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    Daenan, if you really want to go that way, I think the best route might be blue/white 'geddon/god with parallax tide/wave. Throw in story circles, mercadian lifts, false demise, second chance, radiant's dragoons, a couple of those anti-enchantment monks and some counterspells. See what you can do with the only creatures and land in the entire game. flicker might be good too.
  2. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I`m afraid I have to pass on the Tide/Haups deck, and on the Tide/Geddon or Wrath/Wave decks as they just don`t really achieve very much. I thought the Haups version had potential (anything with Haups has potential IMHO) but on looking for a deck it appears that the current card pool is extremely poor for this sort of deck. The closest I could get to an idea I would be willing to put my name to was a R/W/u deck that used Academy Rector to find something nasty after the Haups had gone off, and only splashed into blue for the Tide.
    By far the best version would be to just play Haups/Wave and recur 4/5 monsters after the Haups, not 4/5 land. I think that is more likely to be gamewinning and you do get to add in Enlightened Tutor really easily.

  3. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    I just realised that I missed a deck, so with apologies to yellowjacket this is in response to the CounterPhoenix-esque T2 deck he posted.

    Firstly I think you should read something, those of you who remember Aspect Of Control will probably remember this - I cut out some of the best bits I had written on Art and Aspect and out them up on the team website.
    (nothing like a good bit of ego-masturbation).
    How Control Beats Agression

    Go on - go and read it, and don`t come back until you`ve finished. And don`t just skip past it thinking it won`t matter because I`ll be asking questions later.


    All finished? Good, I hope it makes sense and you should have been paying particular attention to sections 2 and 3.
    So let`s analyse the CounterPhoenix deck:

    1. Time Advantage (27)
    4 Counterspell
    4 Miscalculation
    4 Rewind
    4 Power Sink
    4 Shock
    4 Parch
    3 Powder Keg

    2. Board Stability (2)
    2 Masticore

    3. Card Drawing (0)

    4. Kill (0)

    5. Anything else (6)
    4 Brainstorm
    2 Squee

    Okay, the obvious problem areas are card advantage and stability. That is where we need to address the deck`s weaknesses.
    Card advantage is THE most important thing in control design and it is the element that is ENTIRELY missing from your decklist. The only way your deck can conceivably gain card advantage is by Masticore, and then you probably need to have Squee in conjunction.
    As I said in the article there are two ways to attack the card advantage problem - mass removal and card drawing.
    +3 Earthquake
    +3 Dominate/Treachery
    +3 Stroke Of Genius
    +1 Masticore
    (otherwise known as +10 hard to get rare cards)
    -2 Squee
    -4 Brainstorm
    -4 Power Sink

    That alone should make the deck significantly better, but now I want to address a few individual choices. Firstly I took one look at the deck and thought "Albino Troll is a win", and it still is although I have just put another 7 cards in that can potentially contain it. I really like Hammer, and Hammer really likes me:
    +2 Hammer Of Bogardan
    and there was a good point about Seal Of Fire as this deck has almost nothing to do on the first turn but plenty on the second
    +2 Seal Of Fire
    -4 Parch

    For starters that`ll do. The new decklist is:
    Blue (1 8)
    4 Miscalculate
    4 Counterspell
    3 Stroke Of Genius
    3 Dominate (better than Treachery here IMHO)
    4 Rewind

    Red (11)
    4 Shock
    2 Seal Of Fire
    3 Earthquake
    2 Hammer Of Bogardan

    Artifact (6)
    3 Powder Keg
    3 Masticore

    Land (25)
    Okay, now we work on land mix. I usually break the deck down into Spells/Mana Symbols for each colour.
    Blue: 18/29
    Red: 11/13
    So although the deck is split 60/40 to blue in terms of cards in terms of mana requirements it is closer to 70/30. But compounding that is the fact we probably need to get UUR in our first four lands EVERY TIME.

