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Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Chaos Turtle, May 1, 2000.

  1. Multani Treetrunk Guy

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    That thing is more broken than Urza.
    At least he's a planeswalker and has an excuse to be broken.
    My God!!! :eek:

    If that thing was printed, I'd instantly e-mail multiple flames to WOTC, specificly R&D!
  2. Lythand Veteran CPA Member


    WOW..that thing is way too powerful not to have a draw back or 2.

    Maybe if it were a ledgend..and you had maybe a bigger casting cost..or severe drawbak like sacrifice 2 creatures during your upkeep. Hell even the new Pit Raptur has a draw back and its not as powerful.
  3. seveninchcowboy New Member

    It's only a 1/1
  4. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    Even if it is a 1/1, it can be a 4/4 with just casting 3 more spells, then attacking. And with a good black deck, 3 spells in one turn is nothing.
  5. seveninchcowboy New Member

    Holocaust 5B
    You may sacrifice 3 black creatures instead of paying Holocaust's casting cost.
    All creatures get -5/-5
    "I'm not very good at writin flavor text."

    kinda good?
  6. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    Seven, Hey buddy I dont want you to hate me for critisizing your card Ideas. They are all interesting. I am just trying to help you fine tune your cards.

    Your last card is interesting. Sacrificing 3 creatures for this spell isnt much of a drawback because your gonna most likely kill them all off anyway. Maybe if you where to discard 2 cards from hand. I kinda like the card though. It should maybe have a little higher casting cost. Kind of like Plague winds. But a cool idea.
  7. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    I can imagine this idea may be a bit powerful. But with the right casting cost and draw back, I bet it could be feesible. Well here is my idea and if anyone wants to comment to maybe change it a bit or just tell me how silly or unrealistic it is, feel free.

    Arcane Excellerator

    4: Until the end of turn any player may play a sorcery as an
    instant. Playing spells in this way does not change the card type. This ability may only be played once a turn by each player.

    For clarification because I wasnt sure of the exact wording to use. Any player may use this ability. Only once can any player activate it per player. And even though you are playing them as instances, they are still considered sorceries.
  8. seveninchcowboy New Member

    i think it's pretty good with that high of an activation cost and the any player thing makes it hard to really abuse it.
  9. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Car in Rain 4RR
    When this comes into play, pay 10 life.

    During each players upkeep, that player loses 5 life.
  10. Y The Alien Deity

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    Didn't someone mention a CPA card set? Here's a couple of mine; they might need toning down, this was taken from an old post at another site.

    Heightened Senses 2RR
    Enchant Creature
    Enchanted creature gains first strike and trample.

    Fork Theurge 3RR
    Legendary Spellshaper
    2RRT, Discard two cards: Put an effect onto the stack.
    It becomes a copy of target instant or sorcery.

    Lightning Sphere 3R
    Lighning Sphere deals one damage to each creature during
    your upkeep.

    Frantic Tutor 1R
    Search your library for a card and add it to your hand.
    At the end of your next turn, you lose the game.

    Malus' Blessing G
    Target creature gets a +1/+1 counter.
    Draw a card.

    Y The Alien 4GG
    Summon Legend
    ~This~ may not be the target of spells or abilities.
    2GG: Put a +1+1 counter on ~this~. Play this ability only once each turn.
    GG: Deal 1 damage to any creature.
    "Don't try to harm me, little man. I have powers you cannot dream of."

    Argivian Healer 1G
    Creature- Healer
    GT: Regenerate target creature.
    Put a +1/+1 counter on it. 1/1
    "It`s okay, you only died for a minute or two there."- Healer

    Malus, Nature Lord 4GG
    Summon Legend
    Malus counts as a Nature Spirit.
    Tap an untapped forest you control: Malus gets +1/+1 as long as that forest remains tapped. You may choose not to untap the forest during your untap phase.

    Teferi, Planeswalker 4UU
    Creature- Mage Legend
    2UU: Target permanent phases out.
    2UU: Target permanent gains phasing.
    Teferi, Planeswalker cannot be the target of spells or abilities.
    "I can warp time and space itself.........I just have no idea how to stop it"- Teferi

    Telepathic Burst 3U Instant
    If you control an island, you may tap an untapped blue creature you
    control instead of paying ~this~'s mana cost.
    Deal 2 damage to any one creature or player.

    Time Flux UUU
    Take an extra turn after this one.
    Your opponent may take an extra turn after their next turn.

