Whaddya look like?


Baron Sengir

I remember this thread a looooong time ago and I'm not sure if it's been done in my absence but I thought I'd start it up again.

What do you CPAers look like?

Honesty is key here. Don't say you look like Antonio Banderas unless you actually do.

I remain
The Baron
Pasty-white undead guy

Baron Sengir


Sorry, bad joke. Okay, I'll go now.

I am 6'6", 220 lbs, short black hair, brown/green eyes, goatee.

I remain
The Baron
Wishing he was as good at these taglines as Ferret ...


I'm 5'9, 140lbs, dirty blond hair, every-color eyes, big nose.

Overall, I must say I have a very strong resemblance to Antonio Banderas:)


6'3", 200 lbs. Brown hair in Caesar cut, large nose, large feet, green-blue eyes. Generally wear a lot of blue and green, and I often have my dark grey Whistler BC hat on my head.

Hawaiian mage

I look like this.

...Or something rufly similar to that. You get the idea.

-Hawaiian "I bet very few of you expected that.." mage


I'm 5'0 and not thin but not fat.. deathly pale skin.. large curly brown hair, blue eyes..


I am certanly not giant (6'6'' , 6'3'' What's going on here? I think its some US plan to inject steroids into kids so they grow bigger for the eventual WW3...) I'm only 5'6'' (right now...) and have deathly plae skin (I'm dead... honestly... buwahahaha) and blue eyes. Who do I look like? I don't know, someone said Ricky Martin, but I'm soooo much more handsome than him! :)


Well, I'm about 2 feet, with a wingspan of 3 feet, with bright red feathers...

Oh, wait. We've been through that gag already long ago, haven't we?

I'm 5'10 or so, 120 pounds, athletic-looking (I guess; not really built, more like a runner). I have sandy hair that's always a little (or a lot) longer than I want it to be, but it's usually beneath an Indians cap anyway. I have brown eyes. That's about it...


Lets see, I'm about 5'10 and 145 pounds. I'm rather skinny and not very muscular in the upper body region. Basically I look like a typical soccer player. I have heterozygous brown eyes and possibly heterozygous Black hair. (in the light they have a shade of brown. I wonder what I'd look like with "dyed" black hair.) I'm half Japanese and Half Netherlander, although I'm told I look a bit more Asian than European. I consider myself an Eurasian American. :)

I've been compared to Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.



CPA Trash Man
I'm about 6'2, 165 lbs, Light brown(or dark blond, whichever is right) hair, and a lot of energy. You usually don't see me sitting still(unless I'm playing magic).

Ransac, cpa trash man


I am 5'9, 165 lbs.

I have hair that is the exact colour of rust, black eyes, and the complextion of a mortuary cadaver.

I am somehow thin, but I don't know how since I weigh the same as whoever said they were six-foot-huge and 163 lbs. But I buy a 30" waste in pants. Go figure.

And at the moment I have the bigest, ugliest pimple you have ever seen on the end of my nose. But it will go away...

And I need a hair-cut...

And a shave...

Cateran Emperor

I'm about 6'4", and weigh in at about 300 lbs. I have short, dark red hair and a red beard, with thick sideburns (my friends call me the Angry Scotsman for a reason you know ;))

My mass is fairly well spread out, so that I don't look athletic (I'm stronger than most of the athletic folks that I know, despite never training for it) or fat (for some reason, I just can't develop a prominent gut even if I try, unlike most people who do it without trying ;)), just intimidating (people always give me a wide berth in public places if they don't know me). My favorite tricks include biting large holes in aluminum cans and generally making my presence known however I can. It's hard to miss me in a crowd, but if you do lose me it's easy to find me - I have a deep voice and know how to use it.

All in all, I'm just a Cateran ;)


5'2", 115 lbs., long semi-wavy brown hair tied back in a short ponytail, very pale skin, icy blue eyes, and I appear to be sort of almost built. No one would know though, I tend to be rather lavish with the decorations and the clothing...what can I say, I like to look good, in my own eccentric way...

And I'm often mistaken for female at a glance!

Oh yeah, and I wear nothing but black clothing.. I like the look of it, and it brings out silver and gold in jewelry quite well. :D


Well, probably a lot of you have seen some of my pics...But I'll describe...But YJ, how can you be 5'6"?...Does that mean I'm really 5'11"?...:D...Anyways...

I'm 5'7"...And a girl never reveals her weight...;)...Brown hair with highlights (natural) of brown and a lil' red...And its curly (natural)...Um, I wear glasses, they make me look studious...Err, I wear makeup everyday, because, well, its fun?...No, because I need it, so there! *lol...I wear jeans everyday, guys jeans, because they're lower than gals and fit just right (plus I hate flares)...I wear all the cool colors for clothing, a lot of black too...Oh, and I wear jewerly too...