The question of questions: What is casual?

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by TheCasualOblivion, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. HOUTS New Member

    Nicely done Duke.

    But, I'll have to take some of the pride/shame in knowing where this lead to. And they said it was a waste of time...

    How can it be a waste of time discussing the definintion that holds this site together? Pfttt....idiots. (see, I said it Casual)

    Duke: E-mail me, we can work on finishing up an article together. Not because our ideas are similiar (but that does make a cohesive article) but you have logic. Something that seems to be missing from this site at times.....

  2. DÛke Memento Mori

    Houts I would be happy to actually contribute to the article, and now that it is Friday, and I've finished sketching the basic idea behind my Aristotle paper for class, I can lend a good hand for the purposes of your article, which I do hope that people would read intelligently and not dismiss just like 90% said in these boards is dismissed, with no real reasons beyond personal intellectual bigotry and stupidity, which I advise that people keep to themselves, especially if it is them who ask the question! After all, why ask a question when all you can do is disagree, and not only that, but offer no logical suggestion whatsoever as to the reasons behind your disagreement? It's so unbelievably stupid, a new level of stupidity that I have never experienced (not even in a philosophy class!), that it puts a bright smile on my face for many reasons which most would deem "arrogant," if not even "self-serving."

    Besides the subtle and hard to spot elitism, there is a rampant epidemic of utter idiocy disguised behind countless layers of self-deception and misunderstanding of the most ingenious order. The unconsious cunning of some of the minds in here, as in elsewhere, is outstanding - it would put the Pope to shame. Yes, I know, I'm free to leave. I don't want to because few people here do make sense, not to mention they're friends.

    Other than that, the discussion never really took off. Very few people here actually offered substance, much less, original substance. Everyone else stood around and literarily offered nothing more than "2 cents." And every piece of substance hitherto offered was met with determined opposition, groundless opposition, might I add.

    And then, above all, they want the definition of “casual” to be broadened to include them, when they can’t even begin to be casual in a mere discussion, much less, in a game with objectives, solid rules and aims.

    There is such treasure load of irony in this thread, and I hope that other people besides myself have got glimpses of it, because it shows really what kind of people are going around calling themselves “casual.” This thread is a shocking, even forbidden, testimony of that...and anyone in the future who asks this question again, which is bound to happen, this thread can serve as many examples: an example of what some people try to say and do, and how it is met with irrationality by noone other than so-called "casual players," how this thread shows what type of people use the term "casual" on themselves and others - it shows clearly in fact - more than it tells. In the process of this thread, people told more about themselves than they really actually said: they told things about their character, their personality, their attitude, their ability to discuss (or their inability), and everything in between.

    At a point in time I have said that intelligent discussion is always unfair, in any place, at any time: because it requires a leveled field in which people are at least operating with the same brain capacity and openness. In here, as elsewhere, it wasn't the case. We've had few intelligent comments here and there, and dozens of petty remarks to "balance" them out.

    For the record, that's not what a discussion is. This was an exercise in futility right from the beginning and despite all efforts. So, as an advice from a person who is always involved in discussions, I humbly offer this: 1) learn how to read, 2) learn how to think through what was said, 3) consider the possibilities, including far-fetched and extreme possibilities, as long as they have grounds beneath them 4) keep your "gut feelings" to yourself or at least try to add them as a personal touch to an argument, but not as the argument itself - no one cares how you "feel." 5) when you agree say why, and when you disagree say why, otherwise it means nothing at all, 6) if you don't feel like you are good enough to offer any counter-theory or counter-argument, then you have no basis to deconstruct or even as little as disagree with any points, however stupid, given by a theory or an opinion; to counter you must have something to replace it with, whether facts, or opinions, or theories; you can't just disagree "out of nowhere," so to speak.

    Hopefully, the next time there is a “discussion,” it will be a real discussion and not simply a show of a bitter audience waiting for someone to speak only to “boo” him.
  3. TheCasualOblivion 10 year Veteran Newbie

    182 posts and counting...
  4. Killer Joe Active Member

    <Barely awake and slurping coffee after a long week of working on reading and keeping up with this thread>

    I don't care much for being "pigeon-holed" but I'd say most of what Duke has written holds a lot of truth. His choice of labels? Just semantics, that's all. I don't think any ONE group of people were left out, here I'll make a quick grouping of magic players and not leave anyone out:

    Left Handed Magic Players: X
    Right Handed Magic Players: X
    Ambidextrious <sp?> Magic Players: X
    Physical exceptioned Magic Players: X

    There, that wasn't so hard.

    I'll do it again:
    Casual players: X
    Tournament Players: X
    Combination of both types of Players: X
    People that don't play Magic: X

    There, I think I've included just about everyone in the world.

    Which are you?

    Me: I'm a combination of both types of players.

  5. orgg Administrator

    I belive I discovered the core of Casual to me in a draft tournament yesterday. I was playing for second place's prize of two boosters. My deck is strong, but the red had five RR-costing items, though the deck was a very quick one. I'm playing sufficient land for a deck with only two four casting cost items and one five casting cost bomb.

    My first hand of the second game is no-land. The second hand is all red, one plains. The third hand is all land. Fourth mulligan... Mountain, Plains, Hearth Kami, Akki Avelanchers.

    My opponent? On the second mulligan, he starts celebrating. On the next two, he calls that he's won to his friends, but has to finish me off.

    ...when my opponent is in the situation I was in, I feel terrible, knowing the game itself is not going to be what it could have been. I want my opponent to have a chance and give me a challange. I would have apologised if my opponent was in my position, not gloated-- even with a prize on the line.

    This exemplifies the basic mindset of a Casual player versus a 'pro' player, or pro wannabee.
  6. HOUTS New Member

    Your sentimentality hits the mark on which I have to deal with the arbritrary audience. I remember my last article that I wrote for BB, but was put onto PlayorDraw because it was considered too "risky". After posting on PlayorDraw it received a negative review. And, obviously, I had warned the editors of the site that it would happen. What was the problem? The article was geared toward a select few of educated MTG players, those who actually keep up the rich history and progressive article writing over the years; an article of elitism quality, for those who dare to read and learn. Those left behind felt it didn't make sense. Afterwards, questions were posed: "What was it about?" or "It was rambling" and, "You have no conherency".

    But, like this forum and the examples and insights I provided, the article was shunned due to ignorance.

    Pure utter ignorance.

    I put time and energy into a well thought out discussion only to be belittled with ignorant statements. I felt most people didn't put in the same time as I had. Or they didn't really read the discussions.

    Say what you want about my snibbly attitude, but it's because I stand up, with logic, and a well thought out process to back it up, for what I believe.

  7. Ferret CPA Founder, Slacker

    Cool. It's good to have standards and to believe in what you're saying. This is why I actually have quite a bit of respect for DUke. No matter how many people disagree w/ him, he always is willing to stand in the face of the nay-sayers and reply with "Okay, I accept that you disagree w/ me. You're wrong." :D

    I still am really looking forward to your article. No matter how it's received here, I still encourage posting it. This discussion has been one hell of a hotbed that has gotten quite a few users fired up. More importantly, however, it's forced a lot of people to think about their positions on the game.



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