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  1. DÛke Memento Mori

    ...in love with my Philosophy professor...literarly. I took the final exam today...so it's the last time I can legally pretend I'm listening to that sweet voice while I'm just fantasizing. I past the class with an A, maybe an A+...so I haven't a reason to take it again...

    I hate loving a person much older than I...and married, with kids too...what a bad thing!

    307% T.N.T for my brain!
  2. Istanbul Sucker MCs call me sire.

    Ask her if she wants to skip out on her husband and have wild, freaky circus sex with you.
  3. DÛke Memento Mori

  4. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    Well, at first I would have suggested that you do more (graduate level) work with that teacher at that college.
    But that's a stupid reason to change subjects (you seem to have indicated that philosophy is not one of the choices for your major).

    Maybe minor in philosophy so at least you can take a few more classes with the same teacher...
  5. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    You could stop being lame and leave her alone and fantacise all you want, because you aren't getting her.
  6. DÛke Memento Mori


    That's what I love about human nature.

    I did, in fact, post this for a reason...to prove to myself that what I have come to knowing is all true and factual -- as a matter of fact, this thread (along with various threads in other message boards) will be included in a research of mine, for my Philosophy II class, next year...and also my Psychology II class.

    I just love the assuming human nature...the illusions that we create in order to behold an image that never was. I just love it! What an imagination...what a wonder! And what a big, fat A+ I'm getting for my research paper next year!

    You guys...are all the same...even with varying amount of intelligence, you are one and the same...your nature is one of the same, and your stream of thoughts is one and the same. I love it. What a machine...the human mind is. What a determined fate...what a prediction...
  7. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN

    *scratches behind thoughtfully*

    EDIT: Wait: Your philosophy teacher is a man, isn't he?
  8. DÛke Memento Mori


    1. Yes, he *is* a man.

    2. I'm not in love *at all*.

    3. We're good friends.

    I proposed an idea that the human mind is fixed at a strict way of thinking that would lead into the utter destruction of human nature. Being the person that he is, he countered my proposal, and disliked the idea. I promised him that I would prove the point with 1000s of statistics and facts that I will collect over the summer...he was silent. We talk a lot on AIM too, so I can bother him how I'm right, and how he's wrong. Of course, he does not know that I'm using him as a prime example in my little filthy research...

    4. I just love proving a professor wrong, and what I love even more is gloating about it endlessly.

    I've already got like 50 people who also assume things that I never said...who actually follow the given guidelines for a normality that does *not* exist! I love it...people think they're normal, but they're not. In real life, it’s even more amusing how people would convert any given idea in order for it to fit *their* ideals and beliefs. People are machines, programmed to accept only what society had set forth to acceptance...all ideas and ideals revolve within a given paradigm of thoughts. It's very, very sad...but it's very true.
  9. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    *sniff sniff*
    Did somebody fart?


    It must be coming from Duke`s mouth then.

    You really are insufferably stupid and arrogant, you know. And thats coming from me. Im fairly sure whoever it was that said 'the wise man knows only that he knows nothing at all' was considerably wiser than you.

    All people are the same? We are just machines?
    And just hwo was this proved by saying something and having four people respond in entirely different ways to it?

    Ah, wait, I see it. There were no gender-specific comments in your original post, and people assumed you were talking about a woman. Well done you, doggy gets a new biscuit! Dont choke on it, please ... Id hate that to happen.
    Thats not really a philosophy trick though, is it? It`s fairly simple linguistics and word-association.

    Maybe before you aim for that A+ research score, you should learn to spell?

    "who actually follow the given guidelines for a normality that does *not* exist!"

    Interesting. That 90% of the time we would be safe to assume that a man would only write about loving a woman is NOT bounds enough to call it 'normal'? The truth is, that normality DOES exist and you were simply looking to score faux-intellectualist points for the sole purpose of self-aggrandisement.

    "I love it...people think they're normal, but they're not"

    Amazing! Well, again, there`s two ways of attacking this... a person`s perception of normality is probably an entire step removed from what any 'normality' actually is. I think I`m probably normally abnormal - which is to say that while I`m abnormal, my abnormalities fall well within accepted parameters. That`s probably the case for almost everybody, if they are honest about themselves.
    Im not entirely sure how your above little word game actually makes any demonstration of this point. Perhaps you are suggesting that we were abnormal to assume you were talking about a woman? I think it would take very little time to demonstrate just how flawed that reasoning is.

    As for your statement about paradigms... it`s hardly revolutionary, now is it? The universe is, according to the dominant scientific paradigm of the modern day, a very complicated place. Humans have only finite capacity for reason, and even more finite time to ponder the nature of reality... pre-packaged paradigms are an essential part of human society, without them we`d all be too busy pondering infinity to go and tend to the sheep.
    Attempting to accuse humanity of being less than perfect reasoning machines seems an object lesson in inanity. Not so long ago we were picking fleas off each other and eating them as we sat up in a treetop ... we are animals.

