Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


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No, he wanted a donkey. There's a very distinct difference. The chaos gods weep at the animal trader's selection.


The Tentacled One
Next round of private messages starting soon. I've been busy with work, but I should send them out in the next few days. Apologies for the delays. We're getting there...


Isengar Tussle
I am back and did not get to see anything about the legacy GP. Didn't even see the finals.
Not judging anymore keeps me out of the tournament loop...... sadness.


The Tentacled One
Ah, I imagine it would have been cool to see in person. 22-power Noble Hierarch trampled over Snapcaster Mage to beat Miracles in the finals.

Everyone got a PM by now, I think. At least one person has a choice to make with some of this stuff, and then once I get back from where my work is sending me this weekend, I'll try to move this forward some more...


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Make sure you find a nice ass. I'd sure hate to go walking around with some nasty ass in the group.


The Tentacled One
Throg is investigating the mystery of why none of the animal traders in Middenheim know where to find a donkey. Over the past couple of days, his sleuthing has turned up a few clues. He's still not sure what's going on, but he's pretty sure that Emrakul is involved...

Kelgar is hard at work spreading the message of Sigmar on the streets of the city.

Carrow checks out the fighting school. Elves aren't really part of the clientele at this place. They're all about burly, manly men. So he joins the audience and sees the pit fighters beat each other up. Soon, he sees Dorgath and Tyresius enter the arena. They have been challenged to clear the giant rats out of the pit...