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  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "What? Earth destroyed? And everyone on it? I oughta...."

    My surrounding flame grows a bit brighter and hotter.

    "All right. So we gotta kill this guy to get back our worlds. I'll do it, but I'll tell ya, gods and immortality don't impress me. I've seen more than enough gods and universal beings in my travels and they ain't all that. So you better watch your back..."
  2. BigBlue Magic Jones

    "Mr. Crush, Descartes is a French Philosopher and Mathematician who's greatest contribution to the world was, 'I think, Therefore I am.' Your personal challenge is that since you don't think, and yet you appear to exist, there must be another truth for you to discover, and maybe your proving Descartes was wrong."

    "I don't like this business. If you're immortal and you couldn't deal with this kivver, how do you expect us to? And for me, The restoration of my world will do nicely enough."
  3. EricBess Active Member

    "Um," turning to Jonny the Kid, "actually, there is a flaw in your logic. I don't know this Decartes person personally, or maybe I do. Heck, maybe he's me, I really couldn't say... Sorry, tangent. Anyway, the argument he presents does not indicate the lack of existence of a non-thinking entity.

    "In other words, the colliary to 'A implies B' would be 'not B implies not A' rather than 'not A implies not B'. At least, that's something that seems right. Really not sure where that came from, sorry."
  4. BigBlue Magic Jones

    "Norm, perhaps I give too much credence to the word therefore. Therefore carries more weight than a mere implication to me. If a non-thinker were to exist, then it would lessen the statement. 'I either think or I don't think, therefore I am' isn't nearly as elegant and negates Descartes original thought. His theorem was that thought proves existence. If non-thinking beings exist, then his postulate is false that thought proves existence because non-thinkers would also exist. But I digress . . ."

    **Of course Politicians exist, and we all know they don't think . . .**
  5. EricBess Active Member

    "Interesting. So, this sand here that we're standing on doesn't exist. That would indeed explain why it all disappeared when I held that orb. Perhaps it wasn't so odd after all. Thank you."
  6. BigBlue Magic Jones

    "Very true. Apparently Decartes was wrong. He had no idea it should have been 'Mazzak thought us up, therefore we are.' And the corollary to that is 'Mazzak destroyed us, therefore we aren't.'"

    "I find it ironic that we are seeking to assist our destroyer, in the hopse that we might be reborn."
  7. EricBess Active Member

    "Had we decided to help, then? I was still awaiting a response to my question."
  8. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    <Yes, the life of Mazzak is pure melodrama. This RPG takes place after the apocalyptic end of the story I'm writing, entitled Glorious Ephemeral.>

    **yes, train, Kivver does indeed sound like sliver**

    To Norm:

    Look, here's how it goes.
    Kivver is an embittered former omnipotent deity.
    I lived in his world but I was on the verge of ascending to godhood through my own willpower, which made him feel both jealous and threatened, so he tried to have me exterminated.
    I built myself a ship to escape from Kivver's city with Zhyanno, but it made an easy target for Kivver's winged "angel" goons, so the ship was torn to bits with Zhy and me on it.
    This event happened too near the edge of the city, which was basically a pocket of reality in an empty universe because that was all that Kivver was able to maintain.
    Zhyanno fell into the without when she lost her grip on the ship's rail. She was lopping the head off of an angel at the time...
    <the figure smiles slightly but a tear manifests in his left eye and tumbles down his cheek to the sand>
    The rage and sadness that was within me when I fell into the Void became my nature when I manifested myself.
    I made this world out of part of the blade of my sword, symbolizing this as the home of my vengeful spirit.
    Your worlds were not in prisms however...
    Taking the form of Tzyver, the spirit of Destruction, I leveled Kivver's city but he himself eluded me.
    Frustrated, I went shifting from world to world smashing everything in my path, leaving gaping holes in reality where there once were great communities of souls.
    Time passed and I have mellowed out, but I do not think I will ever get over the death of Zhyanno, because it is the very event that made me what I am.
    This is why Kivver still must die.
    I have a perfect memory though, and can remember your worlds well...
    And yes, this is ironic, isn't it? But I am not the destroyer that I once was. I wish to be a creator. But before I can set myself to working on these prisms to replace your shattered worlds, my guilt must be alleviated.

    And yes, Crush, you may have these <hands over a pair of boots marked "Boots of speed +1">
    Please be careful that you don't run into things with those on. You'll find yourself with more momentum than you thought.

    And I might as well bestow further gifts on the rest of you before I leave you to this task...

    Norm. I give you your memory, in a jar. You may open it at will, and you will remember who you are. <Mazzak gives Norm a small, contorted glass jar. It has a warning label on it: "Warning-Memories within. Open at own psychological risk">

    Johnny the Kid. I give you these. I think you will enjoy them.
    <Mazzak tosses Johnny a pair of jet-black six-shooters with silver runic detailing.>
    They are of the finest make and will never run out of ammunition.

    And you, Johnny Storm. I give you the opportunity to play rock-paper-scissors with The Kid to decide who changes their name, because we can't go around having two Johnnys. And I give you this, as well. A spiffy superhero utility belt containing almost everything that could possibly fit into a utility belt pocket. You may find it handy.

