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Discussion in 'General CPA Stuff' started by theorgg, Jul 25, 2000.

  1. monkey_man007 New Member

    Yo Richie! What are your favorite cards of all time? What is your favorite combo? Favorite deck type? Also, please put some new artwork on some cards in 7th. That was why 5th was cool.
  2. MaSSaCrE13 New Member

    istanbul are u even making the interview or in charged of it datz wat i like to no! u have a point there but come on one autograph isnt gonna kill anybody just say thanx n go can u please sign this he'll sa ok BAM! datz it ... wat u expect him to be there for hours wit all these questions
  3. Apollo Bird Boy

    It's an email interview! Nothing's gonna get signed. Even if it were an option, if Orgg did get your 'Core signed, everyone would want something signed.

    He won't give away a spoiler to a new set, that's ridiculous too.

    And Rebels and Mercenaries are a mechanic from the Masques cycle. They will probably go the way of Shadow, Slivers, and every other mechanic that appears in a cycle.
  4. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    I'm not in charge of this interview.

    But I REALLY hope Orgg doesn't use your question, because I know that if I was busy running a huge company and took time out to do an interview for a website and got deluged with 'can I have a Black Lotus' and 'can you sign my Masticore' and things like that, that'd sure be the last interview *I* did. I think Richard would do the same.

    As for Mercs/Rebs, they've been in the past three sets, all of Mercadian cycle. I could see them being in the next cycle, due to the plotline demands, but probably not for long afterwards.

    BTW, Massacre...try to learn to type. It's irritating, trying to decipher your posts into English.
  5. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    i've got to agree with Istanbul on the signing thing. Sorry.
  6. starr kaplan New Member

    I have always wanted to know...

    How long before the release of Alpha did you first envision the Magic concept?

    What "rough drafts" did Magic go through during its initial development? In what ways has the game changed and would you consider trying to force it in its present, or in the intended, direction?

    Who chose the name "Magic the Gathering" and why? Why not "Mage Wars" or "Sorcerers" or some other shorter, more flashy glitzy name?

    To what extent are you involved in the development of all the other sets? What contribution will you have to Invasion cycle?

    Is Magic's potential repertoire of unique spells and macros (abilities and mechanics) limited? That is, has Magic begun to "run out" of new spells, card types, abilities, and mechanics? Some think there are only a finite number of ways the parameters of spells and abilities can be combined, and while this sounds plausible, have we reached that limit or is there more room?

    Will the rigid boundaries between the colors ever be broken as in the past (with Stromgald Cabal's and Order of the Sacred Torch's counter abilities, and green direct damage in Unyaro Bee Sting and Storm Seeker) or will these limits become more absolute?

    What changes in the card types/assortments do you envision to keep Magic sets fresh, interesting, and full of new discoveries in the age of the Dojo, spoilers, and instant transcontinental information transfer? (e.g. player-designed cards, regional sets à la APAC/Euro lands, alternate-art cards, downloadable player-customized cards, promo SETS, linked cards à la Big Furry Monster, card-design contests.)

    thanx--know that's a lot to handle, but we have been saving up these questions since Revised and Ice Age, respectively.

    Pat Smokestack and Tolarian GunMoll
  7. rkoelsch Angel Boy

    Based on your last interview, I am sure this one will go well. I didn't look over everyone's questions so someone may have already asked this.

    I know your hope was for this game to be considered an intellectual sport. Do you feel it has acquired that status?

    There has been a lot of discussion about Magic stagnating. It must be increasingly difficult for designers to come up with new cards that are balanced and still offer some wonder. Do you think we will reach a point were the cards will loose their luster?

    Theorgg I am sure you will do a splendid job of representing the casual Magic player.
  8. tonyboydell New Member

    Some questions:

    o With the benefit of hindsight (and a time machine), what would you change about M:TG if you went back to 1992/1993 ?

    o Given your patent and the declining popularity of the CCG format in general (ooh, sweeping statement) has the CCG concept well run dry ?

    o How long will Magic continue for (in your opinion) - 5 years, 10 years ?
  9. I8Piggo New Member

    Die you sonofabitch, die! I've wasted hundreds of dollars and hours on your stupid distraction!
  10. Five Color Fat New Member

    Well, thus far Magic has done incredibly well in China. It is now, as you know, the official "mind game" of the country, taking over chess. What do you see as some of the factors holding back Magic:TG from achieving that type of status in the United States? Is this even a realistic goal?

    I know that you are not really in the loop as far as newer sets with the creation and R&D aspects, however you had influence in creating Tempest. With your help we now have Scroll Rack and Cursed Scroll, most notably; how much day-to-day influence do you see yourself having over future sets, and how much did you have over the creation and playtesting of Invasion, specifically?

