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  1. DÛke Memento Mori

    I'm sorry that Spiderman had to close down the popular religious thread. Yes, I know it was getting out of hand. I will, by all means, try to contain myself. :)

    Some people had questions, and, having starting my massacre against humanity, I shall do justice to these people who, at least, are inquiring.

    First, I would like to say, or rather, admit, that my "opinion" is rather grim and spiritually destructive, glooming to the heart, and disgusting to the mind...but I wonder: we have certainly found our joys and pleasures for today, we have our "bad values," and our "morals," we have behind us a trail of little "truths" that follow us wherever we go. Today it is religion and a war, perhaps, and tomorrow, it will be something completely different. Yesterday never was as today, and tomorrow will reflect today not at all. We have, as "rational" beings, to examine our "problems" not just in the realm of the this and now, but we have to evaluate our judgments based on what has existed in the past, as well as what will become in the future.

    Let us examine "ethical" values, for example, and let us examine the moral question concerning abortion. By all means, abortion is an "issue." If we are to view it with such a limited, restricted, fearing and obscuring point of view, indeed it is a dilemma. But let us look at yesterday, for a second - was abortion a problem? No, it was not. The human, on the exterior, evolves. Our technology and innovations are speedy is never the same at any given moment. We ask: why must there be a certain moral judgment that strives to cover all moments? And how could it be, that a part of humanity evolves, while the other we try to restrain from evolving?

    We look at mankind from a distance and we say to ourselves: could it be? Could this be it? This is the "rational animal," the "social animal," the "happiness-wanting animal?" We observe and we see neither rationality, sociability, nor happiness. Yes, we see such qualities only when we are willing to confront ourselves in the truest of mirrors, and see that much irrationality, unsociability, and unhappiness has been caused in order to bring the momentary happiness and pleasure that one tries to marvel in.

    All of you, in your heart of hearts, do you not see the world as a sad, pitiful, tragic place? Do you not see the pain and misery? If you look only around you, you might not see it, but I ask you to look ahead of you and behind you, above you if you it not desperate and dark?

    And from there on we can murder ourselves, stab ourselves with the sharpest of knives, by does it come about that we choose what we choose? Oh, look...he has an opinion. He, over there, has an opinion as well. You, have an opinion. She, sitting right there, has an opinion. And all of them are opposing opinions. We bribe ourselves, deceive ourselves, by pretending that these opinions are "little truths," our little "absolutes," our "undoubts" and "therefores."

    We see sadness, we feel sad...and we want a friend.

    God, be my friend.

    Government, be my leader.


    A value!

    A rule!

    A moral!


    Anything, simply to turn away impatiently, and never look again to the sadness, to escape and forget, never to remember again.

    And then I come marching in...

    I come marching with the feeling itself, completely unaltered, completely true, the same feeling that you all have felt...

    ...and what, how foolish would one be to not expect an outrage, or disagreement! How hard is it, really, to comfort the question rather than accept the answer?

    God. A friend. How beautiful. How calming, truly, such a concept is. All it takes for me is to cry, to pity myself, in order to slowly begin to accept this God. Slowly. And thereafter, I can move on to live my "life," completely blinded, and blinded myself to be percise. Why...would I even have to care at that point?

    And how much of a peace of mind I can feel immediately...

    But I still ask before I enter the dwelling: what am I feeling initially, faith or pain? The answer is always pain...and the truth is, only from pain can one submit to faith. Then the pain disappears, making one think that it was a "God" or a "friend" or a "savior" that had "comforted" him, when it is simply the belief, the placebo thereof, merely like a medicine, an illusionary one as well, that had done such a thing...

    And there is nothing...nothing bad about it! Nothing at all.

    But when man invented "morals" based on this illusion, this enigmatic friend, he forgot that it is nothing more than that: an illusion.

    What? You tell me you've heard the voice of God? Sincerely, ask yourself, "did I really hear the voice of God, is it an actual voice." Sincerely ask, sincerely.

    Social values? Based on what? An illusion? How valuable are they?

    And this is not the core of the problem: the core is that these values have never worked. A mere moment of observation to the world would justify this. When did rationality work, and what has it brought us?

    You have to question, even if jokingly, if man is really evolving and becoming, or is he simply unbecoming...

    Five of my relatives died in the Desert Storm; two others died because of the lack of medical supplies due to the sanctions; my dad, at the moment, is in Iraq, along with hundreds and hundreds of people that I love...