    Hypnotic Suggestion 3UU
    Choose an ability controlled by target creature.
    Force that creature to activate its ability; your opponent pays any costs. You control the ability.
    "You elf works for me now."

    Illor, Master Telepath 2UU
    Creature- Telepath Legend
    All players except you play with their hands revealed.
    2UT: Look at top three cards of target players library and put them back in any order.

    Impenetrable Barrier 4UU
    Fading 2
    Creatures cannot attack.

    Terrestrial Rebuff 0
    ~This~ counts as a blue card.
    As an additional cost to playing ~this~, sacrifice two lands.
    Play ~this~ only if you control an Island.
    Counter target spell.

    Spell Shred 4UU
    Counter target spell and remove it from the game.
    Whenever a spell of the same name as the one countered is played, counter it and remove it from the game.
    "Where's your Yawgmoth's Bargain now?"

    Desperate Measures U
    Counter target spell that would cause you to lose the game upon its resolution.
    "Stroke of Genius THIS!"

    Transferance 1UU
    Counter target spell. You may pay 1UU to instead become the controller of the spell.
    "Interesting creature. I think I'll take it."

    Rethink 0
    Rethink counts as a blue spell.
    Counter target spell you control. Return it to your hand and untap the lands you used to pay for it.
    "On second thought....."

    Safety Precaution 2UU
    Fading 4
    Name a spell card. If that spell card is played, counter it.

    Therrix, Dark Lord 5BB
    Creature- Dark Legend
    If Therrix damages a creature, destroy it at end of turn.
    "No one knws where this new Dark Lord has come from,and he says he shall be the end of us all." Diary Entry 1

    Therrix's Assassin 3B
    Creature- Assassin
    When Therrix`s Assassin comes into play, choose a color.
    3T: Destroy target creature of the chosen color. It may not regenerate.
    4: Choose another color.
    He`ll kill what Therrix tells him to.

    Therrix`s Gaze 3BB
    You gain control of target creature.
    It becomes black and gets +2/-1. (This effect does not end at end of turn).
    "Even on the battlefield, Therrix`s hypnotic gaze could make a new slave." -Diary Entry

    Universe Scar B
    Remove target permanent from the game. Flip a coin. If it is tails, remove two permanets you control from the game of opponent's choice..
    "The attack will kill Therrix.....but at great peril." Koryn

    Lim-Dul, Necromancer 3BBB
    Creature-Necromancer Legend
    3BB: Put target card from your graveyard into your hand.
    3BB: Pay X life: Draw X cards. Skip your next draw phase.

    Parallax Bomb 4B
    Target permanent gains "Fading: 1"

    Vaporize BBBB
    Remove target creature from the game.
    Draw a card.

    Obliterate 3BB
    Destroy all nonland permanents you do not control. Reduce your life total to one.

    Extra Life 4WW
    During your upkeep, if you are at one life, you may sacrifice ~this~ and set your life total to 20.

    Reality Lock 2WW
    Enchant Permanent
    Fading 2
    Do not remove fading counters from enchanted permanent.
    "I can merely slow it down."- Koryn

    Parallax Flood 3WW
    Fading 3
    Remove a fading counter from Parallax Flood if it is in play: Put a fading counter on target permanent with fading.

    Therrix`s Deception BBWW
    Sacrifice a white creature; Search your library for a black creature and put it into your hand.
    "The Prophet said that Therrix came to help- and then the killing began." -Diary Entry

    Hypnotic Allure 2BU
    Enchant Creature
    If any creatures block or are blocked by enchanted creature, you may pay 5 for each one. If you do, untap and permanently gain control of them. They neither deal nor recieve combat damage this turn.
    "Moldor`s legendary Soul Medallion only worked by preying off of fear and rage, turning them loyal to his dark cause."

    Koryn, Master Wizard WBURG
    Creature- Mage Legend
    When ~this~ comes into play, choose a color
    ~This~ has protection from that color.
    WBURGT: Destroy target permanent.
    "I was a simple wizard- until I discovered the Great Powerstone."-Koryn

    Prophet of Therrix 3BW
    Creature- Prophet Legend
    4BBT: Permanently gain control of target nonblack creature. It recieves a -1/-1 counter.
    "Liar of liars, deciever of decievers. The evil Prophet has betrayed us all."- Diary Entry

    Malus' Sanctuary
    Legendary Land
    T: Put a creature from play under Malus' Sanctuary.
    T: Return creature under Malus' Sanctuary to play with a +2/+2 counter on it.
    " The enemy though Malus was retreating, but he only came back stronger."

