Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


The Tentacled One
Ty pushes the door open, revealing another empty room. This room has fewer visible roots in the ceiling and none in the walls. It's a stone chamber. Curiously, there seems to be a well in the middle of the room. Across from you stands a door, blocked by a huge portcullis. Undead knights like the ones you saw when you first arrived here emerge from the the well.


The Tentacled One
The Power Phase is 3 for this turn. An updated picture of the dungeon map should be in the Discord. U.S. quarters mark the positions of undead riders, each one mounted on a nightmare.


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Ty quickly dashes forward and to the right, attempting to flank the knight on that side and allow Rev the chance to also engage, and he attacks! :devilish:


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So no one wants to try closing the door and go a different way, maybe?

Throg will move forward and attack, if he can get within range. If not, he'll hurl ice missiles, hypnosis and insults from afar.


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“Jekaena, protect yourself!” Dorgath moves straight forward to block the knights from moving into the passage (the space between the door and them) and attacks.


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Having a moment before the fighting starts, Ty wonders to himself how the knights managed coming out of the well mounted on the nightmares...o_O


The Tentacled One
-Throg resists the Fear effect of the undead.
-Dorgath resists the Fear effect of the undead.
-Carrow resists the Fear effect of the undead.
-Kelgar becomes afraid of black knights and hell knights.
-Ty resists the Fear effect of the undead.
-Tomas resists the Fear effect of the undead.
-Revaethan resists the Fear effect of the undead.

-Jekaena resists the Fear effect of the undead.
-Tomas casts Glory!
-Heeding Dorgath's shout, Jekaena casts Protection.
-Jekaena casts Protection (6 total).

-Kelgar blesses Carrow and Ty with Vanquish.
-Carrow moves in alongside Hell Knight #1 and slashes with his Blade of Couronne. The hell knight's armor gives it an aura that makes attacking it difficult, but Carrow lands a blow anyway (33/35).

-Carrow attempts another cut, but the strange armor deflects it.
-Carrow slices down the neck of his opponent scoring an impressive hit, but the hell knight's magic armor makes his movement sluggish and he loses the opportunity to make further attacks (29/35).
-Revaethan follows Carrow in, slipping past the guard of Hell Knight #1 and positioning himself in the corner of the chamber. Revaethan strikes the hell knight with his sword, but the monster's armor deflects the attack and slows the wardancer down.
-Revaethan stabs Hell Knight #1 but, like Carrow, loses an attack while fighting this creature (24/35).

-Dorgath pushes forward at Hell Knight #1, and Revaethan has already moved aside for him. The Dwarf cleaves at Hell Knight #1, but that pesky magic armor it's wearing causes the blow to have no effect.

-As happened to the elves, Dorgath finds that striking at that armor slows him down (-1 Attacks), but he manages to swing his axe one more time. However, his bootlace is untied and he trips over it.
-Dorgath kicks at Hell Knight #1, but misses. The undead monster grabs his foot and throws him to the floor.
-Ty moves past Hell Knight #2 so quickly that the monster doesn't even seem to notice him, then strikes at it from the side. This monster's magic sword gives it a shimmering effect similar to the one Throg has, and makes it harder to hit. Ty's morningstar just barely fails to connect.

-Ty lunges with his fist spike, but Hell Knight #2 easily evades it.
-Annoyed at this slippery undead, Ty feints with his mace, punches the hell knight, then spins while jumping up and smashing the hell knight with his morningstar (28/35).

-The Morning Star of Fracasse destroys Hell Knight #2's Sword of Distortion!
-Ty vaults onto his opponent's back and drives his fist spike into the hell knight (23/35).
-Ty slashes Hell Knight #2 (21/35).
-Ty lands a knee strike on Hell Knight #2 (17/35).

-Ty throws one more knee strike, but it gets absorbed by the undead knight's armor).
-Tomas moves into the space Dorgath left, leaving Throg room to move past him.
-Throg fails to hypnotize anything.

-Throg casts his ice missile, striking Hell Knight #1 in the chest and freezing it.
-Throg continues striding forward. Moving in alongside Dorgath, Throg swings his axe at Hell Knight #2. In all the excitement, Throg forgets to insult the undead. Also, he misses completely.
-Throg nearly trips over Dorgath, who has just been thrown to the floor.

-Throg sinks his axe into Hell Knight #2.
-Hell Knight #2's Arcane Armor of Destruction rebounds Throg's attack back onto him. Fortunately, the Chaos Warrior landed an uncharacteristically puny blow, and the force of Throg's attack doesn't quite penetrate his own armor.

-Off-balanced from the unexpected jolt he received Throg stumbles and steps face-first into the nightmare.
-Recovering his balance, Throg rakes his razor claws up at Hell Knight #2 (10/35).
-Nightmare #1 kicks at Revaethan, but the wardancer is ready for it and sidesteps the attack.

-Nightmare #2 kicks Dorgath in the face (23/25).
-Hell Knight #2 swipes at Throg. Throg laughs at it.
-Hell Knight #2 grabs Throg by the throat and throttles the Chaos Warrior (26/29).
-Beckoned by the hell knight, more undead crawl out of the well. Four black knights line up behind their leaders.
-Black Knight #1 slashes at Carrow. The elf ducks.
-Black Knight #2 stabs at Carrow, but the elf blocks with his shield.
-Black Knight #3 slices Ty open (14/20).

-Black Knight #4 stabs at Ty and I was about to subtract more Wounds from him, but Ty is wearing too many stupid piece of gear that give attacks against him -1 to-hit.
-Carrow's Blade of Couronne drains the essence of the nearby undead (Black Knight #1: 13/14, Black Knight #2: 13/14, Nightmare #1: 5/6).
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“Jekaena, heal Ty! Cursed Chaos equipment...” Dorgath yells then mutters as he keeps attacking and strives to overcome the chaos enchantments/magic.


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Ty continues his assault on HK#2, and will continue sliding the wall and attack the next BK in line in the event he's able to vanquish it... :devilish:


The Tentacled One
-Dorgath's Lifestone of Ashraz restores 1 Wound.
-Dorgath's Rune of Restoration restores 1 Wound (25/25).

-Tomas casts Glory!
-Tomas casts Ogre Strength on Carrow.

-Jekaena casts Heal Wounds twice, restoring Ty (20/20).
-Kelgar blesses Carrow and Throg with Vanquish.
-Carrow attacks...

Oh, hold on. Which foul knight is Carrow attacking? I've posted an updated map in the Discord, which uses quarters to represent the Hell Knights and pennies to represent the Black Knights. The Hell Knights are mounted on Nightmares, but those aren't shown on the map. Currently, Carrow's token is adjacent to BK #1, BK #1, HK#1, and NM#1. Last round, Carrow attacked HK #1, but that was the same monster Throg then froze with his Ring of Desolation. So Carrow has the option to attack one of the other targets or to hold his attacks until HK#1 unfreezes (or to do something else I haven't even thought of).

So what do you want Carrow to do?