Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic

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  1. turgy22 Nothing Special

    "Of course I'm willing to offer my services for the glory of Tzeentch. The mission sounds difficult, so I'll probably need to make use of this shrine in advance."
  2. TomB Administrative Assistant

    If Throg trusts him I'm willing to go on a little faith, though I'd expect a bit more loot out of risking our necks here, since we don't seem to be having all that much trouble here in the Pine Crags that we might need "safe passage". Of course, getting hooked up with a more direct route to our objective couldn't hurt...

    "Anything more you can tell us about this Utronicus? It would be helpful to know what we'd be up against..."
  3. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    "In advance? Well, I suppose that if it helps you kill Utronicus, fine. Go right ahead. As for what you're up against, I can't be entirely sure. He has Chaos magic and he has some daemonic servants. No Greater Daemons or I'd know about it. I'm not going to lie: my Plan B is that if he kills the lot of you, he'll inevitably retrieve the Icons of Nurgle from Throg's corpse and attempt to reseal his barrier against me, which would give me an opening to flood the place with fire magic while his barrier is at its weakest. I'd prefer for Plan A to work, so do not hesitate to hit Utronicus with everything you've got. He's devious and also quite disgusting. But he's really going to want those Icons back, so he'll be there throwing daemons at you. Really, those Icons are the perfect bait.

    Oh, and I guess you've been doing this a while, but maybe you want even more weapons. Here are some swords just lying around..."

    Bysshan offers the following swords to the party (despite their grim appearance, none of these have the [Chaos artefect] tag, so Throg cannot use them)...

    -Fell Blade: +1D6 damage. 2x damage. When this weapon hits, roll a D6. On a 1, the wielder takes the damage instead of the target. Worth 1,500 gold.
    -Chaos Demon Sword: Ignores normal armor. For each point of damage that this weapon would inflict, roll a D3. On a 2, that point of damage counts as 2 points instead. On a 3, that point of damage counts as 3 points instead. On a 1, the wielder takes that point of damage with no modifiers. Worth 1,250 gold.
    -Soul Blade: Each time this sword successfully wounds a target, it reduces the victim's Toughness by 1. At 0 Toughness, the target dies. Worth 450 gold.
    -Chaos Runeblade: +1D6 damage. Ignores normal armor. Worth 400 gold.
    -Magic Sword: Counts as a magic weapon. Worth 25 gold.
  4. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    "I may be able to use the SoulBlade..... If needed."
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Dorgath looks over the weapons but doesn't find any to his liking. He waits for the rest of the party to choose.
  6. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Weak. What kind of Chaos priest is this? More like a Chaos friar.

    Throg will try to use the shrine.
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  7. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Throg makes his offering. (50 gold in this case, but the actual requirement is 2D6x10 gold, in case I haven't already said that somewhere)

    The warping forces of Chaos surge through the Warrior's veins, and he staggers drunkenly around the temple. When he comes to his senses, he realizes that he has been...


    Throg gains 2 Chaos attributes...

    Mindless: At the start of each turn, roll a D6. On a score of anything but 1, the Chaos Warrior is fine. On a 1, he becomes mindless for the rest of the turn. While mindless, the Chaos Warrior's intellect is reduced to zero and he becomes a babbling idiot. His Weapon Skill and Attacks are reduced to 1. He cannot use ranged weapons. At the end of the turn, he returns to normal.

    Arcane Knowledge: All manner of arcane knowledge fills the Chaos Warrior's head, secrets revealed to him that mortals should never know. Whenever the Power Phase roll is 6, the Chaos Warrior is affected. Roll a D6. On a 1-2, the Chaos Warrior drops to his knees, overwhelmed by a whirlwind of knowledge within his mind. While in this state, attacks against him are at +2 to hit. At the end of the turn, he returns to normal. On a 3-6, the Chaos Warrior gains 1D6 Initiative for the turn. He draws a spell card, which he may cast at any point during the turn.
  8. TomB Administrative Assistant

    Ty will take the Fell Blade if no one else wants it, though he will continue using the Blade of Leaping Bronze as his 2nd weapon for now.
  9. TomB Administrative Assistant

    "So...forward to confront Utronicus then?"
  10. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Oops! I will get to this later today. So Ty takes the Fell Blade and Carrow takes the Soul Blade. If no one else wants to claim one, I'll just arbitrarily assign Tomas the Chaos Demon Sword and Revaethan the other two...
  11. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    That works.
  12. TomB Administrative Assistant

  13. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Haven't been home much this week. But let's get this moving anyway without my notes!

    You proceed through the door into the lower level of a pit. As the last of the party arrives, a portcullis slams shut behind you and grotesque, croaking laughter echoes from above. Plaguebearers, twisted servants of Nurgle, sidle down the walls of the pit.

    -The Power Phase is 6.
    -Ty is confused as the crowding in the pit brings up memories of his pit-fighting days. He loses all of his actions for the rest of the turn.
    -Throg becomes mindless. His Weapon Skill and Attacks are reduced to 1 for the rest of the turn.
    -Throg's Arcane Knowledge grants him +2 Initiative and one free use of the Rebound spell. (Choose any Warrior. Each time the target is attacked this turn, roll a D6. On a 6, all Wounds that the attack inflicted are rebounded onto whoever caused them. This does not rebound spells.)
  14. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Dorgath leaps into combat with his Axe.
  15. turgy22 Nothing Special

    Throg will rebound himself, assuming he has the mental acuity to make such a decision.
  16. Mooseman Isengar Tussle

    Carrow will shoot the plaguebearers
  17. TomB Administrative Assistant

    You'd think Ty would feel right at home fighting in a pit, but nooooo.....

    Ty will join into the combat as soon as he comes to his senses, looking first to protect the casters.
  18. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    He rolled a 1. :p

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