    Damn, gotta run.
    Im not gonna let your little ego trip go unanswered though, so I`ll amost certainly be back.
  10. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    The only thing we assumed that you didn't say was that the teacher was a woman, because we assumed you were heterosexual. How does that one simple assumption lead to all that gibberish you were just going on about.
  11. DÛke Memento Mori

    Gizmo, in other threads, you tell everyone to listen what you're actually saying. And yet, you don't do that. That's sad. I’m beginning to think you’re stupid. Oh, wait. You are.
    Before I reply to this, I suggest *you* learn how to spell the simple word "how," only then do you have the right to tell me to learn how to spell. Now, to simply show you the flawed error of your crap ways:
    Or did you “miss” that part? You read that "1000s of statistics and facts," should I translate that to you? Don't be stupid Gizmo...and learn how to read. I heard it helps a lot…

    This thread does not even contribute 0.1% of the sampling I will be making "over the summer," get it? I have *not* proven anything yet, but:
    And it's not all about love. That is one more thing your fine self assumes! My research is getting better already! This happens to be the only website that the subject matter is "love." I had people assume things about religion, eating habits, politics, and other good stuff.

    The point of research is simply to reveal that once the human mind is conditioned to believe a given set of beliefs, it will not see anything else as moral, civil, or acceptable. Once the human mind is set to see only one possible outcome, then everything else would be...impossible or abnormal. Thus, the average human mind is nothing more than a program that will take what is enforced by society and leave all other options untouched.
    And somehow you managed to rub few brain cells in order to come up with something reasonable! Wow, I'm...near impressed! (No I'm not)

    I agree with you here. However, once a paradigm is taken for granted...it becomes a bane rather than a way to simplify the way we live. Religion is a paradigm. It is taken seriously by many, and needless to say, *wars* are declared in the name of religion and "god." People commit suicide in the name of "god." People murder other people in the name of "god." In this case, this ideal we live by is nothing but a bane, and truly, religion services nothing! Religion has only serviced as a master of destruction, in disguise. Kind of like you Gizmo, a moron in a less than impressive disguise…
    Once again, I'll simply quote myself to counter all the meaninglessness that is hurting my brain:
    I'll try to mention you a couple of times in my paper, Gizmo...I think you'll be the star of my research.
  12. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    1. There a difference between a spelling mistake and a typographical error. Thats just yet more of your childish pedantry.

    2. If you ever came down from your position of more-enlightened-than-thou you`d possibly realise just how close-minded you appear to everyone else. More than just about anybody else here, with the exception of Arhar, you are least willing to even consider other paradigms as potentially correct.
    I`m well aware that my paradigm is flawed, but Im far too proud to ever admit it. Whereas you are too busy congratulating your own superiority over the rest of humanity to even consider the possibility that your lack of empathy makes you our inferior.

    3. If the best you can come up with to describe religion is this: "and truly, religion services nothing"... then you are truly more of a fool than I ever could have believed. Religion has formed an essential part of our societal evolution, without which it is very probably we would never have progressed beyond anarchic clan structures.
    Religion is a form of proto-government. It creates laws of behaviour to maintain order on the population, an essential role in managing a large population of people. More than that religion, with its inherent punishment and rewards, was a natural ENFORCER of those laws. An omniscient God saw all, thus crimes would always be punished in the afterlife (to take the Christian doctrine as an example) which surely did a great deal to maintain rule of law.

    - Loki, Dogma

    Today we fear prison, we fear fines, we fear community service orders. Two thousand years ago we feared Satan and the circles of Hell. The result was the same, indeed under the religious orders crime will have been ever less widespread as the punishment was immeasurably more dire and the certainty of being found out by an all-seeing eye immeasurably higher.
    Quite simply Religion, born both from fear of the unknown and from a desire to maintain order (so those in the priesthood of the religion can be in charge), was a primitive government. Consider the conflicts that came to pass in almost every European nation as it struggled to seperate the church from the state in different eras... because essentially the church WAS fulifilling the role of a state within a state... it had its own laws (the religious doctrine, which could clash with state laws) and it had its own enforcers (the clergy and God himself).

    "religion services nothing"

    Blind idiocy.
  13. arhar Member

    There's nothing that warms my heart more than seeing Duke and Gizmo "slug it out" :D

    Kidding, kidding....
  14. DÛke Memento Mori


    1. Then maybe you should have stated that I was committing a "typographical error," not a spelling mistake. Fool.

    2. I just love it when people think that *I* think I'm more superior then them. Some people are insecure around me, obviously, and that's not my problem. I have never stated that I was more superior to anyone. However, if you would like to assume that I am, please approach the situation at your *own* risk. Don't throw the blame back at me, because I never even thought it. You also assume that I excluded myself from the "people are machines" concept. Where did I say that, or did you just assume it yourself, and now are blaming me for it? Maybe if you clean those dirty eyes of yours, you’d be able to recognize what I’m saying…not transform it to fit *your* thoughts. But no. It has become your nature to assume, and transform it to fit the information already implanted in your head...like everyone else, you're a machine. A blind machine who's cash value is...wait, you have no cash value. You're priceless...and I don't mean that in a very positive way...

