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  1. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    We percieve you as a superior figure? No, actually, you just take on an obviously condescending tone every time you write something. And, when you have nothing to say, or have been outwitted, you just write something insulting or sarcastic to keep yourself from feeling like an idiot.
  2. DÛke Memento Mori


    And you're trying to tell me that *everyone* sees me that way? I'll believe it when I see it. I think the *few* people that see me that way are the people who, themselves, have nothing to say...but try to *make* something to be said, and then *they* would look like idiots...and blame it on me. Kinda like what Gizmo did on this thread...

    Hey, I have no problem in admitting I'm wrong, or admitting that someone's idea is better than mine. Just weeks ago I praised Gizmo's suggestion on the new form the CPA should take, even though I clearly had my own ideas. I praised Rando's ideas as well. I've agreed with many people on several things, several times too. Not too long ago, I admitted that Ura is way better than I when it comes to politics...

    It's just too bad to see people look at me only in a fixed, assumed direction...
  3. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Wish I`d thought of something concise like that to say.
    True tho.

    Perhaps your readiness to call us insecure in fact reflects your own rigid paradigm, which cannot accept the fact that you are socially inept?
  4. DÛke Memento Mori


    And you say that I'm "socially inept"?

    Gizmo, out of all people, you should know that at a point in time, I respected you...sadly, your anti-social attitude really divides you away.
  5. theorgg Slob

    This is all Sociological.

    DUke's doing double duty with this topic and its micro-sociological impact.

    Group Solidarity. Once very strong on this site, it has become lesser so.

    It's also kinda funny to see when you've had an Introduction to Sociology course in the past few months... :D
  6. FoundationOfRancor The Gunslinger

    So....why did you start this thread Duke? You havent said.
  7. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    To prove his point that he was better than us, that he could predict how we would react and then gloat about it.
  8. Apollo Bird Boy

    Yep, pretty much. DUke, you call people names and most often refuse to even consider the arguments of others. Most of all, as said above, you act condescending to every other person on this site. We are assuming nothing. You are acting like you think you're better than everybody else. It's been pissing people off for quite some time, and the fact that you can't even seem to comprehend the idea of it just confirms that sense of self-righteousness you keep shoving in our faces.

    As for the initial point of this thread, we weren't acting in a pre-programmed manner. Rather, you suggested that it was a female. Calling the voice "sweet" is a decidedly female suggestion. Furthermore, you said that you were fantasizing instead of listening to the professor. Since the thread was about the professor, you are clearly implying that you were fantasizing aobut that person. And the fact that you mentioned that you felt bad because the professor was "married, with kids" implies that you wish you could be with the professor in that manner. Since we know from previous posts that you are heterosexual, it was clear that the professor was female.

    So we were not following a "program" that brought us to that conclusion, we were using independent reasoning to logically deduce that it was a female.

    As it turns out, you were intentionally using poor writing and misleading information to try to trick us into the wrong conclusions so that you could laugh at us in the name of your "research." Obviously, the integrity of your research and the accuracy of your results means nothing to you, since you stacked the experiment so that only one result was possible. So, since you clearly aren't actually motivated by research, that pretty much leaves self-pride and derision as your only reasons for even posting this thread.

    Oh, and Gizmo made a typographical error. You made a spelling mistake. I'd call you a "fool" right now, but it would be awfully pathetic of me to say something like that.
  9. DÛke Memento Mori


    Wrong, Apollo. The point of the "research" isn't as narrow as you make it sound. It's a bigger picture than Gizmo or, now, you have perceived it.

    It's not like mean it very literarily that everything we do is just a mechanical application, no. I'm trying to emphasize the point that once a normal, moral, social, and/or a civil standard has been set, than it would be abnormal, immoral, antisocial, and/or uncivil to do, be, or wish something else. To make a long story short, once we establish a rule, we fail to see beyond it much, and thus fail to break it. It would become like a leash that holds us back, whether we want to or not. These "rules" would simply grow to be restraints and pressure, be it political or moral restraint or just some social pressure.

    And I call people "names"? Can you please recall some examples? I don't recall enough times to make it such a big deal...

    FoR, I simply started this thread for my own musing. To be honest, I knew someone would go nuts about the whole issue, but I didn't know it was going to be Gizmo. The thread does not really serve a big subject matter, because it does not contribute to the research much at all...as I already revealed all that information, and did not let you guys assume some more stuff.

    Needless to say, I'm truely, truely, truely sorry that most of you feel that I think I'm better. Honestly, I never had the thought in mind, not in message boards and certainly not in real life. I would not change, for I have not perceived any wrongdoing in my ways, and no matter how much issues some people may say they have with the way I portray myself, I believe it is more of an issue of how people perceive the way I portray myself, especially when I have said many, many times that I do not consider myself to be any more or less important than anyone else here. I said what I had to say, and it's up to you guys to take it as it is, or just keep on believing what you want...I will not argue, and I certainly will not change.
  10. Jigglypuff Big Cute Pink Thing

    So Duke...

