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Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


Isengar Tussle
Carrow uses the Ogre strength to slash at the dryads in front of him.
"Tomas, take out Nayadra, we will handle these minions."


Staff member
"Jekaena, protect yourself!" Ty shouts over his shoulder, as he presses his attacks against the dryads.


The Tentacled One
Note: I forgot about Kelgar's Hammer of Spite, so rolled for his ambush just now. He missed. Oh well.

-Jekaena casts Glittering Robe.
-Jekaena casts Glittering Robe.
-Jekaena casts Glittering Robe (8 total points of damage shielding).
-Throg hurls an Ice Missile at Nayadra. It shoots just past the witch's shoulder.

-Throg fails to hypnotize anything.
-Throg swings his axe recklessly.
-Throg chops at the dryad next to him, but the monster evades it.
-Throg kicks at his target and barely misses.
-Throg grabs a dryad to bite it, but gets pushed back.

-Throg scratches a dryad with his razor claws (8/15).
-Carrow impales a dryad (7/15).
-The dryad that Carrow stabbed loses 1 Toughness from the Soul Blade.
-Carrow stabs the dryad again (4/15).
-The Soul Blade lowers the dryad's Toughness again (2 Toughness remaining).
-Revaethan uses his Woven Mist technique, trading his normal Move and Attacks for 6 of either.

-Revaethan slices a dryad (10/15).
-Revaethan chops a dryad (6/15).
-Revaethan trips.
-Revaethan stumbles around.

-Revaethan stabs a dryad (2/15).
-Dorgath spontaneously lashes out with a perfect Great Axe Attack, instantly slaughtering the dryad next to Jekaena.
-The remaining dryads shift into Oak Aspect. They get +1 Strength and +1 Toughness.
-Dorgath's deathblow strikes the dryad next to him (13/15).

-Dorgath boots the dryad (8/15).
-Dorgath gauntlet-strikes the dryad to finish it off.

-The dryads stay in Oak Aspect.
-Dorgath clobbers the dryad that is flanking Carrow (6/15).
-Dorgath's gauntlet strikes batter a dryad (1/15).

-Tomas slashes the dryad next to Kelgar (11/15).
-The Chaos Demon Sword wounds Tomas (20/21).
-Tomas strikes again, but his sword hurts him instead (19/21).

-Kelgar's Ring of Command augments his Strength.
-Kelgar finishes off the dryad that Revaethan weakened
-The dryads stay in Oak Aspect.
-Kelgar's deathblow continues, but misses.

-Kelgar swings at the dryad next to him, but he's still off-balance.
-Kelgar's hammer strikes a dryad, but its oaken flesh absorbs the impact.
-Ty bashes a dryad with his morningstar and manages to land blows with his knuckle-dusters as well (1/15).

-Ty slays a dryad with his fist spike and pulls himself into its position.
-The remaining dryads switch into Birch Aspect. They get +1 Attacks.
-Ty tears open a dryad with his fist spike and knuckle dusters (4/15).
-Ty kills another dryad and pulls himself into its position with his fist spike.
-The dryads stay in Birch Aspect.
-Ty knee-strikes a dryad (10/15).
-Ty lifts the dryad slightly, working to finish it off, but the monster wriggles out of his grasp.

-The dryads up on the ledge leap down into the pit, joining the fray.
-Nayadra casts Death Spasm. A bolt of pure dark magic hurtles toward Jekaena.

-Jekaena's Heartstone of Welhallas counteracts the spell. That was a close one!
-A dryad whacks Throg (20/29).

-A dryad swipes at Throg. He avoids it.
-A dryad makes another attack. Throg watches it miss.
-A dryad smashes into Jekaena's magical shielding (2 Glittering Robe remaining).
-A dryad gets confused.
-A dryad screams in Jekaena's face, but only manages to attack the air next to her.
-A dryad grabs Dorath, but is outmaneuvered.
-A dryad claws falteringly at Dorgath.
-A dryad gets loses its bearings. It turns to face Dorgath once more.