    ...but is it just me taking it "personally?" We have to ask..., it is not.

    "Man - a rational animal."

    "Man - a social animal."

    "Man - happiness-wanting."

    When does one simply turn away impatiently from such dogmas and start looking at the major problem:

    The illusions?

    You simply want a belief. Any belief. Whatever it is, as long as it is a belief. You would become mad, you would not tolerate your mind, if you had not a belief. You would have to think as well, not of illusions, but of things over and beyond the this and now, things that originates with humanity, things that will end humanity. Who dares knock on such a door? Who dares even think it, or even look at the idea as nothing more than fragments of a deteriorating mind, like my mind, the one that denigrates by the moment...

    I said it before, and I'll say it again: what will happen if we all cared?

    Did I offend anyone? I meant to. To show you something: look at me, with my pitiful words, words that have no value whatsoever, and one is offended by them, by such valueless creatures? How pitiful.

    Notice yourselves, you whom I offended. Who is taking it seriously here? Who was offended at all? The advice was given to me, to "not take things seriously," to treat it all as a "joke," yet I say: look at yourselves! You, the advice givers! You, the wise men and women! Indeed, who is the serious one!

    I have no shame, not shame at all, to say that what Gizmo last said in that thread was almost all true. I am shunned by society. I am the reject, yes. My own relatives, having observed my “beliefs,” have decided that I am unworthy of many things. Friends upon friends I have lost. I am, by all means, isolated. But, I have isolated myself, it first began when I decided to ask the first question, and be bothered to reach an answer…

    I am mentally isolated. But in that I have found my purest of joys. Painful joy, but joy nevertheless…

    Who am I? No one, but a spirit trying…a spirit that does not like answers, does not even like the questions, for it has deep and hating suspicion towards those questions, towards those things that force us to come up with an answer.

    Do not answer me with "freedom," but ask, "when was freedom lost."

    Do not answer me with "liberty," but ask, "when was liberty lost."

    Do not asnwer me with values," but ask, "when did we need the values."

    Do not answer me with God, but ask, "why."

    Do not answer. Just ask. And then ask the question itself...

    And I all demand from you who are slightly willing to maybe try to even if teasingly to see if I make sense or no sense is to question yourselves, and when you attempt to answer, do not cower to the answer that revolves around the this and now...

    School tommorow I have, and to sleep I must go...

    Hate me if you like, but know that "hate" does not exist in my dictionary, and I might not understand such nonsense. I have no dictionary.

    You people have long forgotten the term "question." Did anyone dare ask me why I say the things I say? No. Not even my friends, here, have done one, at all, asked where from comes this determination, this gloom, ghostly suspicion. But all can judge. I tell you that your judgement is wrong. I tell you why. But all you can tell me, in return, is a chain of words that defends further, but asks not at all. You are that contented with your answers! Bless you!
  2. DÛke Memento Mori


    Before I forget...

    I understand that this thread is nothing more than a bluh bluh bluh bluh bluh to some of you, and a bunch of nonsense to others...but it is directed to the very, very few who dare "ask."

    To the rest, I apologize...
  3. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    you know what duke... i got nothing against you... i just think you need to be able to accept the other peaoples beliefs/disbeliefs, and not bother them about it or ctizice them about it.... and i was gonna read that whole thing, but i got lazy so stopped.... and before I forget which belief/disbelief do you have??
  4. DÛke Memento Mori

    I ask people what they believe.

    They tell me.

    It sounds unreasonable, unmusical, nonsensical, and contradicting.

    I gain the right to attack it, and attack it by being a clone of them: unreasonable, unmusical and nonsensical. You cannot teach a coward what courage is, unless you show him what he looks like...until you hold up the cleanest of mirrors, and force him to observe his self-pity, his life-hating, his domga, his complete nothing that he deems as "everything." You are ugly, man and woman, and I give you not just one mirror, but thirty-thousand mirrors.

    What are my beliefs?

    I have no beliefs. I have no morals, no value - nothing. I was born a child who dares ask "why," and I shall remain a child who dares ask "why." Was I born with beliefs? No. So why bother...
  5. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    My beliefs are really unmusical.

