Werewolf XVII: The Order to Lykin

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  1. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    *sighs, glares at both of the others, and points at Mooseman, a look of certain doom upon his face*

    Vote: Mooseman
  2. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    So, Either EB has duped DF or DF is a smart wolf....... I think DF is a smart wolf.....
    EB, you have used horrible logic and ignored many actions to vote for me and DF has suddenly changed his mind at the last minute.... very curious.
    I am not the wolf, thus the voting has let the wolf destroy us all...... Whoever is not the wolf, I hope the wolf keeps you around awhile before sending you to your just reward......
  3. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    My logic is quite simple my dear Mooseman. I am still thinking that EB is the wolf, however, on the off chance that I am wrong and you are the wolf, this will protect me. If, however, I am correct, and EB is the wolf, then it does not seem to matter if I cast my vote his way as you seem adamant to not support that choice. Thus, I would still be wolf fodder. Therefore, the only possible chance I have is to make sure that one of you hang and cross my fingers that it is the wolf. If the vote splits 3 ways, no one hangs, the wolf kills one tonight, and kills the other tommorrow and I lose. Pretty simple logic to me. One way has no chance of my being alive, another way has a slim success of my being alive. Slim is better than none to me.
  4. EricBess Active Member

    We indeed have an ironic situation here. I most suspect Mooseman, Mooseman most suspects DF, and DF most suspects me. I completely understand what you are saying DF and I appreciate your position.

    Switching votes is dangerous business, though. If Mooseman tries to save his own skin by switching to me, would you vote with him? If so, I would be in the same situation and forced to vote for you on the hope that Mooseman would switch back. My guess at that point would be that I just loose, but I would have to do that on the chance that my current assumptions are wrong.

    The way I see it, it's like I said earlier. If you are the wolf DF, then as it stands now, you win based on a lot of luck involving Modus's ability and how it played out.
  5. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Since you both voted for me I will hang and someone will be eaten tonight.
    EB: You are putting your faith in MP's "ability" that was never proven to be true, but I used DF failure to vote for Oversoul as the deciding factor...... now who is using the more concrete logic?
    DF, I salute you on a well played farce..... You have been able to dupe the poor EB into confusion.
    I know you are the wolf since if EB were the wolf he could have easily voted for you knowing you would not have changed your vote for him to me, since it would be seen as a wolfish endeavor.
    Thus I am done.
  6. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Silence fills the room as the three remaining men stare hard at each other, no one willing to flinch on their position. The hour grows late and the decision has been made. Mooseman’s fate is sealed. EricBess and DarthFerret take a hold of him and fit him in the noose. The platform drops below him and his body falls quickly and stops with a jolt. His body sways a bit, but nothing else happens. His blood was pure, free from the cursed experiments performed so long ago.

    DarthFerret looks up at EricBess. He knows the truth now and knows he was right all along. But there is no sense in fighting, for this is a battle that can not be won. He leans against the wall, casually lights up a cigarette and takes a drag as EricBess begins his transformation. The wolf strikes hard and fast, slashing DarthFerret across the chest, causing him to drop as blood splatters across the wall. The last embers of the cigarette fade away as the wolf-man feasts on his freshly-killed victim.


    EricBess wakes up, cold and covered in blood, but strangely satisfied. His fate remains within these castle walls, as the doors still will not budge. He spends his days learning the language and reading the history of the castle and of Lykin. He sustains himself on the flesh of his victims, though the cold lifeless meat does nothing for his wolfen appetite. Knowing that, without finding some way to leave the castle, he’ll remain trapped within it until his death. A death that may come soon with no available food.

    He begins reading about the black magic which cursed this castle so long ago. There must be a way to break the curse, but how? He follows in the steps of Lykin, repeating his every move, every formula, every incantation. He acts quickly. As his body grows weak, he knows his time is short. Until the day that he follows the last page of Lykin’s journal, when the order was made known. But nothing happens. Disappointed, EricBess goes to sleep.

    His sleep is strange and restless. He has a vivid dream, haunted by something he can only describe as pure evil. The nightmare is disturbing, but the message is clear. He must take his own life to break the curse. He must spill the wolf-blood on the altar, cleansing it from the purity of Lykin’s sacrifice. And thus the castle walls will be opened and the blood of wolf-men throughout the world will awaken from a dormant state.

    EricBess awakens in intense pain. He’s dead no matter what he does, but the fate of the world lies in him, in his blood and in his choice. Should he die a slow, painful death that will eventually lead to the same predicament for the next group of travelers to step into these castle walls? Or should he die for his ancestors and blood relatives, all the dormant wolves who will surely rise again, free from the shackles of Lykin’s curse?

