Phage will own at the prerelease

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Azreal the Soulmaster, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    It does work in French as well. I happen to be somewhat moderately fluent in French and it is spelled the same way as the Spanish version, except that there are no accents on the a's.

    (- Steve -)
  2. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Temporary insanity from red would work also...
  3. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    White laughs as it plays Pacifism, Astral Slide, Sandskin, or blocks it with any creature with Crown of Awe on it.
    Green blocks it with a beast and kills it.
    Blue does what blue does; counter it, bounce it, steal it, or (worst-case scenario) gang-block and kill it.
    Red nearly busts a gut laughing as it blocks with a morpher, then flips up Charging Slateback. Oh, or a Shock and a Battering Craghorn. Or several other beasts. Or uses Erratic Explosion. Or Pinpoint Avalanche. Etc.
    Black notices that she's not a Zombie, and plays Cruel Revival. Or whips out the Death Pulse. Or blocks her forever with a Boneknitter.

    And those are just Onslaught cards. Phage does *not* impress me. She has a big ability to make Timmy drool all over her, but she's actually cleverly disguised crap.

    Oh, and Phage with Unquestioned Authority? Neat idea, till you get thrown out of the prerelease for sneaking in a Judgment card...
  4. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    Whoever in R&D decided to do this to the black legend must have been a rabid black hater and a white nut. Why put something like Phage in a block that is replete with answers to it? It's an insult to anyone who wants a 'you win' card to be anymore than casual.

    Anyhow, is there any way to put Phage into play under an opponent's control, or to Donate it, send it away temporarily and put it into play under that player's control? If so, then I owe R&D an apology. Perhaps False Demise would work?

    :D :D :D :D

    Also: Is 'you' the owner or the controller of the creature.?
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I think it's "controller", though I don't know how you can switch ownership between the time it's cast and the time it resolves.
  6. train The Wildcard!!!...

    It refers to controller...

    If it's speaking about ownership it will say so...: Despotic Scepter, Brand...
  7. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    Well, do I owe R&D an apology or not? FD seems to be a perfectly cromulent play. Thieves Auction also sounds good, but it's luxury-priced too. Just play it when the # of permanents is even, and a winner is you.

    Mountainx4 Swampx4 Phage Plainsx4 Islandx4 Akroma

    Me- Mountain
    You- Swamp
    Me- M
    You- S
    Me- Akroma
    You- P
    Me- Island......

    You- Phage.

    Phage: :mad: <SWAT!>
  8. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Until they bring back armageddon... i don't think any apologies should be made...
  9. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    1. False Demise or Shade's Form your Phage
    2. Donate both Phage and your Enchant Creature card.
    3. Pop Phage somehow
    4. Watch the look on your opponent's face as an angry Untouchable slaps it HARD.


    BTW: It's a great answer to non-optional creature theft like Helm of Obedience, Krovikan Vampire or Seraph. Don't forget that a Volrath's Shapeshifter is the best copy creature in Extended for creatures not in play.
  10. theorgg Slob

    By the way: You'd only have to donate the False Demise, not both the demise and phage.
  11. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    So much for 'Phage the Unplayable', huh? :)

    BTW: The Works is still better. It's just that Phage is more fun. Also, some of the Legions cards may support her greatly. I hope Scourge has a graveyard-to-opponent's-control donation card. That would help her a lot.

    Now I'll be looking for FDs, Donates, unblockability cards and flying cards. I already have 4 Shade's Form.
  12. bryson430 Revised-era type..

    How about Blue/Black - and a Show and Tell on the 3rd turn?

    Then, unsummon/bounce/whatever your opponents stuff and win turn 4?
  13. Shiro Time Devourer I have returned!

    One problem: Playing it from your hand requires paying the mana cost and playing it. Getting into play via another spell or ability will cause you to lose the game.
  14. bryson430 Revised-era type..

    Is that the official definition of "playing it from your hand?"

    I thought as with Show and Tell it comes from your hand (as opposed to your graveyard, or whatever) that would count.

    I stand corrected.

    False demise/donate it is then...
  15. train The Wildcard!!!...

    Actually "play" should be the key word...
  16. Razormouse New Member

    all you have to do is slide her out, and your opponenet loses the game duh!
  17. Mikeymike Captain Hiatus

    (I didn't read the whole thread so if I'm repeating something I apologize)

    I'd have to imagine that she works the same way as Hypnox - which still leaves the question of what exactly does 'play from your hand' mean? Does a Quicksilver Amulet bypass the restrictions?

    Because of AstroGlide, its highly unlikely that she'd ever see play in constructed. And that's a shame b/c she'd be 1 heluva finisher for MBC which often has the mana for a Diabolical Tutor and a Phage in the same turn, and often leaves the opponent with no creatures to block with.
  18. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Touch of Invisibility.
  19. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, I don't know if Phage owned at your prerelease or even mine overall, but my very first opponent got his Phage out but I managed to race him and win with a 3/3 flyer while he was busily destroying my ground forces :) Of course, he then won the next 2 games, but didn't get Phage out again...
  20. EricBess Active Member

    Had one guy ask about Scion of Darkeness. He attacks with Scion and is blocked by a 4/4 creature. 2 damage tramples through and he wants to know if he can target the creature that was just killed.

    The rules allow it, so I said that it was not a problem. Lucky for him, he actually read the card (Phage) and decided to target a different creature instead :D

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