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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Multani, Oct 9, 2000.

  1. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    By teh way Fire Slinger, the only otehr candidates I know of are Howard Phillips (Taxpayers party, more right wing than Bush), Buchanan (Reform party, even more right wing than that) and Ralph Nader(Green Party, more left wing than Gore). There are others I know, but none of them particularly stand out. I know that the Socialists (maximum left) and the Libertarians (maximum right) also always have candidates, but you'll hear almost nothing about them.
  2. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    all Multani here's a serious post.
    Now look guys, the only logical choice for president is Gore. Gore is FOR a woman's right to choose, abortion, welfare, education, and environmental cleanup. Bush on the other hand only wants to line his pockets. He wants to dig for oil, he's against a women's right to choose, abortion, and he doesn't want to help countries that can't help themselves. Now isn't that a little hipocryticle. think about it, we have a national debt of like 3 or 13 trillion dollars. so we had to ge help from someone else right? so then why can't we help someone else? think about that. if we don't help other countries in need, then when we're in need, we wont recieve help.
    On another note, Gore has been in office with Bill Clinton for 8 years now, and Clinton turned this country around when he got it from George Bush sr. Bush screwed it up, and Clinton turned it around, giving more money to schools, taxing the rich as they should be, and paying more into social security and welfare.
    Bush Jr. only wants to lower taxes for the rich, and take away rights that the democrats(working people) have. If we put Bush into office we are definitely screwed. Most of us are not million/billionares, so if something happens to the economy or the country, we are the ones who are going to take the hit the most.
    Now i know that some of you are going to disagree with me, but take this from the point of view that my mom does. Gore will help families with problems such as income problems, housing problems, air/water problems, and also education problems. My mom owns a magazine called Single Mom Magazine:A magazine by women for women so she knows what's going to happen if we elect Bush into office.
    Now come on people, make the logical choice. Vote for Albert Gore.
    Thank You,
    Thomas Shefflette a.k.a Riva Iron-Grip
  3. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    This is much more...appropriate.
    Keep it up! :)
  4. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    ah why thank you Multani
  5. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    If I could, I'd like to clarify quite a few of the misconceptions I've been hearing about Republicans. First off, just so you know I am a Republican and I am NOT a millionaire.

    Abortion: It's not the woman's right to choose we oppose, it's the child's right to life we're fighting for. This issue will always be a controversial one, and I can't see it ever stopping. It's a simple reason why: the 3 natural rights are LIFE LIBERTY and PROPERTY
    This is what makes this completely unable to be resolved. Two natural rights are in conflict, so now it comes down to who can say which is more important. There really is no answer, but I'd say life.

    Welfare: If Welfare's going to stay around, it HAS to be reformed. I personally hate even the theory behind it, forcing taxpayers to give money to give money to people who didn't earn it, but I realize it's not going away anytime soon. The problem right now with Welfare is that it's nearly impossible to get OFF welfare. I read an article on teh subject recently, portraying two people who were on welfare one year ago. One of them got off of welfare, the other remains on it. The person on welfare, after taxes, has more than $2000 remaining for basic necessities than the person who went out and got a job. The number of things Welfare recipients get for free makes losing these things a dangerous prospect. Hence the reason some people have been on welfare for over a decade and keep on going.

    Education: Simply put, the Federal Department of Education is the most idiotic system I could have thought of for a public education system. It should be down to those on the local level to determine how the school should be run, not some faceless bureaucrat in Washington.

    Environment: Perhaps here Gore does have better ideas. At the same time, I really don't care about the environment. It's survived this long, and it's not suddenly going to die overnight. It's far more durable than people give it credit for.

    Taxes: Ah, here is the perennial issue that always comes back up. Sure, Bush's tax plan primarily helps the top 1% of the population. In case you didn't see, the Gore plan only helps the top 6%, so it's not the massive differecne everyone seems to think. Also, notice that currently the top 1% are also paying the vast majority OF the nation's taxes. They are in essence getting their own money back. The reason Bush can afford to give back a larger tax cut is because his working budget is tiny compared to Gore's. Bush's current budget is approximately 700 billions. Gores is exceeding 2 trilions. I don't care what the Democrats say, small government is the best government. You'll never be able to convince me otherwise.

    I have all the more reason to hate Gore because of his association with Clinton. Quick question: where does the most power in the government lie? If you said the President, you're dead wrong. Clinton can do absolutely nothing unless the Congress approves it. Our system of government has the legislature as being the most important branch of government. Never forget that the Congress during this period was GOP dominated. You can thank them for economic prosperity, not the President.