    The wolf-man travels down to the altar and lies upon it, reflecting for the last time on the decision he’ll have to make. He presses a blade against his chest…


    A voice calls out from the halls above him.

    “Is anyone in here?”

    EricBess puts down the knife. His decision can wait until another day.
  7. EricBess Active Member

    But...you told me I was a hunter... ;)

    Seriously, I thought I was dead right from the beginning. Turgy practically called me out and if I hadn't said something, I would have been the first one hung simply because we had nothing else to go on. I would have even voted for myself. I needed a story that 1) had some credibility, 2) couldn't be disproven, and 3) didn't require me to actually know anything.

    Melkor must have realized right from the beginning that I was a wolf and I'm actually very surprized that when he gave his little monologue that he didn't call me out. Later, I used that to my advantage.

    I think Oversoul turned on me because he realized that something had to bend, but with Modus's revelation, I knew that he was probably right, but at that point, I felt like his hanging was just a matter of time, so I mirrored his actions and turned even harder against him. Sorry buddy, but it worked out in the end.

    Oh, and the reason that there were so few night deaths was that the wolves weren't allowed to communicate and we also needed a "majority" to kill. My story as a hunter was also designed to allow me to communicate in-game without giving too much away. If you go back and reread the posts, Spiderman should have died the first night (assuming Oversoul and rokapoke realized what I was doing), but Melkor made his statement and our third wolf was gone right from the beginning. We couldn't allow the seer to remain and since the seer was gone, continuing my focusing would have been way too risky.

    Darthferret gets serious props for never believing my story, to his credit, but I actually think that worked to my advantage in the long run. When it came down to the final four, I was originally planning on offing him and ending with me, Spidey, and Mooseman, but I realized that had Mooseman or Spiderman been the wolf, they would never have done that, so I had to take the chance, particularly since Mooseman was already convinced that DF was the wolf. Unfortunately, I couldn't simply vote with Mooseman or I would have tipped my hand, so I had to lay out how the voting might go and why it wouldn't be in DF's interest to switch to me, even if Mooseman did.

    Thanks for running a great game turgy.
  8. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Postgame Thoughts

    Okay, first an explanation of the game:

    I wanted to try a game with three wolves, but I knew with the standard rules, it would be way too easy for the wolves to win. We'd need at least 11 people for the town to have a chance, I think, so I wanted to come up with a way to balance things out. So I thought, why not force the wolves to vote at night just like the town does, without the ability to discuss the plan outside the game? This way, if they wanted to guarantee a kill, they'd have to communicate in some way during the game which would clue the town in to at least one of their roles.

    But even with this limitation, I thought it would be too easy for the wolves to swing a victory (1 lynch + 1 night kill would leave 8 players, including 3 wolves, so on the second day, they'd basically just have to sit back and wait for one errant town vote to win.) So, as an added bonus, I gave the town the option of not lynching (by requiring a majority vote) if they spread their votes out among 3 or 4 different players. Obviously, the town chose not to exercise that option on the first day.

    Finally, I assigned two seers - a true seer (Melkor) and a false seer (Modus Pwnens) – in an attempt to further balance things. With two opposing seers, it makes things just a bit more difficult to reach a majority vote, since they’ll get two different results if they happen to investigate the same person. Also, with the false seer, the wolves get an added bonus until the seer’s visions are proven wrong. (For story purposes, each seer received a stone. Melkor received the “Lykin Stone” and Modus received the “Wolf Stone.” When conducting an investigation, the results come back about their blood being “pure” or “unclean”. So from Lykin’s perspective, a human is pure and a wolf is unclean. From a wolf’s perspective, it’s the opposite.)

    As for my thoughts on the game, I have to say EricBess did a remarkable job, despite the fact that he took some ridiculous risks in the game. First, he started by making the hunter claim, which I thought was noble because I assumed at the time, he’d get killed for it at some point in the game, but he’d help lead the other wolves to victory by directing the votes. The fact that he just ignored it later on and still managed to pull off the victory is pretty amazing. Also, his decision to leave the vote open on the second to last day instead of taking the guaranteed kill (and victory) against DarthFerret was odd, though it paid off. I don’t think anyone would have called him out if he just hopped on the DF bandwagon, but instead he explained things as a villager would and managed to sway DF to his belief that Mooseman was the wolf. I didn’t think it would work, but it did.

