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  1. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    It's not the real DUke! It's his evil twin ekUD come to destroy the CPA!!! :eek:

    :p :p :p
  2. Apollo Bird Boy

    DUke, have I ever called you "uneducated" or an "idiot"? No. I think I've been one of the more friendly guys to you on this site, and I'm insulted by this comment. Furthermore, you say that I'd be "so surprised." But I just predicted your reaction. Why would I be surprised?

    Dude, you just said that you would have gone off on me if I had said that. How is that "accepting people's opinions"?

    I thought you were the righteous person who cared about everybody in the world regardless of whether you knew them or not? (Y'know, from that whole Afghanistan thread.) I guess that doesn't include rape victims.
  3. DÛke Memento Mori

    I may go "off" on you, and you may be surprised that I went off on you. If you go off on me, I may be angery, but I wont be surprised. A perfect example would be this thread: do I seem surprised that Almindhra, for example, is yet again at it with me? No. Am I surprised that Arhar is insulting me? No. Am I surprised that Rando is "angery at me? No. Am I surprised that Spiderman is not agreeing with me? No. Did I go off on them? No -- just Almindhra because I know the only reason she replied to this thread was to insult me, not because she cared about rape.
    See, and that's where *your* opinion becomes implied on me personally. Arhar, assumes that I think I'm noble, which I don't. You, assume that I'm "righteous," and I'm not. Others assume things, and I can assure you, I'm not. When did I ever in my little CPA existence did I say I was "righteous"? Never. When did I say I cared about everyone whether I knew them or not? Just because I cared about people dying in war all over the world, doesn't mean I care about a person who died in a car accident in Egypt. No. See, my life *has been* effected by war directly, and so I mourn with the victims of it anywhere. Now, is it my problem that some of you guys *think* that I think I'm righteous or noble? It certainly is not. I've said it plenty of times before to Arhar, I don't think I'm noble. I'll say this to you, I'm not righteous.

    I think this whole discussion is meaningless, because it turns out that some of you people believe that I am a sort of god or something...and as much as I love the idea, I must admit, I'm a person with plenty of flaws. I'm not as righteous nor as noble as many seem to think. You always seem to expect something good from me, and when I make a mistake, everyone is on my

    Well, whatever...

  4. arhar Member

    I still love you and want to have your baby.
  5. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Keep this one in mind for the next quote....

    Don't flatter yourself so much, honey...And just where do you get off saying this?...Why would I NOT care about rape...I probably care more about it then the other people on here because I am FEMALE...My God!...I have heard stories about women/girls that I am close to being raped, why would I not have any feelings on the subject matter?!...And I would have replied to this thread and called any other person who said the crap that you did an idiot...

    And obviously I'm not the only one who disagrees with you...And many people have replied to this thread and have said things to you personally...So don't single me out here as targeting you....
  6. DÛke Memento Mori

    Obviously, *everyone* is disagreeing with me. That's no big deal. The deal is the fact that you take your wonderful time to reply to *anything* -- that's right, anything and everything -- and reply with less than mature comments towards me. Now, I know how you feel about me, but don't you think that we both kind of need to ignore each other? You think I'm an idiot in every issue -- that's fine. I don't really adore you much either...but I don't attack you whenever I have the chance. You ignore this "idiot," because he will always be just that, and I'll ignore your fine highness, because you will always be just that. Sure, everyone replied saying something to me personally, but not everyone replied so immaturely.

    Ok, so now I know that you care about rape -- great! I still have other issues that I consider more important than rape, and those are issues that I have to deal with more often than I have to deal girlfriend getting raped, for example.
    And I have *not* heard much stories about women/girls that I'm close to being raped, so why would I have feelings as strong as yours? You expect me to feel as passionate and strong for an issue, even though I have not much experience at it? Now that is asking too much...just plain too much. I'm just so sorry that my female friends never got raped, or in fact, that nobody I've ever known had been raped before. Still, however, it's not *my* fault, or is it? Should I go rape my cousin so I can see how she feels? Maybe my Psychology professor -- yeah, she'll do a psychoanalysis on herself so she can tell me how she feels, and I'll come up here, marching with ungodly experience...

    And don't call me "honey"...
  7. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Actually, there have been many threads to which I have not replied...Go ahead and take a look...I've bit my lip, (ie: have not wasted my time) in replying to a lot of threads...If you want, I can bring to the top all of the threads I haven't replied to...

    And how exactly did I reply immaturely?...By saying that people should see how you're an idiot at the end?...Maybe...But I am sure that everything else I've said is meaningful...

    And I'm not saying you should find rape victims, or do something as stupid as to rape someone, I was just telling you what my experiences as a friend have been, and why I care about it...I didn't suggest anything to you...But now you believe that I might care about it?...