    By the way, if Gore gets elected you can forget about keeping your own money if you manage to reach the top. After all, you merely earned it. Apparently, to Gore that doesn't mean you get to use it.

    By the way, if I've offended anyone then thank you. I try to make everyone see that "sensitivity" is vastly overrated and detrimental to one's own sense of esteem. Try and offend at least one person a day. I guarantee you'll feel better knowing you've helped them open up.
  6. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    First off: Cateran, very good points. I agree with you, for the most part, event though I'm leaning toward Gore.
    However, I don't agree with increasing military size. As a matter of fact, the reason, America has high taxes, is because most of it is "wasted" on the military. There are no true state-rivals against the United States. The U.S. has the largest military force in the world, and the largest Nuclear Arsenal. (I don't care that the media says otherwise.) I don't think it's necessary. Anyway that's a another issue.

    Some facts: Education-wise the U.S. ranks 23rd when compared to all other "developed" countries.

    As far as enviroment goes, I think both Riva and Cateran are extremist. I think we need an enviromental policy inbetween. Granted, easier said then done, but that's the truth.

    Wow! Cateran, that must've taken awhile to type.
    According to your last statement, DUke would be a open genious. :D
  7. Riva Iron-Grip da Kandy Man

    heh, fu** no wonder your name is Cateran Emperor your a stupid republican. look Cateran, You're totally wrong. abortion is the woman's right, that baby is not aware of it's existence yet. and if the woman wanted it then she would have not wanted an abortion. Now what if she doesn't have the money to take care of a new born baby? Think about that. it costs money just to have a baby, then if it has problems you have to pay medical bills, food bills, clothing, and various other bills. Also, what if that baby was retarded or deformed? It wouldn't want to live, so if the woman has an abortion then she is helping the child.
    You are a typical Republican about the environment. the environment has been around for billions of years, and in the past 100 years we have done so much to screw it up. there are holes in the ozone layer, oil pollution is contaminating our drinking water, and chemical waste is killing off our wildlife. something has to be done, and the only person who will do that is Gore.
    If we let the public decide on education then the whole country will fall apart, being stupid. People wouldn't send their kids to school, and nothing would get done. Now look at a backwater country like Mexico for instance. They don't have a Bureau of Education and they are where they are now. they aren't represented anywhere because of their financial position. most of the population is poor and starving. that is why they immigrate here to america, where they can get a free education, housing, and food.
    You can only be on welfare for 2 years. after those 2 years the Department of welfare turns you away. I know because writers for my mom's magazine are on welfare.And they barely give them enough money to survive......
  8. Cateran Emperor Passed On

    Someone else who cares about something. This shall be fun then.

    For the record Multani, that took me about 8 minutes to write. I have a gift for writing on the fly. I once wrote a school paper on a book I didn't read by opening up to a page and winging it from there. Somehow, I got a perfect score on it. Most people call me a natural orator. I'd not disagree :)

    Now first off Riva, while I would like some spirited discussion here, I'd ask you to refrain from cursing or pointless name calling. Saying "fu** you're a stupid Republican" is hardly intelligent. If you insist, go on ahead, it doesn't bother me. But I'd ask you to do so as Multani asked for intelligent discussion here.

    I am rather surprised the "Emperor" part did not tell you my political affiliation earlier.

    Now, even though it's getting late where I am and I would like some sleep tonight, I will make a single quick comment before retiring for the night.

    The very idea that the child is not aware of what is happening to him is hardly a justification for killing him. Secondly, no, killing the child is NEVER alright if they are deformed or retarded. Number one who are you to say that the child would not want to live? It is not really fair to assume that they wish to die when you obviously cannot ask them. Second, have you ever heard of the Nazis? That's part of their philosophy, the "superior" have the right to kill the "inferior". Saying the mother has the right to kill the child implies that she owns the child, and has the right to determine if he lives or dies. If she doesn't want the child, then she can put him up for adoption. She can give someone else the happiness she didn't want.

    I'll have more to say tomorrow, but I have to get up early, so I would be well advised to get some sleep. Until then, I'd like to quote the creed I live by:

    "I do not agree with a word you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

    Until tomorrow, rest well.
  9. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Correction. Gore is the only one of the 2 canidites who CLAIMS to clean-up the enviroment. But then all politicians claim to do something, but never fulfill they're promise.

    The U.S. Public Education is pretty sad though. Most people are turning to private schools for education reasons.

    Note: I did not show favor to a particular canadite.
    Riva: Please, no profanity, even it is partially censored.
  10. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Well just coming into this set of forms, it looks like Cateran and Multani are the only ones having sound polical view, and expressing them in apropirate manners.

    Well then I'm in.

