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    And gradual it shall be. How do you think such a massive change takes place? When more and more people begin to see how artificial they all are, how exterior, how much living they had done on the surface, but not a single moment of being alive beyond the surface. People will understand, just as you have, and nations will slowly adapt to the anti-culture fashion...

    I am not talking about "a world as one," no. I hate "world peace." The world peace humanity is heading for is the wrong peace. It is artificial peace based on an "intermixing of cultures and values." How can you intermix something that does not exist?

    The only value you place on values is your own. There is no wrong or right concerning morals: to say moral or immoral is an opinion, nothing objective, nothing real, nothing that the universe cares about.
    Would the child believe in Santa Clause if he had not been told about it? No. When he is saddened, then, when one reveals that Santa Clause is merely a fantasy, could we not say that his sadness stems from an artificial cheating? And why would one want to learn something only to be saddened later down the line? Culture influences Santa Clause. In many cultures, Santa Clause does not exist - that is one less sadness the child has to face. So what, we teach our children only to pain them? Culture does that. It teaches universal values yet...the world is anything but universal. There is always a contradiction between what people preach, what they want, and the way they say they want it. You want world peace? want little material divisions to separate you, little happy separations, to be "different." I tell you how you can be different: be different in thought, not different in what religious profit (I say PROFIT not PROPHET) you choose to infatuate upon. And for this, it applies to all values.
    The world is already losing its culture, have you not noticed? It is too small to keep small little groups wanting their own values. However, what the world is becoming is something even more pathetic, hence, it is becoming a mirror of the Western culture, the American culture, to be specific - the most pathetic culture humanity has ever embraced.
    You cannot prove that this is the "natural course" of human development. Just because it seems inevitable or helpless does not make it natural at all. You say how can we prevent it from happening again? Easy. Education. Remember your little example concerning the child and Santa Clause? We simply not teach Santa Clause. We let children be their own thinkers - they are wonderful young thinkers...and what do you think that is, mostly? Because they are untouched by the world's spider webs and shackles.

    The older a man gets, the stupider he becomes...he becomes more integrated to the "norm," but just because it is the "norm," no matter on what large of a scale, it does not make it right or inevitable. It only makes it common and agreeable. To those who lust for commonness and agreeableness, to those who lust for belonging and to those who fear a single moment of being lonely...that is where the norm becomes acceptable: to the weak minded, to the unable, to them, they play the norm-game because it is too easy, not to mention, offers much in terms of friendship and lovers.

    Change is gradual - that is great. And gradual it shall be, like I said. But the consuming flames of this change I will leave to be felt by anyone who dares listen. There will be no taming or calming of this spirit...but, yes, there will be a gradualism.

    I want all of humanity to be children? And what is wrong with children? They are naive? They are blind? And behold! - when one is not blind, he rather see much of disturbing events, hears much of violent deeds called "justice," and becomes way too overtaken by the stench of the world. Blindness is so much more merciful. And even that, I am not demanding blindness.

    I have never doubted that such a world is merely a dream world. It is sad, however, to see humanity - the O so Great Human! - fall because of what he calls "development." And let this be said once again: man will fall because of himself. Secretly, would we be surprised if he hated himself that much in the first place? Look at him, so insecure, so defensive - every nation is closed and fearful, sickly suspicious, defensive. Why so worried are they? There is no reason to be so afraid. But they made it their business to be afraid and worried all the time - without something to busy themselves with, and with the inability to think, they would die out of boredom. They need something to quarell about. And this became politics and then, national politics. This became "values" and "morals."

    I believe it is a sad world without a doubt, that for, when one thinks, he is called a "messiah" or a "prophet." It shows how weak people are.

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