    And psychology is different than psychoanalysis...Don't get the two mixed up or your psych professor will prob laugh at you while smacking you across the face...
  8. DÛke Memento Mori


    You did say meaningful things. However...
    So everyone was just somehow blinded, but *now* they can see that I'm an idiot, no, "truly sees what an Idiot" I am. You have some great means of communication...
    Very, very interesting indeed. You were telling me what your experiences were "as a friend" -- yet you say stuff like:
    If that's your idea of friendship, or what have you, than you are wrong. No -- you're not an idiot -- just wrong.
    Psychology is different than psychoanalysis? Really!? I'm sure you don't know this, but I'm one of the top students when it comes to psychology at the University -- the professor comes to *me* so I can give her an input on an issue, she wants *me* to tutor other students at the field (they're Juniours and Seniours, while I'm a mere Freshman). Don't tell me what things means when it comes to this field. Here's what I said:
    She'd do, or perform, psychoanalysis on herself -- as in, she'll psychoanalyize herself. Now, if psychoanalysis isn't part of psychology, than I truely am an idiot...and so is she, because she thinks highly of me. The books would be pretty idiotic too, since they *all* mention psychoanalysis in a form or two. Don't take me out of context...

    As for the threads you have not replied to when you had the chance to insult me, you don't need to prove nor justify anything to me, because I really don't care much for them -- just the fact that I feel you're always on my back. Besides, I'm sure deep down inside, you know *exactly* why you replied to this thread...and since you do, you really don't need to justify it to me...
  9. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    I never considered you my friend...So how are you comparable to them?...

    And I have taken a Psych course, and I have also taken a comparative lit class about psychoanalysis...If you meant psychoanalysis as in the act of, well, using psychology to figure yourself out or something, then thats different...There are very few psychoanalysis schools in the world, and its not recognized by Freud is a crackhead...

    And I replied to this thread because I feel strongly on the subject matter!...I don't give two-flying-oinks if it was you or someone else who said it!...Does anyone else see this?...Why did everyone else reply to this thread?...Because they all hate you?...Well, we can't rule that out, but maybe they had thoughts on the subject matter too...I had an opinion on the subject and I chose to reply...You are not important in my life, and I don't try to reply to threads to spite you, get over yourself...
  10. DÛke Memento Mori

    What does that mean?
    What does this mean?
    This maybe true, but yet again...we have something like this:
    In this thread, and most other thread you insulted me, you always try to point out, over and over again, how an "idiot" I am. This thread is different, because you hope that "now everyone truly sees" what I really am. You didn't just say "you're an idiot," but you said "I hope now everyone truly sees..." -- there's a big difference, but I wont bother.
    I hope not! But still, you like to spite me...
    Very picky; just trying hard to prove one thing or another, but you can't. Hey, go on with your life, and stop conversing about psychology with this "idiot," don't look too deeply into small subject matters in order to prove me wrong, because that shows exactly the opposite of "I don't try to reply to threads to spite you" -- looks like you're not trying very hard.

    I haven't pointed out many things about you since a long time ago -- and usually when I do, I do it because you do it to me. Now *that* is being true to:
    And even being more true to:
    Very well said! They apply to me more than they apply to you, and we have the history of the message board that shows it...

    This conversation is heading *nowhere,* so in return, I will refrain from replying to this thread unless a more intelligent conversation pops out of...nowhere.

  11. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Ay, it seems the CPA is in need of peacekeepers...
    God, I lurk for a month and now the CPA seems like its crashing to hell...well, I think everything here needs to take a this is going way out of hand.

    Rando: Please keep in mind that while you see DUke's views on rape to be wrong and even at times disgusting, keep in mind, that that is HIS OPINION, and you have no right to crucify him for his opinion. Also, keep in mind that DUke never said that rape is not wrong. He just thinks its not as bad as murder.

    Alhmindra: Your sex will somewhat distort your views. I'm not saying that they wrong; just that they will be different, and you have to respect the fact that DUke who is a male, may not see it as bad an intrustion as you think it is. Again, this is an opinion, and while you dislike it, you still have to respect it.

    People, keep in mind that we are dealing with opinion here. While we each may think that the other's opinion is dead wrong, we still have to respect it. Some of the name-calling, and insults I see here is just pathetic, and it disgusts me to see CPA'ers bickering so pettily. Come'on people. Let's try to be civilized people here.

    Now, this whole rape issue basically boils down to how some people value life. Philosophers have been trying to solve this question for centuries, and calling anyone uneducated and idiotic isn't going to solve anything. When you debate such controversial topics, you have to be able to keep your emotions in check. In all the major debates, I haven't been seeing that happening.
    Now, please, can you people stop with the petty 7th grade insults and try to discuss this like calm, objective adults...
    Thank you.
  12. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Why can't we all just get along? :(

    Oh well, maybe a mouthful of flan will keep you from arguing!
    *Shoves flan in everyones' mouths*
  13. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    I haven't read much of this thread, mainly because it's on a topic I don't wish to be a part of, but I have noticed that this thread has used a large number of people using the "quote" function.

    Leaders of "Quote" Inc.: YAY!!!!!! WE'RE BACK IN BUSINESS!!!!!!

