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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Riva Iron-Grip, Dec 10, 2001.

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  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    *Ransac pauses for a moment to think of what were to happen should Ransac ever be elected president. Ransac chuckles.*

    Gullible fools.

    *Ransac then pays attention to the subject again.*

    Where is Riva, anyway? You'd think that he should post at least SOMETHING now.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...Jesus, Zadok, out of all people, I expect you to know better.
    Yeah. However, can just anyone come out and say it out of pure sincerity and will? No. According to the members of the CPA, he's a liar and a thief...after all that, you expect such a person to apologize...why? Obviously, a liar and a thief does *not* view the equal standards of the community as common grounds, but he's willing to break the rules and make up his own standards. When he has his own standards, we shouldn't expect anything of him; anything at all -- since what he wants may completely differ than what the community wants. I rather him *not* apologize than apologize by making up another lie and an excuse, or be insincere and be sorry only out of pure force. We've had enough insincerity for the time being -- don't you believe so?

    Ransac, to be honest...I think Riva is just not going to send the cards, and will not show up for a long time.

    So let me say this now, Zadok, don't wait until he comes back to ban him; he *will* come back. If he's to be banned, ban him at the end of the 2 weeks. Period. We're not playing any more needless games...
  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Who woulda thought this would be such a hot topic? :)

    And Mel Gibson can't be that bad for being voted "Sexiest [rear]/Man" or whatever :)

    Anyhoo, plans are being made... hehehe... stay tuned.
  4. linsivvi New Member

    if memory serves this is the same Riva who one day posted that he had just "got a black lotus of a kid on the street for 10 bucks" and wanted us to start offering him all of our rares for it. He put up a giant want list and then sat back to watch. When a bunch of people yelled at him for ripping of the kid he said something like "10 dollars for a piece of cardboard is pretty good" and after more yelling at him he said he managed to find the kid on the street and return it to him. he also ripped me on a trade a long time ago. And aparantly other people according to this thread a lot more. Maybe all this stuff is just a coincidence? Or in the extremely likely case, not.
  5. Evan_Mann New Member

    Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick, DUke!

    Why are you going through so much trouble defendeing a known thief and liar?

    What reasons could you possibly have other then a strange and immature desire to be the point of contention and cause of arguments.

    Do you like it?

    Do you like pretending to be great at debating or something?

    Do you feel like you're some kind of champion of justice?

    Defender of the people?

    Voice of the voiceless?
  6. DÛke Memento Mori

    Evan_Mann, no…those reasons you offer would only be desired within those who seek the life of affection on the net. I am of no such. Perhaps I like defending people because I once was a 15 year-old that got blamed and yelled at. Yes, it was those days of MTGnews when I was little feisty kid that got in trouble the second he posted. Ericbess, at that time, was understanding enough to be, at least, neutral towards me. Others disliked me.

    I see the same thing happening to others, but now that I've grown older and more mature, I can serve those who I feel need of serving. I think Riva is just a normal the most of us, he is foolish at that age. Yes, he seems too irresponsible, but that doesn't mean we'll fight him with fire. Treating people with civility can help them a lot, and help everyone else understand that patience comes with great rewards. Understanding the other's situation is an instant reward on its own.

    I've caused no harmful arguments. I simply discussed everything maturely, Evan_Mann. I believe your superfluous bashing of my defending Riva is somewhat childish though. Please refrain from passing your judgments onto me. Thank you.

    It is no trouble at all seeing the other should try it sometimes.
  7. Evan_Mann New Member

    I've seen the "other side"...and it's full of thieves and liars.

    Your defence of the disreputable baffles me. This is not some simple spamming or sophmoric humor or use of naughtly language. This is a scummy little twerp who ripped people off, then concocted a very bad story as an excuse to disapear for a while from the boards. Then, most likely when he thought the heat had died down, comes back with the same, very very poor story to get back into people's good graces, I feel for the express purpose of setting up people to rip them off again.

    You claim to be deep and able to see beyond the superficial, DUke. Perhaps you should take a second look at the situation at hand to see what is really going on here as well. I don't think you've given it as much carefull consideration as you think you have, or else you'd realize that this situation and the one you came from at MTGnews are not related or alike in the least.

    I am not used to actually getting meaningful ideas across in a message board post. I must now post gibberish...

    Blah bow wow how do you do, doggie doggie doggie? Don't eat the can. Bad dog! Ouch! My eye!
  8. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I've pretty much echoed DUke's questions. And if he's a scummy liar, so what? Like DUke says, ignore him, don't reply to him, don't do anything with him. But I agree that it's a bit late to try to respond to past trading offenses. If we wanted to ban him, we should have done it when the incidents occurred. Since we didn't, it's our fault and I feel we can't just unilaterally ban him now when he hasn't done anything new.
  9. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    *and the heavens break open to shine upon Evan*...Thank you, thank you...I didn't want to come out and say this myself, because I've said more than my fair share to Duke...Thank you...
  10. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    It's getting warm in here... DUke, yes, I except to apologize sincerely right now. I think anyone can do that, yes. I believe they sometimes do it because they realize that what they are doing is, indeed, wrong. I think Riva recognizes that by now.

