I'm going to Hell for this...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ferret, Dec 5, 2002.

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  1. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    relating to what i just said, I dont mean to insult any of you religous ones, just to express my opinion as an aethiest, as a part of the crowd who is frowned apon by all religions "if i do not belive i will not recive the gift, and will in turn be sent to 'hell', no matter what i do." So therefore i think that any "supreme being" who will send somone to hell just beacause of opinion(aka choice which was givin to adam and eve).

    Again not trying to insult any of you.

  2. Mazzak Stylemongering Protodeity

    atheism is as closed minded as any organized one-track religious system.
  3. DÛke Memento Mori


    Here's the deal.

    Religion is filthy, and so is the belief of God - hope of itself is form of laziness, a kind of reliance on not what is here and now, but on something later, better, something different - a rejection of this life in the dreams of another; how pitiful.

    The fools of religion, God, and hope are filthy - not just their feet, legs, or upper body - no - they are, wholly, filthy. The athiest, the unbeliever, however, is half filthy, maybe they have poor eye sight, in which they're pitiful; maybe they have a cancer of some sort...they are sickening, nevertheless.

    At least the believer is fully delusional, where as the unbeliever is simply a pathetic lowlife who thinks of himself as logical and truth-wanting, when in nature, he is nothing more than illogical and life-hating.

    There is a third type of person...one whom I will not discuss, because it would take about 10 pages to make him more clear to the blinding stench of fools...
  4. DÛke Memento Mori


    One more thing...

    I have justly lost all my respect to the religious persona. Still, I find it in my heart to respect the religious more than the athiest - perhaps it is because athiests are almost doubly as confused as the religious puppet, more contradicting than the slave of humanity, more infantile than the just-born tragedy that is a child...
  5. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Boy are we atheists misrepresented by these kids like FmK-AnC (and, oh, 96% of all the atheists :p ). Sure, I'm an atheist, but that's just because I see no evidence of a god, and if there were one I would want nothing to do with it.

    Now, all you religious folk, go be religious and all, but leave everyone else alone. The idea of converting others (most often forcefully) makes me a mad little boy, plus there are all those insane folk who indoctrinate their children with a religion before they can see the issue for themselves.
  6. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    Sven... i completly agree with you... and misrepresented... im sick of bull**** from people like duke... who say we wre horrible people beacause we are nonbelivers. i completely agree with your thought of
    "Sure, I'm an atheist, but that's just because I see no evidence of a god, and if there were one I would want nothing to do with it"
    i just got tired of hearing how people who are "nonbelivers" are so horrible and suck beacause we dont belive... i just got a little annoyed thats all. sorry about that again

  7. DÛke Memento Mori

    Not only are you horrible if you are a "nonbeliever," boy, but also when you are a believer. There's an "impossible" problem - to the fools, that is.

    "Yes, you are a fool."
  8. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    That is the bs that im talking about... making the non beliver sound like they are nothing just beacause they would rather belive something belivable or what not, it is bs that i and my fellow "non-believers" are frowned apon beacause want something thats provable, instead of something that no one can prove, or something along those lines. It my friend is frankly BS.

  9. DÛke Memento Mori


    Let us unmask the clown, forget the frown, and observe, whom, of us, is the fool. You have wrote this:
    It sounds, to me, that you dislike religion. You also claim to be an atheist. So far, we haven't a fool in the game...

    Here's where the stench arise: when you claim to be an atheist if only because you cannot have a "prove" of God or whatever prove you desire. This noise is intolerable - I suppose you have a "prove" of everything in your life? I suppose you have a prove of the written history, the "truth" politics want you to hear; I suppose you have a prove that you are, indeed, a thing even worthy of being called a species, much less, a human? You look around, and life itself lacks a prove, lacks order...yet you dare whimper, dare point the finger, whine and flutter as you do, demanding a prove of only a sliver of the whole. I bet that you follow religious morals as well, I bet that you will, if you can, marry, and marriage is a subspecies of religion, or divine belief – and how contradictory would you appear to me at that moment, how pitifully confused!

