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  1. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    I feel like writing a soap opera. The CPA soaps!

    Title: The CPA, My CPA

    Let's meet the characters:

    Zadok001- Single man, a good looking guy. Heavy build, blonde hair and blue eyes. Girls faint when he passes. Plays varsity football.

    Almindhra- Our beautiful highschool cheerleader, peepy, perky and clever as a fox. Has a secret crush on Joseph.

    Joseph- A silent guy, gets good grades. Has a secret crush on Purple.

    Purple Jester- The hot, most popular girl in school, likes Zadok.

    DUke- The school bully, suspended many times for beating kids up and cutting their necks with a knife and suking their blood. Loves Purple.

    dw51688- A kid, rival of Multani grade-wise. Plays soccer and tennis.

    Multani- One of the smartest in the school. He has maintained a perfect GPA since the 3rd grade.

    Orgg- The fat, tall dork that sits in the back and gets ignored by everyone

    Our story begins in Rowe High School...

    Zadok001 walks past Purple on his way to football practice.

    Purple: Gee, I wish he would just ask me out.

    DUke hears purple and says: He's not gonna ask you out, but I certainly would.

    DUke strips for Purple.

    Purple: I would never in my life date such a horrible, horrible man!

    Purple slaps DUke across the face


    Meanwhile in AP Chemistry....


    Orgg: (mumbled) Wish I could get over a 100... over a 90, even...

    Mr. S: Multani, that's the highest you could get.

    Multani: Oh, I thought 111 was the highest.

    Multani wipes off a few pounds of sweat.

    Meanwhile on the sidelines...


    Joseph: Hey, purple, wait. Um you wanna go to the spring ball with me?

    Purple: sure um okay. I guess.

    Joseph: Great, I'll pick you up at 7?

    Purple: Sounds great!

    Almindhra throws a great look of disgust + Jealousy at Purple and then goes up to her.

    Almindhra: Hey girl, what you doin with my man?

    Purple: Well I didn't know you two were like going out or anything?

    Almindhra: Well we aren't but, shut up!

    Purple: Your screwed up!!

    Almindhra: You think I'm screw do you? COme here and say that to my face!

    Purple: Bring it on girl.

    (depressing violin music in the background) What's going to happen between Purple and Almindhra? DUke and Purple? Multani's grades? Will Zadok finally ask Purple out? Stay tuned for the next episode of: THE CPA, MY CPA!
  2. Darsh Corrupt CPA Member

    Hey Dw, can we add our own little parts to the story?


    Darsh-The loner of the school, has a lot of friends, but doesn't talk much until you get to know him.

    Darsh walks around the school

    Darsh: School seems awful big for just 8 people.

    Watches the fighting, a thin smile crosses his face.

    Darsh: This looks interesting, I think I'll sit and watch for awhile.

    Sits under a nearby tree, starts watching the commotion.
  3. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    Um, just PM me your ideas or parts and I'll try to work it into the story.
  4. Jaws10387 Hiding

    What about me! I rival you and Multani in grades. I'll call you what you call eric if you don't add me fro haired boy.
  5. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    I started to laugh when I read "Almindhra"'s discription...I hope thats a parody...I'm soo not a

    A cheerleader who wears black everyday...A cheerleader who spends hours everyday on the computer...A cheerleader whos intelligent and talented...A cheerleader whos had a bf for over a week...I could go on for hours...hahahaha...

    You're funny dw...thanks for writing me into the story though...
  6. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    How could you forget me. I'm hurt :(

    Oh well, no time to waste

    [me]runs off to Battle Arena to slash some heads off[/me]
  7. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    I add people every episonde. I just had to start with people with the most distinct characteristics.

    Let's meet our new characters:

    Nodnarb24: He did a project on rats in the 3rd grade and has been obsessed with them since. He has a crush on no one except for his dear dear rats. Nicknamed "The Rat king"

    Darsh: The cool hip guy who makes up raps. Leader of his own little gang. Loves Erinpuff.

    Ed Sullivan: The computer lab teacher.

    Erinpuff: Has a secret crush on Darsh but to shy to tell him.

    Cateran Emperor: Kid absolutely obsessed with Star Wars.

    Last week Almindhra and Purple got in a fight about Joe...



    Purple advances on Almindhra and pulls on her hair and won't let go.

    DUke approaches the two girls...

    DUke: Hey purple. You sexy little hottie. You Almindhra, are FIESTY!

    Purple and Almindhra throw each other stunned looks. Then they both look at DUke.

    Purple: Hey Almindhra, Truce?

    Almindhra: Sure.

    Both women approach on DUke...


    Later in the halls...

    Darsh is rappin in front of Erinpuff...

    Darsh: she's hot..... Erinpuff......She's wicked nice.....She's Erinpuff

    Wanna be my girlfriend?

    Erinpuff blushes

    Erinpuff: Hehe um okay

    Darsh: Well are you sure you can handle me?

    Erinpuff: Definitely

    Darsh: We'll see about that.....

    Darsh starts making out with Erinpuff.

    Nodnarb runs around the halls...


    Cateran Emperor: He's a psycho!

    Random girl: He's kinda cute though!

    Cateran Emperor looks at her

    Random Girl: AHem.. Um I meant uh I agree.

    Back to the football field where DUke is still being assaulted by the women...

    Purple: Had enough DUke!

    DUke: Nope, I hope you're just startin'

    Purple knees him where it hurts

    Purple: You really think so?

    DUke: Fine, okay, okay!

    Purple: You eva' gonna call me sexy again?

    DUke: Maybe..

    Purple knees him again

    DUke: Fine no. NO! I WON'T

    Purple and Almindhra stop assaulting him.

