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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Spiderman, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Okay, Jason Madhosingh, one of the developers of MTG: Battlegrounds, has offered to send a demo a day for 20 days to the users here! What you have to do is post here on
    • How you got started in Magic
    • What your favorite card is

    We're still hammering out the details of how the people will be chosen (if there are more than 20 posts), but in the meantime, you can start posting here.

    I know both of those subjects are probably in the Classic Questions forum, but for purposes of this contest, we'll start anew here and people's favorite cards may have changed since they last posted there.
  2. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I got started in the summer/fall of '94, right after I graduated from college. I was bored that summer looking for a job and finally decided to break down and check out this game that my friends had tried out my senior year (I was too busy collecting comic books and reading Spiderman :) and playing Warhammer Fantasy) So I got a what-is-now a Starter deck of Revised and taught myself. All I remember is that it came with Sol Ring and a Juggernaught and it seemed pretty cool.

    After I told my friends I had got some cards, they said "Let's see if the shop still has those Alpha packs we reserved for you" 'cause they thought I would have joined in way beforehand. Of course they didn't, but it was nice that they thought of it :) Would have been cool to get some of the early cards :)

    The Dark was just fading out (packs were about $5) and Fallen Empires was either on the horizon or had just been released, so I got lots of those later on. Played lots of duels when college opened up back then and there was a Magic club: the lucky charms were king (I won a game when the red one saved my butt by gaining life), had to trade for Lightning Bolts 'cause I had never seen one, and played for ante regularly, with a lone Serra among the three of us kept passing back and forth. Built a red/white that eventually mastered my friends decks at the time :)

    Favorite card: Manabarbs. I always liked control and looked for ways to make this work for me and punish my opponent, especially since it's never expected. Got to the final four of an Ice Age tournament with it but had played a friendly game right before my match and I think I mana-hosed my deck since during that game, a lot of land was out and I didn't do a good job re-shuffling. Oh well...
  3. Troll Dr. Satan

    I got into Magic right before Tempest came out when I was in the Navy. My buddy Brad had a box of cards and he showed me the basics. I took his cards and made my first deck, a mono black Vampire deck with Sengir Vamps, Vampire Bats, Lake of the Dead,and a lone Baron Sengir.
    We dueled a lot and then we found some more ppl who played. We started changing things up with the few cards he had. He warned me that if I bought the first pack, I would be hooked for life. Well eventually I broke down and bought some packs and got a Living Death. I was in love with the dark side. We started playing multi-player games and would go to the local shop and play HUGE games all night. We would show up around 7-8 and would often play until 6 in the morning. I bought boxes and boxes of Tempest and Stronghold when it came out. I love the game and am a I mean customer for life.

    My favorite card would have to be Archangel (the Visions pic). My favorite multiplayer card(which is 90% of what I play now) is Shivan Gorge.
  4. train The Wildcard!!!...

    I got started in the fall of '93, right as I was going into high school - beware the world... 3 years and I graduated...

    My first game - I was handed a red green deck and we were between UIL tests... I looked through it at first, and was walked through how to play it, then the game began...

    My grizzly bears laid down the beats, until Serra smaked them down like the little fur balls that they were... Needless to say, I lost, but was hooked... I bought some packs and ran wild with drudge skeletons and terror.... Regenerating beats...
    Before Spring, we'd started a play group at school and played everyday during Lunch...

    That Spring it happened... Someone told me there was a shop that specialized in Magic cards... I was there...

    Enter "The Mad Hatter" - that was his real name - as I came to find out - I didn't see Hatter for the first 3-4 months I was at his store, as he had friends running it while he was touring Europe... Played some great games, and got my duals swindled off of me for things like Shivan Dragons and Serra Angels...

    Then I met Hatter - and that's what got me really into the possibilities of Magic... he promoted the game like no other... and was willing to play whenever he didn't have a customer... needless to say - I was there every day he was open... til close...

    He liked playing casual games, with fun decks, you don't see today. He did try to get me interested in playing other games, but I kept my focus on Magic... Hatter became a WoTC rep, and was judging, so I tutored under him for my first judgeship....

    We even began traveling with other people to tourneys in Oklahoma, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as throughout Texas... I was a Magic junkie...

