Orgg! bring the rock!

Discussion in 'Battle Arena' started by Ihsans Shade, Jun 22, 2000.

  1. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    (Summons Water Elemental.)
    There. Everybody stay calm...
    (Summons Detroit and New York Fire Department(s)) :D
    (Summons Russian Fire Control.)
    Flame? What Flame? :D
  2. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    [me] points at the surrounding scorched landscape. [/me]

    That flame. Any more questions?

    Oh, and this flame too.

    [me] casts Inferno, just to add to the fun. [/me]
  3. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    THAT was uncalled for!!! :mad:
    (Extinguishes the brushfire...)
  4. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    HAHA! You fools do not realize that I cannot die. Since I worship myself, I'm INVINCIBLE!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I am forever at one life and since that is basically dead, I kind of just lay still, occansionally twitching.
  5. Apollo Bird Boy

    Apollo surfs on the Flame Wave.

    Hang ten! (talons)
  6. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Not exactly. See, creatures don't attack creatures, they just attack. So...

    Ertai notices the Scragnoths, and looks over at Istanbul...who shrugs. "Let 'em through." Ertai nods and shrugs as well as he steps aside, watching the Scragnoths batter themselves uselessly against Istanbul's Energy Field. "Ohhhh." Ertai murmurs. "Didn't even think of that one."
  7. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    *taps a little blue mana* Let's just 'Rang that Energy Field so's I can cast Levitation. Now let's just Donate that to ya go, buddy. Non-targeting flying ability. Now you owe ME one. *casts Energy Field again*
  8. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Hey guys! Look what I got for cheap at the local Bazaar!

    [me]holds up a kind of a bowl, etchewd with mystic writings...[/me]

    The guy who sold it to me said it was called a "Golgothi-somethin' Sylex" whatever-the-hell-that-is...

    I wonder what it's for?

    [me]sits with the, Golgothi-somethin' Sylex in his lap and tries to read the strange writing...[/me]
  9. Cateran Overlord New Member

    Cateran Overlord, on vacation, suddenly feels a tremor beneath his feet. He looks up and sees...

    CT using the Sylex???

    [Overlord gets up and proceeds to eviscerate CT with his scythe for disturbing his vacation. He then begins summoning hordes of Mercenaries seemingly out of nowhere and sets them all after Multani, because the overlord hates tree-huggers :D ]

    [Multani, unable to deal with the hordes, decides to run, only to be hit by a falling Phyrexian warship, taken down by swarms of Misshapen Fiends, Pit Raptors, and Molting Harpies. Overlord doesn't like Phyrexian abominations either :D]
  10. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    Let me take apart your offense, mercenary by mercenary. :D
    (Casts another Wing Snare to get rid of Phyrexian Flagship.
    Vines, rising water, and treefolk take care of the annoying mercenaries. Weatherseed Treefolk and Thorn Elementals take out the bigger threats assisted by elves. Multani personally bashes a couple of mercenaries, then goes after Cateran Overlord. He smashes Overlord to peaces. Because of the thick wood, the scye only manages to make two dents in the treetrunk.) :D ( For finishing touches sends Cateran to the bottom of a 70ft. shaft.) :D
  11. Cateran Overlord New Member

    Overlord casts PERISH at Multani's Hordes, taking them all out. Overlord then eats a nearby Rampart Crawler to regenerate himself, and proceeds to parry Multani's stupid treetrunk. A 700/700 Primeval Shambler proceeds to eat Multani's carcass, mmm...kindling.
  12. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    (Urza jumps in with Barrin and counters Cateran's Perish.
    Multani and his army proceeds to pound Cateran into oblivion
    with Gaea and Yamaviaya closly supporting Multani's army and Barrin ready to counter any annoying spells.)
    DIEEEE!!!!! CATERAN OVERLORD!!!! :mad:
  13. Apollo Bird Boy

    Apollo discards all but one card in his hand to his Peace of Mind to obtain a huge chunk of life. Then, well Barrin and Urza are caught up countering the Perish, Apollo uses two mana to cast the last card in his hand...


    Everybody discards their hands, and the 0/0 Multani just shrivels up and disapears.

    "Cheap shot!"

  14. Cateran Overlord New Member

    Overlord laughs and proceeds to behead Barrin. He and Rayne make such a cute couple now :D

    Overlord notices the counterspell and casts ... WITHERING BOON??? :confused: Counters the counter, then proceeds to persecute multani, making him 0/0 and taking him out for good.
  15. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Istanbul kinda sits back as Ertai studies in his Library of Leng, comfortable behind his Energy Field. "I leave you alone, you leave me alone." he murmurs, looking around to see if anyone is gonna try to mess with him. "Oh, hey, Barrin. C'mon over here. Ertai never DID finish studying under you." Barrin recognizes a blue mage and his former student, and heads on over to chill.
  16. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    You messed up my new bowl!

    And my guts!

  17. Major Crime New Member

    Major Crime (leader of the Snotgoblins) crawls from his caved in burrow. Sees the tree huggers.
    Casts Diplomatic Immunity on self.
    Pulls out sling-shot. Loads it up with pet woodworm which have not been feed for a week, & lets fly 2 shots at M's tree truck.
    Dives back into remains of burrow.
  18. Cateran Overlord New Member

    Overlord proceeds to cast Scald and Boil simultaneously, tapping his Badlands for mana! Urza runs around looking for a block of ice to sit down on, only to find it melting as he neared it. Urza melts into a pile of Planeswalker soup.
  19. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    :mad: (Brings all of Yamaviaya's resources to bear on Cateran. Urza planeswalks out. Multani charges with all his might and hits Cateran sooo hard, he is smashed in half. Multani regenerates from the previous assaults.) I AM INVINCIBLE!!!!BWHAAA!!! (Multani brushes away the woodworms and using Defense of the Heart, calls on Maro and and a Thorn Elemantal. An Avatar of Might pops up and helps out. Enraged, Multani breaks Cateran's pathetic Scye and smashes what's left of Cateran into oblivion. Draws some cards to pup himself up. Casts another hurricane and eliminates Apollo for his treachery. Multani then closes Yamaviaya's borders so no one may tresspass.)
  20. Cateran Overlord New Member

    Multani, the fool that he is, cannot see that what he wasted all of his resources on was nothing more than an escaped shapeshifter looking like Overlord! Overlord proceeds to smash Multani's head in with Orgg's boulder, which was just lying around for some reason or another. Overlord, being more than a match for a Thorn elemental, proceeds to smash the thing down. Maro runs in terror, but proceeds to be snuffed out. Overlord laughs and sends a fresh wave of troops at Yavimaya's border.

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