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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by Spiderman, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Limited Yes, but we won't care

    The Arcana is showing the Prerelease card..

    My favorite off-color combination :D
  2. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    Red Morphling? Cool. I'm glad they gave it a name like "Torchling" and a picture that's a total ripoff of Morphling, just so I'd be sure to recognize it as a red version of Morphling and not something original... :rolleyes:
  3. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    Dawn Charm= A white Counterspell? that is excellent! I have always been partial to dual use (or more) charms...

    Chronozoa can potentially be insane....especially for blue, the ultimate stall color....

    Torchling is nice, but not sure how much I would use it personally...
  4. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    Dawn Charm is cute... but Torchling doesn't amuse. R/U 'lings just doesn't seem right...

    Pongify is hillarioius... and Bog Serpent is just another overcosted swamphome critter.
  5. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Wednesday 1/17 card (will Oversoul like it? :) )

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  6. DarthFerret Evil Sith Weasel

    I guarantee Oversoul will like it...I can see a new breed of Necropotence coming into being!
  7. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Not sure if he'll like the hand limitation though :)
  8. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    It doesn't bode well for the level of creativity in the set, since it's an exact (except for color) reprint of Recycle.

    On the other hand, I could certainly use a black version of Recycle...
  9. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    I still say that circle of affliction is crap... If you're going to make a black circle of protection... print 5 of them that make your opponent lose life equal to the damage you take.

    Although, Auramancer's Guise allows you to toss in a quick Mythic Proportions, Pollenbright Wings, Shape of the Wiitigo, Wurmweaver Coil, or even a timely Followed Footsteps.
  10. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Today 1/18 card

    Looks like it can combo with the Library of Alexandia dude to refill your hand... :)

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  11. EricBess Active Member

    I wouldn't worry too much about the "time shifted cards" with that. I mean, they've already openly said that the time shifted cards will simply be an alternate color for an existing card.

    The things that are really telling with your comment are cards like Torchling, that aren't time-shifted, but are still basically, "what if we did a red Morphling?". Would a cycle of Morphlings be creative? Probably not.
  12. Oversoul The Tentacled One

    So that's what they're doing with this set. Well, the Torchling thing still kind of irks me, especially the art.

    I wonder about the black Recycle, though. The green one was only good for combo decks and didn't see too much use in them because it's expensive and you need two of them if you want to actually "go off." Dream Halls turns it into pure awesome, but if you have Dream Halls, you should win anyway. The key detail here is that the color change makes this one on-color for a lot of other cards like Dark Ritual and Tendrils of Agony.

    Or maybe one could build a deck with both. Eight copies of Recycle! It would be like the Fluctuator if you could only get those cards out quickly...
  13. Nightstalkers Creature — Nightstalker

    Pieswallows and hareflesh winds of the people swore patronage under old stands. Jackie Kosta ate your hand as if something rich at it brings love, admiration, or frosty muck to stand. What tastes diskie to dodge the terrorism in birds? Horrible turn of values feeling vanilla wafer cups snuggling jiggagirls. No.... Naked pool frogs.

    Recycle decks are.... now that's just not right.

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