    I missed only one year of Magic cards being released, besides the first sets... I was getting married that year, and spent a lot of energy focusing away from Magic... Masques didn't seem so great once I saw what I missed - Blastoderm was the best thing out of that block...

    I've since rejoined the ranks, and play/judge casual and serious tourneys...

    I play online, and am starting apprentice, I post here like no other, and besides the family... live Magic - even while at work...

    You guys probably wouldn't have it any other way... would you?


    Favorite Card: Sneak Attack... nothing is better for the surprise effect... Cards that work well with sneak - too many to list, but Nicol bolas is always nice to romp with...:cool:
  5. DÛke Memento Mori


    What type of bull**** is this? You get a...yay! a...demo! Who cares! Shouldn't we actually know a demo for what? Is it a demo for computer use? is it an XBox demo - because some of us with an XBox got a demo over a month ago, played it, enjoyed the first few rounds, then laughed at it, and then burnt it to see what a CD smells like when it's burnt. Is the demo the same demo, perhaps with the addition of few needed tweaks?

    And I need to ask a question - in the XBox demo it says something about "over 70 spells" - is that all we get from the Magic universe - "over" 70 spells? No, and someone over there had enough nerve to say something about "enjoy the endless combinations." Well, let's see: say we get a total of 140 spells after we play the game and unlock some of the other spells, download whatever s********t they give us on XBox Live, and taking that much Tylenol to rid ourselves from the headache meanwhile – this means the spell quantity about doubles…but before we go further in deceiving ourselves, let's divide that by 5 colors - you spells.

    Few words I have to say about that:

    Have fun with your 28 spells!

    S*******t I'd buy the game just so I can break it...and I’d buy it again so I can break it again too…

    You want the game bought? Answer some basic questions, intrigue us, and we'll be more than happy to puke the money your way...otherwise, stop this juvenile way of promotion -- anyone who'll buy the game will shelf it, if not do something more useful with it, only after a month -- that's how boring it is. More importantly, that how fast it becomes boring...
  6. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I'll ask him what the platform the demo is for, but I have no idea about your gameplay questions... you might want to check out their website proper or something.
  7. BigBlue Magic Jones

    I got started when a few of my friends did. They picked the game up while I was out of town, and when I returned the next week they got me hooked. That was just after Antiquities went out of print and just before the Dark which was the first expansion I got any of.

    My Favorite spell? That's a toughie... I really like the power of Counterspell... all you have to do is have two untapped Islands and the threat is there whether you have it in hand or not... But, it isn't really fun to play. So, I think I'll go with something more fun... I always like playing Vesuvian Doppleganger. The close second to me would be Fat Dad... I don't get to play him very often because I only own 2 and I rarely play my namesake anymore. But the power of an early Mahamoti Djinn is incredible... I especially like him turn 4 with a Sol Ring.

    I think it's time to put together the old school Blue flying Beats with Air Elementals, Phantasmal Forces, Phantom Monsters, and whatnot... It's been a long time since I played Air Force.
  8. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...well, as far as I'm concerned the demo is either for XBox or the the PC...I've never heard anything else regarding it being for PS2 or GameCube...

    Let me put it this way, if its for the XBox, let's hope, for his sake, that the demo is completely new. the way, how could you guys be signing up one after another like some herd if you haven't a clue about the contents of the demo, and more importantly, the platform on which it is used? I guess it doesn't matter does it? You just like to "win thtuffff..." right?

  9. train The Wildcard!!!...

    because it interests me... and I know people with those platforms and could easily play it elsewhere if not at home...
  10. Hetemti The Wide-Awake Nightmare

    It was Honor Roll day, so the top 5% gets herded into the cafeteria. I happed to sit next to two players, one with a green deck, the other running dragons and artifacts.

    I'd been a card player all my life, so I immediately took interest in a new game. I borrowed a battered rulebook from the guy with the green deck, read it over night, and the next day starting asking around for people who had cards to sell. I got a used Portal pack for $3. The rest is history.

    I suppose my favorite card is Viashino Cutthroat. Not that it's astoundingly powerful, but it was the first Foil I got, and in my first year was the card that defeated more opponents than any other I had.

