D&D: Part One; Awakenings

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  1. Zigathon Registered Nerd

    There is an audible click as the rune is placed firmly into the pillar. The piller lights up with a dull blue light that fills up the room, overshadowing the orb in the ceiling. the box becomes bathed in this light and explodes, sending pieces of metal, small different colored wires, and other odds and ends everywhere.

    In the midst of all this blue light a piece of parchment drifts down to the floor. You can see from where you stand there is writing on it.

    The blue light fades away, leaving the room again the way it was, without the box, and in its place the piece of parchment.
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...


    "Well now...let's see whats we gots here...."

    (Picks up the parchment and attempts to read it outloud...)
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Well, that's great. I hope we didn't need that box..."
  4. InfinityCubed Scumalicious

    uncover my face and prepare to listen to what the note says.
  5. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    "Hey. Is there a door outa this place?" Jax yells as he starts to push on the walls at random. "Who would build a room with no doors? How would they have gotten out?"
  6. Zigathon Registered Nerd

    The piece of parchment reads:

    "This parchment was placed here should the situation arise in which no one is able to decipher the runes. Brute force in destroying the image box would eventually have been the only recourse.
    This pillar is your escape from this room as well as a way to cheat death. But, you must all make the decision to travel together as one. You must decide if you wish to venture forth. Those who do must place a hand on the pillar. With all your hands together on the pillar, its Magic will activate.
    The runes can be translated to say, 'Hope, Trust, Friendship, Love. These are the keys to life. Look around and find these things, and you can escape death.'
    Good luck, you are the multiverse's only hope."

    ***Sorry for the delay, my work and sleep schedule has been very messed up the past week***
  7. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    "Ha, I was right," snears Jax, "Now, just how did that happen?"
    "Maybe, we could put our feet on the pillar, we can walk out of here."
    Jax sits on the floor and places his hands and feet on the pillar.
  8. InfinityCubed Scumalicious

    JJJ stands next to the pillar and apprehensively places his hand on it.
  9. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    I walk over to the Pillar and lean against it with one hand.
  10. pickles New Member

    I step towards the pillar, and place my hand on it.
  11. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Zylo secures his familiar on the perch on his shoulder, makes sure his pack, bow and quiver are situated, and also places his hand on the pillar.
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Dorgath does the same after getting all of his equipment together.

    *** Group: Was I the only one who tried to read the runes? I got the impression some magic-user type had to try...
  13. train The Wildcard!!!...


    "Well - if I want to get out of here... and save the universe..."


    (Does the same...)
  14. InfinityCubed Scumalicious


    "Is that everyone? Everyone have their hand on the pillar?"

    Readjust my pack so everything sits right, it was starting to hurt my shoulder.
  15. TomB Administrative Assistant

    ***I examined the box and pillar...I assumed I'd also be looking at the runes while I did, but w/e...;)
  16. Zigathon Registered Nerd

    With the decisions made and all members touching the pillar, it begins to light up again.
    As the blue glow spreads, your body begins to tingle. The walls of the room shimmer and slowly dissappear. Then all you see is blue light.

    Moments later, you find yourself in a forest clearing. It is late morning. The weather is warm. On the northern edge of the clearing is a path leading deeper into the forest.

    ***Concerning the runes, Read Magic would allow one to decipher them. Of course, there was also the option of destroying the box to obtain the parchment that also had a translation on it, in addition to better instructions for getting out of the room.***
  17. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    "Wow, trees,' Shouts Jax, as he runs to prop his backpack against a tree and starts to climb into the branches.
  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Dorgath runs over to a bush and throws up.

    "Man, I hate teleporting."
  19. train The Wildcard!!!...


    "Feels like home..."

    (Begins looking around, and paying attention to the surroundings..)
  20. pickles New Member

    *Looks up at the sky...*

    "I always appreciate a nice day."

    ***By the way, if anyone wants to contact me in regards to the game and such; my aim name is pickleschanci.***

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