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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DÛke, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. DÛke Memento Mori

    So I was little bored writing my essays, decided to drop to the CPA and see how everything is., or, yawn.

    The first thing that shocked me is the intelligence level, which, as I recall, less than a year ago was very feverous albeit intelligent. The kids around here, now, seem to wander around these forums, with their filthy mouths, unable to whimper the slightest of meaning. I am sorry, but if you cannot speak any English, you should not visit an all-English-material site.

    I know the CPA have always been "politically correct," welcoming the retarded, filthy, and disabled, but it seems that "political correctness" can only go for long before it spites its masters, flooding the place with its stench.

    "Oh but..." one retard would attempt to utter a meaning, a so-called "reply," but will falter before he is able to form the meaning in his head. Another retard would attempt to joke, but wait!, he jokes about everything - what's the difference? Other retards would say "this" and "that" and "so" and "so" and...a sigh of relief - heavens!- they are finally able to make a euphemism out of this! Yes! - they found the few right words which can turn this into something more pleasing, something to feel proud of.

    If this is a home for the retarded, then yes, I should not be so harsh on those physically disabled, mentally rejected, poor little fleas; if it were any other place, well, please take off the "welcome" sign.

    If I were the webmaster of this disorder, I would tear this flea-magnet apart so fast, the retards just might notice.

    "Oh - I forgot to say 'hi.' It doesn't matter - it would have been one more word to add to your gotta-C-da-dikshinaary list."
  2. theorgg Slob

    Hi, DUke.

    Welcome back.
  3. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    I hate you so much Duke.
  4. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Luk ey ken sple y r u maknig funn of eme?!!111

    Anyway, after reading the last page of the "I'm going to hell for this" thread, I'm disappointed with the grammar skills of the CPA, though it's not usually that way.
  5. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody


    Great to have you back DUke. It's always fun to read people's reactions to you.

    *sits back, and enjoys.
  6. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Ah, the notorious DÛke. Feeling the need to lash out at all that is different fromwhat you remember? One thing you need to realize w/ any forum/discussion group/bulletin board environment is that they go through phases and no two phases will be the same. You will find times when people are posting some really stimulating things and then you'll find there are times when people are just posting for fun and not caring what others think of them. Who cares? If you can't adapt to the changes then feel free to vanish again. If you want to try and keep up you're always welcome.


  7. Apollo Bird Boy

    Yo, DUke. Long time no see.
  8. DÛke Memento Mori

    The "one thing" I need to realize I already realize. It appears that this forum does not stagnate indeed - stagnation would be a miracle in this place. Rather, as opposed to evolving (or even the suggested "stagnating"), this garbage seems to enjoy resetting itself, degrading, and un-evolving. You know, it is almost like a sorrow reflection, a portrayal of mankind.

    “Feel free to vanish again?” No sir – I might vanish, but I’ve met some of the greatest people in here, lifetime companions even. But oh, how utterly am I unsurprised, how enamoring that you nicely suggest me to “vanish” if I cannot “adapt” to the “changes.” Maybe if we give a face lift to such a claim, it would sound more truthful: “if you cannot act stupid at times, then leave.” Ah, now that I know what you mean, I can give consideration, not to mention, proper respect.

    I’m not trying to insult anyone in particular, or if you think I am then do so please. I’m not exactly “back” because I never exactly “left” – it’s called “school.” It just seems that this place is in need of some serious cleaning. Or maybe I just like things clean (I guess subjectivity does play tricks like that.)

    “Stagnation=death, and stupidity=stagnation, therefore, stupidity=death. Oh my lord!”
  9. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    The CPA is actually my sanctuary from the idiots found on the internet. You haven't seen stupidity until you've been in a chat room. Here's a pseudoquote:

    "Ayn hott chikz in heer?1"
    "do u haeve a pic?"

    By the way, DÛke, it was really quite nice of you to send me links to web pages that crashed my computer.
  10. Bob Idiot

    We didn't need that to realize stupidity equals death.


    Welcome Back DUke.
  11. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I like the word Fizzle... instead of vanish...

    as for everyone else... what's the big deal with Duke...:rolleyes:

    Seems like a candidate for comeback of the year if DUke stays... as for causing "trouble"...

    Midnight Barbecues are fun!...
  12. Bob Idiot

    Lol don't know never met him before.

    and I have no idea how you two will react, lol.

    But it will be funny.

    *Sits down next to Azreal*

    Popcorn, Azreal?
  13. theorgg Slob

    A big mushroom-shaped cloud forms in mind after reading that sentence...
  14. train The Wildcard!!!...

    There's nothing wrong with Shrooms... :eek:

    especially when fried...

  15. Bob Idiot

    Yeah, that's probably it.

    but, it will be funny!

    *gets out soda*

    Hey, train, have any beer for us? or, even better, coat?
  16. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    don't mind if I do

    *munches on some popcorn.
  17. EricBess Active Member

    Boy, miss posting for one day, and look what happens...

    Hey, Duke, you back to your old tricks, too? :D

    It sure is good to hear from you. I still owe you that email, haven't forgot, just haven't gotten around to it. Sigh...

    As far as the newbies around here, there are some good minds. Yeah, there are a bunch of imature kids that think they know everything, too, but I'm sure you would never relate to that, right :D

    Actually, I think Duke and train would get along just fine. It would indeed be fun, says I.

    Anyway, feel free to drop by more often.
  18. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...To what limit must I deceive myself so as to even feel partially amused that I get a reply as this:
    Oh, sorry, you also added your little lifeless "roll-eyes" at the end, suggesting that there is a "life” beyond those words. I'm sorry, but am I disrupting your rusty atmosphere, train, am I suddenly uttering words that seem beyond comprehension to an extent that I appear as to be causing a "trouble?" How satisfyingly expected of you to be unnerved! I can guess, and this is merely a silly guess, that you would be the first to vote a book to be banned if it did not parallel with the lies you tell yourself, the lies that you inhale so readily and constantly just to keep from knowing anything that even posses a slight tick of life. "But duke, u r da 1 who do'nt like for us to b liveleee," a fool would exclaim, trying to recite a contradiction. Liveliness is different than idiocy, but am I expecting many to be able to differentiate? Not at all. "Oh, but you're whining Duke...instead of whining, why don't you start good topics," yeah, and disregard people who cannot speak English, cannot write, are semi-intelligent in whatever cage of knowledge they are living in, and are filthy? Oh, but who am I speaking to - it is quite usual to mask the filth as opposed to clean it, alter the words instead of know what they mean."So what do you want," an animal would moan - I want nothing, however I thought that, in order to intellectually evolve, a person or a place must be not the opposite of itself, in this case, the person cannot be stupid. Am I wrong? Wait! - how comical of me to present you with such a difficult, problematic question! Forgive me!

    "Tell me that you can answer me this, at least, without sounding like an idiot: what is your name?"

    I forgot to reply to something:

    Foundation Of IdiotEVERmore - a person who claims to hate another is exactly the same person who is able to hate himself, and he who is able to even slightly hate himself – how filthy, how ignorant, how truth-hating, how life-denying is such a person!
  19. TomB Administrative Assistant

    I knew you'd be back...:rolleyes:
  20. Apollo Bird Boy

    *Apollo fles over and perches on Bob's shoulder, leaning over to take a beakful of popcorn.*

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