-A dryad strikes at Carrow.
-The elf dodges the attack.
-A dryad feels bad.

-A dryad swings at Carrow, but misses.
-A dryad lands a resounding blow on Ty (8/20).
-A dryad moves to finish Ty off, but can't hit him.
-A dryad rakes Ty with its claws (7/20).
-A dryad lands a nasty-looking blow on Revaethan. The wardancer ignores it completely. He's just that tough.
-A dryad tries again, this time thwacking its claws against Revaethan's head (13/18).
-A dryad tears into Revaethan's skull (11/18).
-A dryad bites Tomas (14/21).
-A dryad kicks Tomas (6/21).
-A dryad digs its claws into Tomas (3/21).
-A dryad slashes Kelgar (18/19).
-A dryad whips Kelgar (17/19).

-A dryad headbutts Kelgar (13/19).
-Kelgar's Ring of Jade backfires, draining Wounds from himself (11/19) and Tomas (1/21).

Next Round...
-The Power Phase is 4.
-Dorgath's Lifestone of Ashraz heals him (25/25).


The Tentacled One
Lot of damage just happened there. Current Wound totals posted here, for convenience...

Throg: 20/29
Dorgath: 25/25
Carrow: 17/17
Kelgar: 11/19
Tyresius: 7/20
Tomas: 1/21
Revaethan: 11/18
Jekaena: 8/14
Nayadra: 24/35
Dryad next to Throg: 8/15
Dryad next to Jekaena: 15/15
Dryad next to Dorgath: 15/15
Dryad in corner, diagonal from Carrow: 15/15
Dryad in front of Carrow: 4/15, -2 Toughness
Dryad next to Ty & Carrow: 15/15
Dryad next to Revaethan: 10/15
Dryad next to Tomas: 15/15
Dryad next to Kelgar: 11/15


Staff member
"Jekaena, heal Tomas!" shouts Ty as he takes a swig off a Heal-Itt potion. He'll take a 2nd hit if he still feels weakened (below 14 HP) and continue to press his attack looking to get at Nayadra.

Updated map/battle schematic please...:)


The Tentacled One
-Jekaena casts Finger of Life on Tomas (7/21).
-Jekaena casts Heal Wounds on Tomas (8/21).

-Ty takes a swig from a Heal-Itt Potion (12/20).
-Ty takes a second gulp (14/20).

-Tomas chugs a Healing Potion (14/21).
-Tomas strikes Nayadra with another Spear of Light (20/35).

-Kelgar blesses himself (14/19) and Tomas (17/21) with Power of Sigmar.
-Kelgar is awarded 30 gold for his healing efforts! Praise Sigmar.

-Carrow almost drops his sword, but recovers it.

-Carrow's swings his Soul Blade in a great arc, cutting through his dryad opponent.
-The dryads shift into Oak Aspect.
-Carrow's deathblow strikes the dryad in the corner (12/15).
-Carrow's Soul Blade drains its victim's Toughness (-1).
-Revaethan uses Woven Mist, trading his normal Move and Attacks for 5 of either.

-Revaethan chops a dryad (5/15).
-Revaethan stumbles.

-Revaethan decapitates a dryad.
-The dryads shift into Willow Aspect.
-Revaethan's deathblow lands on the dryad gripping Tomas (9/15).

-Revaethan stabs a dryad (6/15).
-Revaethan brings down another dryad.
-The dryads shift into Oak Aspect.
-Dorgath slips and fumbles with his axe for a bit.

-Dorgath makes a Great Axe Attack on the dryad next to Jekaena, tearing into the unsuspecting monster (4/15).
-Dorgath kicks the dryad with a magical boot, finishing it off.

-The dryads shift into Willow Aspect.
-Dorgath murders the dryad next to him with a single ferocious gauntlet-fisted smite.
-Dorgath pivots and rocks the dryad between Carrow and Ty with his gauntlet (2/15).

-Throg smacks a dryad with his axe (5/15).