    Straight down the middle:
    17 Islands, 8 Mountains
    City Of Brass/Multilands:
    16 Islands, 7 Mountains, 2 City Of Brass
    Faerie Conclaves:
    13 Islands, 3 Faerie Conclave, 2 City Of Brass, 7 Mountains
    Dust Bowls, because Villages would kick our ass (why Dominate is good):
    3 Dust Bowl, 11 Island, 3 Faerie Conclave, 2 City Of Brass, 6 Mountains
    Hmm, 16 blue sources, 8 red sources. Let`s swing that one point to the red for good measure:

    Land (25)
    3 Dust Bowl
    2 City Of Brass
    2 Faerie Conclave
    7 Mountain
    11 Island

    It`s scrappy mana, but then U/R has never had good mana since Thawing Glaciers went out - it`s always the weak point of the deck. We can`t run more Cities as the pain will kill us, and there are no other vaible multilands.


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  4. Daenen New Member

    Ok, Gizmo, lets tear apart my Dragon Wildfire deck.

    Threat Removal (12)
    4 Shock
    4 Avalanche Riders
    4 Pillage

    Stability (8, possibly 22)
    4 Wildfire
    2 Mishra's Helix
    2 Shivan Hellkite (Also Kill card)
    I believe that mana acceleration falls under your Stability category, so it's here too.
    2 Fire Diamond
    4 Monolith
    4 Dynamo
    4 Key

    Card Drawing (2)
    2 Urza's Blueprints

    KILL (4, 6 including Hellkite)
    4 Covetous Dragon

    Just wanted to see if I understood your article correctly, so I broke my deck down into the categories you talked about.
  5. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Well I think decks like Wildfire are never going to really fit into my control deck format. It doesn`t really sit in for the late game but hopes to accelerate high-impact spells into the early game.
    To use my format, but it stretches the system to it`s limits, would give you something like:

    Removal (12)
    4 Shock
    4 Pillage
    4 Avalanche Riders (stipulation that they are way overcosted for a removal spell and nearly made it as 'Other')

    Stability (4)
    4 Wildfire

    Drawing (2)
    2 Urza`s Blueprints

    Kill (8)
    4 Covetous Dragon
    2 Shivan Hellkite (a little expensive for Stability, but I see your point)

    Other (6)
    4 Voltaic Key
    2 Mishra`s Helix (defense an essential part of stability)

    Mana (30)
    4 Dynamo
    4 Monolith
    2 Diamond
    20 Land (if I add up correctly)

    This shows the true nature of the deck: extremely dependent on seeing key spells like one of the four Wildfire and it just doesn`t benefit from the analysis -just as Bargain, Stompy, or my Accelerated Black deck wouldn`t.
    This deck functions far more like a combo deck than control and that something useful that this analysis tells you - it gives a new angle on what exactly your deck does. Presumably until now you had been seeing it as a control deck, when in fact it is a deck that attempts to abuse two cards (Dragon/Wildfire) and the other spells it uses are almost entirely incidental.

    If you built a version along control lines you would change 20-30 cards and end up with a totally different deck (Tectonic RedLD) so I`m not going to bother.

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  6. Daenen New Member

    ok. Thanks.

    This is a different subject, though.

    Ever since the Nemisis spoiler, there has been one card that caught my eye:
    Rising Waters. I thought, how could I make this deck good? Permission? Old-School Prison? Then it hit me: Accelerated Blue!! Tinker, with out the Tinker!! This is a VERY rough draft, but please, if you can help, do so:

    16 Islands
    4 Rishadian Port
    4 Crystal Vein

    4 Voltaic Key
    3 Worn Powerstone
    3 Sky Diamond
    3 Grim Monolith
    2 Thran Dynamo
    3 Mishra's Helix
    2 Phyrexian Processor

    4 Cloud of Faeries
    3 Palinchron
    2 Morphling
    3 Phyrexian Colossus

    4 Rising Waters

    I wanted to put some counterspells in here, but I didn't have the room. Mind you, this is a semi-Rogue deck, (some Tinker, some Suicide Brown). Please tell me what you think.


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