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Discussion in 'Home Made Cards' started by Mooseman, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Vigilance? and adjust the p/t
  2. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Giving it vigilance would make it a total stall card; your opponent loses a chumpblocker each turn while not being able to attack you..

    I do think that, at three mana, most opponents will not have had a change to play a decent amount of creatures and will not be able to kill it in combat (by blocking with multiple creatures). Therefor, I would like to suggest we leave it at 7/7 for 2WW and see what playtesting brings..

    (keeping 6/6, or Vigilance in mind of course)

  3. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Works for me.... I'll get the next one out.
  4. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Card Name: Intimidated Eagle
    Color: W
    Cost: 2W
    Type: Creature - Bird
    Pow/Tgh: 3/1
    Rules Text: Unless any player controls a Mountain, Intimidated Eagle has flying
    Flavor Text:
    Rarity: C
    Number: 7/186

    I like this one as is.
  5. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    Me too. Next!

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  6. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Yes, Next!
    (although this was kinda tied in to the Odd One Out feel, so maybe we should later change Mountain to something more appropriate flavorwise..)
  7. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    I would leave it Mountain, as if it can't fly over them.....
  8. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Card Name: Jackdaw
    Color: W
    Cost: 1W
    Type: Creature - Bird
    Pow/Tgh: 1/1
    Rules Text: Flying (This creature can't be blocked except by creatures with flying.)
    Sacrifice Jackdaw to deal 2 damage to target attacking creature.
    Flavor Text:
    Rarity: C
    Number: 8/186

    I like this card. Anyone else?
  9. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    Wording should be something like
    "Sacrifice Jackdaw: Jackdaw deals two damage to target attacking creature"
  10. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Yes. Better wording.
  11. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    I second the card with the revised wording.
  12. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Okay, Card 8 is done.

    I realize this is going fairly fast, so if anyone has any major problems with a completed card, just yell.
  13. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Card Name: Orb of Renewal
    Color: W
    Cost: WW
    Type: Enchantment
    Rules Text: When <THIS> comes into play, gain 6 life.
    When <THIS> leaves play, lose half your life, rounded up.

    I'd just add "rounded up" to the end of the rules text.
  14. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I agree.

    OO! Quick note. For every card that refers to itself in the rules text, put <THIS> in it's place. It registers better with the editor program.

    And does anybody have an updated file of the set?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  15. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    My file is fairly updated, however, I got most of them from Mooseman, so maybe he should provide the file (granted that he is using the editor of course). If not, maybe I can get the file totally done this weekend, and ship it to you UPS like! :D
  16. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    I am not using the editor, just lowly Word.
    My desktop crashed and I lost a lot of stuff.
  17. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    If that's the case, DF, can you send the file to the Odd_One_Out account?

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  18. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Yes, I can. Give me until the late weekend to get it updated, then will email it to the account.
  19. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Card Name: Protected Knight
    Color: W
    Cost: 3WW
    Type: Creature - Knight
    Pow/Tgh: 3/3
    Rules Text: First Strike (This creature deals damage before creatures without First Strike.)
    When Protected Knight comes into play, choose a color. Protected Knight has protection from the chosen color.

    Flavor Text:
    Rarity: C
    Number: 10/186

    This is a strong creature, but it seems to maybe be an uncommon, but this may be common to our set....
  20. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I liken it more to uncommon. It's similar to Voice of All, except it's bigger and with first strike. Heck, depending on the set, this may have been a rare.

    Ransac, cpa trash man

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