    To want a prove at all is to already be a believer, but unlike many other believers, you are a doubter - you already submit to the thesis that "there is a God," you already conformed, you simply have not found the conclusion yet. And what might such a satisfying conclusion look like - would you like a sign of God, a word, another Holy Book, or would you dismiss those again, and cry in your foolish misery, wanting more prove, more of something, anything! - as long as it is more! And wouldn't such a prove become unworthy in years to come to others just like you, each cries in their agony, "wanting a prove!" Would not your belief, the moment that you saw a prove, prove once and for all that there is a "God?" Yes, it does, but others would want their own prove...and notice, how in your case, you are the others, following the foot steps of the believers from the past.

    You are the child, the typical agonized child, the enslaved, the unfree – you have been given two choices: believe or believe – the difference is comical. The choices you are given constitute the only domain of thought you marvel in, thinking, liking to believe, even if deceptively, that you are a free thinker, when contrarily, you are the slave of your experience, the slave of the world, the peasant of the spoken word, and as far as can be from being the slave of your own mind. And notice, at this moment, how I have described you exactly as I would have described the religious clown – as I said, the difference between you and the religious is indifferent - yet you
    insist that you are different by tagging the term "atheist" on your back - to me, you appear like a person who says that he does not like to run because he likes to run - my only choice, at this point, is to offer sincere pity...however, I cannot prove to you, that I am, indeed, feeling pity towards you.
  10. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    Oh no! He wants to MARRY!
    That's so much worse than jacking off to the illustration of Unmask every night.

    Your belief system -- that the universe has meaning because the person you're talking to is stupid and you aren't -- has some foolish elements too.

    Il faut cultiver notre jardin (now we can see whether he actually speaks french or pretends to do so).
  11. DÛke Memento Mori

    "I would not imagine myself adoring Voltaire."

    You blind me with your divine insecurity Alex!

    Perhaps I should make something clear, at this moment, for you seem to be one of few who, as opposed to show me where I am at error, rather likes to solely attempt at offending me, over and over again, without success. Such a pity, a waste of life, and energy...

    I am not better than anyone - I am, in fact, under humanity, but from below, here, at least, I can see them all equally, and not play a game of agreeibleness, of lovers and victims, believers and doubters; a game of fools, clowns, and dead men. I am a filthy moron, I admit - I am ignorant. The one thing that separates me from you, however, is my inability to play the masquerade.

    I am sorry, I am an idiot, for I cannot recite the dead words of another, rather, I can think my own words and such a shame of me that is! How pitiful I am! How mad! - for thinking that I can overcome shadows of ideals!

    "And thereafter, I should realize that you, once again, have unmasked the fool of yourself - a game of words you rather play than face the truth - 'agree' and 'disagree,' to 'prove' and 'disprove.' At that point, I am left to satisfy the fool, merely to silence him before he makes my ear bleed, by showing him what he wants to see: 'ok, I am under, below, and not higher, or above.' But notice, here, how under and higher, how below and above are nothing more than the obvious insecurity, the error in feeling that one feels when he is unable any longer to satisfy the clown within...how inexistent those perceptions are, only to the fool himself..."
  12. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    Blah blah blah duke... you seem to talk a lot about nothing... and i am not a doubter as you said... i am a nonbeliver... i dont doubt god... i dont belive... not in the slightest little bit... and guess what... i dont need... "prove"... even though the word you should be saying is proof... but hey... maybe i just know proper english... i dont need you, a church, the bible, or jesus f*ing christ to prove to me that god is real... i wouldnt belive even if i saw him, not beacause i refuse to, but beacause i belive there is no god... and its people like you that make people like me want to not shout out... MY PEOPLE, WE DO NOT BELIVE IN GOD, NO WE DONT, WE SHALL STAND UP AND CRY... CRY MY PEOPLE CRY TO THE CLOUDS AND SKY THAT WE DONT BELIVE IN THE LORD...(mocking church goers incase you didnt get it)... we would rather keep it in so that people like duke over there dont say stupid things... kinda like now when he acts like he knows what i and all other aethiests think...

  13. DÛke Memento Mori


    Then you prove my point with an astounding accuracy - that you would not believe even if there was a God, and at that point, you are, just an idiot - like someone who says "I don't believe in gravity," "I don't need to eat to remain actively alive" - such statements are rather noisy, and to suggest that you would not believe no matter what is exactly the kind of noise that fills the atmosphere, that makes my ear bleed.
    And one is supposed respect this fool? Do people really believe so - or is it out of pity?
  14. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    More stupidity?... i said i wouldnt belive him if i saw him beacause i dont belive... if i saw you, it doesnt make me belive your who you are... you ever seen a movie, take armaggedon for example... you think thats real beacause youve seen it? i didnt think so... and i wouldnt belive its god if i saw him... so i still wouldnt belive...