    Ransac, cpa trash man

    Just trying to lighten things up more.
  14. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Ok, well I'll be honest...I wouldn't have used the word idiot if I could swear on here...So there you go Multani, hope that makes you feel better......
  15. DÛke Memento Mori


    Multani, brother, don't bother. I must, though, thank you for your honest and mature opinion. It's nice seeing someone who can actually separate an opinion from a fact, and respect an opinion for what it is. :)

    As for you, Svenmonkey, if you're using the ":(" face here, would really cry if you have seen issues that took place down the history lane. Cheer up bro, it's all gonna be fine for ya. :)
  16. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I felt this conversation had pretty much exhausted itself in terms of content, but since Multani chose to try to "reply" to stuff (like Rando's) that has been dormant for 4 days...

    Actually, in DUKe's first post to this thread, he asks "What's wrong with rape"? Notice Rando hadn't even posted yet, he was replying specifically to that.

    And honestly, if you feel strongly about something, why do you have to "respect" someone's opposing opinion (especially one that was so messed up in first telling it that it needed 60+ replies just to clear it up?) So yes, Rando DID have the right for crucifying DUke. Now, Almindhra might respect YOUR opinion for perhaps putting another, backing up, perspective on DUke's view that is less antagonistic, but sorry, I see DUke's initial views, especially the "Waaa haaa" as especially immature and pathetic.

    (Sorry DUke, I know (I hope) where you stand now, but it's how I see your first posts).
  17. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...Spiderman, to say it without any covers, you're basically saying that I'm "immature" and "pathetic" because I *don't* think rape is wrong. Well, I *don't* think rape is as bad as some other stuff that *I* think are more important. Heck, you put rape with somethings that I've experienced (or have seen), for example, and rape will only sound like aggressive sex. Yup, and I say that without any hesitation.

    If you want to know some of those things that make rape look like childs play, let me know -- ANYONE -- I'll be more than happy to post a whole thread concerning these experiences of mine. However, I must warn you, that the stuff I would have to pro'ject would not be suitable for *any* audience, not 18, not 19, and not even 99.

    To *me*, rape is almost a "nothing." If you want to call me immature and pathetic because I feel that way, than be my divine guest...but you should *always* understand why I may be feeling that way towards the subject -- not because I don't think it's bad or wrong, but because I have gone differents paths than most of you...I'm not saying the stuff simply because I think rape is wonderful -- no. However, rape *is* wonderful compared to what I let that suit me, right? It will...
  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    now you're saying you don't think rape even rates in the "wrong" category? Just the "okay" category?

    And no, I was not saying that "without any covers". I was saying your initial attitude (and now perhaps, your current one) was immature and pathetic. It's akin to me saying "Whoop-de-freakin-do" about anything you might have experienced and I haven't.

    Just because you haven't experienced something doesn't mean it's not wrong. I don't know anyone with slaves, yet I think that is wrong. I don't know anyone who has been murdered by someone else, yet I think that is wrong.

    I'm also not saying that just because something in society is wrong, you personally have to believe it's wrong. But I have to tell you, it makes it very hard to see why you can't see it's wrong.

    And it's not just "aggressive sex", it's forced sex. Big difference.
  19. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...when did I say rape was in the "ok" catagory? Please don't quote things I've never said.
    Aggressive or focred -- it's no big deal for me -- it's not as horrible for me as it is to you, not just because I haven't much knowledge about the subject, but because I know of worse things.

    Rape, unless I know more about it, *I* still will put other things as being more dangerous or criminal. To know more about rape, I have to be interested, and frankly, I haven't gotten the least of interest after the way people reacted to this thread.

    I think this conversation is summed. Obviously, you people can't teach...and since you can't teach, there's no point of talking at all, because I will hold-on to my opinion, at least it was taught down to me. Call me guilty (and I am to some extent) that I don't think rape is a big thing, but don't forget to call yourselves guilty for your obvious inability to communicate like human beings.

    And Spiderman, you're calling *me* immature, yet I haven't, for a minor example, cursed once in this thread? I haven't called anyone an idiot, or uneducated. If I'm "immature," than I'm not alone.

    Who in the world says I don't think it's wrong? Words out of context again?
    Where, in that sentence, do I say that rape is not wrong?
    As immature as this quote seems, I still must ask, where did I say rape wasn't wrong?

    Could you please point out where I stated something along the lines of "rape is not wrong," or "rape is not bad"? If you can't, then -- I am entitled to my opinion where I would say: "rape is not as bad as murder." My opinion. My opinion. My opinion.
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I totally misread this:

    as saying you were revising your opinion to say rape was not wrong.

    However, I would appreciate it if YOU would not put words in MY mouth by the above quote since that is not what *I* said at all.

    I challenge you now: where did I say "with my covers" that you were immature and pathetic because you thought rape wasn't wrong? I believe I called your "Waa haa" response that, not you.

    Though the question: "What's wrong with raping" and immediately following it with a comparison to murder implies that you don't think it very wrong to begin with. Otherwise, there is no need for such a statement and comparison to begin with.

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