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    Actually, I'm not sure Austin will vote for him outright. He said (I think in his interview) that he's going to try to vote for the most deserving person, whether that person be on his old tribe or not. If he goes by who's winning immunity, yeah, it'd be Terry, but he might consider other factors.

    I think it depends on how much of a "grudge" the eliminated Casaya members have. Courtney and Shane might not vote for any of the remaining three if they feel really betrayed. But from Shane's exit interview, it sounded like he didn't really hold a grudge. Bruce is a wild-card since he wasn't voted out.

    I think everyone has a good chance right now.
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  3. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Didn't get to see last night's episode and will have to tape the ending on Sunday, so might have a lot to talk about when I get back on 5/22, unless I haven't been able to see the tapes by then.
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    Sounds good...I might as well tell you since you'll have it all recorded at the same time anyway, they do a "to be continued" on last night's episode. Right in the middle of tribal counsil. I won't tell you the exact timing to avoid giving stuff away. Previews might have done some of that anyway because they elude to how this one ended.

    But the bottom line is that they aren't even going to let on about the final-3 until Sunday.
  5. EricBess Active Member

    Let me know once you've seen the finale.
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    Still haven't seen it (or the 5/11 show)... will post when I do. You can go ahead and post your thoughts so you don't forget though :)
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    Before it showed, I got thinking about it. I was all for Danielle winning the fire challenge because it made things more interesting, but then I changed my mind and was hoping Cirie might win because I would rather see her go all the way than Terri.

    Danielle never had a chance in the final two. She basically got to play kingmaker. The final challenge was pretty interesting. Cirie wouldn't have lasted the first board. In the end, my thinking is that weight mattered almost as much as balance. Clearly, Terry was unable to keep his balance, but having the "floater" further in the water allows more water to come over it, which would in turn make it harder to balance.

    Aras was brilliant, but pretty deceiptful. He seemed like he was getting pretty unstable on the platform, so in my opinion, Danielle was going to win regardless. By jumping the way he did, he put so much pressure on Danielle that he was nearly guarenteed that she would take him. If she hadn't, the level of guilt would do her in. On the other hand, the explicit promise to Terry is easy to break.

    My biggest complaint about Aras was his ego through the entire game. However, before watching, I gave it some thought and realized that he actually played a pretty admirable game.

    I think Terry and Aras in the final two would have been a lot more interesting, but I have to say hats off to Aras for winning.

    Oh, and I'm glad Cirie got the other car. She was pretty much as likely to not get it as Rupert was way back when (ie. it was a foregone conclusion).
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    Haven't seen your above, but got to see the second to last episode. :) Not sure if you remember it but...

    Terry seemed to be a bit antagonistic/picking fights with Cirie for putting her torch "in the middle of the path" right when the episode started. His continued arguing started to cause me to start losing my enthusiasm for him...

    Aras picking Cirie after the reward challenge wasn't a surprise and there wasn't much to go on there. Except the little fight between Terry and Aras at the end when Terry was asking about the rules.

    Terry losing the immunity challenge wasn't that big as this was the last time he could use the immunity idol thingie, but it was funny to see Danielle trying to get the thing away from him as they strategized about the voting.

    And yeah, now I have to watch the finale to see the rest, although I accidently found out the winner and my wife accidently found out the final two and kinda gave away who was in it :)
  9. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, finally saw it all...

    Except we split watching the first half of the finale and the second, so now I can't really remember the first half... fortunately, you helped with the floating challenge.

    So yeah, overall, it would have made the best game had Terry and Aras made the finale together. Danielle was such a long shot... I think she did make the right choice of picking Aras, but with him, the vote might have been 4-3 or 5-2 Aras (since we didn't see the last vote, we're not sure) as compared to the maybe 5-2 of the "hypothetical" situation of Danielle and Terry in the final 2 (I say that because maybe the questions or answers would have changed some minds).

    It is too bad Terry lost his balance on that third platform and never really regained it.

    The reunion was a bit of a disappointment - not a lot of "juicy" details or behind the scenes stuff I would have expected. And I always feel bad for the top row/people voted out first - they barely got to make an impression so there's not much to ask them.

    But yeah, I'm also glad Cirie got the car.

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