Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


The Tentacled One
-Carrow bumps his head on the frozen undead knight. Oops.
-Carrow slashes at a nightmare. Even though the undead knight riding the nightmare is frozen, the skeletal horse still manages to evade the blow.
-Carrow cleaves the nightmare in half.
-Carrow's deathblow strikes Black Knight #2 (8/14).

-Carrow follows up with another slash. There's a loud clang as his blade glances off the black knight's helmet (7/14).
-Focusing in a battle trance, Revaethan prepares his Woven Mist technique (4). He is ready to strike once the nearby hell knight thaws out.
-With no other targets, since until now I didn't think to ask Spiderman if he wants to switch to his crossbow, and since I'm too impatient to wait for an answer on that, Dorgath also holds his attacks, ready to strike once Hell Knight #1 thaws out.
-Shoving his opponent back, Throg brings his axe down on Hell Knight #2 (8/35).

-Throg's axe drains a bit of the essence of his foe, healing him (28/29).
-As he pulls his axe free, Throg takes a little nibble off Hell Knight #2 (7/35).
-Throg drives his axe into his foe...
-Once more, Throg feels the effect of the Hell Knight's cursed armor rebounding his own attack back onto him (27/29).
-Throg chops at the hell knight's legs (3/35).
-As Hell Knight #2 stands back up, Throg cleaves right through its stupid armor and destroying the undead inside.
-Throg's deathblow sinks into the nightmare in front of him (2/6).
-Throg chops the nighmare. It crumbles into a disjointed heap of broken bones.
-Throg fails to hypnotize anything.

-Throg's ice missile misses.
-Just as Throg's magic fades and the hell knight thaws out, it falls. The hell knight reacts quickly to the nightmare beneath it collapsing. This throws Revaethan's aim off and his first strike goes over the undead monster's head.

-Revaethan repeats his mistake, striking where he thinks the hell knight should be, but not where the collapse of the nightmare has taken it.
-Revaethan impales the hell knight (18/35).

-Revaethan chops the hell knight with his other sword while pulling his first sword free (17/35).
-Revaethan loses an attack against the hell knight's Armor of Doom.
-Dorgath follows Revaethan, but his foe's cursed armor deflects his attack.

-Dorgath find himself off balance and has to abort his attack to keep his balance.
-Dorgath loses an attack against the Armor of Doom.
-Dorgath kicks at the hell knight, but it sidesteps the attack.
-Dorgath clobbers the hell knight with one of his gauntlets (3/35).
-Dorgath swings with his other gauntlet, but the hell knight's armor causes it to miss.

-Dorgath makes one more gauntlet attack, but it slips off the Armor of Doom.
-Ty bashes Black Knight #4 with his morningstar (6/14).

-Ty stabs Black Knight #4 with his fist spike (1/14).
-Ty jams his morningstar into the ribs of his opponent and slams it into the wall, showering most of the party in bone fragments as the black knight explodes.
-Ty's morningstar bounces off the wall for a deathblow that completely misses Black Knight #3. But if that blow had connected, oh man, it would have looked so cool.
-Ty slashes with his fist spike, but Black Knight #3 catches his arm.
-Ty cuts Black Knight #3 (11/14).
-Ty puts Black Knight #3 in a headlock, smashing the monster with his knee spike and knuckle dusters (3/14).

-Ty maneuvers for another knee strike, but Black Knight #3 escapes from him.
-Hell Knight #1 slashes Dorgath's chest. Oh no, its sword is magic too and it hits harder than expected (20/25).

-Hell Knight #1 cuts Dorgath open (10/25).
-Black Knight #1 rears back to attack Carrow, but gets distracted when pelted by bone fragments from its companion on the other side of the room.
-Black Knight #2 stabs at Carrow.
Acting quickly, Carrow blocks the blow with his shield.
-Black Knight #3 swings at Ty. The pit fighter ducks beneath the blow.
-Carrow's Blade of Couronne drains the essence of nearby undead (Hell Knight #1: 2/35, Black Knight #1: 12/14, Black Knight #2: 7/14).
-Kelgar overcharges his Ring of Jade to heal Dorgath (18/25). The Ring of Jade cannot be used next turn.
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*holy crap. That was a terrible round for me*

“Jekaena, heal me!” Dorgath tries to finish off his hell knight.


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Ty will try to finish off BK#3, then turn his attacks to the next monster in line as he continues to rotate around the right flank of the knights, enabling more of the party to engage as desired... :)


Nothing Special
“Jekaena, heal me!” Dorgath tries to finish off his hell knight.
As his entrails lie strewn about the floor of the dungeon.

Throg will finish off the hell knight, if the opportunity arises. If not, he'll focus his attacks on the remaining black knights.


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-Hell Knight #1 slashes Dorgath's chest. Oh no, it's sword is magic too and it hits harder than expected (20/25).
-Hell Knight #1 cuts Dorgath open (10/25).

-Kelgar overcharges his Ring of Jade to heal Dorgath (18/25). The Ring of Jade cannot be used next turn.
I think he's in a little bit better shape than that...lol


The Tentacled One
-Dorgath's Lifestone of Ashraz restores 1 Wound.
-Dorgath's axe restores 1 Wound (20/25).

-Tomas casts Glory!
-Jekaena casts Finger of Life, but it fizzles.
-Jekaena casts Finger of Life, but it fizzles (bad rolls there).

-Kelgar blesses Carrow and Throg with Vanquish.
-Carrow chops Black Knight #2, but his blade becomes embedded in his opponent's armor.

-Carrow loses his balance while yanking his sword free.
-Carrow slices Black Knight #2 (5/14).

-Carrow sweeps his sword through Black Knight #2. The black knight staggers, but remains upright (1/14).
-Revaethan uses Woven Mist (2).

-Revaethan lowers his sword too early and collides with Hell Knight #1, bouncing off.
-Revaethan impales Hell Knight #1 with his twin swords, then drags both swords in opposite directions, ripping the undead knight apart. The hell knight falls to the floor in three separate pieces.
-Dorgath moves to finish off the hell knight, but finds himself stepping over its remains. Pivoting quickly, Dorgath slams his axe into Black Knight #3 just as the undead is reeling from Ty's attacks. There is a crack of bone and the skeletal form is tossed across the room from the impact of the blow.

-Dorgath's deathblow is at a bad angle and completely misses Black Knight #2.
-Dorgath makes a Great Axe Attack, cleaving through Black Knight #2.
-Dorgath's deathblow devastates Black Knight #1 (8/14).
-Dorgath kicks Black Knight #1 in the thigh (4/14).
-Dorgath punches Black Knight #1 in the face. It collapses.

The room seems to be clear now and no more undead are rising up from the well.


The Tentacled One
Carrow looks down the well. His eyes catch water a short distance down the shaft, but nothing else. Dorgath's search of the remains turns up an item he's familiar with...

Boots of Battle: Allow for a single kick attack per turn at -1 to hit and +1 Strength. Enchanted to fit the wearer perfectly. Worth 200 gold.


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Meh, I guess I could take the Boots since I don't seem to have any, and more attacks are always better... :)