul was acting guilty from the start.
  18. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    See post #87. I actually don't remember what happened last game, but if you've managed to discuss the possibility of one of our hanged villagers being guilty two games in a row, maybe you're getting senile...
  19. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    So is the voting over?
    Anyone changing their vote?

    Mooseman - Oversoul
    Spidey - Mooseman
    Oversoul - Mooseman
    BigBlue - Oversoul
    Sagerider - Oversoul
  20. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    You have until 3pm until your votes are locked

    Ransac, cpa trash man

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