    Well I should send you on your way... Any more questions before I leave you?
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Well, you can call us Storm and The Kid or leave me as the Human Torch, 'cause that's who I am.

    And what need have I for a utility belt? I ain't Batman... I'll stick with what I know, and that's flame and fire."
  10. EricBess Active Member

    "Um, yes, er, I mean no. No further...coocoo..questions for your...looniebin...eminence, or imortalness, or whatever it is you call yourself.

    "Look, an empty jar. I've got myself an empty jar. Thank you so very much sir. Really not much interest in this sort of thing. Anyway, I suppose we'll be off now. Take life one day at a time and all. Might as well go visit this Kivverville and see what there is to see, right? That is, of course, what you had in mind...I assume?"
  11. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    "Immortality...*Dark Seraphim smiles* now I shall lead my people to glory, the high elves will no longer lord over us. Mazzak, you have given me and my people salvation, the least I can do is end the life of your tormentor."

    *Dark Seraphim pulls out his sword, tiny reliefs of screaming faces cover the blade.

    Now, which way to this Kivver.
  12. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    Heh.. turn down my offers if you want. No utility belt for you, mr. Human Torch!

    Now go forth and may your worlds be restored...

    <Mazzak is gone and suddenly the world goes black again. The next thing the party knows, they are all standing on a rock in the middle of a field of rubble. Several shocked peasants stare up at them>

    **a squat old lady dressed in rags runs up to the party, followed by other peasants from all around.**

    "Weel who're you then? Poppin out o' nowheres. You ain't no angels, are ye? I'd hope not, nobody here's any more 'n a worker, an' I'd stake me reputation on it!"
  13. BigBlue Magic Jones

    "Sure, you can just call me The Kid. ooh, never run out of ammo... I like it. Now if only I had a flask and pack of smokes which did the same. . ."

    "Howdy, Maam. I'm no angel, you can be assured of that." The Kid takes his hat off and bows his head politely to the peasant. "I'm sorry if we surprised you. We didn't mean to alarm anyone."

    **I hear those Memory Jars were so dangerous they were banned right after they were made...**

    **What time of day is it?**
  14. EricBess Active Member

    "Angels? Oh, dear me, I really don't think so. Working folk then? Your reputation? Really can't say as I know what sort of a reputation you have then, do I?"
  15. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    **it's late morning, I suppose.**

    The old woman replies to The Kid.

    "well I ain't never seen one o' your sort afore! Then agin, I s'pose you all couldn't be them angels anyway. They all look the same, they do. Cor! Now that's the most ridiculous suit I ever seen! <gesturing towards the Human Torch> Hurr, y'realize yer bulge is showin'? Hah! Just kiddin' ye, boy. Might wanna put some decent pants on though. Hah! C'mon, crazy things happen here every day, regular. We ain't gonna be that alarmed at some new folk showin' up lookin' all spiffylike. Lemme introduce myself. I'm Zymaijikano, the local wise old hag. Ha! Probly a mouthful to an outsider, so's you can call me Kano. Lotsa folks' names end like that but no one else uses it for a nickname. Heh. So, what you boys doin' showin' up here all of a sudden-like?"
  16. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    *Dark Seraphim turns to the hag

    "We would like to speak to Kivver of the swarm, might you know where he is located?"
  17. EricBess Active Member

    "There we go. Come right out and be blunt. Kivver has angels. This old self-proclaimed hag has made it clear she is not a fan of angels. So, let's go right into our dialog and skip right to the point.

    "Apparently, Miss, we are here looking for Kivver, Lord of all he pervays. We're on a top secret mission to kick him to the next dimension. This will probably destabilize all he has ever created, but what the heck, doesn't effect us any.

    "So, how about it, have you seen the guy?"
  18. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    "Hey I'm immortal, I can deal with the direct approach:D "
  19. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    <the old hag recoils slightly>

    "You want to talk to Qailaizh Kivver? Doesn't do much talking, him. Not from what I've heard of him. And even I ain't seen him, but I know he lives in the tower of light. Over there. "

    <she gestures to the east, where a brilliant light is visible>

    "That's where you'll be wanting to go. 'tis the city of Izthano. Gad, you're lucky you, er, happened out here! The angels would've ripped you to bits afore you could ask 'em what was goin' on if you'd done that there. The city's swarmin' with 'em ever since that poor boy went loony an' tore the place up. They're killin' off anybody what even looks like 'im, and anybody who stops doin' their work, just to make sure nobody even starts to get any ideas. 'tis a pity. I knew that boy..."

    <a spot appears in the sky>

    "Offals and ham! You lot better start looking like yer one of us folk. That's one of them angels come to check on the rim folk!
    You two, tall dark guy and bulge boy, you'd be lookin' mighty suspicious. At the very least they'd think you'd made those clothes yourself. Get under something! And you other two, help these guys out with cuttin' that stone!"
  20. EricBess Active Member

    "I'll just, well...supervize, if you don't mind..."
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