    Gore, Softy. With the latest heat up in Isreal there looks like we're need a lead that has the guts to stick outta of this fight. I isn't worth our time, since the begining of time there have been battles found all around Isreal. Why don't we just let Isreal go to war? Maybe then they will really pay the costs of sending men to die in battle. The whole middle east situation is complelety messed up and it isn't any of our business to send in troops (IMHO).

    Back to Gore. Gore is a softy, so I don't think that he would end up sending troops to Isreal. He has a health care plan (for all that care). He claims to have enviromentle plans. But he has absoluty no charisma, thats very very bad (IMHO).

    Bush, dad's boy. A born rich daddies boy, sent through the school system that were the best money could buy. Was the governer of Texas. They get use smogg detects to see if its safe to play outside. Bush supports businesses. But he is an air head, pot smoking air head (IMHO).

    They are both not very good chooses. I think that there has been stagnation of the parties. There hasn't been anything to make one side or another choose new. So Right winged repubs are super right wing, same with democrates. So no one is taking the middle ground. Most people don't want half of what there canidate is choosing (IMHO).

    My two cents (IMHO).
  11. Almindhra Magic's Bitch

    Thought I would just express some of my opinions that are being talked about in here...Although politics is very, very, bad for conversation...

    Abortion is just wrong...How could you do that to a growing child inside of you?...That is life...That is something you have created...And its a shame that people pay a cheap price of going down to the corner clinic to have a life taken away...I know a few women who regret having the abortion...How could you go through life thinking 'what if?'...

    And thats goes right down to sex in general...hello?...Anybody home?...Its something sacred...Its your body...It is worth something...I don't care if Mr Charming has been dating you for 5 years...Wheres the committment of marriage?...Save yourself...You don't know what the future holds for you...he could be gone one day, and then what?...

    Then the value of one's self goes right into family values...Family...Yes, a unit with two parents...Some kids slapped in there...Where are they?...Divorce is a terrible thing...And everyone knows the aftermath of it...Kids are torn apart by it...Being juggled from parent to parent...Court battles about child support...Its crazy!...And I hate to say it, but it all goes back to women in the homes...If women were out of the workplace, then the men could get their jobs, and everything would be hunky-dory...But thats just a ideological dream of mine...

    And welfare is very bad...Thank you Pataki for signing in that bill...People have a such and such time to get their butts moving for a job...Generational welfare has been going on for too long...People need drive to achieve success...

    Anyways, I'm not sure what that has to do with the president election...But abortion is wrong...I think that was my main point...

    And I watched the last debate...That was great!...The only thing you see on the news is Bush making the mistake of saying that the 3 men in that murder case are to be executed, and its only 2...Thats all they have on him after that!...And you know those crazy donkeys and the media...Thats all you see!...Its quite funny...

    But Gore definately lost that one...Every attack he put down Bush swiped away with an answer and a grin...What really disgusted me was at the end when Gore immediately jumped up for handshakes after the debate...And then goes right out in front of the round table to kiss his wife...Was that a splinter in her lip?...heh heh...

    Anyways...Bush has my vote...

    Oh wait, some more things...Education...NY has set new guidelines for its schools...And I would lvoe to raise standards, but you have to start when the kids are young, so they can be brought up in a higher lvl of education...And not everyone is the same...I have always been in the accelerated, upper classes through out middle school and high school...And once you're in those classes, you don't see any other types of students...But seeing my little sister going through school now, no one wants to help her...They devote more time to the retards who need their diapers changed than my sister...And that really kills me...I'm definately not for mainstreaming...Its disruptive to students...And it really pissed me off when I was going through school...

    So much of this has been a rant, sorry...Main point: Let the people of America take care of their own money!

    [For Almindhra's sake this post has not been proof read because its late and shes really tired]
  12. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Some serious debate finally going on here...

    I have no idea what the issues are between the candidates and parties and am not voting, but two things from my personal view...

    I believe abortion is a personal choice and should not be dictated by laws/society (except to guarentee that choice)

    Multani: It is a common misconception that most of the US budget is wasted on the military when in fact a good chunk of it goes toward Social Security and supporting programs (SSI and Medicare and stuff). Get any recent budget or "where your tax dollar goes" type articles and you'll see the layout.
  13. Baskil CPA Member

    Think of it like food. How can you know what kind of food you like when you've never tasted any?
  14. Namielus Phrexian Plaguelord

    Ok I might not belive in jesus christ, the holy ghost or the pope, But I don't think that having sex with anyone/everyone you can is A Good Thing(TM). I'm not gonna yell at you for your lack of morality, yet. Think of all the ways your body can be messed up via having sex with everyone you meet. There is so many ways, HIV (AIDS), Herpies, Gonerea, and Sifulis. All of those deseases will end your ability to have childern, or just kill you.

