Warhammer Quest: The Sylvan Epic


The Tentacled One
-Dorgath's Rune of Restoration restores him to full Wounds (25/25).
-Tomas casts Life Force on Throg.
-Tomas casts Life Force on Ty.

-Jekaena casts Heal Wounds on Ty (9/20).
-Jekaena casts Heal Wounds on Tomas (16/21)
-Kelgar uses Power of Sigmar to heal Ty (12/20) and Tomas (17/21).
-Ty takes a swig off a Heal-Itt potion (14/20).
-Ty is still thirsty, so he drinks some more Heal-Itt potion (17/20).

-Carrow's archery talent is still failing him. The banshee is ethereal and also Carrow is terrified of it. So she's hard to hit.
-Carrow shoots the banshee anyway, this time hitting her in the ribs. (8/38).

-Revaethan uses Woven Mist (2).

-Revaethan clumsily drops one of his swords.
-Revaethan chops the banshee (4/38).
-Dorgath swings at the banshee, but she floats out of his reach.
-Dorgath catches the banshee with his axe. The blow initially only creates a minor tear, but begins splitting wider and emitting a pale blue glow. The banshee shrieks and begins dissolving.

-The banshee's final wail empowers all nearby undead, making them impervious to magic and seemingly speeding them up.
-Dorgath kicks Mummy #2 (38/40).

-Dorgath clobbers Mummy #2 with his gauntlet (25/40).
-Dorgath bludgeons Mummy #2 with his other gauntlet (7/40).

-Dorgath pummels Mummy #2 again, finishing it off.
-Throg fails to hypnotize anything.

-Throg's Ice Missile misses.
-Throg hacks at Mummy #3 (36/40).
-Throg's axe restores his Wounds (29/29).
-Throg takes a bite out of Mummy #3. It tastes terrible (32/40).
-Throg prods Mummy #3 with his axe (31/40).
-Throg chops Mummy #3 again (27/40).
-Throg kicks Mummy #3 in in the groin (25/40).
-Throg fails to envenom a mummy (however that was supposed to work).

-Throg scratches Mummy #3 with his razor claws (23/40).
-Ty slams his morningstar into Mummy #3 (19/40).

-Ty shanks Mummy #3 with his fist spike (14/40).
-Ty loses his balance while yanking his fist spike out of the mummy's body. It looks like he's doing a weird little dance, but actually he's just trying not to fall over.
-Ty tears into Mummy #3, rooting around in its chest cavity for organs he can rip out and look all cool, but this is a mummy, so Ty winds up with a fist full of dust instead (5/40).
-As Mummy #3 lurches toward him, Ty jumps onto it, striking with knuckle-dusters and knee spikes. The undead monster can't take any more punishment, and collapses.

-Spinning on his heels, Ty throws one more knee strike at Mummy #1, but this mummy catches Ty and tosses him back.
-Tomas slices at Mummy #1. The enhanced speed of the lumbering undead causes him to miss The blow.
-Tomas swings his sword again, but Mummy #1 is just too quick for him.

-Empowered by his Ring of Command, Kelgar smashes Mummy #1 with his hammer (36/40).
-Kelgar raises his hammer, but Mummy #1 shoves the priest away.

-Mummy #1 raises its arms in a hammer-blow and seems to hit Tyresius, but the nimble pit fighter slides past the mighty blow like it's nothing.

-Mummy #1 swipes at Ty, but again, but Ty floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. Metaphorically, I mean.
-Mummy #1 stomps angrily at Ty and almost connects with a lightning-quick blow, but Ty slips past yet again.
-Mummy #4 stumbles the wrong direction.
-Mummy #4 headbutts Revaethan (11/18).
-Mummy #4 slaps Revaethan (9/18)
-Mummy #5 grapples with Throg. The Chaos Warrior escapes its grasp.
-Mummy #5 charges Throg. Throg sidesteps.
-Mummy #5 punches Throg in the face (22/29).
-The presence of the mummies afflicts nearby Warriors. Throg takes 3 damage from Tomb Rot (19/29).
-Kelgar takes 3 damage from Tomb Rot (16/19).
-Ty takes 3 damage from Tomb Rot (14/20).
-Tomas takes 6 damage from Tomb Rot (11/21).

-Revaethan takes 6 damage from Tomb Rot (3/18).
-Kelgar's Ring of Jade heals Tomas (15/21) and Revaethan (7/18).
-Kelgar collects 60 gold for his healing efforts! Praise Sigmar.


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“Jakaena, heal Rev!” Dorgath is surprised(?) at what happened with the banshee but not questioning it right now and turns to attack the remaining mummies.


The Tentacled One
-The Power Phase is 2 for this turn.
-Tomas draws 3 power from his Chalice of Sorcery.
-Tomas casts Firehammer on Mummy #4 (36/40).

