RPG, Chapter One: A Day at the Fair.

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  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Belial? That god is unfamiliar to me... I'm guessing he's bad?"

  2. Rando Freaky Bear

    To Dorgath -
    The priest looks you in the eye with an expresion of horror and shock at your ignorence.
    "Saying that Belial is bad is a gross understatement, my dwarven friend. In the ancient Elven scriptures that chronical all time, even the forgotten times before Men, it tells of the Demon Beast Belial and his 1000 year war with the diabolic forces of Orcus for control of the world. Belial won, but had to rest before he could continue with his dark quest and move onto the mortal plane. It is written in the old, dark tomes and evil canons that before he slept, he left instructions for his followers on how to awaken him when it was time to continue his conquest. It is very unsettleing to see here, in my home, evidence of a cult dedicated to that vial, unholy deity."

    With that, he kneels, head lowered, and prays.
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Ah. I'm afraid our dwarven records do not go back as far or if they did, they have been lost or destroyed.

    So do you know what these instructions are to wake him?"
  4. Rando Freaky Bear

    To Deyja -
    While you are praying to Kunrall, you are struck by a horrid vission. You see the oceans on fire, you see a beutifull and powerful woman struck down, you see the dead wandering the wilderness, and you see dozens of red and black robed men consulting over a black, ugly tome and chanting Belial, belial, belial...raising thier hands into the air...

    To Jonus -
    A guard overhears you mention the men who were supposed to be dressed up as skeletons. "By the gods, that's right! Come men, we must find our fellows. Perhaps they can give us some information as to where these fiends came from!"

    All other players -
    The towns folk surround you and give tearfull thanks for fighting off the undead warriors. One calls for the mayor to reward the saviors of the village...
  5. EricBess Active Member

    As a general, I know that he has the upper hand in the forest. I simply don't know the area like he does and I would be putting myself in danger by pursuing further. I gather up the papers and jewelry that was dropped and head back for the main area. Without taking too much of my attention off of the surroundings (don't want to be ambushed), I glance at my collections to see what exactly I have.
  6. Rando Freaky Bear

    To Gorn -
    What you have is the following...
    The jewlery is a gold medalionon on a black cord. On the face of the medalion is the same symbol, that of the head of a military fork, as was carved into the foreheads of the skeletons. On the reverse of the medalion are four strange runic symbols that you do not recognize.

    The papers appearto be a couple of letters, and a page that has either fallen out of, or been torn from, a book.

    Letter 1

    LastWinter the 20th

    My good Friend Ralston,

    I hope this letter finds you well.
    The time has come to see that our master's prophocies come true and bring him to the mortal plane to rule. All preperations are underway.
    I am giving you the task of orginizing the prophocies in the western regions around Radafel. Gather whatever followers of our cause that you can and see to it. Try to coordinate our work to take place starting on the 1st of FirstThaw. After the first passage of the prophocies has come true, come and meet me in Radafel on the 7th night of FirstThaw. There we will discuss how to bring about the next verse. I will be at the Dirty Hoff, a small tavern where we should not draw too much attention.

    As always, secrecy is of the utmost importance.

    High-Priest Marron.

    Letter 2

    FirstThaw the 1st

    Master Marron,

    I have set myself up in a small village east of Radafel, and have decided strike at thier Spring Fair. How delightfull it will be to watch the horror on the faces of children and women when they realize that thier merry making is at an end and Belial's time has come. I had thought that our Lord would greatly like that!

    When the passage has come true, then I shall light out for Radafel, but will first contact a small coven in the area that will most likely join us. And why should they not? If they do not serve Belial now and be rewarded at his comming, then they shall serve him in torment!

    Your friend and servent,


    The Book Page
    (most of the text on the page has been scratched out. All that remains legeble is a section of text in the center of the page, which is what follows)

    32 - When Orcus was defeated and his body torn by dogs, Belial looked out upon his servents. 33 - Know this! said he That I must now rest before I move to claim the Mortal plane. 34 - You, my servents, must go out amoung the mortals to corupt and tempt them, and make them to serve me. 35 - When the time is right, my mortal servents will make it so that I may come upon the mortal world as a plauge and take it for my own. 36 - First, my followers will unleash death it's self upon mortal men so that they will fear me. 37 - Next, my servents will burn the seas and ships of Men so that only I may grant passage. 38 - Then, my followers will kill the mouth of Istar so that only my word is known. 39 - Then, a temple to me will be built upon the grave of 1000 children, and all will then serve me, and know my name.
  7. Prince RXI CPA Moon-Boy

    Aniya and I charge up the road that Gorn follow the unknown man up. As I go I see Gorn on his way back.

    To Gorn-
    "So? Did you get that guy? What are thoughs gems and papers? Tell me when we are back with the other fighters. Hop on."
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    ** Prince RXI, are you not reading the whole thread? It's highly unlikely you would have seen who Gorn was following since you were fighting and he saw him at the back of the crowd. That's why sageridder said not to act on info that your character wouldn't have known. **
  9. Melkor Well-Known Member

    I wish to go with the guards to find where the missing men are.

    "By the Gods, this will not stand, decent people should not have to fear the evils of the night."
  10. EricBess Active Member

    Preferring not to put a wolf under the strain of carrying my bulk (I am a rather large man), I decline RXI's offer and instead walk back to the group. Seeing the group around the clerics who are tending to the sick, I approach one of the holy men,

    "Excuse me father, I am a man of war. Matters of the spirit mean little to me and this might have more meaning to you," I show him the talisman, "There was a man dressed in black and red running from the carnage. Perhaps you can direct me to a tavern known as the Dirty Hoff. I believe we might have a chance to find who is responsible for this act there tonight." I show him the letters. I'm a bit wary of eavesdroppers and keep my voice reasonably low, but I have a good memory for those who were fighting together against the skeletons.

