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Chaos Turtle

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Alrighty, I went back to the old forum, titled "What is the card you have always wanted....MADE?" (or something like that) and started digging up card ideas we posted there for an Apprentice patch containing CPA-created cards.

I've got quite a few, including ones I've made over the last week, and in ICQ sessions with Zadok and Orgg.

Naturally, I want everyone's input.
I don't mind doing the work on making the patch (using MakeAppr) but since this will be (I hope) a CPA effort, everyone who has suggestions ought to make them.

I will email (or ICQ) a copy of the text file as it is now to anyone who wants one, and hopefully Ed will want to post it, or a "spoiler" so that it will be easy for everyone to see the work in progress and get a fell for what types of things ar being thought up. I'd really like to see a full 143-card set made, so themes that can be developed into a number of common and uncommon cards would be great.
Of course, there will be a set of legends representing each of the CPA members who wants one, and it's up to each of those to come up with their own. (You gotta see Orgg's and Zadok's!)

Anyhow, I hope I'm stepping on anyone's toes here; I'm not a glory-hog, so I'm happy to turn over the work to anyone who really wants it, and to collaborate with anyone who wants to.

Later, all... I hope this work out!


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mail me what you have and I'll post it up on my orggscave website.

or you could get your own website on brainburst...


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I'd like a copy :)

My email is
should we mail suggestions to you..or post them here?

Dune Echo

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I think I've collected around I think 200 card ideas from around the internet. It's in a notepad file if you want me to send it to you Chaos Turtle. Some of the ideas are my own. Most are from Brainburst or MTG News. Let me know. I've already flavored most of them for my own storyline.

Chaos Turtle

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Okay... Orgg, thanks for the suggestion; you can post what you have (I'll send you the updated list (about 35 cards) tonight. I'll also look into putting them on my own site or a new one at Brainburst as soon as I get a new FTP client.

Quill, either way is fine. Better yet, how about both? That way, I get the convenience and everyone else will get the benefit of seeing the cards as they are being made. It would be interesting, I'll bet, to see how final versions of cards look compared to initial suggestions.

Keep in mind that the text file I have now is in the MakeAppr format, which looks something like:

Card Name ** CP-R (set and rarity) ** Card Type ** Mana Cost ** P/T ** Card Text ** Flavor Text **

...where the '*' is actually some weird little symbol (anybody know the code for it? let me kow, I've been cutting and pasting it)
that divides each field.

If anyone wants to convert the database/text file into a more readable version, I'd welcome that, as it's a bit time-consuming.

Dune Echo, it looks like we should keep in touch. 200? Send me that sucker!

Now, I am a little wary of using ideas gleaned from the net, as I'm not sure what the legalities are of using them. If there's a way to give credit where credit's due, that would be best. Of course, I'm primarily interested in CPA members' creations.

One new 'mechanic' for this set is the "Pack Ability" which allows multiple copies of the same card in hand to be played at once while only paying the cost for one card.

an example...
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Pack of Squirrels
Creature - Squirrels
When Pack of Squirrels comes into play, if there is a Pack of Squirrels card in your hand, you may play it as an instant without paying its mana cost.
no flavor text...yet<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

There are also Sorcery and instant versions already made, which call upon the common abilities particular to the color, like a Shock version, or Healing Salve version, etc... All these have an ability which reads something like: If there is another ~cardname~ card on the stack, you may play this ~cardname~ (as an instant, if the card is not already one) without paying its mana cost.

Of particular need is cards that would make ggod commons, especially interesting creatures.

Thanks for the input so far, I'm really looking forward to working on this with you all. The end result will be an actual Apprentice patch (complete with replacement files for the search/sorting tool).

side note:
Storyline? I hadn't thought of it. Very good idea!

Ah, back to class...
See y'all later!


If you collected 200 card ideas that look like that.. it might not be a good idea to do that thing (this is just a constructive criticism). Most of the cards that I saw on the internet were something like:
God 1W

Creature - God

God can't be a target of spells or effects and cannot be countered:

0: Do 1000000 damage to any one target
0: Draw any number of cards
0: Target creature gains +1000000/+100000


I mean, c'mon, seriously, most of these cards look like that. And Pack of Squirrels.. Sorry, it's just broken :) I think it takes a LOT of work to create a balanced, fun and totally fresh idea-packed Magic card.

