Hey baby, whats your sign?...

Discussion in 'Classic Questions' started by Almindhra, Sep 5, 2000.

  1. Mr_Pestilence Wumpus

    I'm a Leo, and you are a Virgo.
  2. sageridder Legendary Cpa Member

    Hotels motels holiday inn...,sorry time warped again i'm a vergo.And being a dr. Who fan i would say you were born under the sign of crossed computers.
  3. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Aquarius, and I absolutely HATE that song (damn hippies, but then you should have guessed I would say that :D )

    Almindhra's a...hmm...I'll say (rolls a dice) Gemini!
  4. nanokill Veteran CPA Member<BR><FONT co


    I am a bull and I am pround:D to be one, and almindra since everyone hasn't posted this one yet I'll guess u are a Taurus also.

    hey everyone else posted their own, why not me. I'll be a leader another time.:D
  5. Sleepy Narcoleptic CPA Member

    and i'll bet she's an aries.
  6. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    I've heard of Zodiac signs, but could somebody explain exactly what it is and how it works?

    Hawaiian Mage: Your a rat. Go figure.
  7. Jaws10387 Hiding

    tag guard

    I think I'm libra. Not sure though. I thinks you might be too. Just a wild guess. I'm a rabbit.
  8. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    I'm a Leo/Virgo. Don't ask. :)
  9. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...I'm an Aquarius, and so are you Almindhra:).

    General personality traits: Aquarius individuals need to experience the human condition as a totality rather than from a personal viewpoint. They think in broad concepts which can verge on the dogmatic. Intellectual, independent, enigmatic and an extrovert. Negative qualities include stubborn and opinionated, naive and dismissive of personal emotions.

    Yep, that's me!
    I guess that's why I'm so cheerful all the time:).
  10. Killer Joe Active Member

    <a very loud> Pfffft! Yeah, she's a Virgo alright, NOT!......oh, wait,......Virrrrrrgo, oh, hey, I'm sorry, I thought you meant.........never mind.
    What sign is someone when they're born on the first of January?
    I'm a Taurus, and yeah, I'm full of Bullcrap (go on and say it).

    "Signs, signs, everywhere are signs......"
  11. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Yes...Congrats to Hetemti for guessing it first!...Also congrats to Darsh...Duke why would you think I'd be the same same sign as you?...*shudders*...And Yellowjacket, we won't even go there...( ps, did you get my message about Matt? )...

    Multani...Zodiac signs have to do with the date of your birth...Different from the Chinese horoscope which deals with the year in which you were born...( I'm a rooster for that one )...

    So yes, I am a New Year's baby...Just when you think you're celebrating the new year, you're really celebrating me!!!!....Yes!...Thank you, thank you!...Me!!!....hahahahaha!!!
  12. Thrash Golem New Member

    im a leo

    but who cares?

    the title makes me wanna shout out pick up lines.

    my personal favorite is:

    Hey, are those your eyes, or did someone take the stars out of the sky and shove them in your face!??!
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    They're also based on Greek mythology.

    But I have no idea on why the signs are related to their dates.
  14. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare


    What's my prize?
  15. pallad New Member

    and of course i'm a leo, cause that sign kicks ever other sign's ass (j/k)
  16. Apollo Bird Boy

    I'm an aquarius. I can't even spell it. Am I right?
  17. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Your prize is a lovely...



    Windows 95 package!!!....Complete with bugs and enough error messages to outlast a lifetime!!!...Woo hoo!!!....*hands Hetemti the box full of funsies*...And remember, Bill Gates is your friend...
  18. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Yup, you're right Apollo...
  19. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare



    " "
  20. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Don't you like your prize?....:(

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