    What do you think we as humans should do about these societal niceties and mores? I certainly hope that we as humans have a reason for not killing people other than the fact that you might have to go to jail. On the other hand, I've noticed this scenario a lot: Someone's walking down a crowded. They want to turn around and go the other way, but first they have to give some sort of visual or oral indication of why they are turning around, lest the others (most of whom you will probably never see again) think you a weirdo. Who came up with that one? Man, I saw this all the time at college.

    Just a quick thought...
    (- Steve -)
  11. Purple_jester New Member

    When I first skimmed this thread I thought Giz and DUkey were fighting over a woman. Then I noticed an earlier post by DUke and thought that he and Giz were fighting about a MAN.

    Then I uncrossed my eyes, re-read the whole thing, and had myself a good laugh. It's so much fun to see the boys playing. You can tell they're really close friends... ;)
  12. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    The problem with your little experiment was that you already had a set outcome, and it proved wrong yet you still posted it.

    And what are these "rules" that we fail to see beyond? And aren't your little theories about the human mind supposed to have some correlation to the experiment's outcome?
  13. DÛke Memento Mori


    Svenmonkey, where was it proven wrong? I have a bout 75 people who all assume the roles they had been assigned. In a month, I'll have a 1000. So far, I have not seen *one*, just one person that does not assume an outcome.

    My research does not depend on the CPA's forums, or what the people think in it...again, this thread was for my *own* personal musings.

    This is more of a philosophical project than it is a psychological. Mostly, I'm targeting religion *and* government for ruining our lives. Both ruined mine. Both have ruined 3000+ Americans on 9/11. Both are still runing and destroying the world, across the Middle East...and everywhere else, as far as the eye can see. I'm a peaceful anarchist...and I'm a spiritual yet anti-religion...and I want, to prove to *myself* at least, that I'm choosing the right path, so I can find a complete inner peace for myself...and all those around me. This is not about you guys, it's about the world...and it's about me. Don't take it personally, because this will never be about you...

    Jigglypuff, I do not understand your question. Sorry.
  14. terzarima New Member


    I might as well throw my own opinions in the ring.

    Duke, the human body is a machine. The human mind is only so much machine. Only so much of it is pheramones, of chemicals and electrical currents. True, a philsopher might say the mind is a machine, while at the same time try to create an phrase to describe it. Am I the only one to see the contradiction there?

    Of course there can be no contradictions. Check your premises. We don't live in the age of philosophy. We live in the age of science. So instead of being a fatalist dukling, you decide that all our minds are just at different levels running at different speeds on different types of fuel. Hmmmmm.... oh, but we're still predictable.

    Fine... if you want to stick to that.

    We're clearly not so naive duke, not that I'm accusing you of swindling us. . But why don't you say that the brain is a complex system of neurons interacting with each other in a way that is unique to each brain. Its pretty much the same thing you've said. Sure, we might be predictable, but that's the way that we have been changed to fit around and into society.

    Duke, I have nothing against you, in fact, I hope we're friend. I don't think you beleive yourself to be better then everyone else. You're just a tad arrogant. You don't think you, as a person are better. You just feel your opinions matter more then some.

    The other thing. I've noticed this while we've talked. You try to sound profound. You try to sound more then what you actually are. Sure, you may counter this by saying "how" or "this is me, have you seen any other side?". But the only reason I can't counter that is because I've never met you. For all the CPA knows you might as well be the most insecure person with no self-esteem who changes into superduke whenever he turns on the computer.

    Finally. Just to throw another thing into the ring. All our paradigms are different. They might be structured slightly, from what we've been taught and absorbed, but each is wholly unique. Obviously this is true because you've brought up an idea that everyone seems to refuse. Meh... its not a bad idea. But the fact that society has quasi-programmed our brains, and you beleive that by putting down logical clues and making us assume things, you are proving we are all machines? Its a good idea, but the means to prove it are flawed.

    Unless of course, we give less credit to Duke then is due, and this entire conversation is what he intended. Then dukling, you should've been a psychologist :D

    I know... I'm bad at debating and such and so forth.

  15. DÛke Memento Mori


    I admit, I do have my own insecurities in real life...everyone does. However, I do not just assume that much. People in here try to make me sound way different than I am. I mean, they talk about me...and I'm not even sure if they're talking about me, or some other person.


    I already said, I did predict someone would react strongly. I did predict a mass chaos. The thing I failed to see is that it would be bigger than I thought. This whole conversation proves me right...this whole thread. Not just that, but it passes my expectations way more than I had even dared to imagine...

    Look at you guys...just take a good look. There's a whole poll about me! This whole conversation is about me! Look at you! I presented a simple idea that can be as meaningless as *you* could have declared it, but no…*you* choose to make it a monster. *You* turned it into a paramount idea! I knew it…I knew you guys would hate such a paradigm shift...it's the ideal but false human nature that we have grown to accept!

