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Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


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Dorgath stirs from his mediative state. “Ah, ahem. Yes. Let’s go down the staircase if we’re all ready, same matching order as entering here.”


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"Let's rest up, heal up, grab a munch and be ready to engage that 'ominous' feeling vigorously once we head down the staircase."

So the Chalice to Tomas then?


The Tentacled One
I'm 95% sure that I did basically all of the prep work for the next deep of this adventure. But we've been on hiatus for a while so I'll have to refresh myself on nearly everything. Still, glad to get back to this! Now let's see...


The Tentacled One
-Throg's Wound-Stealing Axe of Mighty Striking resets.
-Throg's Chalice of Night resets (with 1 charge for this deep).
-Throg's Mark of Chaos resets.

-Throg's Warp Magic gives him one free use of the Fireball spell for this deep (Throg can target a 2x2 square area within his line of sight. Everything in that area takes 1D6+3 damage with no modifiers for armor).
-Dorgath's Great Axe's abilities reset.

-Dorgath's Cloak of Stealth resets.
-Dorgath's Lucky Talisman resets.
-Dorgath's Axe of Slaying resets.
-Dorgath's Endure skill resets.

-Dorgath's Norscan Grease Escape skill resets.
-Carrow's Invisibility Ring resets.

-Carrow's Horn of Shielding resets.
-Carrow's Cloak of Concealment resets.
-Ty's Lifestealer Talisman resets.

-Ty's Cloak of Deception resets.
-Ty's Duck and Dodge skill resets.

-Ty's Whirlwind skill resets.
-Tomas' Skull Staff resets.

-Tomas' Bone Blade resets.
-Tomas' Power Store resets.

And since we're back on track, I'll plan on cleaning up these old character sheets soon and posting updated ones. My idea is to improve the formatting, but I won't promise much improvement yet. We'll see...


The Tentacled One
You descend along a steep, rugged, winding path. It turns sharply, then begins climbing again. You see massive roots above your head, breaching the ceiling and twisting in sinuous bundles. Though immense, these roots are mostly dead, empty shells. The tree above must be dying. At last, the tunnel takes you to another staircase. It's short, and climbs up into a large chamber. Roots twist above and branch down into the chamber.

Could I get a marching order? Spidey said the same as before, but I've forgotten what it was before! This can be the usual rows of 2.


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Lol. I said “before” but apparently that was back in March/April and I just remembered because I read everything just now (well, yesterday) to catch up

looks like the order is

Carrow and Tyresius
Dorgath and Rev
Jekaena and Tomas
Kelgar and Throg


The Tentacled One
Black Knights are long-dead warriors who are tied to the land of the living by dark necromantic magic. They ride into battle on undead Nightmares.

A total of 8 black knights, each mounted on its own nightmare, confronts the party as they ascend the staircase into the chamber...desolateroots01.png


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We should retreat back down the stairs, I think. That should negate the Nightmare advantage, and would allow us to limit the number of Black Knights we have to fight to 2 at a time... ;)


The Tentacled One
-The Power Phase is 5 for this turn.
-Also, I've suddenly decided that I don't like how I was handling Fear and Terror effects before. So let's roll for everyone right now and get it out of the way. That's closer to what the book describes anyway. The nightmares have Fear 6 and their riders have Fear 7. Also, Dorgath gets +3 against Fear from his axe and one of Revaethan's swords now gives the whole party +3 against Fear. So taking those modifiers into account, Dorgath is automatically safe no matter what he rolls (Dorgath's Battle Level + bonus from his axe + bonus from Revaethan's sword + 1D6 is always greater than 7), while everyone else in the party is effectively immune to the effect from nightmares, but could become afraid of black knights on a roll of 1.

-Throg becomes afraid of black knights.

-Dorgath is unafraid.
-Carrow is unafraid.
-Kelgar is unafraid.
-Ty is unafraid.
-Tomas is unafraid.
-Revaethan is unafraid.

-Jekaena is unafraid.


The Tentacled One

We should retreat back down the stairs, I think. That should negate the Nightmare advantage, and would allow us to limit the number of Black Knights we have to fight to 2 at a time... ;)
According to the official guidelines, this encounter should definitely be overleveled for you guys. My guess is that Ty will tear right through these things with no trouble, but we'll see. :p


Staff member
Fine...Disincline me from getting all tactical again...:p

"On 2nd thought, CHARGE!!!!!"

Ty attempts to spike-dance his way to fame and fortune...:cool:


The Tentacled One
Still nothing from that Turgy guy even though he clearly logged in today. For shame. I'm feeling impatient. So...

-Jekaena forgets that she's in a fight. Distracted, she doesn't cast any spells.
-Tomas grins and activates the Chalice of Sorcery. He draws 34 Power from the chalice.
-The Chalice of Sorcery deals 10 damage to Tomas (11/21).
-Tomas casts Glory!

-Tomas casts Glory!
-Tomas casts Glory!
-Tomas casts Glory!
-Tomas casts Glory!
-Tomas casts Glory!
-Tomas casts Life Force on Carrow.

-Tomas casts Ogre Strength on Carrow.
-Kelgar blesses Ty with Scourge of Chaos.
-A nightmare strikes Dorgath, but the tough dwarf shrugs it off.

-A nightmare lashes out at Carrow unsuccessfully.
-A nightmare lunges at Carrow, but fails to connect.
-A nightmare slams into Carrow (14/17).
-A nightmare goes after Ty, but trips.
-A nightmare kicks at Ty, but the pit fighter casually avoids it.
-A nightmare clips Ty (19/20).

