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Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Chaos Turtle, May 1, 2000.

  1. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Hellfire, Acid Rain, and Heat Wave have already been used (Legends, Legends, Visions respectively).
  2. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Re: recall
    I think the return from graveyard version is better.
    I would prefer to associate a specific cost to each one.

    Think of it like this.

    Re: Artifice
    The only problem I have with this ability (I really liked it at first) is that it allows cards to be used off-color. A mon-blue deck for example would have access to (albeit expensive) land destruction.
    I'm trying to think of a way to work through this.

    Thanks again.
  3. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    What did you think of Postpone?
  4. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I'm not sure what makes it very different from cycling.

    I understand that the card is at least still in the deck rither than the graveyard, but in most decks this is the same thing.

    If I'm missing somthing, pease fill me in.
  5. linsivvi New Member

    Alrighty, here are some of my cards that I revised and some new ones.

    Dawn Rider
    When Dawn Rider comes into play, destroy all other creatures, they can't be regenerated

    Counter Target Spell
    If you control an Island, you may play Denial without paying its manna cost, if you do, search your hand, library, and graveyard for all copies of Denial and Remove them from the game

    When Sameness comes into play, chose a color
    All permanents are of the chosen color
    "If not everything is the same now, I will make it so"

    Hero's Glory
    Enchant Creature
    When Enchanted Creature deals damage to opponent, put a +1+1 counter on it
    "Victory only strengthens you"

    Time Meddler
    U Remove Time Meddler from the game, at the begening of your next upkeep return Time Meddler to play under its owners control
    "Who am I? A better question is when"

    Some Name
    Gain control of target creature attacking you
    Search its former controlers Library and Hand for a copy of that card and put it into play under your opponents control
  6. GreatGoatGuy New Member

    ('.') ('.')
    ( )

    sorry about that "insane" thing hehe (the doctors told me to say it) I like the idea of a set of "goats"

    Tin Can
    Each goat gets +1/+2 for each other goat in play beyond the second. (ie 5 goats are in play so each goat gets- +3/+6
    "mmm, mmm good!"

    Great Goat R W 3
    Creature- Goat legend
    All goats get +1/+1 and all creatures get: "3, tap, sac: destroy target artifact"

    Escape Goat (hehe) R 3
    Creature- Goat
    2, tap, sac: destroy target non-creature artifact
    2R: return Escape goat to your hand.
    "He's gettin away Jimm!!"-- Redneck wife

    Mad Goat W 4
    creature- goat
    When mad goat comes into play destroy target land or non-creature artifact.
    2, tap, sac: destroy target non-creature artifact
    "You never wanna face a mad goat" 1 one armed 2 toed 1 eyed man.

    Goat Warrior R 3
    creature- goat
    When Goat Warrior comes into play, remove one non-land permanent you control from play or you lose half your life rounded up.
    2, tap, sac: destroy target non-creature artifact
    "Im gonna get bahh!"- Great Goat Guy

    PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. linsivvi New Member

    Well, about your cards I have a couple of ideas. Lets make a card called
    Goat King
    When Goat king comes into play ba X times.
    Goat King's power and toughness are equal to X

    Sound good?

    Mabye we should make a spellshaper goat,
    Goat Dude
    R, tap, eat two peices of trash, destroy target artifact.
    Please make comments about mine
  8. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    Goats are cool.
    Lemme see what I can do.
  9. Spaceman Spiff New Member

    Ok, the name may be weird, but its a cool idea

    Spiff, Cleric legend WWW2

    T: prevent upto 3 damage divided among any number of target creatures and/or players.

    W1,T: remove target creature from the game and that creatures controller gains life equal to the creatures power.

    "when he came, there was no hope"
    Zantrack, Spiff's bodyguard.

    yes, i know its a mobile swords to plowshares, but it is cool and worth putting in a set ;)

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  10. Daenen New Member

    Midgar Serpent, 6GGG
    10/10, Legendary Wurm, Rare
    During your upkeep, sacrifice 2 untapped lands, or bury Midgar Serpent.

    ??? (that Wolf that ate Freja's hand), 3GG
    3/3, Legendary Beast, Rare
    First Strike, Trample

    Worg, 2G
    2/2, Beast, common
    When Worg comes into play, choose one of the following:
    Worg has First Strike
    Worg has Trample
    Worg has G: Regenerate Worg.

    Ragnarok, 2WWRR
    Sorcerey, Rare
    Destroy all Permanents
    Each player searches his or her library for a basic land and a creature and puts them into play, tapped. If one of the creatures has a higher converted mana cost than the other, bury the creature with the higher converted mana cost.)
    (In the Norse Legend of Ragnarok, after the Final Battle, only one man, one woman, and one Mountain were left.)

    Tell me what you think.
  11. Daenen New Member

    I also had another idea. You know the Ascendant Evincar? I think that there should be cards like that for all the colors. Oh, and here's some more ideas:

    Olympus (or whatever)
    Legendary Land
    When Olympus comes into play, sacrifice an untapped basic land.
    tap: Add 2 mana of whatever color the sacrificed land could produce to your mana pool. (If it was a Mountain, Olympus produces 2 Red mana)

    Eye of Odin, 6
    Legendary Artifact
    All Instants are now Sorceries.
    (isnt that evil?)