    (BTW, Battlegrounds should have Cutthroat instead of Retromancer. A 5/3 Haste Lizard that jumps back to hand ensuring it's not around to be victimized by opponent sorceries...good stuff. And he's better looking than the pig-nosed Retromancer. Though I suppose a Sandstalker might be good enough.)
  11. Troll Dr. Satan

    I hope the demo is for th PC because I don't even own an X-Box. It's not like I ever win anything anyway so screw it...:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I assumed it was for the PC but will check...

    And I'm not sure the contents of the demo actually matter for the little matter of posting... I mean, it's a demo. You get a feel for the game with what's in it. Either you like it enough to think about getting the real thing or thank your gods that you don't have to waste money on the real thing :rolleyes:
  13. EricBess Active Member

    To be honest, I don't care so much about the demo itself. I think it's just interesting stories. I'd personally hope (and assume) it is PC because anyone posting here in theory has access to a PC, but not necessarily to an XBox.

    I saw Magic when it first came out and played a game shortly thereafter. I intentionally didn't get into then, though, because I was in college and didn't have a lot of money or time to spare.

    I later got a job and moved. A friend of mine came to visit who had been playing for a while and had a bunch of cards, so I figured it was a better time to get involved a bit more.

    My favorite card is Zur's Wierding. I think people know the card a bit more now, but back during 6th edition, there was nothing better than dropping a card and having your opponent go, "What the heck is that?", followed by, "When did they print that?" and "That isn't type 2 it?"
  14. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    I got started in Magic, in the sophmore year of high school. X(mazzak) and my other friend J introduced me to the game. Jason taught me how to play and I pretty much constantly built up my skills by dueling him and the other members of our magic community.

    My favorite card is Necropotence. easily the best black card in the game. the fact that it can be ritualed out first turn is always a bonus. I love playing my necro deck with its ivory towers and mirror universes:D
  15. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Duke, these are questions we might answer as casual Magic players simply because they were asked of us. Some people may not even be posting to win the demo, just to answer the questions and enjoy conversation.

    So stuff a sock in it - if you don't like the topic of conversation, don't read it.
  16. DÛke Memento Mori


    If I had the power to turn back time, I would be more than happy to skip reading this nonsense, of course. But seeing how I've already read it, and seeing how I've asked the basic and simple question few times now, without receiving any type of reply whatsoever, I thought I warn the Magic community about the superficiality and downright theft the animals behind this "game" are cunningly trying to execute.

    If you wanna answer these prize-winning questions as a, um "casual" player - good for you. But if you're thinking of trying the demo, than be warned that it just might not be for the PC. Second, don't expect to satisfy your "casual" thirst with neither the quantity of the cards you will be receiving in the demo, and sadly in the game as a whole, nor by the quality of the selected cards.

    I just don't want people over hyping garbage, that's all - so shove a disc in it, and I can send you a demo CD to help that process...

    And hey, if you like each Magic color represented with 28 or 30 cards (and this is being very generous with the numbers), than that's fine. I have no problem with that. Some of us, however, would have liked at least 300 cards per color, since Magic is diverse and cannot be watered down...
  17. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Well, I'm going to ignore the controversy here because I like telling my story...

    Many years ago I noticed that lots of people were playing this silly card game w/ each other and it was occupying a lot of their time. It seemed like another fad to me...

    ...however, it started to infringe upon my time and I had to find out what the deal was. I would go to a small club every Tuesday night for drinking, dancing, and darts. It was a nice cozy place to hang out w/ friends. Well, one guy kept coming in every week w/ a big box of "cardboard crack" and he happily admited to being a "cardboard crack dealer". Well, curiousity finally took over and I decided to buy some cards. For only $15 I got a deck of 75 Red and Green cards that he assempled in front of me (that included a Wheel of Fortune and a few other nifty spells) and 27 life counters. I took the cards home and my roommate bought a Revised starter and we learned the game together. We kept buying cards and soon had our own little private gaming group. Every time a new expansion was released we would hold sealed deck tourneys and have lots of fun. I would say that it was one of the happiest times of my life...