    3. Once again, if you had read what I had said, then maybe something would have penetrated that flea-sized brain of yours.
    I also said that:
    Does that not say anything? Let me tone the level of my writing down, Gizmo, so you can maybe comprehend a word or two:

    I do agree that religion may have served a purpose in the past, however (“however” basically means: “but.”), all the evil it has brought really counteracts (“counteract” basically means: “neutralize.”) *any* good it may have done. Religion is being taken for granted, as something that we cannot do without...and that is what I'm talking about: this religion program is forever burned within most of us...we cannot do without, and we *must* identify with it, or else we would feel lost...or at least, we are now programmed that way. That is a machine, right there, right now. Religion has become a source of rage and hatred. And why? Because we are stupid machines that cannot comprehend reality, but are forced to swallow whatever CD-ROM we get. (Before you get too confused, “CD-ROM” stands for “Compact Disc Read-Only Memory,” which is a mass storage medium that uses an optical laser to read microscopic pits on an aluminized layer of a polycarbonate disc.)

    Those who defend the state of religion are also stupid. Period. End of discussion. Those who follow religion blindly are even more stupid. There's a difference between being faithful and being a load of crap...and you, Gizmo, are gigantic load of pure idiotic ideals, to make it easy for you: you're a load of crap.

    We don't just use religion and government to enforce law and order...no...we use it to justify deaths, killings, murders...crime...rage...madness. We do it, heck yeah, and we do it with true love and devotion.

    We are machines.

    And one more thing, stupid, I want you to read your first reply to me, and I want you to focus on the way you presented yourself. Then you dare say things like:
    It seems that you're the child, and I'm your daddy.

    On 9/11, 3000+ Americans died *beacuse* of their government and because of Islamic religion. Did they deserve to die that way? I beg to see the peace and order. People in the Middle East should not fear Jews. Jews should not fear Muslims. But no...it's all in the name of "god." What a bunch of crap...

    Gizmo, maybe you can crush me like an insect in politics, but when it comes to philosophy and/or psychology, I'd eat you like a SoB and spit you out like a SoF. I suggest you go back to your playground, where you have a bit of knowledge about your subject matter...
  15. Spiderman CPA Man in Tights, Dopey Administrative Assistant

    This is where it's tough to be a mod. It seems this is devolving (or started out) into namecalling and the actual arguments are getting lost, yet I could be blinded since I had many an argument where others might have perceived it in my case. Thus, I'm not sure to close this down but I'll ask you guys to refrain from the mud-slinging, please.
  16. Thallid Ice Cream Man 21sT CeNTuRy sChIZoId MaN




    a S

    rs t
    y4w Q N






  17. Gizmo Composite: 1860

    Duke it is obvious by the manner in which you speak down to everybody else just how much you think you are better than everybody else. I know I am not the first, others have said the same exact thing.

    It is NOT out fault. It is your fault for writing is such a denigrating manner about other people. As ever your response is meaningless, your paradigm locked into place, your eyes and ears closed, your mouth open.

    You are ignorance personified, like Arhar. People like you make the world a worse place and I hope you die.

    End of discussion.
  18. DÛke Memento Mori


    Ahh...you almost put a tear in my eye. A tear of laughter…

    Wow...I guess you're insecure yourself. I never thought I'm better than anyone else...but you know, I do *know* that I'm better than you. Way better than you, as a matter of fact.
    And everyone who said that is insecure in real life. Period. People with self security should feel pretty normal around me...I'm sorry that you're insecure yourself, may I suggest psychological therapy to raise your in-the-gutter self-esteem?
    Wow, you impress me with your maturity. First you march into the thread and present yourself in a matter less than impressive. Shortly after, you attempt at proving me wrong, but you can't, and then...you assume the role of the child that you are...you whine and cry. What a sad soul...

    Spiderman, don't worry about closing down the thread. Gizmo will shut up beyond his will, because he will soon realize that he has nothing to say. Sorry you had to see this, as you can see, however, he actually started it. :)
  19. Svenmonkey Pants Chancellor

    Okay, Duke, so everyone knows that the pseudo-intellectual babble you're speaking is a bunch of poo, so stop trying to defend it! This is turning into another dopey quote war that you, Duke, (with Gizmo and arhar, usually) always seem to start. And, yes, you do talk down to everyone. Oh well, I guess you're more superior to me.

    By the way, nice use of the English language. More superior... *chuckle*
  20. DÛke Memento Mori


    I started it? Geez, are you blind?

    So you believe in that superiority thing too, huh? Well, now I've seen everything. You know, it never occurred to me that I should have left this place not because *I* want to, but because a lot of the people in it are very, very insecure about themselves...to the point that they shamelessly perceive *me* as a superior figure.

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