    Do you know where I can acquire a "Proposal" card so that I may play it in a game with my fiancee? :)

    Thanks for the opportunity guys, the interview should be great, just like the last one!

    Kurtis "Fat Man" Hahn
  11. Zadok001 CPA Founder, Greater Good

    The question of signing cards is irrelevant. The interview is being done via email, so nothing can get signed. :( Sorry, guys.

    "Unless, of course, you can do some kind of matter-to-data-to-matter transfer for us..."
  12. BigBlue Magic Jones

    1) what is the biggest problem in magic today?
    2) what would you change about m:tg in hindsight?

    Thanks Orgg.
  13. yawnmoth New Member

    how do you think the presence of foils has affected playing/collecting?

    why, do you think, there are an increasing number of forgeries (notebly the $50,000 dollar pokemon incident) imdustry?

    how has your life been changed since the first mtg expansion came out?

    to what extenct are you still involved with mtg, and WotC?

    do you play any other ccg's, by any other companies (ie star trek, young jedi)?

    can you offer any insight as to why WotC seems to favor inquest gammer over scyree magazine?

    to what extenct were others involved in the creation of the mtg storyline?

    and, finally, are you playing diablo 2? (j/k)
  14. yawnmoth New Member

    how will we know which questions are going to be picked, will we be acknologed for our questions, and, how does the orgg get all these interviews?
  15. Multani Treetrunk Guy

    Tag Guard

    That's for him to know, and us to find out. :)
  16. theorgg Slob

    1) Untill the interview, you don't. sorry. It took me over five hours to get Adkinson's questions organized and in a psudo-educated form.

    2) Most questions that are asked, if you would notice this thread and the other two that I'll cull from(both on this board) have questions that are VERY similar--People want to know things that are very similar. I will probably have a note saying somthing to the effect "thanks to everyone who submitted questions" or somthing to that effect, a-la the Adkinson interview.

    3) I found an old E-mail address for Mr. Adkinson and E-mailed him for permission to use his image in Mr. T vs Magic: the gathering and requested that I keep his E-mail for future reference. He said yes. I later E-mailed him about two months ago asking if he'd do an online interview(along w/ Rosewater, Bhuler, Henry Stern, Charlie Catsinthecradlea, and even the natorius C.H.E.A.T. Mike Long). Of the people I e-mailed(or tried to) only Mr. Adkinson and Mr. Rosewater replied. Mr. Adkinson replied much sooner than Mr. Rosewater, so his interview went up first. After Mr. Adkinson's interview, Mr. Rosewater said he hadn't recieved the list of questions. the weekend after the Adkinson interview, I sent another list to Mr. Rosewater. In the misdt of this, I asked if Mr. Adkinson would give Dr. Garfield my E-mail address to E-mail me if he'd be interested in doing an itervew. About two weeks ago he said that he would and gave me the time that he coould be expected to reply. I'm now gathering questions for the good Doctor and waiting for Mr. Rosewater's responce(expected in about another week or two)

    sic semper,
  17. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    I can shed some enlightenment on three of your questions:

    Probably 2 years, because that's the time between when Mr. Adkinson "challenged" Dr. Garfield with coming up with a "portable" game and the release of Alpha.

    It was originally called Mana Clash but I have no idea why they changed it to M:TG. Probably they did a study group on the name and found the latter to be better than the former.

    I believe he was involved up to Antiquities and then worked on other stuff (Vampire, NetRunner, BattleTech) before working on Tempest.
  18. The Magic Jackal Veteran CPA Member<BR><font co

    I can't believe that FoR didn't tell me about this!

    After sorting through an old email account I stumbled across an email from mike telling me about this. Thanks for doing so ,mike, or I probably wouldn't have know aout this.

    As for the questions.....

    1) Nothing lasts forever. How much longer do yo expect Magic to flourish?

    2) Recently there's been talk around the net that R&D have not been coming up with creative, orginal card ideas. What do you think about this? There are many sites, such as brainburst, that host a fantasy card page. Would you ever consider turning to the magic community for ideas?

    3) Will any multiplayer formats ever be sanctioned by the dci? Will we ever see a Multiplayer PTQ?

    4) How do you feel about the "leaking" of magic spoilers before they are released?

    That's all i have for now. I'll be sure to post more as i think of them.
  19. theorgg Slob

    Nice to have you back, Jack ;)
  20. Fire Slinger Vetern CPA Member Pyromananic

    Mr. Garfield,

    What is your opinion about the state of type 2, where it is being dominanted by a few "power" cards, like Masticore, Morphling, Replenish, etc.

    What about type 1? It seems that the only way people can effectively compete in type 1 is to go and spend a $1000 to get the power 9.

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