Crapstorm: A New Game: Because... Why Not?

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  1. turgy22 Nothing Special

    The party descends the craps table carefully and moves south across the still-vacant chessfield toward the Queens Zoo. Upon arriving at the gates of the game preserve, two guards stand by and open the gates so that the party can continue toward the king's castle. One of the guards from the gate escorts the group straight to the castle, where the king is waiting by the door.

    Day 2
    Time: 10:30pm

    "Hey there fellas," he says. Great job on getting those animals back. Honestly, I didn't think you could do it. Here is your reward as promised."

    Each party member acquires 15 pounds.

    "Anyway, I'm afraid I can't accommodate you too well tonight. My in-laws are staying over for the weekend, so I can't provide meals or nice rooms. You can crash on the futon in the dungeon... er... basement until morning if you need to rest up. The mall and the zoo both open at 10, if you want to check them out. In fact, that's about the time my in-laws will wake up, so I need you gone by then. We're also going to need those nets back. I suppose you can keep one. You might find it handy somewhere else."

    "I gotta go now. See ya!"

    With that, the king hurries off to another part of the castle. The guard who escorted you to the castle speaks up, "It's up to you if you want to stay here for the night. If you want to, I'll bring you down to the dungeon. Otherwise, I'll escort you safely back to the Queens Gate and you can go where you please from there."

    Status Updates
    Everyone loses 17 fullness and 13 energy from traveling.

    The party is currently in Queens (the King's Castle).
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Pika?" Pikachu looks inquiringly at the others.
  3. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    "It seems to me that we're all pretty tired and hungry -- and all injured, at least to some extent. I vote we stay the night in the dungeon. It probably won't kill us -- but if it does, that hasn't stopped Melkor's Ghost from getting along just fine."
  4. turgy22 Nothing Special

    The guard leads the party down to the dungeon. It consists of a single room, about 40 feet long by 25 feet wide. On the far side, away from the door, is a queen-sized futon. Near the back wall, there's a foosball table. On the floor next to the front wall lies an enormous banana, bigger than the size of a man.

    The guard points to the banana, "You can eat some of that if you're hungry. It's an extra banana from the king's Kong. Don't try to eat it all at once." With that, he turns and goes back up the stairs.

    The party acquires an enormous banana.
  5. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    McGill flushes with shame.

    "They sure do know how to make a guy feel inadequate around here..."

    McGill proceeds to tear off bits of the banana to sate his hunger.

    After eating, McGill asks, "Anybody up for foosball?"
  6. turgy22 Nothing Special

    McGill eats ten servings of the enormous banana. His stomach is quite full and his body is enriched with potassium.

    McGill gains 50 fullness and 10 energy.
  7. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Ward eats some of the banana and tries to go to sleep.
  8. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    pete tries some of the banana knowing that an ancient ancstor once rode in a shipment of the fruit.
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Piiikaaaa..." Pikachu nibbles at the banana.
  10. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Everyone in the party eats some banana, then rests for about 12 hours (sorry McGill, looks like no one else is up for foosball) and feels completely refreshed and a little less achy than before. Everyone wakes up hungry and the group finishes the rest of the banana. The baby dice are making a strange rattling noise.

    Day 3
    Time: 10:00 am

    A guard comes down to the dungeon to announce that the zoo and mall are now open. He has been instructed to escort the party to either location or back to Route Two.

    Upon seeing the eaten banana, he remarks that the enormous peel can be used for other purposes. Taking four strings off the peel, he ties two to each end of the peel, creating a makeshift bed, so long as you can find a place to hang it.

    The party acquires a banana hammock.

    Status Updates
    Everyone's energy is restored to 80 from resting. Everyone then gains an additional 5 energy from banana vitamins.
    Everyone is feeling full from eating banana.
    Everyone gains 6 pain from resting.
  11. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    That was a long way to go to make a Speedo joke.
  12. turgy22 Nothing Special

    You can never go too far to make a Speedo joke.
  13. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Pika!' Pikachu is ready to go!
  14. turgy22 Nothing Special

  15. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    "Hey guys, I see Pikachu eyeing that corner over there to befoul the floor. Maybe we better decide where to go when he's done, so that we can get far away from his electrified business."
  16. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Pika!" :mad: Pikachu gives McGill an angry look.
  17. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    "Sure, do all the 'pika' business that you like -- but if it's going to be a 'mega' or 'giga,' please let us vacate the room first."

    McGill thinks for a moment.

    "On a thoroughly unrelated note, I vote we go to the mall. I could go for some window shopping."
  18. turgy22 Nothing Special

    The guard leads the group outside, where Pikachu makes a pikapoo on the castle lawn. One of the groundskeepers hurries over to pick up the clump of pikal matter, which he then uses to power his electric hedge clippers.

    Everyone then travels aways to the Queens Mall. There are 32 stores in the mall: 15 phone stores, 15 teen/young adult clothing stores, a pharmacy and a liquor store. There's also a food court. There used to be a department store, but it departed.

    Day 3
    Time: 10:24 am

    Status Updates
    Everyone loses 2 fullness and 1 energy from traveling.

    At this point, everyone's in the mall until everyone's ready to depart. Individuals are free to explore and/or shop at leisure.
  19. rokapoke Man Among Gods

    "Ooh, a liquor store," slurred McGill. "Finally, I can wash down the terrible taste of sobriety!"
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    "Pika!" Pikachu walks over to the food court.

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