    .....It.....sickens me.
  6. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    so you clown on the non belivers, when your one too...
    why do you do that? why cant you just accept it all and live with it?
  7. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    Its a bit late right now DÛke, so Ill check out this thread tomorrow. Its a shame the other thread was shut down (dont know why) I think a good discussion was being sparked. :)
  8. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    tottaly off the topic here but... Aku i just visited your website, and damn... you have some great art... keep at it man, and i hope you major in jounalism, you probobly have quite an interest in it... although hey... some of us computer nerds like to write huh? hehe

  9. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    We as humans never actually make decisions on our own. We have beliefs and morals to guide our decision-making process. And we have guilt or remorse whenever we make a decision that is contradictory to our own personal beliefs. On their own, beliefs and morals really are harmless tools. The problems begin to arise when we assume that others share our personal beliefs and morals. That is why people choose to go to Africa to put a stop to female genital mutilation. That is why they portray themselves as the wise and benevolent ones that will pull the barbaric Africans out of their evil sinful lives. Our personal beliefs contradicted their personal beliefs and we couldn't live with the idea that someone believes something different than us. We can dress this up as "educating the stupid" or "showing them God" or whatever you want to. Different packaging, same bad taste.

    (- Steve -)
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I'm sorry I had to shut down the thread too, but I did give a warning. And it was not solely DUke, but other contributors too (DUke was actually rather "calm" in his posts from what I remember, but then again, it was about 7 pages).
  11. DÛke Memento Mori

    Spiderman - if you closed the thread because of Gizmo's foul language, than please understand that I was not offended, but I was rather happy to see such an outburst of feeling. Up until then, I always saw Gizmo, like I see many of others, as nothing more than a stale, lame, unfeeling persona and nothing more. But finally! What a joy it is, what an occasion, to observe that someone else is alive! :D

    FmK - I do not clown on the nonbeliever, but I assassinate all those who dare say a Yes or a No.

    Am I biased? Do I seem like it? I have attacked the believers as much as I have attacked the nonbelievers. All of them are simply the exact same thing to me. I look in the mirror and I see both of them in me, the same Yes and No, both wanting to exist in its own right, wanting the other to die...but I have not the nerve to lie to myself as such.

    You are an unbeliever, you say? You are not, I tell you. I have shown you, as well. My words, unlike many others', do not simply echo, but they echo with reason and with raw substance. Have you given me a reason why you are right other than simply stating that you are right? No. Anyone can say he is "this" and "that," but the only one who says "this" and "that" and "because" is the one who I shall consider. I have some reason behind me...could it be that that is what is feared?

    Jiggly: I have no beliefs. I have no morals. I am beyond, whether that is good or bad. I have turned away, with the utmost of impatience, detesting, left striken by the utter filth, that disgusting aftertaste after tasting what "beliefs" constitue, after knowing that the Yes makes me enemies with the No; and the No, with the Yes. I have seen your beliefs, these killer beauties that you drag wherever you go, that you reflect upon yourself and others, that you kneel down before; these devouring dare devils that you dare not doubt or ask...they are your tail. "We humans" you say, but I say "we filthy animals." "Rational, moral, and happy," you suggegst, and for thus a wild strike I inflict. Your beliefs - your dogmas, your cage, your unwillingness, your hatred, merely masked as, dress by a term, "belief."

    The decadence of humanity, painted as "faith."

    Laziness, called "public opinion."

    Laziness, called "values."

    The inability to think, to be lonely for a second and think as opposed to cry, as opposed to search for the lover or the friend, or the God, called "sociability."

    What are we? Traces, lights and feathers, trails and tears of a potential species. What, we have gone upwards? I say, we have gone upwards because we are not satisifed with what is within, and therefore, we have gone downwards.

    And you, the politicians, the "geniuses" and the "philsophers," you have done nothing to this world but make imperfection more perfect, and therefore, you have perfected imperfection, and thus, you are the most imperfect of all. And one is not supposed to go wild; yes, yes, I have gained the right to go wild, to flutter and flap as I see fit, to shout and scream and stomp and walk all over and leave many under...for that is where they are, under, they never were above or over, they are always unbecoming, and infect everyone with them, every new child...

    Every new child...

    "Blind him!"

    "Faith him!"

    "Deceive him!"

    "Mask him!"

    “Give him politics, history; teach him our this and now and tell him it is all good and absolute! Do not let him look around, especially do not let him observe what is behind him, and make sure he sees not what is ahead of him.”