Just my opinion


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Can we put the list somewhere public? Like, say, here? Create a new thread, and toss in the whole spoiler? I'm bored, if you want to ICQ me the MakeAppr file, I'll change that to a readable format and post.


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I LOVE fake Magic card ideas. My personal favorite is:

Grace of God
Instant WW

The effect is to counter a spell that counters one of your own spells, but I can't quite figure out the proper wording.


Feral Child Legend 2G
Trample. Whenever Stank is the target of a spell, put X +1/+1 counters on Stank, where X is the total mana cost of that spell.

I'm convinced Wizards stole the Mossdog idea from me.

Richard, Healer en-Vec
Cleric Legend 2WW
Whenever Richard, Healer en-Vec has protection from any color, prevent all damage to you from sources not of a color from which Richard, Healer en-Vec has protection.

My submission to's create-a-mechanic contest...

Decaying Power
Instant 1W
Undeath (You may not play this spell. If this card is in your graveyard, you may pay its cost and return it to your hand to generate the spell's effect. Play this ability only when you could play an instant.)
Destroy target enchantment or artifact.

As always, I am Mordecai the Destroyer
Destroyer of Worlds, Scourge of the Universe
Otherwise Nice Guy

Chaos Turtle

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Have a little faith, m'kay? :)

They will all be edited for balance... that's the goal here - balance and fun.
For exapmle, Zadok and I went over the current list last night and made a number of changes to tone down powers or increase costs.

Constructive critcism is always welcome, by the way. the pack cards may very well be recosted to bring them in line with what the (reasonable) consensus thinks they ought to be.

That's the whole reason I've posted this idea here in the forum.

Dune Echo

CPA Founder, Idea Man
Trust me, arhar, these are all possibly legitimate ideas and most of them have been converted or tweaked by me to be so as to not be entirely recognizable. Also, since there's no copyright laws on any of the names, then no one can sue us.

Besides, R&D has come up with quite a few ideas on their own that I came up with. Coincidences happen among great minds.

Are we planning on sharing these with anyone outside our group?

Also, if these ideas are used, can we keep it along the storyline I've already come up with? It's a fairly good one. Anyone here truly hate Homelands? And I mean the storyline, not the cards themselves.

Most of my ideas are along Legends for Fallen Empires and other interesting, but plausible ideas. No mechanic in my list exists outside the established Magic rules.

Alias Connaut 2W
Creature-Soldier Legend
All Soldiers gain "1: Target creature gains first strike."

Lydia Wynforth, Mayor of Trokair 2W
Creature-Townsfolk Legend
1: Add G or U to your mana pool.
W: Target Cleric, Dwarf, Elf, Merfolk, or Soldier gets +0/+1 until end of turn.

Oliver Farrell 2WW
Creature-Cleric Legend
All Clerics gain "If this creature attacks and isn't blocked, you may have it deal damage equal to it's power to target creature. If you do, this creature deals no combat damage this turn."

Fitful Corpse BB
When Fitful Corpse comes into play, you lose 2 life.
At the end of any turn, if Fitful Corpse is in your graveyard, put Fitful Corpse into play.

And those are just a few of the ones I've come up with on my own. Oh, and I think I may have exaggerated when I said 200. It may be more like 100 to 150. I've never actually counted.


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I've got a couple ideas, but first, I'd like to see what you have. Send it to me!

Captain Caveman

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I've been trying to come up with a few cards
for the App. program. I don't know if they
are any good but I've listed them below.

All of these cards are COMMONS.

Pack of Wolves
Creature - Wolves
When Pack of Wolves comes into play, if there is a Pack of Wolves card in your hand, you may play it as an instant without paying its mana cost.

Pack of Rats
Creature - Rats
When Pack of Rats comes into play, if there is a Pack of Rats card in your hand, you may play it as an instant without paying its mana cost.