    We are machines. We are more machines than I had imagined...
  16. DÛke Memento Mori


    Few more things:

    We are machines. It will take some godly power to return us back to our own nature, that we have forgotten. Sure, you can say you're free...but you're not. You have *no* destiny. None of us do. We are simply machines, working, obeying, and pretending that we are living. We're not. We forgot what it truly is being free...we do not live by freedom; we live by a less than imperfect impersonation of it.

    You will, for the rest of your lifetime, abide by all the rules...whether you truly believe in them or not. You will not break any line, and you will not push a single limit. You will live, and you may live happily...but you are not yourself, and you never were. You are just living a reality that is plainly false. Too false to be captured by this generation, the next one, or maybe the next millions. I don't know.

    You will, for the rest of your lifetime, be hurt by what religion inflicts upon you, you will see wars because of your governments, and you will suffer because of circumstances that are completely not up to *you.* You will die, and only then will you get the *first* taste of what peacefulness really is.

    You are the slave and *they* are the masters. They push the buttons, and you do the work. They live, while you die. You will never progress; it's too late to gain control. Again, it will take some godly power to return us back to our forgotten simplicity. Even then, we would refuse the idea completely! Because we believe that we are already free...we believe that we already control the outcome, when really, any given outcome is already set. We believe that we can make a rule, but really, we can just follow. We believe that we can ignore an ideal, but really, we will end up ignoring ourselves, because all ideals and paradigms have become our identity, for eternity, it seems.

    You are no one, I'm no one...we are degraded.
  17. Gizmo Composite: 1860

  18. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    Duke, what you're saying is confusing as all. I don't understand a word of it :confused:
  19. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    For a start.

    You predicted somebody would react strongly to your post.
    Nobody reacted strongly.

    I reacted strongly to the conclusions you drew once the 'experiment' (another word would be 'trick') had been completed and the sting had been applied.

    When it became obvious all you wanted to do was go 'hahaha I tricked you, arent I clever! And arent you all stupid because you followed the inherent linguistic clues I placed in the text to an erroneous conclusion'... yes then I reacted strongly.

    Because you were being a OINK!

    If you think your little 'experiment' is anything other than inherently biased in favour of people assuming, from the linguistic markers you left, that the subject is female, then you are deluding yourself. There is no science to this, your evidence is wasted. This was a self-fulfilling prophecy

    "I just got in from taking Fido for a walk in the park, I threw some sticks for him but he was too busy sniffing all the trees to bring them back. I swear no dog I`ve ever owned in the past has been as loyal or as friendly as Fido, but when on the way home he broke off the leash and ran into the road and got hit by a car! Im heartbroken, what should I do?"

    Majority of people are gonna assume I owned a dog.
    Woohoo arent they all just machines! Or maybe I just left an abundance of contextual and connotational clues in the text that would lead an observer to believe it was a dog. It isnt about how the observer`s mind works, its about linguistics.

    Im not even going to get into the woolly-headed pseudo-spiritual utopianistic bullwank you are spouting now.

    "you are not yourself, and you never were. You are just living a reality that is plainly false"

    We are products of our society. *I* am whatever society and my genetic makeup combined to make me. To say that I am not me because of the society I am in is lunacy - precisely the opposite is true.

    You rail against a *they* and plead to some divine intervention to save you. Well heres a little hint on life, Duke, its one I think many people on the CPA would back me up on.
    If you dont like your life - change it.
    You DO have control, you know.
    You seem to be searching for reasons why your life isnt what you want it to be... *they* are in control, *they* are making your life a misery. Its very easy to blame a *they* isnt it? As opposed to accepting your part of the responsibility for the situation which you, and the people around you, find yourself in. You have your head firmly rooted in the clouds, Duke, and your refusal to seek an earthly solution to your problems only exacerbates the problem.

    You say we do not have control.
    Too many people have made radical changes in their lifestyles and found happiness for me to ever believe that.
    Or perhaps you believe the happiness they found is purely illusory - they werent happy, they just thought they were?

    I actually feel sorry for you now.
    But not so sorry I`ll actually ever bother to read any of your nonsensical spiritualist preachings again.
  20. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    1) Buddhism.

    2) I suggest you read Crime and Punishment backwards.

    3) You know, maybe he is gay. Why should we assume he isn't?
    He's probably Jewish too. And not in any way Arabic. And he's actually probably just hired an infinite number of monkeys to write all his posts while they work out Hamlet.

    No, wait. He's a tomato.

    No, wait. He's an XBOX.

    No, wait. He's Regis Philbin.

    No, wait. He's a cyanobacterium.

    No, wait. He's Rebrouge/TheGuyFromTheOtherPost/Salam/The Black Beast/DÛke, the 307% ultimate hypochondriac RPG god master man, with racing stripes and karate chop action and a neato causation cannon and particle accelerators and curly ribbons.

    No, wait. He's nothing (like Xarvox's hammer).


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