  15. DÛke Memento Mori


    You still prove me right. You prove that your belief is not based on the wanting of Truth, not the desire to be wise...but it is simply an empty belief, void of any feeling, any emotion, and mostly, any wisdom - hence - you would not be willing to believe the very things you experience, see, and feel. What a delusional persona you are, what a lie you live...
  16. DÛke Memento Mori


    Of course, you are, at the moment, trapped in the joy of your contentment - I can understand why you try so hard to hold on to whatever "truth" you have found: it makes you happy, it gives you a sense of identity; for me to try to show you anything different is like me terrorizing, hurting, willingly disparaging a human life. But I ask - is it a life at all, to be contented to the extent of blindness and unwillingness to believe anything else, even though it might present itself as the truest of all observations (like saying "I don't believe in God even if it was real)? I believe, at that moment, we can agree that it is not much of a life, but simply an existence, like the existence of many rocks, words, opinions, noise; and thus, to terrorize, hurt, and disparage such a thing is plausible.
  17. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    I seek no truth or serenity from something which I see contradicted in everyday life. Furthermore, with no absolute proof in any of theres theologies, I cant reside in their communities. To go with that, there are so many? Which to join? Which to sponsor? Which to give money too? Which to coorporatize in the name of...(insert deity here)? People are too fickle. Thats great that they may have faith. But why not have faith in life as opposed to something that drains the populous everyday of tax dollars, lives, and happiness? If they are born unto a certain religion... fine... most of them end up sticking with it... with little knowledge about the others. Well, wouldnt they feel like **** if they found out they were gonna burn forever for being in the wrong one? Like theyve wasted their live serving an imaginary cause? Too risky for me. If I do burn, Ill be happy knowing I worshipped the right deities.... skoal, budwieser, Codie, Richard Garfield.... :p Im done now, you may all return to your activities now.
  18. DÛke Memento Mori

    Darkstar - I can relate more closely to what you said. However, I believe what you have described is the American society - the careless, the unknowing, the patriotic. One who care nothing but for the given moment - the future is unimportant. I think it is selfish of us, to live so happily now, so careless and blind, while preparing for our new generation a life of misery - that is, unless we teach them to be selfish as well. You see, I have no problem with selfishness or selflessness - what I have a problem with are people who live the kind of life you describe, yet claim to be selfless, caring, knowing. There need not be a contradiction between the life one lives and the life one desires to live.

    I have no problem with the religious or the spiritual person, but these people claim to be worldly, faithful, kind, when contrarily, they live a life complete the opposite - hence, religion divides people into many cults (how worldly?), and by that division, we can clearly observe the selfish persona immerge (how faithful?), and by all those, they have destroyed any chance of being as kind as they claim to be.

    I have deciphered the atheist in this thread, and such a person is exactly like the religious and the spiritual, only, this person is in denial, in fear maybe, more idiotic, more blind...more deceiving – a person also lives a life of contradiction - a dual existence.

    People are confused - they do not know what to believe, so they choose their beliefs solely based on interest and opportunity, on how fulfilling a belief looks, how much comfort it may bring…beliefs are not chosen for their actual value they posses of themselves, and because of that, we can see the now-usual contradiction that exists between thought and action, action and desire.
  19. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    You could say the same thing about a good 90% of religious people.

    And about the "I wouldn't believe in a God if I saw it" thing, I sure would believe in it, I'd just tell it to leave me alone, and maybe press charges for stalking if it were omnipresent :p .
  20. Darkstar An Entire Marching Band

    I agree with you. The religions act as governments and brain washing agents in our society (if not else where, look at the middle east? practically one large sect, any who are different are dispossed of). Like I said, people are fickle. If the crowd goes with it, the rest will follow. Media influences them into this. Religions do this as well. Government controls both. Although religions and governments often combat for superiority... thus allowing the few enlightened ones to see both their flaws and how corrupt they both are. On the lighter side, I have no quandries with any of a certain religion or not. I myself dont want any tags, labels, or what ever.... this is how controversy is started. Thus, if I do not wish to be singled out, I shant do it to anyone else.
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