    Please, down the flames, guys, or we'll end up closing this thread, and I don't want to. DUke, this isn't a situation deserving of two weeks. USPS would take six to eight days at the high end to deliver the cards. An apology can be put here instantaneously. Neither of these has occurred, to my knowledge.
  11. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...goin' on here? I've done nothing wrong, yet I got two people attempting to bash my simple argument.

    Why are you arguing with me, anyway? I have nothing at my hands. I can't control anything. I simply outlined my opinion -- or do you consider that being a pretend?

    I never thought I'm a "champion of justice" or anything of such, but if you wish to perceive me that way, it's solely up to you. Like all the other times, I simply gave out my opinion. It's not my fault some people agreed with me, and it certainly not my fault that I have an opinion.

    And it is not like I'm completely defending Riva. Look back, and read my posts. All I've said was just simple logic. I don't have to be "deep" or be able to "see beyond the superficial," in order to arrive to my opinion. Any logically thinking mind would see that I'm right. I said give Riva a last chance, and ban him *after* that if you wish -- but face it: banning him will not solve anything. Riva is already notorious, and he will not be able to rip any others off. The community is saddened by his presence, so no communication is possible either. Banning him is a waste of time, as he is already "banned" from the community. I'm sorry that this "baffle" you Evan_Mann…but it's the truth...

    Zadok, give him as much time as you want. I gave out my opinion -- it seems that my opinion is taken for granted here in the CPA, though. Go ahead. Ban him. <sigh> Let's see how that'll solve and already solved problem...
  12. Evan_Mann New Member

    It's called "punishment" DUke. Simple as that. He has done a bad thing, and some form of punishment should be handed out. The powers that be over this B-board can not...

    a fine him
    b arrest him
    c beat the snot out of him
    d kill him that leaves BAN him...a perfectly resonable punishment for what he has done. At any other message board, he'd already be banned.

    Burn the Witch!
    Burn the Witch!
    We Will Clense the Earth with Fire!
  13. DÛke Memento Mori


    He's already been punished! :D

    People wont deal with him, wont talk to him, wont welcome him, and wont humor him. He's already banned without being banned!
  14. Evan_Mann New Member

    I'm tellin' ya...

    Ban the IP, or all he'll do is get another screen name and rip people off with a pseudonym, if he has not already done this.

    He doesn't seem the type to be too upset by the people that he rips off not liking him. So, no, that's not really a punishment.
  15. DÛke Memento Mori is Thursday. We're almost done with the week. Let's finish the week, and see what happens. If nothing happens, than like I said...banning him would seem like a good idea to other members. So be it.

    If he makes a new screen name, a new email address, *and* a new address where the cards are sent to -- only then can he rip people off again. At his young and foolish age, I don't think he can rip people off with that same home (or whatever) address of his...

    I'm tellin' ya, he can't rip people off, but since banning him seems that it would make some people comfortable, than who am I to speak? <laughs>
  16. Aku Necromancer Headlights off

    I think I agree with Duke,... what could be more annoying than being ignored by everyone...? And it would be difficult for him to rip off any more people in trades,... I believe his address is posted somewhere in the Trade Forum. I vote that he shouldnt be banned.
  17. arhar Member

    I can just see this happening.....

    "Hey! Everyone here ignored me and thought that was enough punishment! Oh well. I guess I'll just go to a different message board and rip more people off... "

  18. DÛke Memento Mori

    Excuse me, but banning him from the CPA will not disable him from, still, going to "different message board and rip[ping] people off." Banning him from the CPA is banning him from the CPA alone -- that's it. He still can go elsewhere and perfrom his deeds.

    Same with ignorning him. It's just that, in my point of view, it seems that being ignored is much more of a punishment than being unable to speak in the first place. This is totally up to whom it may concern though...

    I'm still...just offering my opinion...

    <Big enigmatic grin>
  19. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    DUke - The problem is, you aren't really making logical sense here. You're basically telling us that we were wrong to give him the two monthes he's had, and in the same breath, telling us to give him two extra weeks. You're saying that banning him won't do us any good. I've got something that won't do us any good, and that's letting him off. He'll simply come back, and do it again, because he ALMOST got away with it last time. And this time, he won't come back to let us guilt him into giving back the cards. Is letting a liar remain in this society worth that risk? I don't believe it is.

    He has been punished to some extent, yes. But that doesn't mean he won't continue to TRY. He may someday run across a new member who wasn't there for this discussion, and rip off that member. An IP ban gives us a SHOT at containing him. It may not be a great solution, but it's a start.
  20. Chaos Turtle Demiurgic CPA Member, Admin Assistant

    I have a feeling that this kid probably enjoys getting people all riled up here. I mean, he shows up intermittently and causes a ruckus when some members start with the flaming and calling for a ban.

    He's just a stupid kid. Why give him the satisfaction?
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