-A nightmare sluggishly charges Revaethan, who sidesteps the attack.
-Carrow slashes a nightmare (1/6).

-Carrow misses.
-Carrow chops at a black knight (4 damage).
-Carrow swings his blade, but the black knight ducks.
-Carrow's blade sinks into a black knight (5 damage).
-Carrow flings the tip of his blade into the face of a black knight (3 damage).
-Carrow moves to finish a black knight off, but the rider rears up on its undead mount, managing barely to avoid the elf.
-Carrow decapitates his opponent (2 damage).

-Carrow's deathblow tears into an adjacent black knight (6 damage).
-Revaethan uses Woven Wind, trading his normal Move and Attacks for 6 total Move + Attacks.

-Revaethan obliterates a nightmare.
-Revaethan's deathblow rises and strikes an adjacent black knight (10/14).
-Revaethan swings at a black knight, but he just took the monster's steed out from under it and his aim is way off.
-Revaethan cuts part of a black knight off (11/14).
-Revaethan loses his balance.
-Revaethan pokes a black knight (9/14).
-Revaethan's sword grazes a black knight (8/14).
-Revaethan impales a black knight (4/14).
-Revaethan botches his attack as he pulls his sword out of his foe's body.
-Revaethan cuts the air next to a black knight's skull.
-Revaethan's sword shatters the ribs of a black knight (2/14).
-Revaethan switches swords and smoothly executes his opponent.
-Revaethan's deathblow sinks into the black knight that received his previous deathblow, finishing the foe off.
-Revaethan switches swords again with his Dance of Death, bringing a sword down onto a nightmare, finishing it off.

-Revaethan uses his Dance of Death to follow his own deathblow. Moving up alongside Tyresius, Revaethan lunges with a sword and skewers a nightmare with a twisting thrust that rips the undead beast asunder.
-Dorgath moves to attack, but stumbles awkwardly. For some reason, he feels as though he hasn't swung his axe in months. But that can't be right. He shakes off the feeling.

-Dorgath cleaves a nightmare in two with his axe.
-Dorgath's deathblow destroys another nightmare.
-Dorgath's momentum gets the better of him. He launches himself past a black knight and into a wall. Catching himself on the roots, he pulls himself back into position.
-Dorgath chops at a black knight. His axe catches in the undead monster's armor (10/14).
-Dorgath learns from his mistake and this time his axe land true, causing his foe to collapse in a heap of bones.
-Dorgath's deathblow lodges in the adjacent black knight (1/14).
-Dorgath spins around in a circle.
-Dorgath cuts at a black knight, but it evades the dwarf by dancing around in a silly manner.

-Dorgath hops up and heaves with a Great Axe Attack, shattering the bones of his victim.
-Throg fails to hypnotize anything.

-Throg's ice missile misses.
-Throg tries to levitate in order to get past his rows of allies, but it doesn't work. He shrugs and remains in the back.
-Tomas could move, but he feels like he's done enough.
-Ty lashes out with his morningstar and catches the black knight that Revaethan just unhorsed (8/14).

-Ty bashes the black knight again (2/14).
-Ty brings in his knuckle-dusters and finishes off the weakened black knight.
-Ty's deathblow smashes the black knight directly in front of him (7/14).
-Ty lands another strike with his morning star on a black knight (3/14).
-Ty actually manages to miss his next attack. Guess he got ahead of himself.
-Ty defeats a black knight with his fist spike, moving into its position.
-Ty attempts to take on a badly damaged nightmare, but the monster hops above him.
-Ty connects with his fist spike on his last try and destroys the nightmare, moving into its position.
-Ty's morningstar connects with the black knight Carrow wounded. At first, the monster seems to withstand the attack. Then it crumbles to the floor, defeated.
-Ty smacks a the last remaining nightmare with his morningstar (1/6).

-Ty grabs the nightmare and unleashes a knee-strike. Ty ends up falling flat on his back, but the nightmare shudders and falls apart.
-Kelgar's Ring of Jade fully restores Tomas' Wounds.
-Kelgar earns 50 gold for his healing efforts! Praise Sigmar.

-Tomas has 25 points of healing to distribute from Life Force, so he heals the rest of the party.
-Tomas gains 20 gold for healing.

-Each Warrior collects 617 gold.


The Tentacled One
I feel kinda bad about the way that one played out, but there it is. Mooseman had a strategic insight based on the limited information I provided. Seeing that he was on the front line and that he was adjacent to multiple undead opponents, he discerned that the Blade of Couronne could be useful here, especially if it was a prolonged fight. Meanwhile, Tomas, whose player isn't even here anymore, benefited from me knowing that he could probably draw enough power from his overpowered Chalice of Sorcery to give the party sufficient extra attacks to end the combat in one round. I want to encourage player engagement if I can, and combat going like that is not what I had in mind. I'll have to think on this...

Anyway, the Power Phase is 4 next turn, so there's no Unexpected Events.


Isengar Tussle
"Praise the Tree of Life! That was invigorating. Now why were there Black Knights waiting for us?"

Yeah I did remember that I had that sword against the undead.


Staff member
I'd say we heal up then set about exploring the chamber, loosely maintaining the same marching order as before. Are there any other exits?
We'll need to keep an eye on them if there are.