    Now, for a recap of the game:
    Day 1 – Started out very fortuitous for the wolves with everyone willing to hang a villager, but when Melkor came out, things obviously swung hard against the wolves when everyone jumped on the rokapoke vote instead.
    Night 1 – Melkor investigates Ransac (pure), Modus investigates Oversoul (pure; MP also sends me a message considering whether or not he should let people know that Melkor is a “false seer” – I got a chuckle out of that), EB and Oversoul both vote for Melkor to kill.
    Day 2 – No lynch, though Ransac receives the most votes.
    Night 2 – Modus Pwnens investigates Ransac (unclean). EB votes for Spiderman, Oversoul votes for Ransac. No kill.
    Day 3 – Modus Pwnens comes out as a seer, accuses Ransac and everyone follows. A strong vote for Ransac, with everyone but Mooseman voting for the lynch.
    Night 3 – Modus Pwnens investigates DarthFerret (unclean), Oversoul votes for Modus, EricBess votes for Mooseman (he thought the town would lynch MP). No kill.
    Day 4 – No one knows what’s going on (Even MP), no vote.
    Night 4 – Modus Pwnens investigates Oversoul again (pure), the wolves are bouncing around randomly now, with EB finally voting for Modus, but now Oversoul changes his vote to DarthFerret. No kill.
    Day 5 – Modus confirms his visions and leads the charge against Oversoul. DarthFerret makes a bit of a mistake by maintaining his vote for EB. While he was right about EB’s identity, when Oversoul turned up wolf, DF now became associated with that vote, leading Mooseman and Spiderman to suspect him later.
    Night 5 – Modus investigates EricBess (pure), EB makes the obvious kill, taking out the last seer.
    Day 6 – Everyone votes for DarthFerret. EricBess convinces them to rethink it and the vote gets split going into the last day.
    Night 6 – EricBess kills Spiderman.
    Day 7 – EB explained the situation pretty well in his last post before the end of the game, but he managed to get into position where not only did he not have strong suspicion against himself, but he actually managed to get the one person who thought he was the wolf to vote for the other guy.
  9. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I can't believe that you guys couldn't see that EricBess was the wolf going into those last couple of days. It seemed pretty obvious, particularly on the last day when he voted for Mooseman.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  10. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    I can't believe that people fell for that "hunter" nonsense...

    Nor can I believe that Oversoul and I didn't pick up his meaning. Well, at least the good guys won (from my perspective).
  11. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Only question I have is why did EB vote for his buddy Oversoul first? He lead the charge to hang the other wolf? Strange......... But it got me.
  12. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    You were, once. And I made it too difficult, but you almost pulled it off anyway.

    When I said I'd planned for it, I actually did mean that part. It started when we failed to kill anyone on the second night because of Turgy's stipulation. I reasoned that this could drag on for quite a while if people weren't getting hanged and we weren't killing them and the longer this lasted, the more likely some clue would emerge that would give the villagers the advantage. I was planning on saving it for an emergency later on, if we could just get the numbers down, then turn on each other so that we wouldn't seem to be working together and the villagers would only get, at most, one of us. But it dragged on even more than I thought, and then there was Modus. At that point, I figured that if I went after you, I'd be the one that would hang and you'd seem even less likely to be a wolf. For a while there, I was worried that I'd actually thrown you under the bus and that I'd be stuck with you hanging and Modus still suspecting that his reverse-seer powers had caught me. But it worked anyway, probably more despite my machinations than because of them, but whatever.

    Yeah, it was a really good a idea that almost got completely ruined from the start just by sheer luck.

    Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, like Turgy explained, I couldn't consult with EB about who we were going after and we both had to go after the same target in order to kill anyone. Either through bad guessing or just bad luck we kept failing to actually get kills. These were my picks...

    Melkor: Because I was almost sure he was the seer and an obvious choice.
    Ransac: I forget why. I think I was trying to predict who EB would pick, but obviously I guessed wrong.
    Modus: Because of the seer claim. EB must have either thought he'd be easy to get rid of because he'd made himself a target by getting everyone to vote for Ransac, or seen someone else as more of a threat. If we'd made the same pick at this point, I'd probably have kept trying to lay low, but we didn't.
    DarthFerret: I should probably have gone after Modus again, but I guess I thought that since EB didn't pick him last time, he wouldn't pick him again or something.

    And that's how I managed to not kill anyone besides Melkor until I was dead.
  13. Melkor Well-Known Member

    Funny how these things turn out, the fact that I was a "Seer" (real as it turned out) led me to make the impassioned speech that by basically blind chance actually got a wolf (leading to stalemates among the wolves), but in turn led to my death at the hands of the wolves (rather than you nasty villagers). Which in turn opened up all sorts of nuttiness involving Modus false visions. Sometimes you just can't plan for this stuff. Although, I'm still annoyed that I get killed first 80% of the time, and I'm not even belligerent these days.
  14. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    All I will say is this: I knew that Hunter claim was nonsense!!