    Another thing, what happens if she becomes pregnent? Oh that, it will not put a damper on your fun, right? Yea bring a child into this world its such a wonderful thing unless your in highschool or starting college. You will have to quite in order to raise the kid. Now in the process of creating a new life you destory your own. Is that worth it for a little fun?

    Now, being together with someone should be a Good Thing(TM), and a marrige consimates that fact. You will prove to your partner that you in this together, hence forth having a child becomes a really option.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm a guy, sex is in no way a Bad Thing(TM). I'm not even sure I would have the will to say no to it. But think of all the things that it could mess up with your friend.

    Also on to the chirstains part, even if you don't have a problem with sex before marrage. Will your parents? Will hers? (Or visa versa). Are you willing to be shunned around and called a whore? Are you willing to raise a child that is a bastard?

    You can have sex all you want just be ready to pay the piper afterward.
  15. Baskil CPA Member

    What I meant was the opening up of Wildlife Preserves for Fossil Fuel exploration. If the auto industry would just *listen* to the idea of alternative fuels, this would not even be neccessary.
    Two things here:
    1.) NMD is a 'bad' thing. It started us down the hole in the 80's and it will again. So far, the success rate on tests (that we've spend BILLIONS of dollars on) in this area has been 5%. That is after over a decade of research. To quote the Coalition to Reduce Nuclear Dangers, "Further, success on the test range does not mean success against real-world warheads, as demonstrated by the Patriot anti-missile system. The Patriot achieved a perfect intercept record in testing, but performed poorly during the Gulf War."

    2.) I think it's quite funny that the people who are dead set against abortion are gung-ho for the death penalty. And vice-verse. People need to understand a few things before they decide on these issues however. They must decide if all life is precious and should be revered and sustained, despite the consequences. Or they must decide that life is a privledge, which can be taken away by the courts. Or they can take a stand that sometimes abortion keeps children from entering unwelcome situations, and that the judicial system is wrong, alot.

    Statistic for the day: Since 1900, there have been 416 documented cases of innocent Americans who have been convicted of capital cases. Many of those people recieved the Death Penalty.
    "There should be limits to freedom"
    GW Bush
  16. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    I have a concern over the death-penalty.
    If person: A kills person: B and C

    Now, should person A get the death penalty? If there is no death penalty, there is no "real" pressure to keep one person from killing another. I hear in prison you get cable tv and exercise equipment.
    There will always be problems with any justice system.
    Point is, the death penalty is a warning to anyone thinking about killing. I think in the U.S. it's especially necessary.
  17. Baskil CPA Member

    I wasn't actually saying that everyone should go out an f*** like rabbits. What I meant by saying that is by saving yourself for marriage, you have no idea what you like sexually. Or, if you take the extremest view of this, if you don't live with the person prior, how do you know if that person is right for you?

    I guess it all comes down to what you believe from a moral standpoint. Do you risk being with the wrong person for the rest of your life because you didn't experience enough? Or do you ignore what the conservative moralists say and find what *you* want in the world?

    Just a thought
  18. Baskil CPA Member

    Let's try this example:

    1 Kills 2 and 3. Gov't kills 1
    4 kills 5 and 6. Gov't kills 4
    6 was accused of killing 7 and 8, but got a raw deal in court. Gov't kills 6

    If anything, the death penalty is a warning to average citizens to stock up money for good lawyers.
  19. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    I said no justice system is perfect.
    In your example, the Justce system got 2 out of 3 murders.
    It also takes a lot of evidence to send a person to death penalty.
    Also, every justice system is controled by people.
    That means every justice system can be manipulated.
    Let's look at the OJ Simpson case.
    There was an abundance of substancial and proven evidence to prove OJ guilty of multiple murders.
    Yet he was declared innocent. Why? The jury was overly biased.
    The truth is, you will always get more real criminals then innocent people.
    The death penalty is a check to murder.
  20. Baskil CPA Member

    That if a small number of innocent people die because of the death penalty it should still be enforced. How is that not a 'bad thing'?

    If the justice system is 'no perfect' and 'can be manipulated', then why do we still have the death penalty? How many dead innocent people does it take to get death penalty advocates to understand that killing someone is not a thing that should be taken lightly. Especially when a large number of people that are sentenced to the death penalty get their sentences overturned on appeal. How many innocent people have been killed before DNA evidence was introduced?

    Get your head out of the sand, the death penalty is murder, and should be abolished.

    "If people who kill get the death penalty, what do the people who kill the people who kill get?" A promotion

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