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Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


Staff member
"I think we should stick together for now, though, of course, Throg is free to do what he thinks best... :)"


The Tentacled One
Sorry, I left this on the back burner again. But I already had something at home for the next part. Hopefully I'll post that here today. Really should have done it last night. Oops.


The Tentacled One
The elderly high elves convene next to a ring of mushrooms and frantically discuss the situation amongst themselves. After some convoluted arguments, they assemble strange silver equipment and commence a series of experimental attempts to construct magical portal. This takes a while. It's hard to track the passage of time here. Maybe an hour. Maybe more. They implore you to wait, that it won't be long before they arrive at a satisfactory result. After several brief flickers of light from a collapsing and unstable portal, a few minor explosions, and a spontaneous shower of phosphorescent blue globules, they manage to create a seemingly stable portal.

A massive pink tentacle reaches out of the portal and grabs one of the high elves. Ty and Dorgath act quickly, grabbing the old man before the tentacle can drag him into the portal. All three are slowly pulled toward it. Kelgar grabs his comrades and slows the tentacle down even more, but it is extremely strong. Throg laughs at them. Jekaena struggles to maintain the spell keeping the party from losing themselves in the beauty of the Idyllic Copse, but by now she is faltering. Dorgath, Ty, and Kelgar manage to mostly focus on resisting the pull of the tentacle, but they're becoming increasingly distracted by how aesthetically pleasing the trees and flowers are. Revaethan steels himself and plunges both of his swords into the tentacle. Tomas casually strolls over to the tentacle, conjures a thick hammer of flame, and bashes the tentacle repeatedly. Despite their efforts, the party is gradually losing the tug-of-war. In a heroic surge of strength, Kelgar heaves backward. The tentacle stretches out for a split second, and that's all it takes for Revaethan to hack through it. The lower half of the tentacle retreats back into the portal, then the high elves instantly deactivate the device. The Honored Elder that the party rescued is shaken, but generally unharmed.

The high elves bicker some more over whose fault that last mishap was. This goes on for a while. Jekaena's magic continues to wane. After they settle down, they open a new stable portal, one without any tentacles. It's not quite leading to the right location, but they leave it open an analyze it, performing some calculations. While they have the portal open, a floating inky-black shadow in the shape of a weasel drifts toward the portal and enters it. The party cannot help finding this amusing, but the Honored Elders shut down their portal again, and descend into panic and argument.

While the escape of that shadow-weasel creature distresses them, the Honored Elders are still resolved to help the party leave, and they're now confident that they can create a portal to take the party back to where they were before, in the Enchanted Wood of the Heart-Tree of Welhallas. They only dare risk leaving the portal open long enough for the party to enter. Then they'll close it so nothing else from the Idyllic Copse gets out. So they advise you to get ready...

The portal, once opened, should be wide enough for you to enter two-at-a-time. In what marching order will the party proceed through the portal?


The Tentacled One
So far we've got...

Carrow and Tyresius
? and ?
? and ?
Throg and ?

Still need to assign Dorgath, Kelgar, Tomas, Revaethan, and Jekaena.


The Tentacled One
I don't know what I was thinking not making the little map image tile thing last night as I'd planned on, since I obviously can't do that from work. Oops. However, I will get this started, as it's long, long overdue.

You shuffle in through the portal, which blinks shut behind you in a blinding flash of light. As your vision clears, you see Nayadra Greenthicket snarling on a ledge above you. She shouts...

"I don't know how you escaped my trap, but I'm ending this permanently. The Witch King will be content with your corpses! Kill them all."

-You find yourselves disoriented at the bottom of a pit. Numerous dryads swarm to ambush the party. However...
-Throg's Telepathy grants him a counter-ambush against the dryads.
-The Power Phase result is 6. Throg's Arcane Knowledge grants him the Fireball spell, which he may cast once this turn.
-Dorgath's Warningstone of Asuryan fails to negate the ambush.
-Ty's Pit Training kicks in. He may move and attack before the first round of combat.

I'll roll attacks once I have the map displayed her properly, but this should give you an idea for planning once you do get to attack. Well, everyone who isn't TomB and Turgy22. Those two can do stuff now.


Isengar Tussle
Carrow rips out his Soul Blade to defend the others until they take the front defense, well, when he can think of it.


Nothing Special
Throg's first priority will be encasing Nayadra in ice. If he has time for additional attacks, he will use them against the dryads, starting with a fireball.


Staff member
Ty immediately attacks the dryad directly in front of him, then looks to spike-dance his way clockwise around the room working his way towards Nayadra (eventually).


The Tentacled One
-The dryads gain Oak Aspect. They each have +1 Strength and +1 Toughness.
-Throg casts Fireball, dealing 4 damage to two of the dryads and Nayadra.

-Throg attempts to encase Nayadra in ice, but his missile completely misses. It's not even close.
-Throg fails to hypnotize anything.
-Throg waves his axe around in a silly-looking manner.
-Throg chops a dryad (2 damage).
-Throg stumbles.
-Throg kicks ineffectively.
-Throg envenoms a dryad (2 damage).

-Throg slashes a dryad with his claws (1 damage).
-Ty smacks a dryad with his morningstar (5 damage).

-Ty impales a dryad on his fist-spike (8 damage).
-Ty kills a dryad with his fist-spike and moves into its position.
-The dryads shift into Willow Aspect. Warriors attacking them get -1 Attacks.
-Ty attempts a knee-strike, but the dryad is too quick for him.
-Ty crushes a dryad with a knee-strike (6 damage).

-Jekaena forgets to cast anything.
-Tomas casts Spear of Light, lobbing a radiant javelin of energy into Nayadra's chest (7 damage).
-Tomas casts Ogre Strength on Carrow (+2 Strength).

-Kelgar blesses himself and Carrow with Vanquish (+1 Attacks).
-Nayadra casts Arnizipal's Black Horror. A black cloud issues forth from her mouth, engulfing the party.
-Throg takes damage (24/29).

-Dorgath withstands the spell.
-Carrow withstands the spell.
-Kelgar withstands the spell.
-Ty withstands the spell.
-Tomas withstands the spell.
-Revaethan withstands the spell.

-Jekaena withstands the spell.
-A dryad lashes out at Throg, the Chaos warrior casually blocks it.

-A dryad seems to hit Throg, but the distortion caused by his helm messes up its aim.
-A dryad tears into Jekaena (8/14).
-Jekaena's assailant goes after her again, but she manages to fend it off.
-A dryad lunges at Dorgath. He sidesteps.
-A dryad scores a direct hit on Dorgath. But he does have a lot of armor (24/25).
-A dryad strikes at Carrow, much too slowly.

-A dryad attempts lashes out at Carrow.
-The elf dodges the attack.
-A dryad pummels Carrow.
-Carrow blocks the attack with his Elf Shield.
-A dryad grasps ineptly at Carrow
-A dryad hits Carrow on his Elf Helm.

-1 of Carrow's Luck points spent to keep the Elf Helm from being destroyed.
-The Elf Helm deflects the dryad's attack.
-A dryad clutches Carrow's arm, but the elf slips away.

-A dryad was going to attack Ty, but he murdered it already.
-This dryad is dead. it can't fight anyone.
-A dryad swipes at Ty. The pit fight's quick reflexes allow him to evade the blow.
-A dryad lunges for Ty, but can't get him because his Shadow Crown is too distracting.
-A dryad scrambles after Ty.

-A dryad slashes Ty (17/20).

And now the ambushes are over. The party may attack as normal.