    "Also, a personal favor. I am looking for my neice, Sharl," I describe her briefly, "If you find her, I would appreciate hearing about it."
  11. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    (I spy a fimilar form in this group and approach from behind.Tapping his sholder.)(Dorgath)
    "SSSShort one iss that you old friend?"
  12. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    "Dirty Hoff? Sounds good. Bing thirsty!"
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Um... maybe you're looking for someone else?"

    ** Seriously, I don't remember if you played Snake in the game two before this, with the dragon ('cause I'm pretty sure you didn't in the murder one that was aborted). If Dorgath DOES know Snake, let me know and I'll play it off **

    Meanwhile, since Gorn is around us I assume we hear his words.

    "Excuse me, I'd like to help run this 'Belial' cult to ground. Anyone behind such murderous acts should be stopped."
  14. Rando Freaky Bear

    To Gorn -
    The priest studies the papers. "By the blessings of Tyrnos, what you have here are documents most foul. It is luck that has allowed you to come into ownership of these. Today is the 1st of FirstThaw, so these villans are to meet in one week's time in Radafel. I know not if you are familier with that city, but it lies towards the coast at least 2 day's ride from here. And read here! It tells of yet more evil people in the area that these foul men wish to recruit!"

    The Priest then brandishes the book page. "And this!" he hisses, "This sikens me to touch it. It is from the bible these vile cultists follow. See how it tells of the terrible things to come? These are dark times we are heading for."

    He hands the papers back to you. "As for a girl named Sharl, I have no knowlage. No such person is counted amoung my flock."

    To Jonas -
    The head guard says to you, "Yes sir, it will be mostwelcome to have aid in this. You fought bravely for strangers, so I think your skill and trust-worthyness is needed." With that, he and 2 other guards head off.

    The head guard continues, "It is usual for the men that portray Winter's Chill to gather at the town hall before the parade, so let us investigate there."

    The guards lead you through the streets of the small town to a large wooden building. It is three stories high and decorated in lovely carvings and wooden grotesques. A set of 5 stone steps lead up to the large double doors.

    Upon entering the town hall, you first notice the huge gathering hall that takes up the majority of the first floor. You next notice the twin, intricatly carved stair-cases at the back of the hall that lead to a large balcony and the second floor. Thirdly, you notice the heap of bodies piled at foot of one of those stair cases.

    The guards rush forward to the bodies, and you then notice a man in rich purple and indigo robes swinging from his neck, his hang-man's rope tide to the balcony at the top of the stairs.

    To Snake and Dorgath -
    **I can not recall if Snake was in the Dragon adventure or not. Therefore I leave it up to you two to decide if you know eachother. It makes me no never-mind.**

    The priest says to Dorgath, "Indeed, good sir, all help is welcome here, and it will take righteous men such as yourselves to counter this threat. It must be recalled that this cult threatens not only this village, but the whole of the world."

    To all other players -
    You all heared Gorn's and the preist's conversation. Also, you see that the bodies of the dead are being taken away by family. You all also hear someone in the crowd say, "Why, where is the mayor anyway?"
  15. Rando Freaky Bear

    To Bing -
    You remember something from your childhood...something about being warned to be good by your mother or else "Belial will get ya".

    While recalling this, you feel a tug on your pant leg, and see a little boy down there looking up at you with tearfull eyes. "Mister sir, uh, mister? *sniff* My ma and pa were killed by the skell'tins sir. *sniff* and I ain't got no more family. *sniff* You fought real good like 'genst 'em. Will you be my new pa? *sniff*"
  16. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    "Little one, you need be afraid no more. Bing will take care of you.
    Bing show you how to be big strong warrior. What is your name little one? and where do you live? Bing thinks we will be traveling soon. Bing have to help against bad people. There is noone as strong as Bing."

    Bing will go to priest, "Does little one have any kin? If not, Bing take care of him"
  17. Daggertooth The Rune Master

    I sit and think about the vision, working every detail in my mind. Very few have been given a vision before, in all cases it was for something of great importance.

    "Everything of destruction, and the word Belial. Hmmm, what could it mean." I mumble quitely

    As I work this through my head I overhear the word Belial from the group. Taking this as a sign that these warriors are on my side I walk up to them.

    The thought to relay the vision to them doesn't even cross my mind. Visons being very sacred and not for strangers.

    "I suppose we should get to Radafel before these villans do." I say as I get closer to the group. I look them all over, seeing that all of them fought the skeletons. I can't help but snear a little as I see Snake, the only Lizardmen previously known being enemys.

    "I am Deyja of the Leohtian Clan and it would be an honor to accompany you warriors to destroy this great evil."

    I start to say more but sudenly realise that I know some of these guys.
    "Ah, Druid and...um...Dograth right? It's been a while. It seems that our paths were destined to cross a second time."
  18. EricBess Active Member

    "Very well, but Radafel is a two day journey and we have nearly a week. It's best to get an early start in the morning."

    With that, I dismiss myself and start scanning the crowd, calling for Sharl.
  19. Bob Idiot

    Bob over hears the word "Belial"

    "Hmmm...Belial..Belial...where did I hear that name before??"

    Bob pulls out his Sacred Bible of Pelor.

    "Ah yes!! Belial the DemonLord!!!"

    Bob seaches for the head priest and runs to him.

    "Uhm, Hello sir. I am Bob, Cleric of the great Pelor, God of the Sun. May I be of some assistance? It is my duty to find and destroy all followers of Belial!"
  20. Melkor Well-Known Member

    "Somebody cut that man down, how barbaric." I want to slowly walk over to the pile of bodies.
    "Are all the men that were supposed to be in the parade accounted for and was there anyone else on duty in the town hall?"

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