Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


The Tentacled One
Well, that ended up bigger than I'd meant for it to. It's been so long, I forgot how I made these things. To refresh, each letter represents something. Right now, we've got...

R=Giant Rat

Also, I just remembered that Throg already had "T" as his letter. We'll need some convention for this...


The Tentacled One
To everyone's surprise, a trapdoor opens and more rats come pouring out. It's a trick. Perhaps someone wants you dead. Someone other than the rats, that is, which are the immediate problem...

To clarify, which weapons are you guys currently wielding?

Edit: Post added to main thread. If anyone wants, you can specify your preferred weapons and behaviors in combat, which I'll go by unless told otherwise.


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To clarify my earlier post then:

Ty attacks immediately, swinging his pit flail with a sweeping motion to try and mow down more rats with the deathblow effect!


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I posted my preferred (melee) weapon in the main thread, but Dorgath is using his Great Axe of Smiting.


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Throg would be sitting around scratching his ass, but this god-forsaken town only stocks mules.


The Tentacled One
-The Power Phase is 2 for this turn. Nothing happens.
-Ty's Pit Training kicks in. He may move and attack before combat starts.
-Ty swings his flail, exploding the first rat.
-Ty's deathblow continues, smashing through a second rat.
-Ty's deathblow continues, killing another rat.
-A rat charges Ty, but is brushed aside.
-A rat tears into Ty's leg (10/15 Wounds).
-Ty shakes the rat off and stomps on it, killing it.
-A rat leaps toward Ty's shoulder, but he intercepts it with a headbutt, knocking it across the pit. The rat survives the counterattack. Just kidding. It's super-dead.
-A rat claws Dorgath viciously, but fails to damage him.
-Dorgath punts the offending rat out of the pit. I don't know if that killed it, but some of the spectators freak out when it lands on them, so they smash it with their chairs. Dead rat.
-A rat charges Dorgath, but slips and is crushed under the butt of his axe.
-A rat charges Dorgath, but slips and gets punted into the wall of the pit. This is fatal.
-A rat leaps at Dorgath. He catches it and dashes it into the floor of the pit, killing it.
-Ty brings his flail down on the last rat, finishing the last of the vermin.
-Dorgath collects 125 gold.
-Tyresius collects 125 gold.

Carrow spots a man in the corner signal to someone. He seems to notice that Carrow is watching him, and quickly leaves. As he is running out the door, a gate swings open in the pit. Two roaring minotaurs approach Dorgath and Tyresius, swinging clubs menacingly...


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Ty roars right back at them as he wades into battle, attacking the nearest minotaur leading with the fist spike!


The Tentacled One
-The Power Phase is 3 for this turn. Nothing happens.
-Ty's Pit Training kicks in. He may move and attack before combat starts.
-Ty stabs a minotaur in the chest (2 damage).
-Ty catches a minotaur with a flurry of blows to the head (3 damage).
-Ty slashes a minotaur's torso (4 damage).
-Ty attempts to knee-strike a minotaur, but is knocked aside.
-Ty slams his knee into a minotaur (1 damage).
-Carrow is bumped into by rowdy spectators just as he is about to shoot a minotaur. He quickly regains his composure.
-Carrow shoots a minotaur in the head (2 damage). Bleeding from Ty's vicious attacks, and with an arrow buried in its skull, the beast somehow manages to remain standing.
-Ty clinches a minotaur and drives his fist spike into it. The minotaur finally collapses. Ty moves into its position.
-Ty slashes at a minotaur, but trips over a dead rat.
-Ty charges a minotaur, but his feet get tangled up on the same dead rat again. Stupid rat.
-Ty launches a knee strike, hitting a minotaur. The monster grunts, but resists the attack.
-Ty leaps onto a minotaur, catching it with a knee spike and his knuckle-dusters (2 damage).

-A minotaur clobbers Ty (3/15).
-A minotaur bashes Ty's head, knocking him out (0/15).

-Dorgath charges a minotaur. His attack is parried.
-Dorgath chops a minotaur (4 damage).

Dorgath still faces the threat of an angry minotaur, but Tyresius is in desperate need of medical attention...
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Man, my damage rolls this time around were deplorable...Do I have an opportunity to down a slug off a Heal-Itt potion before I fall unconscious?