    "And if it does not work..."

    "Isolate him!"

    "Betray him!"

    "And kill, kill, kill, kill, kill him! if you must, but do not allow him to walk! do not allow him to speak! do not allow him to think! kill him, make him cry, make him think that we are happiness while he is misery, show him pain and let him see our pleasure...and by thus he will convert and become like one of us: unbecoming..."

    I look around...and it is all fading and falling...

    But I'm school, with few teachers willing to entertain my strange, dark, killer words. You'd think I'm thankful...

    You’d think I’m thankful to many…

    FoR - I sicken many. I sicken myself sometimes...

    It is unfair to love only one, and separate the other. If you are not going to love all, love not at all!

    If is more fair to detest everyone, it is more just, because when you deteste everyone equally, you would have done more peace to them all, for they all seem the same...

    ...unlike a love, that makes you enemies with many... detest all equally becomes exactly as loving them all equally...
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I didn't do it because of his foul language, which was apparently self-edited. I did it because of his growing personal attacks, which I had warned about (not just him but everyone).
  13. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I'd like to mention for fmK - it's not whether Duke, or anyone else in this world, should or even does accept anyone's beliefs...

    It simply comes down to knowing that we will never all agree on any one belief...

    Since that is the reality of the subject, we must realize that anytime we express an opinion or belief, another person has the right to do the same... it may or may not agree with ours... that's all we need to know... accepting would be more like bringing something into one's being/beliefs... that's not what you want to do, nor I, nor Duke I'm sure...

    Same situation for responding, as it is in expressing... the response is just another's expressing...

    Just know... that's all we need to do...
  14. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    It is not like that. Time has warped what God and even Jesus stood for. God, a loving friend, yes that he is but you have to understand the manner in which he demonstrates it. God is love, but he is also just and he does punish. To accept God one must be true to himself and God, and willing to repent. Only that person can make that choice. But after you accept God, why does one become blinded? And by what? Unless you mean after God, 'One walks by faith, not by sight.' :)

    So the belief is a drug that helps us cope with pain? I lost my mother to cancer when I was four years old, and I assure you it was not the 'belief' in the illusions that helped me, my dad, and the rest of my family through that time. God does heal. God has miraculously healed many people. Make no mistake, my friend, faith brings healing, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Through man God invented those morals

    I dont need to hear him, I look around and see his works. Thats more than enough for me.

    It works, just so few people today have faith and exercise it. It is working for me, and has helped me to rise over pain and suffering.

    Might not mean all that much, but you have my sympathy.

    I would go mad. However I no longer have the potential to return to this perishing world, so this is something I need not worry about.

    Allow me to be the first to ask you why. I realize your a nice person, with good intentions. I also realize as humans we run with what we understand, but why do you put yourself through this gloom? What has put you in that position?

    God bless you DÛke
  15. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    Thank you for the kind words :)
  16. DÛke Memento Mori

    Exactly. This is my point. I was faithful, Kyle, really. I was "spiritual." I had love and I had faith, and no doubt could have ever penetrate these eyes...

    ...but then, being the foolishly curious spirit that I am, I decide to take off my shades, to unblind myself for a mere moment, to simply look at the world from my own eyes and observe with my own mind...

    ...I looked and I saw, and I was disgusted, shunned, betrayed, fooled. The second I took off my mask, that medical placebo many call "faith," that moment became the moment where I saw something more truthful...felt a feeling that originates, a cause with an effect...

    ...I tried to go back to my dwelling, to "rise" above again, to wear the mask, but I looked and saw that it was gone, for even it the mask, was was grinning, laughing, pointing at me and ridiculing me, telling me that even it was part of the overall scam, the unconscious man-conspiracy, the masquerade, the lie, the filthy underworld where rats reside, where they sneak behind the clean and the pure and whisper their whispers of disgust and deception...

    "I believe," you tell me...

    "...but you are a Christian," I say...

    "So what," you reply...

    "But believing comes without a tag, it is real and pure, it is a feeling!" you have said! And you describe it so skillfully! This feeling without a face, without a name, without a description!

    "It is transcendental"

    Yet it is Christian.

    It is Islamic.

    It is Jewish.

    It is filthy filth. It is disgusting. It is a puke on life.

    "You" you tell me, and it echoes throughout all of time, "You are a sinner!"


    "Yes, you, you, you are a sinner! You are a sinner!"