    Hand of Fate, 6
    Legendary Artifact
    All Sorceries are now Instants.
    (or is this worse?)

    Well, tell me what you think.
  12. Mordecai New Member

    Daenen, the wolf was Fenrir/Fenris. (I think it was Tyr's hand, but I'm not sure)

    On the Norse mythological side...

    Garm, Hound of Hel
    Creature--Hound Legend, 3/3
    2W, T: BURY target creature with power 4 or greater.
    "He's the worst sort of monster."

    *The Reprisal effect is to represent Garm's slaying of Tyr at Ragnarok*

    Legendary Land
    T: Add one colorless mana to your mana pool.
    4, T, sacrifice all permanents you control, discard your hand: Bury all permanents.
    2W, T, remove Gnipahellir from the game: Search your library for a card named Garm, Hound of Hel and put that creature into play under your control. Shuffle your library.

    *Gnipahellir is whence Garm will be let loose at Ragnarok.*

    Creature--Aesir Legend, 10/4
    Thor comes into play tapped with 3 Mjollnir counters.
    During your upkeep, you may sacrifice any number of Giants. If the total power of those creatures sacrificed is not 9 or greater, tap Thor.
    Remove a Mjollnir counter from Thor: Regenerate target other Aesir.

    *The sacrifice deal is to represent time spent killing giants, which is more or less what Thor does. The regeneration represents how Thor is ALWAYS saving the other Aesir's butts.*

    Creature--Aesir Legend, 1/3
    B, T: Tap target creature.
    BB, T, sacrifice a green permanent: Bury target Aesir with power 2 or less.

    *The tapping is to represent Loki's trickster nature. The burial effect is to represent his killing of Baldr with mistletoe.*

    Creature--Aesir Legend, 1/3
    Baldr cannot be the target of spells or non-Aesir abilities.
    0: Regenerate Baldr.

    *Nothing could harm Baldr except Mistletoe.*

    Creature--Aesir Legend, 4/2
    T: Deal 3 damage to target Hound Legend.
    Whenever Tyr deals lethal damage to a Hound or Beast, remove that creature from the game and put a -1/-1 counter on Tyr. If at any time there are no permanents in play, return all creatures removed in this way to play.

    *Tyr sacrificed his hand to bind Fenris, but Fenris was loosed at Ragnarok. Tyr killed Garm, but was killed in return.*
  13. GreatGoatGuy New Member


    I wuz serious! Gimme some criticism, are they fair, what do you think?????????

    (BTW: I think the made dude should be called constipated man! Think about it!)

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  14. Daenen New Member

    I just had an idea for a card that would be so broken, decks would be made around it, and the DCI would ban it's play in a week. Here it is, the ultimate Artifact:

    Morgan's Grimoire, 8
    Artifact, Rare
    Creatures, Sorcereries, Artifacts, and Enchantments can now be played whenever you may play an Instant.
    -"My knowledge is open to all who will listen."
    -Morgan le Fay, Queen of Faeries

    Is this broken or what? If WotC ever started creating cards like this, Magic would change forever.
  15. Spaceman Spiff New Member

    Uh, YES it is broken....
  16. linsivvi New Member

    Spiff that T: Prevent 3 damage abd T: rEmove it from the game guy is way to good
  17. linsivvi New Member

    Daenen, The 10/10 would never see play with his 9 mana cost
  18. Major Crime New Member

    1WW, Summon Legandary Lord, 1/2.
    All blocking dwarfs get +1/+1.
    And or R,W discard a card from hand:put X 1/1 red dwarf tokens into play, where X is Casting cost of the discarded card.

    If use both abilities, may need to up cost, go gold with say WWRR or WR2.

    Somewhere here or at home on a disk I've got about 20 to 30 cards I've come up with over the years, I will look it out over the weekend. Had a group of gold cards on it which if need be could be put down to a mix of their two colours.
  19. Captain Caveman New Member

    Here's a 5 color land I've been working on. Please let
    me know what you think.

    Utopia, land of dreams
    Legendary Land
    Tap, choose one:
    *add B to your mana pool, remove a card in your hand from
    the game.
    *add U to your mana pool, target opponent may draw a card.
    *add G to your mana pool, put a +1+1 counter on target
    creature you do not control.
    *add R to your mana pool, sacfifice a land.
    *add W to your mana pool, loose one life.

  20. linsivvi New Member

    Instead of the drawbacks on the card being what you have, why don't you base it on the alternate casting costs in MM. Example
    Tap, add R, sac a mountain
    Tap, add G, all opponents gain 1 life
    tap, add B, lose one life
    Tap, add U, return an Island you control to your hand
    Tap, add W, tap target creature you control

    The only ones that should be changed from my idea are the red one and the blue one.

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