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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Wonka, Sep 11, 2001.

  1. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    In regards to my last post, I had not pointed fingers at any particular group. I still am not, but we know more about who is behind this.

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  2. mpgsheep New Member

    I asked this earlier, and i got no real reply. Does anyone know of any CPA members who may have got injured or worse in these attacks? As for everything else that has been said, I think that patience must be had by the American and world governments. Witch hunts and speculation are not what is needed. What is needed foremost are thoughts for those who lost their lives, and compassion and aid for those who are still trapped and condolences and sympathy for the relatives of those involved. Lastly i think that people should be giving blood. Countless amounts of blood will be needed to aid this rescue operation, so go to your local hospital and do your bit.

    Heres hoping all in the CPA are well...
  3. Bob Idiot

    I am so sorry. When I posted the Nuke em thing, I was too mad to think.

    We dont need to kill any more people. If we do this, we'll be almost as bad as them.

    Extremely sorry. Especially to DUke and other Arab-Americans.

  4. maraud234 Sir Psycho Sexy

    I personally want revenge on those who commited these acts. An attack like this is haneous. How could anybody do this?...... The same way Hitler killed 6 million jews, how Stalin purged(killed) 10 million of his own citizens, how the Japanese commited atrocities on Korean citizens in their time of occupation, how 10,000 Albanians were killed by Milosovik, how blacks were lynched, and how African tribes can wipe each other out everyday. It all boils down to two things, hate and arrogance. I still believe we should punish those responsible with EXTREME PREJUDICE, but don't get hateful and arrogant. I personally don't want people killing arabs for what happened, and it's completely possible. Being a Korean/Irish American, I know exactly what hate is. I've lost family in N.Ireland, and what are they fighting for? Because each side believes that the other's religion is the right one, when in the end it's the same religion, Christianity. They are arguing over how Jesus said things, and they are making their arguments with guns and bombs. I face racism alot because I am half Korean; the last thing I would want is for people to come hurt me because of what some other idiots did. So I please ask you, don't blame all arabs, blame those who are really responsible.
  5. Ransac CPA Trash Man


    Ransac, cpa trash man
  6. Purple_jester New Member

    If the US will stike back at the fiends who did this, let it not be out of hatred or revenge, but instead for the nobler purpose of preventing a tragedy like this from ever happening again. I feel the pain and anger. I may not be from the US, but I can sympathize deeply. I have a beloved aunt who works only a block away from the WTC. We haven't heard from her yet and we're assuming the worst...

    I'm sorry. But I won't be signing on for a while. :(
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Mostly to Gizmo:
    Sure it is. And so is Russia, China, England, France, you name it.

    This is more due to Bush's stance on several world topics than the US as a whole.

    Hmmm, my response probably would have been "It's about time the US got attacked, maybe they'll actively join in the fight against terrorism now".
  8. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    I understand that last bit, but I don't think loss of life is a good way to goad the US into activity. Unfortuantely, it may be the only way to get the response needed... given the choice, I would not choose this as a way.

    Sorry if I'm repeating or ignoring anyone else's post, I skipped to the last page.

    And Amen to those who say we should not discriminate. It is hard not to, and not to want to go blow the ones responsible off the face of the earth. There are, however, so many innocents that would suffer from discrimination and rash acts. I heard that people are starting to flee from Afghanistan, and that the country basically begged for mercy.
  9. Mr.Gnome The Great Flaming Gnome

    I am going to respond the same to all these threads
    This is my personal opinion i don't give a oink if some people are insulted!
    Gizmo: From what you are saying it sounds like if you knew who the terrorists were you would have ran up and happily joined them!
    My opinion is that once we get good hard evidence about who this is we drop a nuke on their oinking country! I dont care one bit if the rest of the country is responsible or not, they paraded in the streets chearing our deaths! You could say that "the children are just blinded by propaganda" That may be but these terrorists were once blinded children and look what they did! Killed thousands of innocent people! No one that parades in the streets chearing the deaths of people is innocent, they deserve to be shot. Don't bother arguing cuz i won't listed to any of yer buloink, i cannot be convinced!
    If I have offended anyone then they have a messed up mind and anyone who is saying things that defends the terrorists such as "we deserved it cuz of our forign policies" is just as bad as the ones that did this!
    I hope that some of you can stop being heartless b@st@rds and actually feel sorry for the people who died and support the US in taking action against these terrorists.
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    This was already posted in the General forum and hopefully remains as one of the very minority opinions here...
  11. Baskil CPA Member

    I'd hate to break it to you, bud. The U.S. were jumping for joy at similar actions during WWII both in Japan and in Germany. You can't tell me that there weren't people celebrating us firebombing large cities. Same logic applies to from the eyes of these people celebrating. :rolleyes:
  12. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I hate to break it to you, bud, but that was in the middle of a war which had been declared and was recognized by both sides. This was a unilateral attack by a terrorist organization that was so cruel, so heinous, that they won't even own up to doing the deed.

    To me, that makes a difference :mad:
  13. mpgsheep New Member

    however both are celebrating the deaths of innocents
  14. DÛke Memento Mori

    Oh hooooo, he's disagree with you, TomB. We should ban him.
  15. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Again, DÛke, I'm not suggesting banning anyone for what they've said. Everyone here is entitled to their opinions, however misguided.

    It's the American way! :D
  16. Zhaneel Resident Gryphon Queen

    Those parading were a minority, and do not represent most of the country(ies).

    After what you said about nuking the whole country, innocents included, you seem to fall in this category.

    And nuking innocents isn't being heartless?

    I'm sorry, but this argument seems to contradict itself all too much and does not make much sense to me.
  17. Bob Idiot

    *Reads his first post here again*


    What was I thinking??

    I remember I was sick that day and wasn't thinking correctly. But you all know that. I never think correctly lol.
  18. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    (As an aside, I think everybody here should read Slaughterhouse Five.)

    mpgsheep: fuzzy lives within 5 miles of Washington D.C., and I live within 10 miles of it.
    I don't know who, if anyone, lives near NYC.


    I agree with mpgsheep about the WWII thing. In the minds of the people who were gloating (and who, might I remind you, represented a MINORITY of people in the area), things are no different. And until one of you goes there and changes all of those peoples' minds, there is nothing you can do about it. Don't blame them for disagreeing with you.
    For instance, the firebombing of Dresden in World War II was, in the minds of those people present, a terrorist act. This was a CIVILIAN city, one of the oldest cities in Germany. There was no military target there. Instead, there was a rich cultural and artistic history.
    And we bombed them. For no reason.

    There are definitely other events like this in history, perpetrated by most countries. The Holocaust springs to mind when talking about WWII, and I am not trying to downplay that at all.

    Even though in one person's mind, two things may have nothing to do with each other, they may be perfectly linked in another person's mind. This is part of the whole "Each person is entitled to an opinion" thing. It is our duty to respect that.
    And there might well be similar thoughts among people in the countries where people were shown dancing.
    Be glad we can openly discuss these things.

    I understand that, to you, it makes a difference.
    But to me and mpgsheep (and a few other people here), it doesn't.
  19. Apollo Bird Boy

    Hey... at least this thing is bringing back some members that haven't posted in a while...

    Nice to see ya, Zhaneel! How's it going?

    (BTW, it should be noted that MrGnome (thankfully) had a change of heart over in another forum and has apologized for his comments).
  20. Baskil CPA Member

    Yeah, it has (me being one of them =P) I figured this was one of the best places to post about this since there's a sense of civility here. You should see how other boards are like :rolleyes:

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