Suggestion for 2001 CPA Notables

Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Spiderman, Oct 10, 2001.

  1. Apollo Bird Boy

    I'm always naked while posting!

    ...Hey, I am a bird, you know.:p
  2. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    *Biggest Magic collection
    *Best home made card designer
    *Looks best in drag

    just a few more :D
  3. artifact All-American and Proud!

    I like the most original card award idea.
    Maybe best signature and Worst Speller (Though lots might tie for that award. :rolleyes:
  4. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Best trader
    Best quote from a CPA Member
    Best quote used by a CPA Member
  5. EricBess Active Member

    I think we could keep the spirit of what sagerrider was getting at with "most likely to post in their pajamas". The imagry isn't quite so ugly that way ;)
  6. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    the imagery isn't so ugly but the concept is ruined!
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Some of these are good (I like the naked one myself, just for silliness sake)....

    I think we'd like to try to keep the categories so that everyone has a somewhat chance to be thought of.

    And regarding Hetemti's concern, I was thinking of actually holding the ceremony back in Off-Topic, although I think perhaps for this one type of thread we might indulge ourselves and maybe put it here. Who knows....

  8. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    You guys don't post naked?

    *Ransac quickly runs to find a tube sock to cover himself with.*

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  9. DÛke Memento Mori


    Spiderman, we shouldn't hold it here...that's a lot of spam! Hold in the Off-Topic, so it can have that "silly," "off-topic" flavor. :)

    Additionally, I think you should stablize the catagories so that people can vote. Right now, we don't really know what's in and what's out for the maybe you need to give a list or something that will not change in a short time...

    Just a suggestion.
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Well, I actually conceived this as a brainstorming session (and rollcall) and then either I would tally up the suggestions and let everyone vote (making it slightly longer) or just pick good ones.

    I guess people want the original categories, since I was the only voice dissenting.... so we have that base plus perhaps 5 or so more others to add.
  11. Rando Freaky Bear

    Depending on the number of catagories, could you post a poll for each catagory and the nomonies? That way, everyone could watch all of the red-hot voting action, and no one would have to waste thier time...

    No wait, never mind. There's suposed to be an awards-show thingy, right? Well then, that wold not work, would it?

    Oh well, never mind.

    Gonna post this anyway since I went through the trouble of typing it.
  12. Mr.Gnome The Great Flaming Gnome

    what about "Most likely to look like their screen name" (not me)
    or maybe "best original deck design"

    Just some thoughts....
  13. MrXarvox The Prettiest Man Alive

    I look like a Xarvox, yep I do.
  14. Azreal the Soulmaster Sorrow's Rhapsody

    I'll second that.......Xarvox does indeed resemble a Xarvox.
  15. mogg bomber Veteran CPA Lurker

    Hey, maybe this time I'll put in more than one post in the notables thread. :)
  16. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    I, however, do not even remotely resemble a Turkish city.

    Oh well.
  17. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    Hmm... Well, considering I _am_ Zadok by birth, does that mean I resemble a Zadok? I doubt it...

    I'm going to submit that Isty may very well resemble Constantinople, though. Or a song by an East coast band whose members may or may not be giants...
  18. DÛke Memento Mori


    What's a "Zadok" anyway? :)

    I'm no "DÛke." I'm simply the king of my soul (represented with a "Û", a "U" with a "crown")...

    Also, the letter "D" on the English keyboard, on its left side, it's surrounded by the letters: E, S, and my favorite, X. A bit of knowledge and reordering, you'll get: S, E, X. Yup: "SEX."

    The letter "k" - after the "crowned" "U," stands for "King."

    The "e'? Guess...:) Actually Rando, on these message boards, "unmasked" what the "e" on "DÛke" does. the "Û" makes "DÛk" (without the "e") reads "Duke." I added the "e" at the end to make you all read it "Duke," because I knew not any of you will actually sit down and think a simple name out. Heh...and actually, most of you just write "Duke," now...which is my intention with the "e" at the end...without the "e" and with not many having the will to write the "Û" everytime, I'll read my name as just "Duk" which is "Duck" <===and I HATE that name for some rivalous reasons. I think Ericbess may recall some of those days with "Duck." :)
  19. Ransac CPA Trash Man

    What do I resemble, then? I think I look like a sexy CPA member ;)

    Ransac, cpa trash man
  20. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    What about the poor letters R, F, and C?

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