    "Why! What have I done! What have I said!"

    "You are a sinner because you are. There is no get away. Kneel, and kneel right now. Kneel and never look up. Kneel and never look around. Kneel, or better yet, die, but whatever you do, never...that's right never, ever, see."

    That is the Christian faith. That is, basically, all religions. A beautiful painting. A blind-fold. And you admit it, Kyle...right here:
    Do I doubt that "it" had helped you? Not at all! In fact, I never have! What I doubt is your reasoning, your ability to distinguish between cause and effect, between reality and fantasy, medicine from a placebo, a "value" from an "illusion," the "truth" from an "opinion..."

    Who is willing to die for their faith?

    Who is willing to leap across?

    Who is willing to stand next to his "I" and "belief" and "therefore?"

    Who is willing at all?

    Are you, you who call yourself the faithful? Or you, the one who calls yourself the unbeliever?

    Examine your values.

    Are they valuable at all if you are not willing to die for them? I am being extreme, and I realize that, but that is what faith is: an extreme, a leap towards an unknown, a risk, a gamble. Is it not simply an opinion, if it is easily changed and altered, if one is even unwilling to stand next to it, from beginning to end?

    One might say "yes, I am willing"...but are not. Saying is easier than doing. When one is sincere with himself, he knows that he is not faithful at all, that he is selfish, lonely, and wanting...need, longing for this and that, hoping, praying, mad and desperate...all under the happy roof, the haven, that is everything from "love" to "faith." All of it...all of it is grabage to me. Am I insane?

    Is that your opinion?

    I look and I say: they have a lot of nerve, people that is, when they dare speak their "opinion" when, first, the opinion is not theirs; and second, the opinion is simply that: an opinion. A filthy, foul, fetid opinion...

    The time has come to cleanse the world from this false belief that they have an "opinion," this cancer, disease, this corruption that they call "personal truth" or "truth by experience."

    What is oneness? Your ability to divide yourself with a filthy Christianity or Islam? To call one's self an "American" or an "Arabian," to have a wretched "opinion." And they all cry for "world peace!" But I say: how dare you even utter of such a thing, when it is you, the fool, who identifies himself only and only with these divisions! Tell me... you have an identity? Anyone... you have an identity without having the counter-identity that distinguishes you exactly from your opposite?

    Are there opposites?

    No. But you like to see them.

    Because you once were lonely.

    And instead of thinking.

    Instead of looking.

    You decide to dissolve yourself in what you proudly call an "opinion," what you follow as your absolute little value.

    Instead of thinking.

    You decided to get a friend.

    And when he was not there.

    You looked up and saw the fable that is God.

    Instead of thinking.

    You decided to get in groups, in herds, to kill that one "feeling" that enables you to think.

    And you are a "social animal?" I say that you are a lonely animal, but by your weakness, laziness, and contamination, you became the filthy "social pig." You are anything but social.

    You dissolve your thinking. And then you form your little values and morals, your little truths, which plague the coming wind and the going, infects every new born, every new comer, every alien and every foreigner; yes, these little foul-familiars leave no one alone...and nothing. Smell the atmosphere. Smell yourself. What does one sense? The stench of raw weakness and mental deficiency. This he calls "faith," "love," "god," "opinion," "morals," "values," sociability."

    How exhausted have you become now? Look at your life.

    You work? You have a family? You have children? You have "beliefs?" And what? You love your laws and values. You work to soldify them.

    You are born free.

    You are then contaminated.

    And then you work for your freedom again.

    By the end, all it is, is you trying to reach that strange and pure freedom that you once had during your childhood, before the world raped you.

    Humanity is working to get what they already had.

    They speak of freedom. When was freedom lost?

    They speak of pain. When was pain inflicted?

    Humanity is working itself towards "liberation," but when were you "unliberated?"

    Humanity is running from itself all in hope of running to itself again...

    ...after much pain and sadness...

    Do they like pain and sadness? Are they sadists as such?

    Do they hate themselves that much?

    Let us be painfully honest and think to ourselves.
    What is this? Pity? Sorry, but the time is far gone to ask that stupid question, because I can see much intentions from humanity, those who do not "ask" at all, but simply judge, defend, and point the finger. And you tell me that humanity is becoming!