    Seriously, I had PM'ed Ransac when we were told to pick our personas (before roles were handed out) and asked him to help me by playing the straight man to my persona. I assume most of you caught the Jay and Silent Bob thing we had going on. As for how it played out, usually I am one of the first ones gone (either wolf or villager) so I did not think that having a "silent" character would be so bad. As it turns out, after the Chasing Amy speech I gave, I had to give in and talk more than I had planned on, and could not come up with anything as grandious as Silent Bob normally would have.

    It was not so much EB convincing me to change my final vote to Moose as much as the realization that the vote was not going to be a majority, especially with the person I needed to vote with me was actually voting for me. I tried to sway people on EB's hunter claim being false, but no one wanted to listen to that, so I knew that, on the off chance that I was wrong about EB, I had a shot of winning, but if I stuck with EB then either it would have been a tie (wolf wins) or it would have ended up with me hanging innocently (wolf wins). Once it was down to 3 of us, I was pretty much doomed.
  15. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    Ahem. I believe I was killed first here... and that after I (correctly) pointed out EB's BS. Of course, that was my knee-jerk reaction to his "hunter" spiel, and I later went back and read my role assignment and it turned out that he was indeed a wolf. Whoops. Well, clearly no one else thought that role was suspicious enough to hang him, so it worked.
  16. Melkor Well-Known Member

    You are correct rokapoke, however, you were all going to vote for me first until I revealed that I was a Seer, which of course signed my own death warrant.
  17. Modus Pwnens Eligible for User Title

    I still can't believe Mooseman didn't believe my visions. Yes, they were wrong, but they were all wrong! Even after I was proven not to be a wolf (killed at night) you still thought I was lying? It made me a very sad panda, especially as I found out who the last wolf was just the night before :D
  18. EricBess Active Member

    turgy, on the "obvious win", I had pretty much jumped very strongly on board with the Modus being a reverse seer, so I really couldn't vote for DF, even though it would have given me the game. The problem is, it gave any wolf the game and since I had be adamant about saying the DF was not the wolf, suddenly trying to kill him would make it clear that I must be the wolf.

    Spidey actually called me on that one because he misunderstood and thought I was trying to get DF hanged, so I'm pretty sure that had I done that, I would have gotten actually called out.

    Oversoul - I wasn't sure if you were trying to actually get me killed to make you less suspicious or if you were just trying to divert suspicion, but I felt at that point that Modus's revelation would get you killed eventually, so I did exactly what you did and turned as well. Looks like we were both on the same page with that one...and yeah, I was worried for a moment that your ploy would work too well also and that I would have been the one hanged.

    Mooseman - to answer your question, I led the charge because Oversoul was going after me. Part of me suspected (correctly, apparently), that he figured he was eventually doomed and wanted to give me some credibility, but I realized that our best chance at that point was to play into that and turn on him, particularly if he was trying to actually get rid of me.

    Ironically, when this whole things started out, my plan was to play up the hunter thing long enough to communicate a few kills to the other wolfs, getting myself killed when everyone became suspicious. Since I woke up the first morning with blood, I figured I wasn't going to last anyway, so if I could use my role to communicate in-game with the other wolves, that was worth it. Obviously, things didn't work out that way.

    First vote was for Melkor because we couldn't risk a seer. Second night, I voted for Spiderman because I was hoping to fall back on my hunter declaration from day one.

    I don't remember the exact sequence after that. I figured Modus would get hanged, so I didn't go after him. There was one time I was pretty sure Oversoul would go for Darth Ferret, but it was too obvious and would lead to too much suspicion on me. I'm not sure if that was actually the night he voted for DF or not. After leaving him alive the first night, Modus came up with enough credibility to believe he actually was getting good information, so the next two nights I went after him.

    After than, I intentionally made a statement that I felt like any wolf would take out DF because he was the only obvous non-wolf, then I took out Spiderman because I think that's who Mooseman would have attacked had he been the real wolf.

    I was setting up for the possibility of having to change my vote to DF if I needed to in the end and since Mooseman was adament about how he didn't vote for Oversoul, I think it would have worked, but in the end, Mooseman didn't change his vote, so it didn't matter.
  19. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Wow, great game! turgy22, you run some fantastic games!

    I was torn between Mooseman and EricBess because the former kept voting for DF, who was cleared by Modus, and the latter because he never really explained what he was doing as a "hunter". Unfortunately, it was Mooseman's insistence of going after DF which caused me to believe it was him more than EricBess...

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