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Scattergories: Round 1



Let's play Scattergories!

Short rules description - PM me one thing for each category which starts with the letter chosen. After I get all the answers, you get 1 point per unique item (multiple points for multi-word unique answers like French Fries if the letter was F and the category were food you'd get 2 pts). You can only use an answer once in your own set of answers.

Here are the 12 categories (Examples w/ G in Parentheses)

01 - Geographical Feature (Gorge)
02 - World Capital (Georgetown)
03 - Country (Greece)
04 - Landmark - can be natural or manmade (Grand Canyon)
05 - US State Capial (none)
06 - US State (Georgia)
07 - Appetizer (Gnocchi)
08 - Entree (Goulash)
09 - Side Dish (Green Beans)
10 - Dessert (Gelato)
11 - Snack food (Goo Goo Cluster)
12 - Beverage (Goldschlager)

The letter for this round is: J

PM me your answers by next Tuesday (12am GMT cutoff). I'll tally the scores and post results. We'll play 5 rounds and see who gets the most points by the end. I'm going to use the same categories each week - but we'll have a different letter. If an answer doesn't seem to fit the category, it will put to a player vote...


We tried it once a long time ago... we'll see how it goes... It's tough when people can research their answers...


I did not have to research my answers, but then again, a lot of the categories are food, and I have the gut to prove that I am an expert in that arena!


Yes, we played before, but I think we need to make sure there are some good ground rules. The game ended up degenerating a bit because people were adding a string of adjectives to get more points.

I nominate that if an adjective changes the nature of the answer or is part of the standard usage (such as French Fries), then it is acceptable. If not, then it is not acceptable. For example, "Big Blue Balloon" should not be worth 3 points because "Big" and "Blue" don't really add to the meaning and just lead to degenerate answers.


7 hours to go... so far only 2 responses (more in the thread than actually submitted)


Results are coming up shortly...

I'm actually going to shake up the categories... I didn't really think of the crossover answers... There were plenty.

No one jumped out to a huge lead, and as I recall everyone got at least 1 point...


(It's sort of like the wait with the death star... they get the green light, then can't seem to pull the trigger on finishing off the rebellion... :) )


Scoring this is somewhat subjective... so if you have a beef with something, let me know. One thing I'm going to do is correct spelling whenever possible - some people spell things a little differently around the world/country anyways... The answers are supposed to start with the letter - if it's a 2 word answer - the first word should start w/ the letter... Jersey, New didn't count and was listed multiple times.

Geographical Feature - Jordan River(DF 1); Junction (Turgy 1); Jetty(Mooseman 1)
World Capital - Juneau(DF 0); Jerusalem(EB 1); San Jose(Turgy 0); Jakarta(Melkor, Spidey, Ransac 0); Johanesburg(Mooseman 1)
Country - Jamaica(DF, Turgy); Jersey(EB 1); Jordan(Melkor, Ransac); Japan (Spidey, Mooseman 0)
Landmark - Jefferson Memorial (DF 1); Raymond James Stadium(Turgy 0)
US State Capial - Jefferson City(DF, Spidey, Mooseman 0); Juneau (EB, Turgy 0); Jackson(Ransac 1)
US State - New Jersey(Turgy, Mellkor 0)
Appetizer - Jalepeno Poppers(DF, EB, Turgy, Melkor, Ransac 0)
Entrée - Jambalaya(DF, EB, Melkor, Mooseman 0); Jack Daniels Steak(Turgy 1); Jerked Chicken (Ransac 0)
Side Dish - Jicama(DF 1); Jello Salad(EB, Ransac 0); Jellied Cranberry Sauce(Turgy 1)Jerked Chicken(Melkor 0); Julienne Carrots(Mooseman 1)
Dessert - Jello(DF, Ransac, EB 0); Jello Pudding Pop(Turgy 1); Jelly Beans(Melkor 0); Jubilees(Mooseman 1)
Snack food - Jolly Ranchers(DF1); Jerky(EB, Turgy, Melkor 0); Jelly Beans(Spidey 0); Jujy fruits (Ransac 1); Ju Ju beans(Mooseman 2)
Beverage - Jagermeister(DF, Ransac, Spidey 0); Juice(EB, Turgy 0); Juicy Juice(Melkor 2); Jolt cola(Mooseman 1)


Mooseman - 7 (I hadn't tallied his when I posted earlier - his was late)
DarthFerret - 4
Turgy22 - 4
EricBess - 2
Ransac - 2
Melkor - 2
Spidey - 0 (Mooseman pushed him out of 1 w/ Japan)

New Categories:

Musical Artist or Group
Pizza Topping
Franchise Business
Blue Magic Card
Computer or Video Game
Movie Title
Body of Water (includes Rivers)
Something you'd see along the Highway
Herb or Spice
Actor/Actress Name
Television Network (including Cable and Pay channels)
Fictional Character

The Starting Letter for this week is: T

Send me your answers by Tuesday 12am GMT (Monday 7pm EDT)

Maybe this one will be easier... remember when choosing that you can only use each word once - and you want to avoid choosing things which might be used in different categories to be safest.

Non-Specific Adjectives will be stripped from answers - Brand Names will not be.


Because it was also listed as a Side Dish by Melkor... neither of you got points... That's one of the reasons for the new categories.. :)


Staff member
Okay, I need some clarification.

These are supposed to be "real" answers, as opposed to WWYT where it doesn't really matter what the answers are as long as you match other people, correct? Can we challenge answers like in the actual game?


Yep... which one(s) are you disputing? (I did research some, but not all of them - so I coulda missed something)


Jersey - it's the largest of the Channel Islands... That's why there's a "New" Jersey... :) Like York and Hampshire... and Amsterdam (back in the day NYC was New Amsterdam)

Ju Ju has 2 J words. Like Juicy Juice for Melkor...