Plague Carrier
When Plague Carrier comes into play, if you
played it from your hand, put a -1-1 counter
on target creature

Scroll Carrier
When Scroll Carrier comes into play, if you
played it from your hand, draw a card.

Ley Carrier
When Ley Carrier comes into play, if you
played it from your hand, put a +1+1 counter
on target creature.

Torch Carrier
When Torch Carrier comes into play, if you
played it from your hand, do 1 damage to any

Soul Carrier
When Soul Carrier comes into play, if you
played it from your hand, gain 1 life.


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Uhm... if those cards existed I would go to WotC HQ and slap them all around. You have good ideas but your casting costs are way too low. Work on the cost and you will have some winners! :)


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Could I be made into one of the CPA Cards?


Mordecai the Destroyer
Creature--Knight Legend
First Strike
Mordecai the Destroyer comes into play with a Mordecai counter on it.
T: Regenerate target creature with no Mordecai counters on it and place a Mordecai counter on that creature.


I remain, as always
Mordecai the Destroyer
Obliterator of Worlds
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Ed Sullivan

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Haha! I like that one Mordecai!

Hmm.. now I have to design one. Lemme think about that.



Here are some cards that I think are quite and may be fun =)) First, this is an existing card from Legends that I think has to be reprinted in the set we're creating. See below for details

Cyclopean Mummy 1B
Creature - Mummy

If Cyclopean Mummy is put into graveyard from play, remove it from the game.


Cyclopean Pyramid BBB
Legendary Enchantment

All creatures with "Cyclopean" in their name get +0/+2

"The famed Cyclopean Pyramid doesn't welcome guests...." - Inscribed in the scrolls of Cyclopean Cult

Cyclopean Dervish 2B
Creature - Dervish
"No Headless Horseman is a match for the mighty Dervishes" - Arhar, leader of Cyclopean Cult

Llanowar Outlaw G
Creature - Elf
Tap: Add B or 1 to your mana pool.
3: Llanowar Outlaw becomes a Cyclopean creature until the end of turn

and finally.....

Arhar, Cyclopean cult Pharaoh 4BB
Creature - Legend

First strike
3BB: Put a 2/2 Cyclopean Monster creature token into play, that cannot be the target of spells or abilities. Play this ability only once per turn and as a sorcery.


"Our time has come.. Everyone will bow to Almighty Cyclopean Mummy!!" - Arhar

Baron Sengir

CPA Founder, Vampire Legend
Okay, my turn. How about this:

Baron Sengir, 5BBB ...
Uh ... waitaminit.

Okay, there's always this:

Sengir Vampire, 3BB ...

Alright, original, huh? Here goes:

Masochistic Vampire
Creature - Vampire Spellshaper
1B, Tap, Discard a card: put a -1/-1 counter on target nonblack creature and a +1/+1 counter on Masochistic Vampire.

There, that one's been bouncing around my head for awhile. So has this one.

Mox Elf
Creature - Elf
Tap: add G to your mana pool

This is in flavor with green's fast mana and while it isn't as broken as people think. I've playtested it a couple of times and the fact that it costs one mana rather than zero makes it really hard to use this guy to get a first turn kill.

Of course, if you get some killer draw and happen to get three or four of these guys in your opening hand you can have a buttload of mana on turn two but green is already known for that.

Just my two cents, thought I'd make it a dollar.

I remain
The Baron
Still in Mourning

Chaos Turtle

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Great suggestions, guys!

There is actually a creature the same as that 'Mox Elf' but with a different name, in the patch now.

Mordecai's Legend is very cool.
Baron? Would you like your card to be the Masochistic Vampire? If so, is that what you want to call it if it's 'your' Legend?

I am willing to revisit the Cyclopean theme, especially in light of arhar's choice of Cyclopean Legend. I just hope we don't get one of those 'cease & desist' things... :eek:

Keep 'em coming, y'all.


Oh well, might as well dump that idea, my cards are too weak, and yours, Baron Sengir, are too.... CAUSE DARK RITUAL IS FREAKING BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
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