    Jungle Retreat
    Whenever a creature would be put into the graveyard, you mat tap ~this~ and put it under ~this~ instead. 5T: Put all creatures under ~this~ into play.

    Fountain of Power
    Legendary Land
    During each players main phase, they may add two mana of any one color to their pool.
    This ability may not be played the turn ~this~ comes into play.

    Amulet of Koryn 6
    Legendary Artifact
    1T: Tap or untap target permanent.
    "The Amulet gives Koryn incredible control over his environment."- Malus

    Black Runestone 5
    Legendary Artifact
    5T: Target player discards a card at random.
    ""The Runestone of Darkness, of corruption, of evil, of hatred."- Runestone Inscription

    Blue Runestone 5
    Legendary Artifact
    5T: Look at the top three cards of your library. Choose one, put it in your hand, and put the other two on the bottom of your library in any order.
    "The Runestone of Wisdom, of insight, of intellect, of knowledge." Runestone Inscription

    Green Runestone 5
    Legendary Artifact
    5T: Target creature gets +4/+2 until end of turn.
    "The Runestone of Courage, of bravery, of valor, of honor."- Runestone Inscription Red Powerstone

    Red Runestone 5
    Legendary Artifact
    5T: Destroy target attacking or blocking creature.
    "The Runestone of Power, of rage, of fury, of might."- Runestone Inscription

    White Runestone 5
    Legendary Artifact
    5T: Prevent all damage dealt in combat to creatures you control.
    "The Runestone of Purity, of life, of energy, of divinity."- Runestone Inscription

    Staff of Koryn 4
    1T: Target creature gets protection from the color of your choice until the end of the turn.
    "Every time the staff flashed, my spell would mysteriously fail."- Unknown Wizard

    Crystalline Orb 5
    Sacrifice: Put two Powerstone tokens into play. Treat them as artifacts with the ability "T: add 1 mana of any color to your mana pool."
    The ancient Thran shattered these huge spheres to create the foundations for their empire- powerstones.

    Great Powerstone 5
    Legendary Artifact
    T: Add 2 mana of any color to your mana pool.
    Great Powerstone cannot be countered as it is being cast.
    "I will use every resource I can to defeat you. And you cannot stop me."-Koryn, to Therrix.

    Powerstone Generator 5
    4T: Put a Powerstone token into play. Treat this as an artifact with the ability "T: Add 1 to your mana pool.", and cannot be the target of spells or abilities.
    This device can give unlimited, unstoppable power.....if given time.

    Shii` Aar Crystal 3
    Legendary Artifact
    You may choose not to untap Shii` Aar Crystal during your untap phase.
    T: Remove target creature from the game. Return it to play tapped if Shii` Aar Crystal leaves play, becones untapped, or you lose control of it.
    "Within the Crystal lay Therrix, trapped in struggle for all eternity... until someone released him from his prison."- Koryn

    Soul Crystal 6
    Legendary Artifact
    5T: Target creature is blue and gets +1/+1 and gains ": Tap target creature or land."
    5T: Target creature is green and gets +3/+3 and trample.
    5T: Target creature is black and gets +2/+2 and ": Regenerate."
    5T: Target creature is white and gains +1/+1 and protection from a color of your choice.
    5T: Target creature is red and gets +1/+1 and gains ": Deal 2 damage to any target."
    Play each of these abilities only once per creature.
    The Thran merged the essence of five of their greatest wizards in the crystal.

    Soul Medallion 5
    Legendary Artifact
    6T: Untap target attacking or blocking creature and permanently gain control of it. It neither deals nor recieves combat damage this turn.
    "Ha! You think you can beat me? Even on the battlefield will your allies desert you!"-

    Loaded Revolver 4
    Loaded Revolver comes to play with 7 bullet counters on it.
    1, Remove a bullet counter from Loaded Revolver: Flip a coin. If heads, Loaded Revolver deals 1 damage to target creature or player.
    "Accuracy? Na..just shoot a lot."

    Stasis Bubble 5
    6T: Target permanent loses fading.
    6T: Target permanent loses phasing.

    Sword of Thunder 4
    Legendary Artifact
    XXT: Target creature gains +X/+0 and first strike as long as ~this~ remains tapped.
    You may choose not to untap ~this~ during your untap phase.
    "A kobold stole the Sword once. Killed three thorn elementals before we shot him with a Loaded Revolver."

    Powerstone Charger 4
    XXT: Add X charge counters to ~this~.
    2T Sacrifice ~this~: Deal X damage to target creature or player. This damage cannot be prevented. Creatures damages in this manner cannot regenerate.