    Go ahead and rest. Be comfortable. Bless yourself. Love yourself. Go ahead. The universe will look and laugh...
  17. FmK-AnC The Immortal

    everyone, for the retards(me) sake could you somehow post smaller things, cuz i dont want to read for an hour...
    DUke: why do i have to have an exact reason for not beliving, why does it have to be a this, or a that... why cant it just be me... why cant it just be you? why cant that be good enough for you?
    and one more thing... whats with the MONDO HUGE quotes, its like crappa hard for me to read cuz im a BUM i swear or something... well anyway

  18. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    My owp-inn-yun on religion is this:

    It is created (yes, created, not "given") to keep the standard people down, like a primitive version of the law with something that doesn't respond as the head of it, leaving it open to corrupt interpretation. I am pretty much decided on the issue, that religion is corrupt and there most likely isn't a God (and, as I've said before, if there was one I would tell it to leave me alone).

    And about all of this smackage of people's belief systems, I do sort of agree with DÛke, since he has, on numerous occasions, shown me that some of my own beliefs are completely absurd and flawed.

    Now, in a matter of hours, I get to post something completely different from that because my "beliefs" change with my mood. :)
  19. DÛke Memento Mori

    FMK - you do not need a reason. But the little reasons you have given previously are not reasons at all. They are something that one should be aware of, avoid, and shatter before it inflicts fully.

    Why does there have to be reason?

    There does not.

    But when you say "I do not believe." Is it possible that there is a certain feeling, perhaps, that enabled you to take that stance? Or I suppose you woke up one day, and without a single reason, decided that there is not a God. There is a cause behind your words...

    Sven, you must not misunderstand me, because I do not want to communicate anything than what I actually feel. I have no problem with a "God." I have a problem with religion, and the liars who pretend to be faithful. Why are they liars? They believe in an objective God via a strictly subjective, dogmatic system that is religion, like the dirty Bible, for example, or the burn-wanting Koran. It is people, with their "opinions" who divide themselves, completely, from each other, and then they have the nerve to want to be undivided! How does that happen?

    Do they not appear as confused little specimens, they want objective "peace" but they want dogmatic subjectivity. They want universality but they also want strict laws that obey each and each of their selfish little, little, little opinions.

    What? Are they not liars? Look at them, what they want, essentially and fundamentally, is a lie-filled atmosphere, a hope for and of...look at them, do you not laugh? They actually want such an unpleasant atmosphere of opinions!

    Their psychology is this:

    Point the finger at the enemy. Make an enemy. All to identify the "I." Call themselves a "Christian" or whatever wicked tag, all to distinguish themselves. They also have sides in "politics," as you may have noticed from the past, how could they not? Their "I" rests on such opinions! Each wants his own tags and institutes, but only to identify the "I." And what? All institutes and tags create differences, and these differences cause the mess that we observe today...the "civilization" of mankind. What civilization!

    Do they have a unique "I" beside their making of enemies, life-hatred, and the sides the pretend to choose? No! They do not exist! Their identities are based on nothing. Their only "I" is not as much of an "I" as much as it is an "anything but I," hence, they cannot exist without differences, and so, they cannot exist without violence! How…uncivilized, how…much of a fetish for their “I!” And from there, as you can see, they obtain their erotic-like fetish for a religion and “opinion.”

    Do we need violence? And what follows from this? That these illusionary clowns must be disregarded, and eventually eradicated...for they cannot exist without violence, because they cannot exist on their own, they do not have an "I" of themselves. We do not need such...jesters, such “I”-hating peasants, such “I”-less orangutans...

    And Sven, I have never shown you that you are wrong. You have shown yourself that you are wrong. I was merely an aid.
  20. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    Im not sure what to make of this. I feel anyone with a genuine relationship with Jesus is in a position that is impossible to lapse into an unbelieving life style. I have known a few friends who are atheists, and have claimed to be Catholics in the past. However I felt they never had a true relationship with God.

    Does it offend you? When I say so, its in the manner that as humans we do things we shouldnt do.

    Me views and reasoning are to rid myself of anger, wrath, hate. Avoiding impurity, vengence. But at the same time live with compassion, kindness. Most people have the same views, just that I have a personal relationship with Jesus.

    Difficult question to answer. It is difficult to let go, to leave family, friends and such. However If it came down to it, to choose God or life, I think I would choose God. He paid the price for all mankind, he died for them, me, you, everyone. I don’t think I am capable of ignoring that.

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