    My favourite card is Sorrow's Path (The Dark land). It's been called "The Worst Card Ever Printed", but I've actually built decks that make it work. There's something fun about building a deck around a REALLY bad card :cool:


    "You actually put that in your deck?" "No, I put FOUR of them in my deck!"
  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    DUke: You have received a reply. "I don't know" concerning the platform and "Does it matter?" for the second.

    If you were paying good money (heck, even bad money) to be entering this, I could see your point. If you were even paying shipping, it might be a concern. But it's free, you have absolutely nothing to do except spend a few minutes typing, you have no obligations whatesoever, so I don't really see what the problem is. If you win and can't use it, obviously you have ideas for other uses of it; treat it like an AOL disk if you want, sell it on eBay, give it to somebody who CAN use it, just throw it away. Whatever. Same even if you have the right platform but hate the demo itself.
  19. DÛke Memento Mori



    Obviously you miss the point: I asked a question, and no - it received no reply. Saying "I don't know" is not a reply, contrary to popular, and therefore, inferior opinion. I don't call an idiot's reply a "reply." Uooomk?

    I guess I'll answer those questions:

    I started playing around 1996 - something like that - I quit many times and returned to the game many times as well. But then I really quit, except for few online casual games, which I only played for the sake of conversing about something other than the game, while loosely playing the game, or caring about it. I must mention, of course, why I quit: because WotC and the Magic R&D team are the most uncreative, untalented, pathetic animals on earth. Ideas get recycled over and over again: I was shocked with "equipment," and how lame it is. I was shocked with Mirrodin, the set that supposed to be appealing to "everyone." I was upset a little, since for a second there I thought I had hope of actually catching few casual games again - but then I looked at Mirrodin, and was struck with nausea. I was struck even more by the idiocy of many people, many of which are members of this forum, who actually liked the set, who enjoyed the "new" equipment! Needless to say, I have many other outlets of enjoyment, Magic was a little special because it connected me with different personalities almost every time I played. But hey, that doesn't help the fact that the game itself has lost its personality a long, long time ago, and is nothing more than the same cards, rearranged, redressed, indeed, given a new card-face so as to divert from the one fact: in that Magic, as a developing game, is dead. Was dead. Other ways to divert attention from the actual fact is -- we have been lately getting more and more "new" abilities in each block. I found that a principle strategy for a shallow man or a shallow game, or anything shallow in general, over-incorporate themselves, to almost flood with what is seemingly genuine when, in reality, it is only attempting to compensate for what it is lacking - personality, authenticity, development.

    Moving on. My favorite card, actually - my favorite cards which I have kept even after selling my collection more than a year ago - is Unmask. I made the biggest deal about it when Mercadian Masques came out, and I should say that Mercadian Masques, in my opinion, had more personality and gut then the ugly sets of today. Unmask, both the card, its color, its casting cost, what it did, what could do, and the art work - all of it as a whole - were so perfect, so simple, so clear and straightforward, and not muddy and obscure, over-hit with abilities and nonsense. It became my favorite for so many reasons - strategic reasons (I love Black and I loved discard), personal reasons (being interested in psychology, majoring in psychology, the name "Unmask" and its ability was only fitting to my personality and my taste); I also liked it for purely aesthetic reasons - the artwork was the best I had ever seen - planned, clean, and again - simple. Not trying to mask its nonsense with colorful glory, but is direct to the point, so you can actually confront its beauty. I have other reasons why I like Unmask, but I trust you get the point. Other cards I liked were: Ring of Gix, Cateran Overlord (purely aesthetic), and...believe it or not, False Memories (I love weird cards like that)...

    I am not doing this for the demo, or because I like replying to stupid questions - I'm doing it to say that I had reasons for raging against the nonsense of this mysterious loser who's promoting this "game," and all his advocates. But what am I thinking? Mirrodin even sucked, why would I want to bring back life to something that is obviously long dead?...and every non-loser who I know, who played, has quit anyway. Left are the lifeless garbage and worthless fellas of the "casual game." Good for them...
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Um, that IS a reply. Versus no one posting anything, which is what you ranted about here

    Not my fault YOU don't consider that a reply and like to go against "popular" opinion, but just because you don't consider it a reply doesn't mean it isn't.

    But now that I know YOU consider them one and the same, I won't bother in the future either :rolleyes:

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