Battle of Randomness #254


Creature — Nightstalker
*a Nightstalker hops out of the sinkhole and gives Oversoul the almighty wedgie... then does a swan dive back into the hole*


The Tentacled One
*Oversoul snatches the Nightstalker back out of the sinkhole with a tentacle and begins crushing him.*

Hey wait a minute. Why didn't I fall into the sinkhole? Are we in a cartoon?

*Oversoul falls into the sinkhole.*

I should never have asked...


Captain of the Atog Army
*Wicked has been eating pudding and burning wafers the entire time, extinguishing the flames with Dew. Not paying attention to what was going on, he just waved his hand absently, casting spells*

"Meh, with the almighty powers of Dew, I call forth the Atog Army, then I shall cast Overrun and keep Relentless Assault in the queue."

*Little did Wicked see that only a few Atogs would make it through to the main battle, since there was a sinkhole, nightstalkers, an army of weasels, and an eight-armed wiffle bat weilding pink bunny. As the Atogs charge the battle field, one turned to the other and spoke.*

"This puto's lost his caveza."


Registered Nerd
*After watching his identical twin maimed by Fluffy, Zigathon shoots himself with the tranquilizer gun... and passes out, dreaming of lint.*