Lord of the Rings LCG 4 Player Game Actions

Discussion in 'Games Run By CPA Members' started by Spiderman, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, this seems awesome. I'll take a res from Gimli and Thalin and play another Gondolin Spearmen.
  2. boogiepop Member

    Gondorian! haha

    Will mark it as such.
  3. turgy22 Nothing Special

  4. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    I'll play a Miner of the Iron Hills, freeing up Denethor -- unless you'd rather use whatever you've got for this purpose, boogiepop. I'm paying from Denethor and Beravor, of course.

    Miner of the Iron Hills //Type: Ally Sphere: Lore //Cost: 2 //Willpower: 0 Attack: 1 Defense: 1 Hit Points: 2 //Dwarf. //Response: After Miner of the Iron Hills enters play, choose and discard 1 Condition attachment from play.
  5. boogiepop Member

    No problems here whatsoever!
    The question becomes who gets this:

    Steward of Gondor
    Type: Attachment
    Sphere: Leadership Cost: 2
    Gondor. Title.
    Attach to a hero.
    Attached hero gains the Gondor Trait.
    Action: Exhaust Steward of Gondor to add 2 resources to attached hero's resource pool.

    I'm inclined to give it to either whoever has some expensive cards in their hand or to rokapoke anyway as insurance in case he gets hit with another one of those pesky web treacheries.

    Here's my other play.

    Celebrian's Stone
    Type: Attachment
    Sphere: Leadership Cost: 2
    Artifact. Item.
    Attach to a hero. Restricted.
    Attached hero gains +2 Willpower.
    If attached hero is Aragorn, he also gains a Spirit resource icon.

    EDIT: @rokapoke: It took me a minute to figure out why you said it was obvious that the resources should be taken from those heroes. I completely forgot Glorfindel's power. That's another excellent reason to give the stewardship to him. Shall I attach it?

    Also, our Questing phase is coming up. I'll be committing Aragorn and Theodred, again using Theodred's power to untap Aragorn.
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I'll just commit Thalin this time - I didn't understand Legolas's power and it seems he's better used in the combat part of the turn.
  7. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    I'll commit Beravor.
  8. turgy22 Nothing Special

    I will commit Eowyn and my Lorien Guide.
  9. boogiepop Member

    I changed my mind. I'll commit all my guys. I'm last in line anyway to receive a foe, and Aragorn can block for someone else.

    By the way, rokapoke, I gave the Stewardship to Glorfindel and gave him his two extra resource points. If this isn't cool with you, let me know. I'm sure you don't mind though. heh :)

    On to the encounter cards.

    Great Forest Web
    Type: Location
    Threat: 2 Quest Points: 2
    Travel: Each player must exhaust 1 hero he controls to travel here.

    Ungoliant's Spawn
    Type: Enemy
    Encounter Set: Spiders of Mirkwood
    Threshold: 32
    Threat: 3 Attack: 5 Defense: 2 Hit Points: 9
    Creature. Spider.
    When Revealed: Each character currently committed to a quest gets -1 Wilpower until the end of the phase.

    The Ungoliant's Spawn has a When Revealed effect that our resident counterspeller (turgy) might be able to and want to deal with.

    Also, I'm running out of space in the original post. When I wanted to add in the Steward of Gondor, it told me there was like a 10,000 character limit or something. Yikes.
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I'll see if that's something I can change in the board settings or if Ed needs to look at it.

    So now it's character actions and play event cards or wait to see what turgy22 does (or is that a character action?)? Either way, I don't have any new event cards so I'm not doing anything.
  11. boogiepop Member

    The Spirit player typically has event cards that prevent bad things from happening, so we should basically just make sure that turgy has the opportunity to counter this if he so desires.

    As for character actions, there's a difference between Forced, Action, and Response keywords. I don't think I can give a good description as to the difference between as action timing seems the most complex (or least clearly stated) part of the rules. There's a section at the end of the rulebook that deals with timing, though, as well as a chart showing when player actions can occur during the turn sequence.
  12. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    We're still awaiting 2 more Encounter cards, I think. Right now we're just waiting on whether or not turgy wants to use his Response ability.
  13. boogiepop Member

    Well, not Eleanor's. She only deals with treacheries, unfortunately. He'd have to use something from his hand.

    P.S. Beat you to the post by about 5 seconds. ;)
  14. turgy22 Nothing Special

    I don't have anything.
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    It doesn't seem I can change the number of characters allowed in a post. I'll ask Ed.
  16. boogiepop Member

    Thanks, Spidey.

    The Necromancer's Reach
    Type: Treachery
    When Revealed: Deal 1 damage to each exhausted character.
    There was an eye in the Dark Tower that did not sleep. He knew that it had become aware of his gaze. A fierce eager will was there. - The Fellowship of the Ring

  17. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Eleanor can handle that.
  18. boogiepop Member

    Cool. Next...

    Dol Guldur Orcs
    Type: Enemy
    Encounter Set: Dol Guldur Orcs
    Threshold: 10
    Threat: 2 Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Hit Points: 3
    Dol Guldur. Orc.
    When Revealed: The first player chooses 1 character currently committed to a quest. Deal 2 damage to that character.

    Well, it seems they're out to get you. Who will take the damage, Eowyn or the Guide?
  19. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Does it have to be one of my characters?
  20. boogiepop Member

    It singles out the first player. Since that's you for this round, it indeed does.

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