Why is the CPA so freakin' boring?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Darsh, Dec 22, 2000.

  1. DÛke Memento Mori


    I look around, and see myself...being carried...away...<with an air puff> WELL!

    I instantly reach for my cell phone, and proceed to call Multani.

    Me: Multani!

    Multani: Duke? What are you doing! You need some rest, so get it...<sigh> while you can!

    Me: <with temper> YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! We have a girl to save...Cammy...we have a base to blow up...Zadok's...and we have some other things to do!

    Multani: what, exactly, are those "other" things, Duke?

    Me: <wonders if he should reveal the whole story> Well, we have to save Cammy, destroy the Founder's Base...and save Zero and Britney Spears BEFORE we destroy the founder's base...

    Multani: Zero? <sigh> Britney Spears? <sigh even more> Duke, how do you expect us to finish this stor, errr -- "mission" if you have other things on your mind? You seem to be busy thinking of "other" things, when the WHOLE mission is just to destroy Zadok's base!

    Me: Hey, I'm the star here, and I will do as I wish...

    Multani: No, you will NOT do as you wish.

    Me: YES, I WILL.

    Multani: NO, you won't!

    Me: YES, I...WILL...I WILL...I WILL!

    Multani: NO!

    Me: YES!

    Multnai: NO!

    <3 hours later>

    Me: NO!

    Multani: YES!

    Me: No, I won't!

    Multani: YES, you will!

    Then, as you can see, we spent so much time being childish, we even forgot what we're saying those annoying "yes's" and "no's" for...


    Multani: All right, Duke. You do as you wish. Get some rest first though! Why are you trying to find Cammy? According to letter, she's obviously, HAPPY with Chaos...

    Me: I'm not trying to find Cammy...I'm trying to Chaos and destroy him. Without HIM interrupting me, we would have completed this mission now!
    AND, I don't need the rest...so NAH!

    Multani: Aaaaaaaaaaalll righty then. You're a fool. Go ahead, but wait, at least take Darsh and Apollo with you, they come in handy, and AT LEAST you could use that Darsh "thing" as bait or something!

    Me: Darsh? A bait? I wonder why I haven't thought of that......Anyway, gotta go.

    <looks for Darsh>

    After a while, I find Darsh, I already had found Apollo, the so called "bird boy"...so now, we're ready to find Choas dude...Multani was even nice enough to give us a flying airship that is powered by Power Rocks...it travels fast, and we should find Chaos as easy as 1, 2, 55.34.

    <after 2 hours>

    Everything was ready. We are already sailing through the sky to catch up with Chaos' chopper, I just hope Apollo has some information as to where Chaos might be headed...

    If Chaos turns out to be heading towards the Founder's Base to present Cammy as yet another "gift" for Zadok, then we must make a plan to "surprise" the little party, again...though this time it should be MUCH harder, since the Founder's Base know us all...(I think that's when Darsh, the bait...comes in)

    If Chaos is heading somewhere we haven't heard of, then, we'll just follow him and find him...and PREY that he doesn't know we're following him...after all, he PLAYS Magic after all, he could cast spells...GOD knows...I really would hate to see a Spirit of the Night chasing after me.

    If Chaos is heading to his OWN Base, then...<sigh> we have a major problem...

    SO APOLLO, (it's up to you) where do you THINK Chaos heading?
  2. Apollo Bird Boy

    Well, like I said, CT was headed west in his chopper last I saw him. He wasn't headed north towards Zadok's base. Of course, he could be trying to lead us away from the base, but we already know where Zadok's base is (from TomB). So he couldn't throw us off. Therefore, my guess is that he's headed towards his own base.

    I'd say our best bet would be to try to catch up to him, since this ship goes faster than the chopper, and then tail him to wherever his base may be.
  3. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    I have ordered two Tank companies and a mechanized infantry battalion to trail you. Use them to assault the base if there is one. My main force will establish a base. Good luck.
  4. SwingMage New Member

    <the screen goes blank, then cuts to an announcer>
    Announcer: We interrupt the movie, for this important message from one of our sponsors.

    <The screen goes blank, then cuts to a man standing behind two buckets filled with water and containing dirty clothes.

    Man: When those wine stains from the party won't come off. When blood smears from the bar room brawl won't rub out. There is only one answer.


    Thats right. Supra-Clean-In-A-Bottle.
    Here are normal dirty clothes under the affect of normal detergent

    <man motions to bucket on his right, which seems to contain just water and dirty clothes>

    Man: And here is Supra-Clean-In-A-Bottle.

    <man motions to bucket to his left, which doesn't look at all different than the previous>

    Man: And if you act now, we'll throw in a nifty Supra-Clean-In-A-Bottle T-shirt. With this shirt, you will instantly become the coolest person in your neighborhood. Act now, and call the number at the bottom of the screen.

    <the number 1-800-PHO-ENIX flashes on the bottom of the screen.Then it cuts to the announcer>

    Announcer: And now we return to the scheduled programming. Thank you and sorry for all inconvenience

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