-Throg's axe steal Wounds for him (23/29).
-As he dislodges his axe, Throg takes a bite out of his opponent (2/15).
-Throg kicks a dryad to death.
-Throg's Ice Missile misses.
-Throg fails to hypnotize anything.

-The dryads remain in Willow Aspect.
-Tomas hurts himself with his own Chaos Demon Sword (16/21).
-Ty stabs a dryad with his fist-spike, finishing it off and moving into is position.
-Kelgar clips a dryad with a hammer-blow (8/15).
-Nayadra casts Arnizipal's Black Horror.
-Throg resists.
-Dorgath resists.
-Carrrow resists.
-Kelgar is afflicted (11/19).

-Tyresius is afflicted (11/20).
-Tomas is afflicted (13/21).
-Revaethan resists.
-Jekaena resists.
-Nayadra casts Power of Khaine. Nayadra may now cast an extra spell every turn for the rest of combat.
-Nayadra casts Doombolt at Jekaena,
but Jekaena resists it again.
-A dryad misses Carrow completely.

-A dryad rains down blows on Carrow's shield, doing no damage to him.
-A dryad lunges at Kelgar, but the priest sidesteps.

-A dryad claws the crap out of Kelgar (5/19).
-Kelgar's Ring of Jade drains Wounds from him (4/19) and from Tyresius (10/20).
-Seriously Sigmar, cut it out!


Nothing Special
Throg will attempt to levitate onto the ledge with Nayadra.
If successful, he will combine his Chalice of Night and Axe of Mighty Striking to bifurcate her.
If he doesn't get up onto the ledge, he'll continue his attempts to freeze her and attack the nearest Dryad.


The Tentacled One
-The Power Phase is 2.
-Jekaena casts Heal Wounds on Tomas (18/21).
-Tomas casts Life Force on Throg. Wounds inflicted by his attacks can be distributed as healing.
-Kelgar fails to bless anything.
-Carrow swings wide.
-Revaethan uses Woven Mist (4).

-Revaethan leaps into action against the dryad fighting Kelgar (3/15).
-Revaethan swings, but the dryad ducks.
-Dorgath charges heroically at one of the last remaining dryads. He trips.

-Dorgath gets back on his feet, kicking a dryad on the way up (7/15).
-Dorgath smashes a dryad to bits with his gauntlets.
-Throg levitates and easily steps onto the upper platform.

Nayadra gasps, totally surprised that Throg could do this. She's already taken some damage and she'd been planning to slink away through the nearby door, abandoning the last of her dryads after she cast a few more spells. Now she turns her magic to defend herself, but it's too late. Throg strides directly toward her and his glowing axe whips above him at incredible speed, bifurcating the witch before she can cast another spell.

-Throg's axe steals Wounds from Nayadra, fulling restoring the Chaos Warrior.
-Kelgar's Ring of Command augments his Strength. He crushes the last remaining dryad with a perfect hammer-blow.
-Tomas distributes healing. Kelgar is fully restored and Ty is partially restored (15/20).
-Kelgar's Ring of Jade finally cooperates, healing Revaethan (17/18) and fully restoring Jekaena.
-Gold distributed to Tomas and Kelgar for healing.
-Gold dispensed to all Warriors at the end of the encounter.

Tyresius: 15/20
Tomas: 18/21
Revaethan: 17/18


The Tentacled One
Seriously, I was going to have Nayadra run into the next room after one more round of spellcasting, and then if you guys didn't follow her closely enough, she'd summon a bunch more dryads. But I forgot that Throg could just levitate and then axe-murder her. Good job?


The Tentacled One
Also, the Power Phase roll is 3 for the next turn, so I'm going to assume roll some dice, and confirm that the healers can finish healing the rest of the party. Carry on.


Isengar Tussle
Carrow will quickly climb to where Throg has finished the evil wood elf and search for more on what she was doing


The Tentacled One
Carrow climbs up onto the ledge. He sees that it's pretty big, but bare. It's covered in Nayadra's blood now, but that's Throg's fault. The only feature of interest seems to be the door (right in the middle of the wall, across from the pit), which Nayadra had been sticking close to.