    Mana Refractor 3
    1: Add 1 mana of any color to your mana pool.

    Volrath's Infuser 5
    5: Target creature is black and gains +3/+2 until end of turn.
    If a creature who was targeted by ~this~ last turn was not
    targeted again this turn, destroy it.
    "I need this device now." Ertai

    Eugenics Matrix 4
    T: Target creature gains flying, first strike, trample, or a +1/1+ counter permanently.
    "The bloodlines project proceeds....well."

    Mox Onyx 0
    Mox Onyx comes into play tapped.
    Does not untap during your next untap phase.
    T: Add 1 black to your pool.

    Mox Malachite- Green
    Mox Nacre- White
    Mox Hematite- red
    Mox Lapis Lazuli- Blue

    Mana Mage 1?
    Creature- Shifter
    You may use mana of any color to pay ?.
    T: Add ? to your mana pool.

    Rebellious Soldier 2??
    Creature- Shifter
    You may use two mana of any color to play ??.
    For each nonland permanent you control that is not the same color as ?, ~this~ gets +1/+1.
    "He joins my army just to be spiteful"- Keldon General

    Shifting Assassin 3?
    Creature- Shifter
    You may use any color to pay ?.
    2T: Destroy target ? creature.

    Any ideas, add-on's, wording changes?

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  11. manchot_13 New Member

    Urza's Tower
    Legendary Land

    Cumulative Upkeep 2

    As long as this is in play, you can not lose the game for any reason.

    If Urza's Tower leaves play or your control for any reason, you lose the game.

    "Maintaining the tower agianst the continuous onslaught of Keldon's became an increasingly difficult task."

    PS. can anyone think of a better name?
  12. Y The Alien Deity

    Tag Guard

    Urza's Tower is already a card. How about Lifeforce Shield?
  13. seveninchcowboy New Member

    Avatar of Apocalypse RRR4
    Haste, Trample
    When ~this~ comes into play sacrifice all other permanents you control and discard your hand.
    The turn after ~this~ comes into play you lose the game.

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  14. Ed Sullivan CPA Founder, Web Guy

    Hmm... I like these last ditch effort type cards :)
  15. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    Good god that was long :)
  16. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    Sea Dragon
    Sea Dragon is unblockable

    Ivory Dragon
    Upkeep: 2WW
    W: Pearl Dragon gets +0/+1 until end of turn

    Marsh Dragon
    Upkeep: 2BB
    B: Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn

    Treetop Dragon
    Upkeep: 2GG
    G: Regenrarte Treetop Dragon

    Hill Dragon
    Upkeep: 2RR
    R: Hill Dragon gets +1/+0 until end of turn

    Badlands Troll
    If an opponent controls a swamp, Badlands Troll gets +1/+0
    If an opponent controls a mountain, Badlands Troll gets +0/+1

    Savannah Troll
    If an opponent controls a Forest, Savannah Troll gets +1/+0
    If an opponent controls a Plains, Savannah Troll gets +0/+1

    Tundra Troll
    If an opponent controls a Island, Tundra Troll gets +1/+0
    If an opponent controls a Plains, Tundra Troll gets +0/+1

    Taiga Troll
    If an opponent controls a Forest, Taiga Troll gets +1/+0
    If an opponent controls a Mountain, Taiga Troll gets +0/+1

    Delta Troll
    If an opponent controls an Island, Delta Troll gets +1/+0
    If an opponent controls a Swamp, Delta Trolls gets +0/+1

    I though Underground Sea Troll sounded stupid so I used Delta from River Delta instead. Hope everybody knows how I got the idea for the trolls.

    Squirrel Den
    3: Put three Squirrel Tokens into play. Treat this token as a 1/1 green creature.

    Sacrifice Squirrel Den. All Squirrels get a +1/+2 counter.

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  17. Duster Protection from Idiots

    Mute 1U

    Target tapped permanent you control does not untap during your next untap step.
    Counter Target Spell.

    "Draw from the power of your own spells to remove power from your opponent's."
  18. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    Those 2/2s that can be pumped up are INSANE! maybe pump there CC to 4. And Mute is interesting.
  19. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    Fireslinger: There already is a Pearl Dragon
    from Mirage and 6th.
    The trolls are BBBBRRRROOOOKKEEEENN, in multi player of course. :D

    New name for white dragon.
    Rightous Dragon (Yeah, I know it's korny but it's all I can think of at the moment...)
  20. Lythand Veteran CPA Member

    I like the Mute Spell

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