-Tomas casts Firehammer on Mummy #4 (24/40).
-Jekaena casts Heal Wounds on Revaethan (8/18).
-Kelgar's attempt at a blessing fails!
-Revaethan chugs his healing potion (14/18).
-Ty sucks down more Heal-Itt Potion (18/20).
-Tomas scarfs down a provision (13/21).
-Carrow shoots Mummy #4 in the head (18/40).
-Calmly noting that his marksmanship seems back to normal, Carrow plants another arrow right next to his previous one in the skull of Mummy #4 (12/40).

-Revaethan uses Woven Mist (5).

-Revaethan stabs Mummy #4 (6/40).
-Revaethan twists awkardly as he yanks his sword out of the mummy.
-Revaethan trips.
-Revaethan slashes, just grazing Mummy #4 (4/40).

-Revaethan lashes out at the mummy, but it grabs him by the throat.
-Dorgath vaults up and whirls across the chest of Mummy #1 with a Great Axe Attack (30/40).

-Dorgath ducks underneath Mummy #1 and charges past it landing another Great Axe Attack (23/40).
-Dorgath throws a kick with a bladed boot, but hits a wall on accident and bounces off it.
-Dorgath almost punches himself by mistake.
-Recovering, Dorgath swings his other fist and slams it into Mummy #1 (10/40).

-Dorgath makes a final gauntlet attack crashing into Mummy #1. To his amazement, the undead creature wobbles, but remains upright (1/40).
-Throg hypnotizes Mummy #5, taking away its attacks.

-Throg's Ice Missile misses.
-Throg hacks at Mummy #5 (37/40).
-Throg's axe steals Wounds from the Mummy and gives them to Throg (22/29).
-Throg bites off a chunk of Mummy #5 (34/40).
-Throg smacks Mummy #5 with his axe (32/40).
-Throg bashes Mummy #5 across the chest (30/40).
-Throg kicks Mummy #5 in the toe (24/40).
-Pretending that he's a spider and that the wrappings of the mummy are webbing surrounding a succulent insect, Throg injects venom into his prey (22/40).

-Throg rakes his claws across the eyes of Mummy #5 (21/40).
-Ty wrestles Mummy #1 to the floor and beats it into submission. And by "submission" I really mean "dust."
-Tomas slashes wildly at Mummy #4, but it sidesteps his blow.
-Tomas swings his sword, but the mummy is ready and leans away from the obvious strike.

-Kelgar charges Mummy #5, but it evades him.
-Kelgar swings his hammer, but Mummy #5 lunges out of the way.

-Mummy #4 clutches at Revaethan, but the wardancer wrenches himself away.

-Mummy #4 strikes Revaethan with its elbow (12/18).
-The presence of the mummies afflicts nearby Warriors. Throg takes 1 damage from Tomb Rot (21/29).
-Kelgar takes 2 damage from Tomb Rot (14/19).
-Tomas takes 2 damage from Tomb Rot (11/21).

-Revaethan takes 6 damage from Tomb Rot (6/18).
-Kelgar overcharges his Ring of Jade, restoring Wounds to Tomas (17/21) and Revaethan (12/18). Kelgar may not use his Ring of Jade next round.
-Kelgar collects 60 gold for his healing efforts! Praise Sigmar.
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The Tentacled One
-The Power Phase is 3 for this turn.
-Tomas draws 2 Power from his Chalice of Sorcery. The Chalice drains some of his life force (12/21).
-Tomas casts Lifebringer. He heals himself (18/21), Revaethan (15/18), and Kelgar (19/19).
-Tomas casts Lifebringer. He heals Throg (24/29) and Revaethan (17/18).

-Jekaena casts Finger of Life, fully healing Revaethan.
-Jekaena casts Finger of Life, but it fizzles.

-Kelgar blesses Carrow with Call of the Brave.
-Feeling better, Carrow plunks Mummy #4 (1/40).
-Carrow plunks a second time, finishing his target off.

-Revaethan uses Woven Mist (5).

-Revaethan cleaves the last remaining mummy (15/40).
-Revaethan hacks through the mummy's thigh (10/40).
-Revaethan slashes the mummy (7/40).
-Revaethan swings a sword, but the mummy ducks.

-Revaethan eviscerates the mummy (2/40).
-Dorgath moves in to attack the one next to the elf and diagonal from the wizard. The mummy lurches suddenly and evades his blow.
-Dorgath lands what seems to be a clumsy blow on the mummy. It's already pretty beaten up and collapses, crumbling to dust.

-Tomas collects 95 gold for healing.


The Tentacled One
Dorgath isn't sure how it got here or how long it's been sitting here, but he finds a magic ring on the floor.

Protection Ring: Grants the wearer +1 Toughness. Worth 300 gold.


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Dorgath admires the Ring on his finger.

No seriously, does anyone need extra protection?

Now that the mist is gone, Dorgath checks the room for secret doors.