    DUke gets up.

    DUke: But you are fine!

    DUke starts stripping

    Purple: OH NO YOU DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Purple starts chasing DUke

    DUke runs

    When will DUke learn? What will happen with our relationships? Find out on the next episode of: THE CPA, MY CPA.
  8. terzarima New Member

    Hehe a twisted plot.... From a twisted mind....
  9. terzarima New Member

    Hey if you add people every episode I can be the poetry loving band freak.... yeah Tenor saxaphone!! mmm
  10. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    I swear! This is the funniest soap opera I've ever seen. (Then again, this is the first soap opera I've ever read.) :D

    Improvements: Give me a: slight temper.
    occasional coldness.
    mediocre level of humor.
    insistent use of "big" words. (I do that in real life.)
    Asks alot of questions in class.
    Occasional shyness.
    Has a small circle of close friends. (Dw, Jaws, Joseph, and Cateran Emperor.)
    Question: Is Cateran Brawny???
  11. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    I can't wait to read what happens next. Maybe I'll find out who that random girl is. :D
  12. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    I am yet again inspired. One more for the day.

    New characters:

    Ademis: Very sensitive soul. Preaches his poems to all who listen.

    Random girl: We unveil this girl to be.... WHIMSICAL!!!!! Now you know who it is nodnarb.

    In the hospital, DUke lies in agony. He thinks, "maybe I shouldn't be so biased, so shallow, so typical" I shall return to school preaching quotes of wisdom and advice. Yeah that's it.

    Purple enters hospital room crying

    Purple: I am so sorry. I was just a little angry, I never meant for this to happen. I am so sorry DUke.

    DUke: That's all right. It is my fault, I was a jerk.

    Purple: Oh I am so sorry, oh no I'm lait for my field hockey game. I'll talk to you later. Bye! I am so sorry.

    DUke: That's okay, good luck at your game.

    At the field hockey game...

    Zadok: Hey purple, good luck at your game

    Purple: Hi. Hehe, thanks

    Purple blushes and goes to the locker room to change. She opens her gym locker and a poem falls out:

    The red rose whispers of passion,
    ...And the white rose breathes of love;
    O, the red rose is a falcon,
    ...And the white rose is a dove.

    But I send you a cream-white rosebud
    ...With a flush on its petal tips;
    For the love that is purest and sweetest
    ...Has a kiss of desire on the lips.

    -From Joe

    Purple sighs.

    Purple: Ohhh. How romantic.

    Purple's teamate #1: Wow! Somebody's feelin you girl!

    Purple's teamate #2: I wish someone loved me that much.

    Later on, during the game...

    Purple: I got it

    Purple lunges...

    Purple:OWWWW! I think I broke my leg!

    Purple's teamate #1: Oh no!!!!!

    Purple is brought to the hospital...

    Joseph goes into her room...

    Purple: I am sorry Joe, I don't think I can go to the dance.

    Joe: That's all right, I'll still always love you.

    Joe begins to cry

    Joe: I can stay here no longer. I will be in to much pain.

    As Joe leaves, a piece of paper falls to the floor.

    Purple: Wait you forgot something.

    Joe does not hear for he is already far gone.

    Purple picks up the paper and reads it:

    Shall I come, sweet love, to thee
    When the evening beams are set?
    Shall I not excluded be?
    Will you find no feigned let?
    ...Let me not for pity more
    ...Tell the long hours at your door.

    Who can tell what thief or foe
    In the covert of the night
    For his prey will work my woe,
    Or through wicked foul despight?
    ...So may I die unredressed,
    ...Ere my long love be possessed.

    But to let such dangers pass,
    Which a lover's thoughts disdain:
    'Tis enough in such a place
    To attend love's joys in vain.
    ...Do not mock me in thy bed
    ...While these cold nights freeze me dead......

    Purple: Ohhh.

    Purple cries silently

    What will happen between these two teens in such love? Find out on the next episode of: THE CPA, MY CPA.
  13. nodnarb24 Supreme Overlord/The Rat King

    The anticipation. Will Purple be able to go to the dance with joe? Will Duke actually change his ways?
  14. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    The hardest part of that one were the poems.
  15. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    I can assure you the next one is gonna be somewhat of a suprise. I mean what will happen. So I'll let you wonder... Tomorrow is the start of the weekend so I might have anywhere from 1-4 a day evenly dispersed time-wise.
  16. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Intense story dw, keep up the good work, don't pull a CPA notables on us.

    A man with his back turned.
    The tiger creeping upon him.
    The man sits still.
    The tiger starts to rears up.
    For the leap.
    The tiger extends its long legs.
    The man turns to see blurry blue.
    The tiger lands and there is no man to be seen.
    Only a dead *untypible* lays beside the tiger.

    (I only look like a moral man)
  17. Apollo Bird Boy

    I want to join! I could be PJ's pet bird:) Or whatever!

    Anyway, DW, this is great!! It's almost as funny as the Weatherlost (a high compliment, believe you me)!
  18. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    I love the weatherlost. This story is just my interpretation of what it would be like if every member of the CPA were in the same school.

    [me]shivers just at the thought of this[/me]
  19. terzarima New Member

    Haha!! I can help with the poetry Dw!!! maybe I'll send some to you by pm
  20. dw51688 The Mad Scientist

    Just to get you wondering, here is a little part from the next episodeā€¦

    As purple lay restless in her hospital bed, she reads the bible:

    "The heathen are sunk down by in the pit that they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken. The Lord is known by the judgement which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his wown hands. The wicked shall be turned into hell."

    She lay pondering this, then falls into her rest.

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